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Muster Right Here - Dec 14 2009
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Take SEATS!!! Settle down,Troops! This is going to be another chapter in the continuing story of "Stupidity is Endless".

For those of you who are 2nd Amendment supporters, you may be excused. You already have an "A", in this class. If you wish to take notes to educate the un-informed, the brain-dead or the brain-less (can't brain-wash them 'cause you'd have to find it, first) please feel free to stay & good luck.

First the "Dumb" : People who genuinely believe that the answer to crime is more anti-gun laws, in spite of clear evidence that only law-abiding citizens will obey the laws, like the lady in Texas, who had left her pistol in her car (like a good law-abiding citizen) & watched her parents killed (& was, also, shot) by the guy who drove his truck through the plate-glass window of the restaurant (in violation of several laws) and proceeded to shoot a whole lot of the customers & staff (in violation of several other laws) & she said "NEVER AGAIN!!!".

She became a legislator and campaigned, successfully, for the "Shall Issue Concealed Carry Law". Personally, I have supported this, over the "Right to Carry Law", because it (supposedly) restricts the ability to go armed to people who have been checked out. I have begun to question my position, in light of Vermont's universal "Right to Carry, Concealed, or Openly" law and their low crime-rate. Sane, intelligent people don't argue with success. That is behavior that is found in lefties, ultra-liberals & other people who are either mentally deficient or driven by an agenda that DOES NOT have our best interests at its core.

Now the "Dumber": People who place signs on their homes to the effect that: "There are NO FIREARMS in this house!" This is an open invitation to robbery, assault or worse. What can you say? Did these people walk around, in school (deliberately) wearing a "Kick me" sign? If so, maybe they were kicked where their (alleged) brain was. Maybe they suffered a trauma that left them brain-dysfunctional.

Pray for them to recover, before one of their family suffers. Now, we come to "Down-right stupid": These are the folks, who (as a part of an organization, business or private) establish a policy or post a sign saying "Possession of a fire-arm, on these premises (by other than Police) is illegal."

They totally ignore the fact that, reading such a sign, or knowing that such a policy exists simply assures a criminal, terrorist or other crazy that chances are very good that they can kill people, break things &/ or terrorize at will, with no, armed opposition.

They, totally, ignore the fact that most concealed carry permit holders have been subjected to an EXTENSIVE background check, of the type that those of us who have had security clearances, in the military (or held any other type of government job) experienced. Even if the permit was granted on a "personal knowledge" basis, someone had put their reputation, career & personal assets on the line to say, "This person is no threat, to the public & should be allowed to go armed".

I could see, possibly, amending the sign to read (weapon possession) "...(by other than Police or concealed weapon permit holders) is illegal." That would give another charge to be levied at the criminal who would attempt illegal activities and would, most likely, be "taken down" by a legally armed citizen. However, crime records indicate that, where the possibility of an armed citizen exists, the criminal will (usually) go where people are stupid and prohibit such protection.

It is my FERVENT hope that anyone who is injured during criminal activity, in any place that has such a policy, will SUE THE PANTS off the owners. If you belong to such an organization or business, RAISE HE77 about it. Maybe you, as an insider, can get through to them. Print this column & post it on the bulletin board, or enter it into the minutes of a meeting.

Giving credit where credit is due (to anyone who has any brain activity such as people who are not totally immersed in their agenda, so as to be unable to respond to recent developments) I note that some colleges (not sure if any universities) are beginning a move to allow "Concealed Weapon" licensees to carry, on campus. I believe that this is in response to the campus violence that has killed or injured so many innocents.

I, also, believe that, by far, the worst culprits in the idiocy of "ban all guns" are not the average liberals, who are (in the main) good, sincere people who have been lied to by the ultra-liberals & leftists who have infiltrated and polluted the movement, like Pellosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer, Reid and, yes, Obama.

I applaud the rank & file liberals (especially in education) who have rebelled against the pseudo-intelligentsia, who (unfortunately) seem to be in control of the system and such rebellion may exact a price. I hope they can resist the pressure that will, surely, be brought to bear and I & all of my Troops will keep them in prayer. I won't even have to make that an order.

I know a lot of permit holders &, to a man (or woman) they would not allow anyone to be assaulted, in their presence, without a serious effort to prevent it. I would trust my life to any of them. If I, on the other hand, choose not to go armed (away from my property) because it has become cumbersome, to me, I still bless them and will continue to support them and the "...right to keep and BEAR arms..." (emphasis added) until I go to answer to my maker.

God bless y'all, the armed law-abiding citizen, our Troops in harm's way and above all, God Bless America!!!

Dis-MISSED !!! Sgt Mack,out, closing station & leaving the air.

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