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In this 2014 primary, you need to vote RIGHT - LIKE THE POST. Below is the listings the candidates who are running for "one of two" seats up for grabs on the Porterville City Council. Please do your research re: these candidates before you vote in our on-line poll.
Thank you very much ... A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta - Porterville Post Editor.

Cable | Duran | Fletcher | Green | Harper | McCracken | Schwartzenberger | Stowe

Shawn Cable Shawn Cable : Porterville City Council Candidate :

I have lived in Porterville for 22 years. I am a Correctional Sergeant with the California Department of Corrections. I am 44 years old. I have volunteered with first time youth offenders in the Porterville area for over 12 years, putting young lives back on track. I am engaged to Tonia Kitts and have a daughter Jozlyn Cable. My strong work ethics allowed me to become a leader in my profession, and I have no doubt that those ethics will carry over to my elected duties as City Councilman.
John Duran

John Duran : Porterville City Council Candidate :

My name is John "Juan" Duran, I came to Porterville in 1963. I grew up on Eastside Porterville and attended Alta Vista School. When my family located to Porterville, my family was one of two Latino families on Tyler Avenue. I attended Porterville High School and Porterville College. I am a Veteran and was Honorably Discharged from the United States Marine Corps. Since the age of 13 until my retirement from the State of California Department of Corrections I have held 74 jobs. To name a few of my employers I worked for ...
Russell Fletcher

Russell Fletcher : Porterville City Council Candidate :

About : New ideas for a great old town. Let's move the City of Porterville forward into the future! Mission : To make Porterville the best town in California to work, play, live and retire. My Platform : 1) Porterville is a great city with a rich and wonderful history full of colorful characters. As a city we have gone through one golden age, but that was only a warm up. Porterville, with the right ideas and leadership can and will be an economic powerhouse again, a second Golden Age for our great city.
Matthew Green

Matthew Green : Porterville City Council Candidate :

I was born in this area and have lived in Porterville my entire life. As a young adult, created by my life experiences to that point, I felt a calling to devote my life to public service. After high school I started college and decided the ideal way for me personally to serve the public was to become a police officer, which I did. I excelled in law enforcement, becoming the youngest detective at the department as well as SWAT team member. During my seven years in law enforcement I gained valuable insight and acquired unique skills for solving problems. It was also during this time I earned by Bachelor of Arts in Social & Criminal Justice.
Larry Harper

Larry Harper : Porterville City Council Candidate :

1. I believe proclamations should require city council approval. Proclamations are a representation of the City of Porterville and our citizens, thus approval by the council is the best method to assure the PEOPLE are represented fairly and with transparency. 2. I can support the medicinal marijuana uses as prescribed by a licensed physician in good standing with the Medical Board of California that has an established medical practice in the city limits that are subject to the city's public safety enforcement. Regarding cultivation; limiting the number of plants, growing outdoors only, and having a permit process is the decision I will consider.
Pete McCracken

Pete McCracken : Porterville City Council Candidate :

Why am I running for reelection? I have enjoyed living in Porterville since 1976 and I have been honored to be able to serve the people of Porterville for more than 14 of those years. Porterville has grown from 16,000 to over 55,000 with a very diverse population. I promise to continue to represent that diversity to the best of my ability because diversity strengthens Porterville. Having been a councilman, vice mayor, and a mayor, I know firsthand the restraints put on our community by Sacramento and the Federal government.
Shawn Schwartzenberger

Shawn Schwartzenberger : Porterville City Council Candidate :

NAME : Shawn R. Schwartzenberger AGE: 51 -- OCCUPATION : Retired military; race car driver -- EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS : High school. Some college. Technical trade schools. Welding. Graphic Arts. Plumbing. Hello, I am Shawn Schwartzenberger. After graduating from Porterville High in 1981 I joined the Navy, served honorably with many "hats" accumulated during my 20+ years. I learned early on, as a leader, to look at all sides of a problem and found it was better to reason with people than to battle constantly.
Milt Stowe

Milt Stowe : Porterville City Council Candidate :

Please allow me to introduce myself, Milton "Milt" Stowe, 61 years of age, resident of Porterville for more than 40 years, attended Porterville College for two years, transferred and earned a BA degree at Sacramento State University. I've been active throughout the community the forty plus years I've lived in Porterville. I served on the Porterville Elementary School Board, and just recently the City's Charter Review Committee. Currently, I serve on the Porterville College Foundation Board, Porterville Sheltered Workshop Board, Porterville First Church of the Nazarene Board, and the Board Chair for the Porterville Chamber of Commerce.

Cable | Duran | Fletcher | Green | Harper | McCracken | Schwartzenberger | Stowe

This Porterville Post Listing & Poll was "Opened & Released" to the Public on May 1st 2014

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