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Print | ALL TROOP ALERT!!! Obama on arms control treaty
Muster Right Here - Nov 14 2009
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack ALERT!!! ALERT!!! We are at threat level DELTA!!! All leaves canceled!!! Prepare to repel invaders. Once, again, Troops, we are dealing with another mess the left has created. According to Reuter's "News Svc", our govern(lack of)mental(capacity) employees are placing us in harm's way. For years the lefties (George [I hate America] Soros & his cronies) have been trying to circumvent the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, by getting an international treaty signed & ratified, which would supersede our own laws.

As long as Pres. Bush, or any other conservative was there, they knew their chances were Slim & None & Slim had already left (I hate that word, let's say vacated) the District of Criminals. Now we have a Euro-wannabe, in the White House, who has (allegedly) reversed the common-sense answer to the international gun control thugs, "Not NO, but HELL NO!!!"

The only Slim hopes we would have are that (allegedly) he has insisted that it be unanimous & MAYBE there are some non-liberal-led countries who have the common sense & the backbone to stand up & refuse to be disarmed & that there are some U.S. Senators who have already indicated that more laws are not the answer to crime. (Wow!!! Ya think they read :More Guns Less Crime" or the stats on states w/ "Right to Carry" or "Shall Issue" [concealed carry permit] laws & the reductions in crime that resulted? Now, if they'll just "walk it like they talk it".) I HOPE some of these (our employees) can read. It doesn't look that way,from some of their stupid laws.

Anyway, I will not try to tell you how to vote. I'm a reluctant Republican, because (even though I don't trust their judgement, either) they are less dangerous to the Constitution (& don't forget to read it in light of the Unanimous Declaration, as a 2 volume set. Just as the New Testament is based on the Old Testament, the Constitution is based on the Declaration) than the dim-o-crass party animals. Actually, I took an on-line test which showed that (philosophically) I'm a libertarian. Government should stay within the VERY LIMITED boundaries set by the founders and all other powers are reserved to the states, or "We the People..." Needless to say, the feds & most of the states have knocked down the wall of separation between their legitimate functions & our God-given rights & freedoms & trampled all over our rights & freedoms.

Cases in point: the 1st & 2nd Amendments. The banning of(voluntary) prayer in schools & the passage of "hate speech" laws. The passage of "assault weapon " bans. If those are not "abridgments" of the God-given & Constitutionally protected rights, I'll eat my "Black Beanie", without salt.

Now, you may ask, "What can I do about it?" Glad you asked. We will have an election, next year. If you live in an area whose "employee" is coming up for "contract renewal", look at their job performance. If they have failed to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility (taken under oath or affirmation) to "...support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic...", even if those enemies are their buddies, FIRE the low-life cesspool sludge. I don't care what party presents the candidate who will do the job. Get up-close & personal w/them (I did w/ Ms. Boxer & she didn't like it & I heard that a friend of mine gave a pocket copy of the Constitution to a Rep. & got it thrown back.) & hold them to their campaign promises. Write them down or (better) record them & keep track. Remember, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Or (I think this is original) If you think democracy is too much work, try slavery.

If you have friends in (or out ) of your area, who will be voting be "your brother's keeper" & educate them. Copy excerpts from books that prove that anti-gun laws increase lawlessness and those that prove that socialism is a failure & tell them the truth about the Declaration & the Constitution (&, maybe, give them a pocket copy) & look for conservatives who can't get to the polls & take them there, or help them get an absentee ballot.

Then, if (after all of your efforts) your friends vote for another lefty & they win, as soon as the "fit hits the shan" & (like many lefties have) they start violating their oaths of office, let your friends know that you blame them for all of the freedoms you are losing.

Incidentally, some of you may not choose to own firearms. God bless you. That is your right, just as it is your right to NOT worship God. The problem is when you start to infringe on OUR rights to do those things. There are many beneficial things that some people do, that others don't. As long as the does & the don'ts respect each other's rights, there is no problem.

2 last points, before I dismiss you to start your work details. If you read California's oath of office, you will find that it requires allegiance to the FEDERAL Constitution, as well as the state, so any state office-holder who violates the state or FEDERAL Constitution (in violation of their oath) should be prosecuted for perjury, as should the federal violators.

The 2nd one is, many years ago (in a galaxy far, far away, just kidding) I was driving & listening to the radio, on election night. The D.J. came on & said that anyone who didn't vote had forfeited their right to b---h, if things didn't go right. I nearly crashed my car, laughing, but it's true. Do your part & hold your head high, or SHUT UP!!!

God bless y'all & God bless America!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt Mack, leaving the air & closing station.

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