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Print | Libyan bomber, released by Scots
Muster Right Here - Aug 25 2009
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Take SEATS!!! DO NOT be at ease!!! You are on alert, at threat level Charlie! I want you scanning 360 degrees, especially your 6 o'clock. The inmates are running the asylum and there is IMMINENT danger!!! I am really tired of playing Paul Revere but somebody has to do it.

If the Scots, who are (I am ashamed to say) my distant cousins, released this terrorist for "humanitarian reasons", then they are criminally stupid!!! If it was (as I have read, possibly) a business deal, then they are just, plain, criminal and there is no excoriation too severe (or even severe enough) to be directed at them.

It would be bad enough to release someone (who is obviously sufficiently healthy to appreciate and participate in the hero's homecoming) thinking that he is dying and no threat. It reminds me of the song about the soft-hearted (and HEADED) woman who, finding a half-frozen, poisonous, snake took it in and warmed it by the fire. She was, then, astonished when the snake bit her, fatally. As she died, reproaching the snake for betraying her kindness the snake said, "Silly woman,you knew I was a snake before you took me in."

One of the first things the military teaches about dealing with the enemy is that if they are breathing, they are dangerous. If they are not breathing, they could be faking and STILL be dangerous.You NEVER turn your back on the people who are trying to kill you, unless you have rendered them incapable of doing harm.

When my father had cancer, it was many months, into the progression of the disease before he lost the ability to think rationally and even then, he had the ability to try to conspire with his 14 year-old son to smuggle a knife in because he was having paranoid delusions. He was deranged, but he was still smart.

In the case of a radical ideologue, who has already demonstrated his willingness to take innocent life, the only time he may be "harmless" is when he is under constant sedation, just prior to death. Any time before that, he could still plot and even execute another terrorist bombing or other, deadly action.

I hope I am wrong, that he has seen the error of his ways, really become one with God and just wishes to be with his family, for the time he has left. If I were a betting man, I'd lay a bundle that as soon as the party was over or (depending on how much time he has) maybe during the party, he was "eyebrows deep" in another plot, to kill more "infidels" (you, me, our families) and gain more rewards from Allah.

If it WAS a business deal and if he does what I expect (or even if he doesn't) I hope the malefactors who facilitated his release are caught and given a punishment suited to those who betray their country in time of war. Remember, we weren't at war with them, but they were at war with us. Anyone who gives aid & comfort to those who war on their country, especially using (abusing) a position of trust should look to God for mercy and be given justice by their peers.

In addition to all of these considerations, if this scum was given a life sentence, for taking lives, that is supposed to mean that he dies (from whatever cause) in prison, never having walked free again. That is supposed to BE the punishment!!! It shouldn't matter that he is, now, terminally ill and (supposedly) no longer a threat. Unless we are taken by a sudden heart attack or stroke, we are all likely to suffer a terminal illness. That should not have been grounds to release a pre-meditated,conspired murderer.

I hope my cousins will look VERY CLOSELY at the circumstances of this action and at the people who made it happen. Something smells VERY FISHY!!! Remember, just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. THEY ARE!!!

I want to see those heads in a permanent condition of swivel, with eyes open. Maintain readiness to "drop a dime" at anything that looks suspicious. It is much better to say "Oh, yeah, that explains it," than to say, "Oh, H__L!!! I wish I'd reported that !!" Join a neighborhood watch, or a volunteer emergency service group, or something.

As my D.I.'s used to say "Get off your dead a__ & on your dyin' feet & MOVE IT, MOVE IT!!! On your FEET!!! God bless y'all & God bless America!!!

Class dis-MISSED!!! Sgt Mack,out, closing station & leaving the air.

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