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In this 2014 primary, you need to vote RIGHT - LIKE THE POST. Below is one of the new candidates who is running for "one of two" seats up for grabs on the Porterville City Council. Please do your research re: this candidate and please get out and vote. A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta - Porterville Post Editor.

Porterville City Council Candidate
Larry Harper
(559) 733-7333

Larry Harper for Porterville City Council

1. I believe proclamations should require city council approval. Proclamations are a representation of the City of Porterville and our citizens, thus approval by the council is the best method to assure the PEOPLE are represented fairly and with transparency.

2. I can support the medicinal marijuana uses as prescribed by a licensed physician in good standing with the Medical Board of California that has an established medical practice in the city limits that are subject to the city's public safety enforcement. Regarding cultivation; limiting the number of plants, growing outdoors only, and having a permit process is the decision I will consider.

3. I can't agree with investing in additional water recharge basins for now. I recommend investing in public awareness campaigns that educate the consumers in water conservation practices and the availability of "water saving kits" to city water consumers FREE of charge, as mentioned in the April 2009 Water Conservation Plan.

4. My role as a city council member is to listen to the people and to contribute to the direction of city government with the utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty dealings on behalf of the people. Work together with our three permanent commissions and three standing committees to build a stronger community that everyone will be proud to live in.

5. My top three priorities for the City of Porterville are:

(i) Having honest leadership performing the duties they are elected, appointed, hired and volunteer for that represent Porterville.
(ii) Focusing on our future as a unified community that Tulare County and the State of California leadership will listen to.
(iii) Supporting our local businesses that are already open for business and encourage the business owners to adopt the mindset of "iron sharpens iron" to help restore the pride in our community.

6. What I believe is the first step to recovering from the lack of business growth in Downtown Porterville is to meet with the current business owners and listen to their challenges and concerns. I know that when the City of Porterville as a whole begins to operate responsibly and in a fair manner, the current businesses will get stronger economically and attract more businesses opening downtown. I see downtown being a thriving area that the community will visit when the businesses accommodate each other's services. I find that Downtown Porterville's business owners have lost their confidence in the city leadership to deliver on their "promises" to be business friendly. How can a business stay open later and more days when the current hours of operation are not bringing in the revenue to keep the doors open? With a plan and sticking to it. Willingness to learn from each other and willing to share success stories with other business owners. Together Everyone Achieves More...TEAM-works.

7. Investing in our youth is the key to our city's fight against gang activity. I am referring to investment of time and resources. When non profit organizations that are established for the primary purpose to serve the youth are forced to close their doors...something is terribly wrong! Addressing gangs and their violence is handled by cutting off their sources to recruit, broken homes and lack of attention. Enabling our teachers to address the signs of a student's potential risk of being lost to a gang is one tool. Enforcing the removal of blighted conditions in the neighborhoods that attract gangs is another. The city can work with the Chamber of Commerce and non profit organizations focused on youth and family crisis to schedule workshops that will help with developing alternative choices for our youth to attend and volunteer at instead of the lure of gang membership. I would love to see places that the youth can hang out at that is a positive influence and a safe haven for all ages.

8. Why are you running for a seat on the Porterville City Council? I am often asked, "Why are you running for Porterville City Council?". I begin with asking myself, "Why not?". Why not be the new voice, often the loudest voice, that stands up for the people of Porterville. Why not contribute my life experiences to help the city council make wise decisions for the future of Porterville? Why not use the knowledge I have gained through years of community service and the years I have served on for my church and real estate industry's board of directors. Why not invest in the youth of the city by making decisions in council chambers that will provide life long opportunities that will inspire the same youth to give back. Why not be in a position that has the ability to set standards for the City of Porterville Department Leaders to work from ...Honesty, Utmost Care in Decision Making, Integrity and Character with zero tolerance for deceitful practices that bring shame to our great city. I am looking forward to the future of the City of Porterville

9. I am the most qualified for the open council member seats because I have always served the industries I have worked in and the community of Porterville. I am an experienced servant for the peoples sake, not for personal gain. I am a natural leader in everything I have been involved in and I take my positions of leadership very serious. I am aware that a leader is more accountable than those he leads. I have a burden for justice and fairness. I am persistent and do what I say I will do, I keep my word. I have served as an Elder of my church. My real estate experience will be helpful in attracting business and economic improvement. I served as the California Association of Realtors Region 12 Chairman which covers 5 counties. I served my local association, Orange Belt Board of Realtors, as a board of director, Secretary/Treasurer, President-Elect and President. I am a volunteer coach for the Porterville Unified School District. I am a team player that will be a great addition to the city council for the Peoples Team.

Thank you for your support and VOTE : Larry Harper

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