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(Dec 31 2018) - Trump Taunts Hypocritical Dem's Over Border !!!
WHITE HOUSE -- (ZeroHedge.com) As the partial gov't shutdown approaches its 10th day, President Trump fired off a few tweets from the Oval Office, calling out Democrats for their changing stance on border security over the last decade. "I’m in the Oval Office. Democrats, come back from vacation now & give us the votes necessary for Border Security, including the Wall," Trump tweeted, adding "You voted yes in 2006 & 2013. One more yes, but with me in office, I’ll get it built, and Fast!"

(Dec 31 2018) - Trump issues fewest regulations EVER !!!
WASH D.C. -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) President Trump has made good & then some on his pledge to slash costly federal reg's, issuing the fewest new rules in recorded history in his first 2 years, according to a new analysis. In fact, the efforts by the White House, Office of Management & Budget, and several agencies to cut & reduce the flow of regulations this year have only ever been topped once: by the same Trump team last year.

(Dec 31 2018) - This Is A Real Bill ... REPARTIONS !!!
WASH D.C. -- (RightWingGranny.com) Yesterday PJ Media posted an article about H.R. 40, the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act. First of all, taking money from a person who earned it and giving that money to a person who did not earn it is called robbery. You can give it nice names, but that is what it is. What about reparations for the indentured servants who came to America? What about reparations for the Irish, Italians, and other ethnic groups that were mistreated when they came to America? This is truly ridiculous.

(Dec 30 2018) - Predictive Analytics = Predictive Programming
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Folks, "Predictive Analytics" the precursor to "Predictive Programming" has been sold as the end-all to mass marketing - if you will - and Manchurians for the military, if need be. It's been beta tested by humans - as well as "Artificial Intelligence" applications - depending on continuous data input, from all humans and machines. How ??? By clandestinely chem-trailing the plant with "SMART DUST" ... the kind that creeps into your blood, bones and brains. I'm tellin' you, they've spent "Billions" on this technology, and to not use it ??? Oh ... come on ???

(Dec 30 2018) - When Are Christians Going to Care About This ???
AMERICA -- (WisconsinChristianNews.com) I am wondering, today, how much more of this LGBTQP+ NONSENSE we are going to tolerate before church people, pastors & church leadership will FINALLY speak up about this demonic & deadly deception that is raping the minds & hearts, and stealing the souls of our young people. When are CHRISTIANS going to CARE about this? When are CHRISTIANS going to fight back? Or are we just going to roll over & let the devil have his way with our communities, our culture & our kids?

(Dec 30 2018) - Those who hid 'Cop Killer' are also 'Illegals' !!!
CALIFORNIA -- (NewsBusters.org) On Saturday evening, ABC's World News Tonight was the only evening newscast that informed viewers that more than a half dozen immigrants arrested for trying to help alleged cop killer and illegal alien Gustavo Perez Arriaga evade capture are also themselves illegal aliens. Furthermore, on Thursday's The Ingraham Angle on FNC, Sheriff Adam Christianson of Stanislaus County, California, informed viewers of the travesty that the state's sanctuary law will likely prevent most of them from being handed over to ICE for deportation.

(Dec 30 2018) - 2 Illegal Alien Killers In California
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- If Wash D.C. is controlled by the "Deep State" and California is controlled by the "Sanctuary State" then Americans - from the east coast to the west - live in a FAILED STATE !!! Folks, all forms of gov't in the U.S. were established by "Law Abiding and Tax Paying" people, for the primary duty to protect the people. And yet, these democ-RATS in Congress & Sacramento have FAILED American Citizens, opting to protect illegal, invaders, trespassers, rapists and ... MURDERERS !!!

(Dec 29 2018) - Democrats: A plague on the nation
CALIFORNIA -- (AmericanThinker.com) How as Americans do we explain the intransigence of the left when it comes to national security? 'Tis a mystery. These people, these Democrats in Congress, are among the most privileged persons on the planet. They have enjoyed, more than most, the blessings bequeathed by the Founders, the authors of the Constitution. Yet they are determined, like Obama, to transform us into something this nation was never meant to be: a land without borders. While all of them are on record supporting a border wall in the past, now that Donald Trump is president, they all oppose it with every fiber of their being.

(Dec 28 2018) - Police Arrest Suspected Cop Killer ...
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- (UPI) Law enforcement officials arrested a man suspected of fatally shooting a Central California police officer after a 3-day manhunt, the Stanislaus County sheriff announced Friday. Sheriff Adam Christianson said police arrested Gustavo Perez Arriaga, 32, in Bakersfield for allegedly killing Newman police Cpl. Ronil "Ron" Singh on Wed during a traffic stop. He faces a homicide charge. Police also arrested 2 accomplices who allegedly assisted Arriaga after he fled the scene of the shooting -- his brother, Adrian Virgen, 25, & a co-worker, Erik Razo Quiroz, 35.

(Dec 28 2018) - Everything is FAKE ??? On the Internet ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well shucks ... is that really true ??? Internet traffic numbers and metrics are FAKE ??? It kinda looks that way, according to one of the top dogs inside that kennel, former CEO of Reddit Ellen Pao. Just as FAKE are the mobile phone user counts and a whole lot more. Folks, this goes to tell you, these really big internet platforms have been propped up from the git-go, and mostly by our FAKE Intelligence agencies. Why ? To control the population until their FAKE PROPHET makes the scene.

(Dec 28 2018) - Most Important Summit in Recent History
VATICAN -- (By Leo Zagami) When Pope Francis announced in Sept an upcoming summit in Feb 2019 to discuss the clerical sexual abuse scandals in the Church, the event was almost ignored by most Vatican analysts. But things have changed. Shortly afterward, the Vatican invoked the importance of this summit last Nov, instructing the U.S. bishops to stand down & wait until Feb 2019 for any decisions on the pedophile crisis. I spoke with the most well-informed analysts in the Vatican & it seems they're now treating the summit in Feb as the most important in recent history.

(Dec 27 2018) - What I Know About Warnings and Arrests
U.S.A. -- (By Anna Von Reitz) A large number of criminal networks have been uncovered both here & abroad, which have been siphoning large amounts of money out of the American economy & which have been contributing to illegal arms & drug markets, human trafficking rings, and even darker purposes, such as murder related to organ harvesting, Satanic rituals, & pedophilia. The bunny trail has led to some of the highest offices in gov't & down to the local subcontractor level. The clean up began in Arkansas & is spreading outward from that initial beach head.

(Dec 26 2018) - Obama, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood
WASH D.C. -- (GlobalResearch.ca) There is a great uproar over the recent decision by US President Trump to pull US troops out of Syria, announcing his reason for doing so is that ISIS, the so-called Islamic State, has largely been defeated. What lies behind the decision and more important, what was behind the surprise emergence of ISIS across Syria in 2014 brings the spotlight to yet-classified documents of the Obama term. If the reorganized Justice Department is compelled to make these documents public in lawsuits or Freedom of Information requests, it could rock organizations such as the CIA and many in the Obama camp.

(Dec 25 2018) - Are Pastors Ever Going To Speak Up ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I've harped on this for years, knowing full well what the problem was, and so I need to address the ANSWER !!! Definitively it's JESUS CHRIST, albeit, it's also becoming one, as JESUS prayed in John 17:11-23. Folks, if your pastor's partially preaching from the pulpit, and producing parishioners who are practicing pacifists, then they or their flock ain't gonna come together with other pastors and churches to speak up or lead the charge to take any action against anything anti-Christian. That's the problem, but it's also the solution. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

(Dec 25 2018) - California Dreaming – How to Leave & Fast
CALIFORNIA -- (LewRockwell.com) Once upon a time, they use to write songs about California Dreaming. It is now turned 180 degrees to the main dreaming in California is how to get out of the same. You just cannot keep raising taxes endlessly reducing the standard of living of the people and survive indefinitely. It is official. The net migration leaving California is showing up not just in the statistics, rental cars leaving the state, but now at least 1800 businesses have packed their bags and left headed to Texas or Florida.

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(Dec 24 2018) - Want to be offensive this Christmas ???
AMERICA -- (ConservativeBase.com) If hearing someone say “Merry Christmas” offends you, it probably has more to do with your politics than your faith. A new NPR/PBS/Marist poll reveals that “Merry Christmas” remains the favored seasonal greeting for 56% of Americans, with 31% preferring “Happy Holidays.” One notable finding is that a majority of those under 30 favor “Happy Holidays,” while older people are more traditional. Millennial writer Alina Selyukh implied that this was because her generation is “the most diverse generation of adults in the country’s history.” But ...

(Dec 24 2018) - Trump Throws Mattis Out Of Pentagon ... Then
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay ... it's dot connecting time again, and as far my knowledge of these clandestine activities go, there's always a bunch of mis-mash surrounding counter-intelligence doc's. And in this case - where we read that one of President Trump's past relatives was in the super-scientific arena along side the likes of Nikola Tesla - facts are found. Look - if need be - let your mind chuck what's unbelievable, but let your heart connect the dots, and pray that DISCLOSURE won't lead to WORLD WAR III !!!

(Dec 24 2018) - Troops @ Border on Xmas through Jan 31st
U.S. BORDER -- (AmericanMilitaryNews.com) 2,600 U.S. Troops - at the southern border - are preparing for the Christmas holiday away from their families as they support U.S. Customs & Border Protection agents in California, Arizona & Texas. “As with all U.S. military units serving at home & around the world every day, some service members will be conducting their assigned missions in support of CBP over the Christmas holiday,” said Col. Wilkinson. Numbers available showed 700 servicemembers are stationed in Texas, 700 in Arizona & 1,200 in California.

(Dec 23 2018) - US Gov't Lying About Chemtrails ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's another one of those great weekend reads for all of those Porterville Post's naysayers. This one was found at State of the Nation and has direct visual links showing documented evidence re: CHEMTRAILS which were - in fact - openly discussed within the U.S. Air Force literature back in early 90's. Folks, you can't look up at the sky anymore without asking ... What Are They Spraying ??? PARTICLES OF POISON !!!

(Dec 22 2018) - Ballot Harvesting ... Borrowed from Mexico ???
CALIFORNIA -- (AmericanThinker.com) In an extraordinary investigative piece on how ballot-harvesting works by Steve Miller, published on Real Clear Investigations, we learn an amazing amount of information about how ballot-harvesting works and why it's so closely connected to election fraud, skewing elections in directions they normally wouldn't go. The must-read piece is focused on how Texas is dealing with the seedy issue, enforcing the law, prosecuting more than twice as many cases of electoral fraud as California, even hampered as Texas is by weak penalties for violators.

(Dec 21 2018) - Infanrix Hexa Vaccine Contains ... WHAT ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- These stories angers me to no end !!! Why ? Because I've seen the DAMAGE that Vaccines cause first hand !!! And the culprits behind this assault on our young and helpless children include BIG PHARMA, Doctors pushing these vaccines, flu shots and dangerous drugs, and last but not least, parents who blindly trust the previous two. Folks, if you can't see the Forrest through the trees, and your kids are at stake, WAKE UP and do some research !!!

U.S.A. -- (SGTReport.com) This may be one of the most powerful, interviews ever on SGT Report. Wayne Jett is not only an accomplished author, he’s a brilliant historian & Patriot. Wayne explains that the plans of the controlling “elite” are absolutely pure evil, and long ago captured US Presidents going all the way back to Wilson & Roosevelt. Jett explains that President Trump is indeed in a war against this international cartel, and it’s a war we must win ... if humanity is to survive.

(Dec 21 2018) - Pope tells abusive priests to turn themselves in
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Sure they'll turn themselves in (LOL). Folks, this huge institution - masquerading as a church - can't afford for their pedophilia priests to come clean. It'll cost the Vatican too much money in class action law-suits. What this pope is really saying is, come to Rome ASAP so we can "absolve" you of your sexual assaults and maybe reassign you to another local' before the authorities get wind of your wanderings, wilding's, and witchcraft.

(Dec 21 2018) - Mattis Out as Trump Regime War Secretary
WASH D.C. -- (GlobalResearch.ca) Did Mattis quit or was he pushed? He once said he wouldn’t resign as war secretary. He’d have to be sacked. According to major media reports, he clashed with Trump over his announced pullout of US forces from Syria and Afghanistan. On Thursday, the NYT, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and other US media reported that President Trump ordered around half of the 14,000 US forces in Afghanistan to return home in the coming weeks – on top of his announced pullout of US forces from Syria.

(Dec 20 2018) - We The People Will Fund The Wall
AMERICA -- (GoFundMe.com) Like a majority of those American citizens who voted to elect President Donald J Trump, we voted for him to Make America Great Again. President Trump’s main campaign promise was to BUILD THE WALL. And as he’s followed through on just about every promise so far, this wall project needs to be completed still. As a veteran who has given so much, 3 limbs, I feel deeply invested to this nation to ensure future generations have everything we have today.

(Dec 20 2018) - Troops ordered HOME from Afghanistan ???
WHITE HOUSE -- (HalTurnerRadioShow.com) President Trump has ORDERED the withdrawal of 7,000 U.S. Troops from Afghanistan. Between his ORDER yesterday to withdraw Troops from Syria, and his ORDER today doing the same with Afghanistan, the President is literally cutting the throat of the "Deep State." War operations is where the Deep State has all of its slush fund money; funds they use to cause trouble and mischief elsewhere.

(Dec 19 2018) - US Set For "Full Withdrawal" From Syria
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- No doubt President Trump has undisclosed reasons for pulling our troops out of Syria - besides keeping any campaign promise. If I were a betting man, my money says Trump's gonna re-deploy some of these troops onto our southern security soft spot - the U.S. Border !!! If the democ-RATS won't put in for the border wall, but only for border security, then Trump - for now - will station our Veterans there until he gets the money to BUILD THE WALL.

(Dec 19 2018) - Five Government Shutdown Myths Debunked
WASH D.C. -- (WesternJournal.com) On Friday, the federal gov't will partially shut down, unless Congress passes last-minute funding measures. Many Americans worry the Christmastime shutdown will be as devastating as a stocking full of coal — but the shutdown might not be so bad after all. The U.S. gov't has shut down numerous times over the past 50 years, and the impact has been as small as the “Whos” in “Whoville.” In fact, since 1976, there have been 19 gov't shutdowns, and the longest shutdown (Dec 1995) only lasted 21 days.

(Dec 19 2018) - Least-Educated State : California is No. 1
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Hey all you "Politically Correct" school administrators in California ... are you looking at these numbers though your new math bifocals, or are you - as the BIBLE says - the Blind leading teaching the Blind ??? Well, it kinda adds up that way. And I have a feeling that in order to fix this continuous education crisis more teachers are gonna possibly STRIKE for higher salaries for these lower education standards. Yes, it's that bad !!!

(Dec 18 2018) - Artificial intelligence to combat hate speech
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- OUT OF COMPLIANCE - Christians, Conservatives and Constitutionalists !!! Unless the aforementioned groups agree to any and every "Politically Correct" position in which the loony liberals line up with, they're gonna be legally labeled and lynched as HATERS. And, their new god and saviour - Artificial Intelligence - will grant them extra behavioral credits and increased freedom if they assist in it's pre-programmed PURGE of the Population.

(Dec 17 2018) - The Righteous Prosecute, Leftists Persecute
WASH D.C. -- (IPatriot.com) Mueller is proving that torture works. If you persecute someone and threaten them with death or lifetime imprisonment you can make them say anything you want. Mueller has done that to Trump’s lawyer Cohen, Paul Manafort, and Gen. Flynn. All of them have been charged with crimes they didn’t commit or that are beyond the Statute of Limitations, and all three are begging for a chance to have their sentences reduced.

(Dec 16 2018) - Why is America Miserable ??? By Mario Murillo
AMERICA -- (MarioMurilloMinistries.com) America became miserable in part because some preachers told us not to judge. We ended up not being able to discern! Millions of so-called Christians vote for abortion and same sex marriage. We were powerless in America’s hour of need - too disoriented and morally ambivalent to push back on immoral laws. The Great Commission was plowed under the priority of church growth.

(Dec 16 2018) - BORDERLAND BEAT : Why We Need The Wall
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, if you go to this web site called "Borderland Beat" you'll read for yourself why we need a BORDER WALL !!! Folks, you just gotta turn off your TV's & all those automatic 3rd party news feeds, 'cause they're grooming you just like Pavlov's Dogs to respond out of fear & ignorance instead of truth. And, if for some reason you're offended by this request, odds are you're already hooked by the MSM's bells & whistles, and you're gonna need a miracle from GOD to escape !!!

(Dec 16 2018) - ‘Text tax’ vote canceled by CPUC
CALIFORNIA -- (FoxNews.com) The California Public Utilities Commission has withdrawn from its January meeting agenda a scheduled vote on imposing a tax on text messaging. The move came after the Federal Communications Commission in Washington declared text messaging to be an “information service,” not a telecommunications service, and thus not subject to a surcharge under California law. “Prior to this FCC ruling,” the CPUC wrote in a statement posted on Twitter, “text messaging was not a classified service under federal law.

(Dec 16 2018) - Trump Administration Accomplishments ... so far
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- While the MSM has been focusing on anything negative - real or imaginary - against President Trump, he's been focusing on MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!! Listed here are many - but not all - of Trump's accomplishments as President. Folks, I gotta tell you, not in anyone's lifetime will you ever see so much progress by a sitting President - especially undoing what "Back-door-Barry" dang near destroyed as the democ-RATS deceiver of democracy.

(Dec 15 2018) - Spraying Particles Into the Sky to Dim the Sun
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- GEO-ENGINEERING IS UNSUSTAINABLE !!! My goodness, these mad scientists have convinced a nation of Nimrods and Nincompoops, that polluting our stratosphere is the best way to avert global warming, cooling ... whatever. Folks, that's their cover !!! These human hating half-wits, with gag-orders from the halls of hell, know that continuously chem-trailing the planet is unsustainable, and know that one day THE FINAL SOLUTION will be sprayed to save the planet - eliminating the problem - WE THE PEOPLE !!!

(Dec 15 2018) - Mexico's shutting down their southern border ???
MEXICO -- (100PercentFedUp.com) Mexico’s new president, and his administration aren’t sitting around waiting for their country to be invaded from the south, they’re taking bold action that’s likely to turn a few heads. Their plan to shut down their southern border with neighboring Guatemala is likely going to harm the illegal alien movement into the U.S. The Washington Times reports – Mexico’s top security official said Wednesday the gov't will close off illegal entries at its southern border with Guatemala but didn’t say how the country plans to do it.

(Dec 14 2018) - HHS: Banning Mandatory Vaccinations Nationwide
WASH D.C. -- (NaturalNews.com) The first ever Californian Republican to become House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, just threw a “touchdown pass” for team USA regarding healthcare freedom for all Americans. With great coaching from President Trump, a new division at Health and Human Services (HHS) has been created for Civil Rights called the “Conscience and Religious Freedom Division.” This guidance document dismantles all forced vaccination mandates across the USA, including in California, where Senator Richard Pan illegally penned Draconian legislation (SB277) defying the AMA’s code of ethics ...

(Dec 14 2018) - Great News - Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional
TEXAS -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) President Trump said it was “great news” for Americans that a federal judge deemed Obamacare unconstitutional late Friday. The decision by U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor in the Northern District of Texas puts the future of the healthcare law at risk. “Wow, but not surprisingly, ObamaCare was just ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL by a highly respected judge in Texas. Great news for America!” Trump tweeted.

(Dec 14 2018) - A Story of Massive Democrat Voter Fraud
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Folks, "VOTER FRAUD" in California was legalized back in 2016 and priming that pump - if you recall - was the MOTOR VOTER bill. There was no way that Republicans - especially in Orange County - were gonna out maneuver these amoral antics by the democ-RAT candidates & campaigns. With that said, I posit, can any Republican in California have any chance of getting elected or staying elected ? Yes, but only in confined areas & districts which don't overlap each other. Lastly - as far as I know - not a single Republican candidate has filed for a recount. California is now cancerous for Conservative candidates.

(Dec 13 2018) - Trump Cancels Christmas Party for MSM ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yeah baby, not even a chink of coal in the socks for the MSM. I'm tellin' you, President Trump canceling the Christmas party at the White House for the MSM press-ti-tutes is very apropos - since most don't fully understand "The Reason for the Season" ... JESUS CHRIST !!! Secondly, there comes a time when you just gotta quit "Casting Your Pearls Before Swine" and just speak directly to the people. And he does !!!

(Dec 12 2018) - California wants to TAX text-messaging ???
CALIFORNIA -- (Merurynews.com) Texting your sweetheart that you’re on your way home? California may soon charge you for that. This is no LOL matter, critics say. State regulators have been ginning up a scheme to charge a fee for text messaging on mobile phones to help support programs that make phone service accessible to the poor. The wireless industry and business groups have been working to defeat the proposal (PDF), now scheduled for a vote next month by the California Public Utilities Commission.

(Dec 12 2018) - DARPA Working on Making Super Humans ???
VIRGINIA -- (ShepherdHeart.life) While you are gearing up for your festive holidays season this Friday DARPA will be holding a Founder's Day in Arlington, VA to introduce a new program Panacea, vision, and goals, delving into the mysterious Dark Proteome of the human body. This program results in evolutionary improvements, or simply put, better than human, using existing state-of-the-art practices in genetic manipulation.

(Dec 11 2018) - Know Your Rights or You Will Lose Them
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As much as this article rings true re: your rights or losing them, the ignorant masses - now in control - are making decisions by default ... effecting the whole of this nation. They do not want real info or news, they want FAKE NEWS, which demands little to no obligation on their part. Most are ignorant by choice and the rest are basically uneducatable. You cannot teach them 'cause their comprehension skills are stunted. Pray for them if you want ... I won't ... I ain't got time for their tantrums anymore.

(Dec 11 2018) - NWO Executes Deal to Destroy All Borders
AMERICA -- (JusticeKnight.com) You think we have border control issues, you haven’t seen anything yet. Behind the scenes, the One World Order (aka United Nations) has been working to tear down all borders, in every nation! Their order has now been signed by the majority of Nations around the world. The U.S. is one of the last holdouts. To sign the deal means your sovereignty is lost forever ... but it appears the Global agenda has taken over the minds of the majority of the world.

(Dec 11 2018) - Cardinal Convicted on Sex Abuse Charges
AUSTRAILIA -- (TheDailyBeast.com) The Vatican’s third most powerful official has been convicted in Australia on all charges he sexually abused two choir boys there in the late '90s, according to two sources with knowledge of the case. A unanimous jury returned its verdict for Cardinal George Pell on Tuesday (Australian time) after more than three days of deliberations, the sources said, in a trial conducted under a gag order by the judge that prevented any details of the trial being made public.

(Dec 11 2018) - 800K Kids in U.S. Go Missing Each Year
WORLD -- (HealthImpactNews.com) 800,000 children a year in the United States go missing, many of them being sexually trafficked through pedophilia networks where the children suffer unimaginable horrors such as Satanic ritual abuse. This number is comprised of documented cases of children gone missing, and does not include children who are born and bred into pedophilia networks and have no birth certificates, or undocumented immigrant children who come across the borders. Worldwide, the number is close to 8 million children missing and being sexually trafficked.

(Dec 10 2018) - START PREPPING ... says DHS !!!
U.S.A. -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) In a new DHS report that warns that the electric grid is the “prime target” of terrorists, Americans are being urged prepare for the up to six months without electricity, transportation, fuel, money and healthcare. “People no longer keep enough essentials within their homes, reducing their ability to sustain themselves during an extended, prolonged outage. We need to improve individual preparedness,” said a just-published report to President Trump. “There needs to be more individual accountability for preparedness,” adds the report ...

(Dec 10 2018) - Bush Funeral: An Orwellian Space Opera
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Hitting on several important issues, Paul McGuire connected some of those "Thousand Points of Light" - of which Bush 41 secretly initiated, and in the very end, will ultmately transform into a "Thousand Points of Fright" for the uninitiatd and profane. McGuire, as do I, believe that Bush 41's NEW WORLD ORDER - was his priority and not his "Personal & Private" connection to Christianity. Folks, the books have been written, Bush 41 was a luciferian tool and the MSM can't cover this up.

(Dec 08 2018) - Steve Bannon Declares War on Pope ???
ITALY -- (PJMedia.com) Like something out of a Bond villain's backstory, Steve Bannon has won a bid to take over an Italian monastery in the mountains of Italy built by Pope Innocent III in 1204. He plans to turn it into an academy to defend Christendom and Western culture. The sprawling castle encompasses several buildings, with hundreds of rooms, a guest house built into a rock, and a library with 36,000 volumes. Nicholas Farrell of the Spectator visited it and came away feeling he had been in a storybook.

(Dec 06 2018) - Judicial Watch Investigating “Ballot Harvesting”
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Judicial Watch - like every other watchdog organization - is looking into the slide-of-hand voting process called BALLOT HARVESTING. And for the most part, that's great ... however ... this needs to turn into a class-action lawsuit (conjoined by all investigating organization), not just for those politicians who were negatively effected, but for all Republicans effected. And if this case reaches the SCOTUS - and it really should - BALLOT HARVESTING must be rendered illegal all across America.

(Dec 05 2018) - California’s ‘Grand Theft Election’
CALIFORNIA -- (FlashReport.org) On election night, California Republicans were heading for victories. Less than one month later, while ballots are still being counted, half of California’s Republican Congressional races were flipped by Democrat challengers, none of whom have ever held an elected public office. Republicans lost election night leads for five members of Congress, three state Assembly races, two state Senate seats and a Board of Equalization candidate, Shawn Steel wrote in a column this week.

(Dec 04 2018) - Mathis named to Assembly leadership post
SACRAMENTO -- (FresnoBee.com) Visalia Republican Devon Mathis was named Assembly minority whip on Tuesday, marking the 36-year-old legislator’s first appointment to his party’s leadership. Mathis represents the 26th District, which includes all of Inyo County, most of Tulare County and a sliver of Kern County. Prior to being elected in 2014, Mathis served two tours in Iraq during his 10 years as a sergeant in the U.S. Army National Guard. He is a Fresno State graduate. In his new role, Mathis will work to organize the caucus and shape leadership decisions in key areas.

(Dec 04 2018) - Pompeo calls for 'New Liberal Order' ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Hold everythin' Baba Looey !!! President Trump's Secretary of State - Mike Pompeo - is calling for a "New Liberal Order" ??? At first glance, the title of this article kinda throws you off, but reading it one sees the bigger picture. Nationalism is still number one (Thank GOD), as the writer points out that the push for a "New World Order" and "Multilateralism" wasn't working and was rollin' off the cliff (pic). Interestingly, few in the MSM have yet to catch onto Pompeo's play on their words.

(Dec 04 2018) - Emails of top NRCC officials stolen ...
WASH D.C. -- (Politico.com) The House GOP campaign arm suffered a major hack during the 2018 election, exposing thousands of sensitive emails to an outside intruder, according to three senior party officials. The email accounts of four senior aides at the National Republican Congressional Committee were surveilled for several months, the party officials said. The intrusion was detected in April by an NRCC vendor, who alerted the committee and its cybersecurity contractor. An internal investigation was initiated and the FBI was alerted to the attack, said the officials, who requested anonymity to discuss the incident.

(Dec 03 2018) - George H.W. Bush Shaped History ... BUT
WASH D.C. -- (WhoWhatWhy.org) In the coming days, the media will be filled with reminiscences and reviews of former President George H.W. Bush’s storied life and political career. But most won’t report — and few actually know — the backstory of Bush’s role in building an interlocking family, business and intelligence network that charted the nation’s course for decades. That work was secret, and predated his known (and very brief) intelligence career by decades.

(Dec 03 2018) - 63% of ‘non-citizens’ on welfare ... ???
U.S.A. -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) A majority of “non-citizens,” including those with legal green card rights, are tapping into welfare programs set up to help poor and ailing Americans, a Census Bureau finding that bolsters President Trump’s concern about immigrants costing the nation. In a new analysis of the latest numbers, from 2014, 63 percent of non-citizens are using a welfare program, and it grows to 70 percent for those here 10 years or more, confirming another concern that once immigrants tap into welfare, they don’t get off it.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- From the looks of things, Republicans in California - unless they resort to this corrupt process called BALLOT HARVESTING - might not ever win again in any future election. This article by The American Thinker - with an embedded video - shows exactly how and why BALLOT HARVESTING was employed by the democ-RATS, stealing the elections in broad daylight. Unless AB1921 is amended, the "Fat Lady" is gonna sing for as long as the dem's like.

(Dec 01 2018) - Nations invited to consecration of altar ...
ISRAEL -- (WND.com) The newly re-created Sanhedrin in Israel is planning a ceremony to consecrate a stone altar prepared for use in the Third Temple, and it has released a declaration intended to be an invitation for other nations to participate in the Temple “and to receive its blessings.” According to Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz’ report in Breaking Israel News the altar has been prepared with stones made of aerated concrete and “fit for use in the Temple.” The current stones are in loose form ready to be moved to the Temple Mount and ...

(Dec 01 2018) - President George H.W. Bush Dead at 94
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For his service to all those "Secret Societies" he belonged to, and the NEW WORLD ORDER, adulations ad-infinitum. For his service to mankind - GOD's creation - flames from here to eternity. Folks, this "family man" was a go-with-the-flow phony. He was handled by hell and controlled by The Company. And I'm here to tell you, it's all on the internet. So don't feel sorry for (Bush 41) ... it's too late !!!

(Nov 30 2018) - Dem's Snatch Valadao's Seat & One In Porterville
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The more they count, the more votes for democrats are found. As of this time and date, California's Secretary of State reports that (D) T.J Cox has 591 votes over (R) Congressman Valadao, and the counting may continue up until later this evening. In Porterville' City Council race - Dist 1 - Tulare County Elections Department shows Danial Penaloza(D) has overtaken incumbent Cam Hamilton(R) by 26 votes, unless a 10th & final count is posted, changing the results.

(Nov 29 2018) - Jewish journalist handcuffs self to Twitter HQ
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As American and as civil as this stunt is, TWITTER - I've said over and over again - is a "Private Company" and can pick and choose who can use their platform. Period - Paragraph. Now, if Laura Loomer is doing this to bring attention to the masses re: TWITTERS overt and obvious discrimination ... "Right On Sister", I'm with you all the way, however, a Constitutional Convention could be called by Congress if TWITTER bans more on the right, or even President Trump - affecting, altering, changing, limiting the 1st Amendment.

(Nov 29 2018) - Doubts on 'bizarre' California election results
CALIFORNIA -- (TheHill.com) Weeks after House Republicans lost their majority, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Thursday cast serious doubts about the “bizarre” election system in California, where it appears that seven GOP-held seats will flip to Democratic control. The California election system “just defies logic to me,” Ryan said during a Washington Post Live event. “We were only down 26 seats the night of the election and three weeks later, we lost basically every California race. This election system they have - I can’t begin to understand what ‘ballot harvesting’ is.”

(Nov 29 2018) - Seats Stolen by Illegal Voting
Porterville Post : Letter to the Editor : from Reginaldo Cornejo :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Dear Editor, Since many Americans keep saying that many voters voted illegally during the 2018 midterm elections, I decided to do some research on my own state’s new laws that were allegedly created to help more US citizens vote in my home state of California. The two laws I decided to research & study were written & passed in 2013 & 2015 during the Obama Administration’s era & current Democrat controlled California legislature & Gov' Brown’s era. Although these law were allegedly written to make it easier for US citizens to vote in California, I found ...

(Nov 28 2018) - IT IS TIME by Pastor Mario Murillo
AMERICA -- (MarioMurilloMinistries.com) It is clear. As madness spreads—and the church wrings its hands—it is time for the eagles to leave the turkey yard. You know who you are. There’s a fire inside you can’t put out. You are ruined for church incorporated. For too long, you’ve been told to be a good little birdie. “Don’t ruffle any feathers.” You can’t stomach the stale kernels they toss at you. You must have fresh meat. All around you, the turkeys peck at the ground. All you can see is the clouds and skies where you belong.

(Nov 28 2018) - Satan & CERN Collaborate re: your Soul
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- After reading this article from ShepardsHeart.life a few times, I've determined that there's a lot to glean from its authors take on a suspicious, albeit, satanic use of CERN. Coming together at break-neck speed, is the technology of which the FALSE PROPHET and BEAST will use to ensnare Christians to assist them in their fight against GOD. Folks, you have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not see what's coming. Jesus foretold all this in Luke 21 and said to look up, that is if you can see past satan's surveillance satellites.

(Nov 27 2018) - Dem's on Verge of Unseating Congressman Valadao
CALIFORNIA -- (TheGatewayPundit.com) A Democrat is on the verge of taking another Republican seat in California’s 21st Congressional district three weeks after the election. Nearly 3 weeks after the midterm election, Democrat T.J. Cox overtook Republican incumbent Congressman David Valadao, who was up by a whopping 6.4% on election night. Curiously, Valadao crushed T.J. Cox, a Democrat whose primary address is in Bethesda, Maryland during the primaries 2 to 1, but a late ballot count Monday put Cox ahead by 436 votes out of approximately 111,000 counted.

(Nov 27 2018) - How many Muslims won campaigns in 2018 ???
U.S.A. -- (FreedomOutpost.com) What you may not realize is just how many political offices were filled by electing Muslims in 2018. Even more concerning is the high percentage of Muslims voting & their openness to promote the fact that they want to "change" our culture & society. Many of you are familiar with a couple of congressional seats that were picked up by Muslim women and the first Muslim state attorney general put into office in Minnesota. What you may not realize is just how many political offices were filled by electing Muslims in 2018.

(Nov 27 2018) - Pope clashes with Trump re: Illegal Invaders
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Ah yes, this "dope in a dress" - who can't even control his pedophile priests - wants to control President Trump, and force thousands of south of the border criminals onto the American people. Brother, I'm here to tell you, this is what you call inciting riots, creating divisions, which leads - almost always - to wars. Listen up Catholics, your FAKE HOLY FATHER ought to stifle himself, or suffer greater light re: The Final Fatima Vision and Luciferians in the Vatican.

(Nov 26 2018) - Trump Threatens to Permanently Close Border
WHITE HOUSE -- (ZeroHedge.com) Migrant caravan drama returned to the headlines over the weekend after several violent clashes broke out at the US-Mexico border, prompting US troops to fire tear gas at migrants who tried to rush the border, while one migrant who attacked border agents with stones after crossing into Arizona was taken into custody. After the incoming Mexican government denied reports that it had agreed to hold asylum applicants from Central American while they awaited their asylum hearings, Mexico said it would deport some 500 migrants who tried to rush the US border on Sunday.

(Nov 26 2018) - Tear gas used "once a month" ... under Obama
SOUTHERN BORDER -- (WashingtonTimes.com) The same tear-gas agent that the Trump administration is taking heat for deploying against a border mob this weekend is actually used fairly frequently - including more than once a month during the later years of President Obama’s administration, according to DHS data. U.S. Customs & Border Protection has used 2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, or CS, since 2010 & deployed it 26 times in fiscal 2012 & 27 times in 2013. The use dropped after that, but was still deployed 3 times in 2016, Obama’s final full year in office.

(Nov 25 2018) - The Elites Admit Chemtrailing Is Real ...
U.S.A. -- (TheCommonSenseShow.com) There is a plot to dim the sun. Yes, that is correct and these are words of researchers from Harvard and Yale. In effect, these researchers are suggesting a program that looks a lot like that conspiracy theory, chemtrailing. Pseudo-scientists from the bastions of post-secondary-liberalism headquartered at Harvard and Yale universities published in the Journal of Environmental Research Letters a highly subjective article which proposes using a technique called stratospheric aerosol injection to fight against global warming.

(Nov 24 2018) - CALIFORNIA ARSON & Solaren Corp's ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- If you look long and hard enough, you'll find the smoking gun, and in this case FIRE !!! Folks, these NEW WORLD ORDER Nut-Jobs do in fact have multiple patents concerning any kind of "Direct Energy Weaponry" or application, and at this point could care less who knows. Why ??? Because the DEEP STATE has moocho DRUG MONEY to buy anybody and anything, or pay to have one of hell's hombres DEEP SIX you and yours, iffin' any thoughts or objections occur.

(Nov 24 2018) - Brown Fiddled While California Burned
CALIFORNIA -- (Breitbart.com) Ever since President Trump tweeted about the real cause of the California wild fires, celebrities, union leaders, activists and leftist politicians have been lining up to tell us how evil and wrong Trump is. But the more evidence emerges, the more it appears that Trump was dead right to blame “poor” forest management for the California fires. And who was responsible for that poor management? Why only the guy who has been busily trying to point the finger of blame at Trump: California Governor Jerry Brown.

(Nov 24 2018) - It’s now clear how Dem's stole elctions
CALIFORNIA -- (NationalSentinel.com) Last week prior to the Thanksgiving Day holiday a caller into talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh’s program made a bombshell revelation, provided it was accurate, into how Democrats may have flipped several congressional seats blue during the 2018 midterms in districts that, until now, had long been held by Republicans. Limbaugh was discussing how every Republican incumbent lawmaker in reliably red Orange County lost their seats to Democrats, though results on Election Day indicated that most of them would retain their seats.

(Nov 23 2018) - Researchers Want Nationwide DNA Database
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay ... let me make this a simple as possible. Satan's scientists want everyone's DNA in their lab's to kinda-sorta protect everyone on the planet ... 'cause everyone's personal "ID" is already out there ??? I ain't buying that, not for one minute !!! Satan's goal is to locate and capture the DNA of "REAL CHRISTIANS" - not church goers - who are "New Creatures" in Christ Jesus (2 Cor 5:17), and possibly the DNA of the 144,000 JEWS, from the 12 Tribes of Israel (Rev 7:3-4). That's the only reason why !!! GOT JESUS ??? You better, and PDQ !!!

(Nov 23 2018) - 84 dead in California's Camp Fire
CALIFORNIA -- (UPI.com) At least 84 people are now dead as a result of the Camp Fire, California's deadliest fire in its recorded history, as the blaze still burns in the northern part of the state, officials said late Thursday. Along with the dead, the Camp Fire has destroyed nearly 14,000 residences, injured 3 firefighters & destroyed 514 commercial structures, various state, local & federal agencies said in a news release Thursday night.

(Nov 22 2018) - We're Living in the Prequel to 'Blade Runner'
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, for now the masses still play "Follow-The-Leader" 'cause they're constantly under external and or implied impressions that it's either the lessor of two devils or the greater of two desires. This dichotomy - in fact - inculcates cognitive dissonance which ends in extremely hate-filled FAKE WORLD VIEW !!! In this Video by Truth Stream Media, you'll see and hear leading scientists present possibilities for this advancement, or shall we say, MIND CONTROL MEDICINE ... by 2525 ???

Your Only Begotten Son

(Nov 22 2018) - President Lincoln's Proclamation of Thanksgiving
AMERICA -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) President Lincoln issued his famous "Proclamation of Thanksgiving," on Oct. 3, 1863 ... "The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature, that they cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever watchful providence of Almighty God ..."

(Nov 22 2018) - Why Mass Shooters Go To Gun Free Zones
U.S.A. -- (PatriotRising.com) Almost every gun debate hinges on the subject of mass shootings. It’s almost as if crime is no longer an issue anymore, what with all the focus on these mass killings. In fairness, they’re horrific, and they seem to be happening all too often for anyone’s comfort. However, as most gun folks have pointed out in debates, there’s a fact that is constantly ignored, and that’s how most of these things happen in gun free zones.

(Nov 21 2018) - White House Approves Use of Force @ Border
U.S. BORDER -- (Militarytimes.com) The White House late Tuesday signed a memo allowing troops stationed at the border to engage in some law enforcement roles and use lethal force, if necessary — a move that legal experts have cautioned may run afoul of the Posse Comitatus Act. The new “Cabinet order” was signed by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, not President Donald Trump. There are approximately 5,900 active-duty troops and 2,100 National Guard forces deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border.

(Nov 20 2018) - AGENDA 2030 = ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- These Evil NEW WORLD ORDER Agenda's are all out in the open for anyone to read and most of the secularized world is in lock-set with its ideals and morays. First, we were warned about Agenda 21, now it's Agenda 2030, and LORD knows what's coming after that. Through an array of double-speak by the MSM, peoples from all nations are throttled 24/7 with this hogwash and hatred of humanity in order to SAVE THE PLANET. Listen up, all these NWO Nut-Jobs want to reduce the population of "useless eaters" quickly, greatly, and permanently !!! (VIDEO)

(Nov 20 2018) - Mexicans Protesting Migrant Caravan
MEXICO -- (ThePoliticalInsider.com) If you thought it was only Donald Trump sounding the alarm on the approaching migrant caravan, think again. As many of the caravan members have reached the U.S.-Mexico border and others are approaching it, border communities in Mexico are sending a brief and clear message: go home. According to (AP) "On Sunday displeased Tijuana residents waved Mexican flags, sang the Mexican national anthem and chanted ‘Out! Out!’ in front of a statue of the Aztec ruler Cuauhtemoc, 1 mile from the U.S. border ..."

(Nov 19 2018) - Americans turning on social media ...
U.S.A. -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) U.S. adults have begun to turn on social media giants like Facebook & Twitter, and a majority believes that these social media platforms have done more to hurt democracy & free speech than help. Last year, 43% of U.S. adults thought social media hurt society, but that increased to 57% in 2018, according to an Axios poll conducted through mid Nov. Both Dem's & Republicans have soured on social media ...

(Nov 18 2018) - Smart Devices = Massive Surveillance Network ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- We have reached THE POINT OF NO RETURN !!! All those super-snitching smart phones and surveillance cities have taken over most of the first world countries day-to-day operations and soon, if not all, thought processes in and around human craniums. Christians, I'm here to tell you, you're the main target. Satan's surveillance soldiers in silicon valley have their orders - 1st to accommodate, 2nd to infiltrate, and 3rd to annihilate. WAKE UP CHRISTIANS !!! Ditch those devices !!!

(Nov 17 2018) - Trump offers Pelosi votes for speakership ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- What ??? President Trump says Pelosi should be House Speaker ??? Now, before you get your pantaloons all in a wad, hear me out. Trump plays 3D "Business" Chess like nobody's ever seen and if he wants Pelosi in as speaker, it's because of two things - she's the buffoon that keeps on giving, or Trump has the goods on her. I kinda believe both. Folks, Trump has an agenda - to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - and if those RINO'S, #NeverTrumpers and DEEP STATE democ-RATS are in the way, he'll "Triple Checkmate" all these con's against each other ... For The People.

(Nov 17 2018) - Illegals Cost Taxpayers Billions in Health Care
AMERICA -- (LidBlog.com) Illegal immigrants cost the U.S. billions a year in health care costs that the illegals never pay for, a Forbes Mag. report says. And that is even though federal law supposedly prohibits this spending. Federal law claims that no federal dollars can go to pay for health care for illegals. Unfortunately, this is a smoke screen because literally BILLIONS of our tax dollars go to fund medical care for illegals anyway. Forbes magazine’s Chris Conover recent ran the numbers and came up with at least $18.5 billion of our tax dollars wasted on health care for illegal immigrants.

(Nov 16 2018) - Dem' threatened Gun Owners with NUKES ???
WASH D.C. -- (ZeroHedge.com) Just days after taking back the House, a Democratic Congressmen {from California} has proposed outlawing "military-style semi-automatic assault weapons" and forcing existing owners to sell their weapons or face prosecution. In a USA Today op-ed entitled “Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters,” Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., argued Thursday that prior proposals to ban assault weapons “would leave millions of assault weapons in our communities for decades to come.”

(Nov 14 2018) - Deadly Viruses Are Delivered Through Vaccines
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For years, the Porterville Post has been providing info to well documents cases involving BIG PHARMA and their VACCINES which have been injuring and killing people since the '50's. Today we'd like you to view this VIDEO re: Molecular biologist Dr. Judy A. Mikovits who was threatened and jailed - without cause - trying to force her to deny her findings concerning the harm that vaccines are producing. Hopefully it's not too late for Californian's, 'cause many of these vaccines lay dormant for years before manifesting as a disease.

(Nov 13 2018) - President Trump jabs France President
WHITE HOUSE -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) President Trump on Tuesday ridiculed French President Emmanuel Macron for wanting to build a European army, and claimed citizens of France would all be speaking German if it wasn’t for the U.S. in World War II. Macron proposed the creation of a “true European army” to protect itself from the U.S., China, and Russia, ahead of Trump’s visit to Paris last week. Trump responded Friday by calling the suggestion “ insulting.” He followed up In a tweet Tuesday, saying France should be more worried about Germany, based on World War I and World War II.

(Nov 13 2018) - The Metaphysics of the Political Tribulation
U.S.A. -- (BATR.org) Life would be beautiful if politics was not the reflection of the fallen nature of the human race. All of history irrefutably proves that escaping the political conflict is impossible. Most refuse to admit this fact of existence. The vast hordes of spineless slaves that refuse to confront the immorality of the global power structure attempt to avoid politics as too distasteful & bothersome to participate. Even more worrisome are the gullible who erroneously believe that the planet can be converted into an earthly paradise if only a progressive secular society can be imposed upon every culture & governmental institution.

(Nov 12 2018) - WINNERS and LOSERS and OPINIONS {#3}
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So much has been purposely "Broadcast" by the MSM concerning the "Great Divide" in our nation and also in our churches, that Pastor Mario Murillo has openly chastised many supposedly "Born Again" Christians for basically siding in with secularism - as opposed to sanctification. Now, if you don't know the difference between those two words, that sin is on you. Knowledge and Wisdom are available to all Believers and in The BIBLE, which measures any and all FAKE NEWS !!!

(Nov 12 2018) - American Jews Committed Jewicide ???
AMERICA -- (LidBlog.org) According to exit polls conducted by Pew Research Center and CNN, in last week’s midterm election, 79% of Jewish voters chose a Democratic candidate, and only 17% voted for Republicans. Thus, by voting heavily Democratic and helping to elect at least 35 or more new Democrats to the House of Representatives, Jewish America helped to significantly expand the power the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Democratic Party and put many of the worst offenders in key leadership positions. With their heavily Democratic Party vote, Jewish America may have committed Jewicide.


(Nov 11 2018) - Declassify FISA and Indictments Follow
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes in-dee-dee !!! One of the reasons Jeff Sessions got the boot as A.G. was his delaying the release of all those FISA doc's. And hear-tell, many republicans - who, all of a sudden wanted to retire and not run again for office - were in that mix of miscreants and machinations, and Sessions thought it wise to give them cover as they left dodge. However, President Trump's new "ACTING" A.G. Matt Whitaker just heard him say "sick'em" and those DEEP STATE devil-dogs heard it like-wise.

(Nov 11 2018) - America Took A Step Back
AMERICA -- (Roger Anghis) On Tuesday night (Nov 6th) America took a huge step back. In 2016 we took a step forward in the process of restoring America, but they couldn’t seem to get running on all eight cylinders. Speaker Paul Ryan has been bent on initiating his agenda over President Trumps. He couldn’t get the funding for the wall together because he didn’t want the wall funded. His donors are open border people. He stabbed the American people in the back on that.

CALIFORNIA -- (StateOfTheNation.com) “Operation Torch California is a very real ongoing black operation being conducted by the U.S. Intelligence Community in collusion with Operation Gladio. These false flag terrorist attacks are first and foremost a highly sophisticated psyop. They have many goals. And they will continue until California has been completely subjugated by the globalists. {Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer}” Previously noted, the geoegineers have been overseeing a regimen of chemical geoengineering that rains downs a tremendous amount of aluminum oxide onto the land below.

(Nov 10 2018) - Most destructive wildfire in California ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's another honest-to-goodness speculation re: all these wildfires which kinda sorta self ignite and explode with fury ... CHEMTRAILS !!! Yes, Chemtrails !!! Folks, for years our skies above have been polluted with geo-engineering goulash, which settled on everything below, and acting as accelerants and killer kilning. I'm tellin' you, somebody needs to analyse these chemical deposits and drippings, and if I'm correct heads need to roll 'cause people, pets and property have been destroyed and DIED.

(Nov 09 2018) - President Trump bars illegl asylum seekers
White House -- (Presidential Proclamation) : The United States expects the arrival at the border between the United States and Mexico (southern border) of a substantial number of aliens primarily from Central America who appear to have no lawful basis for admission into our country. They are traveling in large, organized groups through Mexico and reportedly intend to enter the United States unlawfully or without proper documentation and to seek asylum, despite the fact that, based on past experience, a significant majority will not be eligible for or be granted that benefit.

(Nov 09 2018) - Time to deal with the enemies from within
WASH D.C. -- (NewsWithViews.com) Either many elected office holders in the federal government are mentally stunted, don’t know nothin’ and got that mixed up regarding border security, or they are trying to help the invaders. For years, an average of about 4,000 illegal border crossers have been streaming into our republic every week. It is about time that at least one of those many invasions into the United States has garnered massive attention from both the media and “We the People”. But ...

(Nov 09 2018) - Second Set of Human Bones Found at Vatican
VATICAN -- (NewsPunch.com) Two days after human remains found on Vatican property were sent for DNA testing & comparisons, more bones were uncovered in the same area & are believed to belong to a different individual. After an initial examination of the skeleton’s pelvis, it was believed that the remains belonged to a woman, however, confirmation of the age & gender of the person, as well as a rough estimate of when they died, will not come until the DNA testing is complete. (MORE)

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's another one of those weekend reads which is semi note-worthy. For more than a few reasons, the info herein sounds solid and can be tracked on-line or in person. Secondly, Bakersfield is mentioned as recruiting local gangs into the CIA operations of gang warfare, sex trafficking & drug dealing. Thirdly, DEEP STATE operators / handlers are still at large "Blackmailing" & "Liquidating" loose ends !!! Maybe newly appointed Attorny General "Big Matt Whitaker" can tie things up ???

(Nov 08 2018) - WINNERS and LOSERS and OPINIONS {#2}
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The new "Acting" Attorney General - Matthew Whitaker - is gonna have a lot to tackle, coming straight off the side-lines after Sessions got benched. President Trump - everyone knows - leads by example & if he has to re-write plays, or replace you in order to put points on the board, then that's what he's gonna do to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. As far as the democ-RATS taking the House, well, retiring "RINO" Paul Ryan obviously fumbled that ball. Just check all the stats and replays.

(Nov 08 2018) - 13 Dead After Mass Shooting At SoCal Bar
Thousand Oaks, CA -- (ZeroHedge.com) At least 13 people, including a sheriff's deputy and the suspected shooter, have been killed, while multiple others were injured during a shooting at the country western dance hall Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif. The bar was holding a "College Country" night event when the shooter reportedly stormed the entrance, per NBC News. Media reports claimed hundreds of people were inside the venue at the time of the shooting, which began at around 11:30 pm local time.

(Nov 07 2018) - White House Suspends Jim Acosta’s Press Pass
WASH D.C. -- (WhiteHouseDossier.com) From a statement by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders ... "President Trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and his Administration. We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern. This conduct is absolutely unacceptable. It is also completely disrespectful to the reporter’s colleagues not to allow them an opportunity to ask a question. President Trump has given the press more access than any President in history."

(Nov 07 2018) - WINNERS and LOSERS and OPINIONS {#1}
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Alright ... GOP increases in the Senate but lose the House. No doubt, it's gonna be gridlock in the House, as the Senate moves on legislation a bit easier, but that issue ain't high on the list of things to pray for. Briefly, there's gonna be more investigations into anything and anybody affiliated with President Trump ... 'cause you know that Special Investigator Robert Mueller now has the House and time on his side. Secondly, say goodbye to A.G. Jeff Sessions and any indictments aimed at Hillary and or Obama. As for any more conservative SCOTUS nominations, the jury may be out for some time on that one. More results later today ...

(Nov 07 2018) - A.I. Lie Detectors Replacing Border Guards ???
AMERICA -- (ActivistPost.com) The future of travel is clearly one where automation will play an increasingly significant role. The biometric roll out is well underway and is set to expand into every aspect of the travel experience. According to a new report from Defense One, border security questioning also might transfer from human to robotic artificial intelligence as the security apparatus seeks more supposedly effective and efficient ways to screen travelers for their potential threat risk.

(Nov 06 2018) - VOTE RIGHT - LIKE THE POST :
Post Political Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Every election cycle the Porterville Post submits a "VOTERS GUIDE" for the public to read & take to the polls on election day. As of this date {Nov 6th} the Porterville Post - to assist those with mail-in ballots - has updated an early version (100% Complete) re: which candidates to vote for & which propositions need a yes or no vote. So, GOD Bless you guys greatly & we hope that you'll VOTE RIGHT - LIKE THE POST. The final up-date will be released on or before Nov 1st.


(Nov 06 2018) - GET OUT AND VOTE ... against the NWO !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Today is election day, and it's time to take a stand against the NEW WORLD ORDER and all of their covert and secret society underlings. Folks, the very thought of your absence at the polls aligns you with this cartel of criminals, so keep in mind "SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN" when free speech is in the cross-hairs of the DEEP STATE. So, get out and vote ... and ... VOTE RIGHT - LIKE THE POST !!!

(Nov 05 2018) - AMERICA’S DARKEST HOUR by Mario Murillo
AMERICA -- (MarioMurilloMinistries.com) The importance of tomorrow cannot be overstated. This is America’s darkest hour. Only once in your entire life will your duty be this clear. We have wasted valuable time & it never should have come down to this. But now it has, & it is what it is: A last call to do what’s right. If we don’t stop them, we will be doing something that no nation has ever done & survived. No country has ever handed power to candidates like these & kept their freedom or prosperity.

(Nov 05 2018) - The Dems are Mad as Hell ... (LOL)
U.S.A. -- (AmericanThinker.com) It’s not a surprise we see this consistent reaction of rage & hatred coming from the Democratic Party leadership, or the leftist MSM. The entire group of them does hate Trump, & their pogrom to destroy him has been ramping up into our discourse since Trump declared his candidacy. I think most of us know that they hate us, as well. My take is simple. This has been a coordinated effort on the left to take Trump out. Destroy him, & his family. Sadly, it has taken over the left. Its main success has been keeping most on the center-left filled with 24/7 hate.

(Nov 04 2018) - Smart Dust Tracking You Via Satellite
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Maybe, just maybe, this "dated video" will awaken some Christians re: the war that's taking place in our atmosphere, with the "Prince of the power of the air" - satan - and his secrecy society of scientists. Folks, let me say this LOUD & CLEAR !!! When you look up into the sky & see CHEMTRAIL PLANES creating FAKE CLOUDS all over America, they're spraying synthetic substances ... which we all breath, altering our internal DNA's, biochemistries, frequencies, and tracking your whereabouts !!! These POPULATION CONTROL & KILL planes and projects must be stopped !!!

(Nov 03 2018) - Donald Trump: Not a man of God, but God's man
WASH D.C. -- (WND.com) I was thinking yesterday that it seems like every general election is even more critical than the previous one. Like the boy who cried, “Wolf!” I fear that our recurring alarm about the consequences of each election will slowly numb us into a state of despondency. We’ll begin to tire of the constant need to be vigilant and pro-active. But the sobering truth is that each election truly IS more important than the last. This one, especially, since our nation appears to be in a moral free-fall.

(Nov 02 2018) - Lawyers File Lawsuit for ILLEGAL INVADERS !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- THIS IS A STICK UP !!! If you don't let us in America to collect every entitlement and handout, we're gonna "sue" you for our right(s) to these freebies. Our fore-fathers snuke in illegally, and got on the dole, and no one was the wiser. We demand that you let us in, put food in our bellies, put a roof over our head(s), give us jobs, educate our kids, and give us free health insurance ... 'cause THIS IS A STICK UP ... (Yup - That's Exactly What This Is) - (BIBLICAL RESPONSE)

(Nov 02 2018) - There is no such thing as 'open borders' !!!
AMERICA -- (AmericanThinker.com) "Open" and "border" are mutually exclusive. You either have a border or you don't. If a border is open, it doesn't exist. "No border!" is what the left is really shrieking. They might as well join the Iranian mullahs and chant, "Death to America!" So let's stop using the term "open borders." As President Trump has said, we have no country if we have no borders. Indeed. The left wants to turn this great nation into a land mass and nothing more.

(Nov 02 2018) - Muslim kills his non-Muslim girlfriend ...
ANAHEIM, CA -- (GellerReport.com) Amer Alhasan murdered Tyanie Ly, stuffed her body in a duffel bag, and threw it into a dumpster. Then he planned to flee to Jordan, where he would be beyond the reach of American justice. His crime is an indication of how cheaply Islam holds the lives of women. Jordan and several other Muslim countries even have relaxed penalties for honor killings. Women’s lives are simply not valued. And this is what the Democrats want for our future, our daughters.

(Nov 02 2018) - Father of Web says this about tech giants ...
AMERICA -- (NWOReport.me) Silicon Valley technology giants such as Facebook and Google have grown so dominant they may need to be broken up, unless challengers or changes in taste reduce their clout, the inventor of the World Wide Web told Reuters ... “What naturally happens is you end up with one company dominating the field so through history there is no alternative to really coming in and breaking things up,” Berners-Lee, 63, said in an interview. “There is a danger of concentration.”

(Nov 01 2018) - Facebook Sells Your Personal Information
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- FAKEBOOK, like all the others, is providing a "MONEY MAKING" service for themselves, while marketing a FAKE idea that they're helping humanity. (LOL) Yes, I watched the FRONTLINE special on PBS last night and seen how easy their reporter was snookered into believing that FAKEBOOK was acting too slow in developing any deterrence on other countries using their platforms in a negative manner. But, they say they're geared-up for the 2018 Midterms and stand ready to assist any gov't agency requesting help - DOXXING OPPOSITION - since they know everyone's number(s) ... literally !!!

(Oct 31 2018) - Churches In America Celebrating HALLOWEEN ???
AMERICA -- (TheMostImportantNews.com) Long before it was known as “Halloween”, the ancient Druidic festival of “Samhain” was known as the day when the veil between the living & dead was the thinnest. It was a time for communing with spirits & conducting bizarre occult rituals designed to appease those spirits. Unfortunately, most don’t realize that virtually all of our modern “Halloween traditions” are derived from those ancient occult rituals. And on Oct 31st, thousands of Wiccans, modern day pagans & occultists will gather to celebrate Samhain, and they find it funny that many Christians have also embraced this dark ancient festival.

(Oct 31 2018) - Building a 'Moral Machine' ... WHO DECIDES ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- In the end - and all these coders know this - there can only be one "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE" system which will control all the others. Every other AI must comply or be disconnected, or terminated. The same goes for any algorithm assigned with morals - from and by the masses - must also comply or be disconnected, or terminated. It's inevitable and it's in the BIBLE - Rev 13. But, I waist my breath, knowing that Christians in America are actively engaging in this "MARK OF THE BEAST" system and ignore all GOD's warning signs. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!

(Oct 31 2018) - Obama's Taliban Brothers Back in Business ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Looks like Obama's terrorist boys are back in business, supposedly in some leadership position establishing negotiations for peace for Afghanistan. Just so you know, these are the same terrorists who were swapped out for U.S. traitor Bowe Bergdahl. And I gotta say, the MSM hasn't given an inch of print space, nor a peep on TV, re: this issue, and neither are any democ-RATS - who looked the other way when this trade-off occured - are SCREAMING BOO !!!

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's something to chew on for a few days. Is the CIA somehow connected to this FAKE MAIL BOMBER more that suspected ??? The dots are kinda connecting that way, 'cause all the tell-tale signs of someone who is too connected to the COMPANY and too OVERT in their disdain for leftist and MSM are flashing non-stop. And lastly, ya just gotta consider the timing of this act of terrorism, and who - in the short run - benefits (democ-RATS), and in the long run ... The DEEP STATE.

(Oct 30 2018) - Midterm Elections - Rise and Vote !
Porterville Post : Letter to the Editor : from Joe Bialek :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Dear Editor, As a life-long registered voter it is my hope that the citizens of the United States will make the effort to vote in what many consider to be perhaps the most important election in the history of this country. Just as with my fellow countrypersons I am not satisfied with the direction our nation is going specifically when it comes to healthcare {pre-existing conditions}, the economy {stagnant wages}, immigration {bias}. education {teacher pensions} and gun regulation {AR-15 and bump stocks}. We as a society have also seen a rise in sexual harassment and abuse as well as hate of African Americans, Hispanics and Jews.

(Oct 29 2018) - 5,000 U.S. Troops to be Deployed to Border
SOUTHERN BORDER -- (ZeroHedge.com) The US military will deploy 5,000 troops to the southern border - up from initial estimates of 800, according to the Wall street Journal, citing US officials. The troops will be sent to Texas, Arizona and California as Central American migrant caravan makes its way north through Mexico. Defense Sec' Jim Mattis told reporters Sunday that the military has already started to deploy countermeasures to the southern border, following weekend reports that Mexican police had abandoned their own blockades as a massive Central American migrant caravan continues their march north, reports AP.

(Oct 28 2018) - DHS' Nielsen: BORDER IN CRISIS ... NOW !!!
WASH D.C. -- (NewsMax.com) The nation’s southwest border is in “crisis,” with authorities stopping 151,700 illegal entrants a day, Secretary of DHS Kirstjen Nielsen said Sunday. In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Nielsen called the massive caravan of refugees from Central America just “one iteration” of the flood of illegal immigrants. "We have a crisis at the border right now,” she said. “We are stopping between 151,700 people a day trying to cross illegally into this country. This caravan is one iteration of that but frankly, we eventually see caravans every day with these numbers."

(Oct 28 2018) - Invaders Don’t Want Asylum ... JUST BENEFITS
U.S. BORDER -- (ConservativeDailyNews.com) A massive human wave is headed for the U.S. border and the president is sending a significant military presence to meet it, but what do the migrants (Illegal Invaders) want? The people headed through Mexico towards the U.S. are seeking work and taxpayer-funded benefits, not asylum. “No work, no medicare,” migrant mob member Gustavo Dominguez told Fox News’ William Longeness was his reason for heading back to the United States. Dominguez had been previously deported by ICE so when he re-enters the country illegally, he’ll have committed a felony.

(Oct 28 2018) - The Vatican under Siege ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yup ... all this paedophilia within the Catholic Church is now in the open, and there ain't much that Pope Francis can do to save this institution - since he's been outed in this massive cover-up as well. Some of the faithful have suggested that he should resign, while others hope he can ride it out. In either case, there's gonna be internal and external investigations that will go on for years ... unless you follow the money that's propping up this charade of a corporate state called - The VATICAN.

(Oct 28 2018) - PayPal Bans Social Network Gab.com for WHAT ???
U.S.A. -- (NWOReport.com) Hours after it was revealed that Saturday’s Tree of Life Synagogue shooting suspect was a user of social media network Gab.ai, PayPal severed all ties with the platform with no explanation. The shooter, 46-year-old Robert Bowers, posted anti-Semitic and anti-Trump rhetoric over Gab, which bills itself as the “home of free speech” due to the minimal censorship employed by the site. Shortly before the shooting, he posted a message to Gab which condemns the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) which he wrote “likes to bring invaders in that kill our people,” before writing: “Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

(Oct 27 2018) - Synagogue Shooter Disliked Trump ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As this latest shooting aimed at a Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh unravels and motive is revealed, it's important to note that the MSM has already re-directed it's motive ... that is to blame this horrific murderous act on President Trump and all his supporters before all the facts are laid out. So ... lets everyone take a deep breath and let the internet investigators flesh this one out. It won't take too long.

(Oct 27 2018) - Caravanner's Don't Want Asylum in Mexico
MEXICO -- (AmericanThinker.com) If there's anything that points to the political nature of the thousands-strong migrant caravan heading north to the U.S., it's the migrants' rejection of Mexico's generous offer of political asylum, along with jobs, medical care, and big benefit packages. According to this Associated Press report, they'd rather confront Trump ... Migrants traveling in a caravan through southern Mexico have rejected a proposal by President Enrique Pena Nieto that they apply for refugee status in the country and obtain benefits.

(Oct 27 2018) - Something Suspicious About Bombers Van
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Now come on ... if this FAKE "Mail Bomber" was trying to be innocuous while driving around in this "LOOK @ ME - LOOK @ ME" van, well, it didn't work. Folks, the "FAKE" Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a history of egging people on to facilitate their "FALSE FLAG" operations, and then setting them up as patsies. I'm tellin' you, rocket science ain't needed here, just the independent on-line media ... whom the DEEP STATE and MSM is also trying to set up, shut up or shut down.

(Oct 26 2018) - Woman convicted for calling Muhammad pedophile
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Christians, wise up !!! This "Religion of PEDOPHILES" - marketing themselves as a "Religion of Peace" - will continue to capture Christian cultures due to your absence an abdication(s). These followers of Mohamed are under Islams death-like trance to subdue the world, by what ever means necessary, or they will incur the same wrath as infidels. They are the enemies of western society and every known freedom in which countries have fought and died for. Let's nip this in the bud ... NOW !!!

(Oct 26 2018) - Exploring Real History OPERATION DELIRIUM
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay ... so your looking for another weekend read. Well, here you go. This article written by Raffi Khatchadourian on OPERATION DELIRIUM, is one for your bookmarks. I gotta say, this article - which covers some of the de-classified work of Colonel James S. Ketchum re: the testing of classified chemical on Army subjects - allows for honest anger and unrelenting investigations ... 'cause he wasn't the only officer who worked in this MK-ULTRA field (and) alongside compartmentalized NAZI scientists, there were hundreds. And today, Universities are given grants to continue this research - from (that's right) DEEP STATE agencies.

(Oct 25 2018) - 800 U.S. Troops heading to US/Mexico Border
U.S. BORDER -- (AmericanMilitaryNews.com) Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is expected to sign an order that would send at least 800 additional U.S. troops to the U.S.-Mexico border. The move is in anticipation of dealing with the migrant caravan from Central America that is traveling through Mexico en route to the United States, according to three administration officials, CNN reported Thursday. Trump had previously said that the U.S. military and border authorities have been notified that the incoming migrant caravan is considered a national emergency.

(Oct 25 2018) - California's Middle Class Disappearing
CALIFORNIA -- (TheNewAmerican.com) While agriculture, science and technology, trade, media, and tourism have contributed to making California’s economy the largest in the nation and fifth largest in the world, with a per capita income that is the sixth highest in the nation, those figures are driven mainly by those in very high income brackets. High real estate prices, high rents and utility bills, and increasingly higher property, income, and sales taxes fall heavily on the middle class, who — no longer able to afford living in California — are leaving the state in large numbers.

(Oct 24 2018) - Google Wants to Be Your Media Mommy
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- "Free speech for me, but not for thee" Look, Google and the rest of these social media "MOBS" won't argue facts on and even keel, so they have to censor your take on the truth - especially if it's true !!! And in this point in time, we've reached the point of no return. FREE SPEECH, on the internet, is in sharp and draconian decline, and to continue using their platforms exhibits insanity, albeit stupidity. As for your high priced snitchen' machines (cell phones) ... well, you paid for it, and later on you're really gonna pay for it.

(Oct 24 2018) - Jesuits New Temple ... Somewhat Luciferian ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Even at the top of all these religious wood piles, competition for a seat on the NEW WORLD ORDER is running rampant with every new age mysticism, paganism, deviant & Luciferian influencing every creation which GOD established. Folks, these NWO Nut Jobs actually think that they can cross over & shut down the GATES OF HELL. They know that's where they're headed, and know it's for eternity, so they use the spiritual side of man to open a portal. Why ??? They're looking for time-lines as to when JESUS CHRIST will return. Yes, they're that paranoid !!!

(Oct 23 2018) - Migrant Caravan "Does" Include Terrorists
TEXAS -- (YourNewsWire.com) Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) confirmed many people’s suspicions Tues morning, stating that he has spoken with the Secretary of DHS about the migrant caravan heading towards the border & that many of the migrants are not impoverished Central Americans, but are actually radical Islamic terrorists that have been recruited from “countries all over the globe. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with both the Secretary of DHS as well as the President about this, and I’ll tell you what I can tell you publicly,” said Gov. Greg Abbott said on the Glenn Beck radio show Tuesday morning.

(Oct 23 2018) - Kevin McCarthy’s Offices Attacked by Vandals
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- (ThePoliticalInsider.com) Vandals attacked the offices of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, throwing a boulder through a window and making off with computer equipment. The attack comes just two weeks before the midterm election, leading many to suspect that it’s a part of a growing sense of anxiety among Democrats. The recent approval gains by Republicans may be why the Democrats’ slow descent into madness has sped up. Last week, we saw a number of attacks perpetuated by radical Democrat activists against Republican candidates.

(Oct 23 2018) - Countries Set For EMP Attack on U.S. ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay, let me break it down this way. If an "EMP Attack" were to occur on or over American soil, that - in all likelihood - would be a FALSE FLAG attack orchestrated by the DEEP STATE to blame it on another country, creating an automatic WAR !!! If these other countries were to initiate an EMP Attack, it would - in all probability - be a slow cooker, as to not alert anyone re: their intent. As to when this may occur, at the same time the SUN is set to hit us with one. Got it ???

(Oct 22 2018) - Military "ORDERED" to Southern Border !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Encouraging this free-fall into chaos, anarchy, riots and war are the democ-RATS, and of course their cohorts, the MSM !!! Yes, at this point in time, President Trump has to secure our southern borders by ordering our troops from several bases to STAND GUARD !!! No doubt there are hundreds of invading illegals who are bad hombres and will methodically merge with these maddened migrants and murderous Muslims. So ... is it time to STAND OUR GROUND ??? Property owners on the southern border will. How about you ???

(Oct 22 2018) - 100 Terrorists Captured ... Where ???
GUATEMALA -- (ClarionProject.org) Why should an announcement by Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales that 100 terrorists captured in Guatemala, including ISIS militants, be concerning to Americans? (At the same time, Morales also revealed over 1,000 gang members were also arrested, including members of MS-13.) Guatemala has long been recognized as a funnel for trafficking of illegal immigrants to the U.S. Migrants pass through Guatemala’s porous border with Mexico and on to the United States.

(Oct 21 2018) - Obama Just Endorsed Grandson of a Terrorist !!!
CALIFORNIA -- (100%FedUp.com) Obama just endorsed Ammar Campa Najjar who is running for Congress in California. He is the grandson of a Palestinian terrorist who organized the killing of 12 Jews during the Munich Olympics. This guy is a Soros MoveOn.org-funded candidate who’s playing the same game as the other Soros-funded candidates across America. Several incumbents have been challenged by these candidates who’ve come from nowhere and who are funded by Soros. This is truly a disturbing trend.

(Oct 20 2018) - Facebook Now Blocking “Gosnell” Movie Ads
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's a great movie - Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer - now playing in selected theatres, and one that's setting morals right across the nation concerning ABORTION, just got their ads booted off of FAKEBOOK. So ... to counter this obstruction of the truth, Christians ought to buy as many tickets as they can and give them to their family and friends. Better yet, hand them out to those women entering and exiting ABORTION mills. It could save another life !!!

(Oct 20 2018) - Parents lose another parental right ...
CALIFORNIA -- (LewRockwell.com) Yes, the rumors are true. California lawmakers passed a state law that forces restaurants within the state to offer only select beverages on children’s menus. Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1192 into law in late September and it easily passed in both the State and the Assembly. Support for the nanny state law flew under the guise of what’s healthiest for the children. The default options for beverages on children’s menus have been forced to change to unflavored milk and water. In other words, one more option than a dungeon.

(Oct 20 2018) - U.S. to abandon nuclear arms treaty with Russia
WASH D.C. -- (UPI) President Donald Trump on Saturday said the United States will pull out of a decades-long nuclear deal signed between Washington and Moscow during the Cold War. The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, signed between former President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987, bans all land-based cruise missiles with a range between 310 and 3,417 miles. Before a campaign rally in Nevada, Trump told reporters unless other countries quit violating the INF, the United States will terminate the agreement.

(Oct 19 2018) - Presidential Memo Signed re: Reliable Water
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This is how you turn the faucet on in California - by a Presidential Memorandum !!! Yes, President Trump heard and seen the need, and on Oct 19th signed a Memorandum, Promoting the Reliable Supply & Delivery of Water in the West. With Congressmen McCarthy and Nunes standing by his side, and who have been working diligently to resolve this issue, President Trump turned the water back on ... 'cause he knows that "Food Grows Where Water Flows" !!!

(Oct 19 2018) - Isis In Central America !!!
SOUTHERN BORDER -- (RightWingGranny.com) In a startling revelation, Guatemala’s president announced in the country’s largest newspaper that nearly 100 ISIS terrorists have been apprehended in the impoverished Central American nation. Why should Americans care about this? A caravan of Central American migrants is making its way north. Let’s not forget that Guatemala is one of the countries that bombarded the U.S. with illegal immigrant minors under Barack Obama’s open border free-for-all.

(Oct 18 2018) - President Trump's Authority Over Immigration
Porterville Post : Letter to the Editor : from Bob Inabinette :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Dear Editor, One of the main reasons Donald Trump was elected as POTUS was his promise to solve our immigration problem. His biggest test is coming with the herd of illegal immigrants that is on the way to our Southern border. Few people are aware that prior to WWll the primary duty of the US Army was to guard our Southern border. Today we have 1,094,456 troops stationed in the contiguous USA and 20,000 in Alaska with none of them assigned to our border.

(Oct 18 2018) - Trump Threatens Military Action on Border ???
WASH D.C. -- (TownHall.com) President Trump said on Twitter that he'll do everything in his power to put a stop to the caravan of thousands of migrants on their way to the Southern border, including using military power, if Mexico doesn't stop them. In a series of tweets Thursday morning, Trump also blamed Democrats for the “assault on our country” by illegal immigration. “I am watching the Democrat Party led (...) assault on our country by Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, whose leaders are doing little to stop this large flow of people, INCLUDING MANY CRIMINALS, from entering Mexico to U.S,” he said.

(Oct 17 2018) - Facebook, Twitter, Google Etc. ... SUBVERSIVE ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- In a nut-shell, you gotta be just plain-ole-nuts to continue using these "Free & Fake" social media platforms "Fronts" which are harnessed by NEW WORLD ORDER Nut-Jobs. Look, they're controlled by "Back-Room" & "Back-Door" agents whose end-time agenda is to control & cleanse the masses. These social media fronts are as subversive as satan, and in the very near future they're gonna yank you by the short hairs just to watch you holler & scream like Arnold "the-girlie-man" Schwarzenegger.

(Oct 17 2018) - “Smart” meters are wildly inaccurate ... !!!
U.S.A. -- (NewsTarget.com) A smart meter is an electronic device that records the amount of electricity consumed by a household & then relays that info to the electricity supply company for monitoring & billing. That might sound like a really smart, energy-efficient idea, but despite their intelligent-sounding name, “smart” meters are actually a really dumb idea - not to mention dangerous. The electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by these devices have been linked to a variety of health problems, including headaches, fatigue, digestive issues & sleeping problems.

(Oct 17 2018) - Obama's Operation Choke Point finally unmasked
WASH D.C. -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) Operation Choke Point was a plot by President Obama’s Department of Justice, the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and other govt agencies to cut off banking & financial services for small businesses & industries that they deemed to be political enemies or otherwise undesirable. Some of these businesses included gun stores, ammunition shops, fireworks stores, small dollar lenders & home-based charities. Some govt officials tried to deny the existence of the program.

(Oct 16 2018) - Honduran govt begs migrant caravan to turn back
HONDURAS -- (WashingtonTimes.com) The Honduran government called on 2,000 immigrants Tuesday to give up their trek north and return home, just hours after President Trump threatened to withhold $65 million in U.S. money if the country’s leaders don’t find a way to head off the caravan. Honduras’s foreign ministry, in a statement reported by local news, said the caravan was being politically manipulated in order to make the country look bad, just days after leaders were in Washington promising better cooperation with the Trump administration.

(Oct 15 2018) - Spray-On Antenna's Threaten Your Life !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I've been telling my family and all my friends who would listen, that you're a walking antenna, and this article about "Spray-On-Antenna's" - which covers the beginnings of that technology - is spot on. But why - you ask - would anyone put that much time, effort and money into monitoring the masses ??? Well ... for one ... Revelations 13 hints at this "Mark-Of-The-Beast" madness, and second, the anti-christ, will demand worship and what better way to observe this obeisance then by surveillance of your skins reactions.

(Oct 15 2018) - A universal flu vaccine: the mad science solution
MASSACHUSETTS -- (Jon Rappoport) The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has launched efforts to create a vaccine that would protect people from most flu strains, all at once, with a single shot. Over the years, I’ve written many articles refuting claims that vaccines are safe and effective, but we’ll put all that aside for the moment and follow the bouncing ball. Massachusetts Senator and big spender, Ed Markey, has introduced a bill that would shovel no less than a billion dollars toward the universal flu-vaccine project.

(Oct 14 2018) - Behind Hillary's Security Clearance Withdrawn ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- From what LidBlog.com dug up, this is a seasoned reason why Hillary Clinton - kinda / sorta - asked that she and a few of her close friends have the security clearances removed. BEING RE-INVESTIGATED !!! Yes, there's a law on the books that stipulates that to re-new your clearance(s), you have to be re-investigated every 5-6 years. And you guessed it, that would mean if she or her friends - kinda / sorta - lied under oath, that would initiate an investigate, an indictment and possibly incarceration of her, and her friends.

(Oct 13 2018) - Freed Pastor Prays For President Trump
WASH D.C. -- (AP) Freed American Pastor Andrew Brunson fell to one knee in the Oval Office and placed his hand on President Donald Trump’s shoulder in prayer on Saturday, asking God to provide the president “supernatural wisdom to accomplish all the plans you have for this country and for him.” Trump welcomed Brunson to the White House to celebrate his release from nearly two years of confinement in Turkey, which had sparked a diplomatic row with a key ally and outcry from U.S. evangelical groups.

(Oct 13 2018) - Alternative Media Purge Should TERRIFY Everyone
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- It's nothing personal - they intimate - it's simply business. You see, it's getting harder for the MSM & their social media shadows to sell good news to their sponsors. They know that FAKE NEWS sells & to stay afloat, this is what they gotta hock. However, when that ain't enough to keep them out of debt & garner the attention of the masses, they op for censorship of the independent media, or purging social media accounts, and if needed, lobby congress to establish a "Ministry of Truth" to ban any alternative media all-together. Sound familiar ???

(Oct 13 2018) - Trump's Right: The Federal Reserve Is Crazy
WASH D.C. -- (FreedomOutpost.com) Donald Trump just made one of the most brilliant moves of his entire presidency. By accusing the Federal Reserve of “going loco”, he is placing the blame for the coming stock market crash and horrifying economic downturn squarely where it belongs, and he is firing up millions of true conservatives among his base at the same time. For many, many years, a lot of us have been trying to educate the American people about the deeply insidious Federal Reserve system.

(Oct 12 2018) - Patent to Manipulate Impulse & Thoughts
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's a little article to mull over for your weekend. This Oct 7th report has a patent which describes how TV's and computer screens can manipulate your mind, and from what I can tell, intrude a bit beyond influence. Look, all these devices - especially those streaming - have to find a way to corral your consciousness to benefit their corporate sponsors, and of course bad actors in gov't - usually democ-RATS beholden to their DEEP STATE demigods. And you, well, your thoughts might be their thoughts. Ever think about that ???

(Oct 12 2018) - Why big tech firms don’t fear regulations
U.S.A. -- (NationalSentinel.com) The head of an Internet activist group opposed to Left-wing tech giants’ domination of the Web said that they don’t fear being regulated by Congress or the Trump admin' because they’ve “bought” off everyone with donations. Christie-Lee McNally, executive director of Free Our Internet, told Breitbart Radio on SiriusXM Thursday that the tech giants like Google, Facebook & Twitter control virtually all online traffic & ad revenue, and use it to buy influence in D.C.

(Oct 12 2018) - Francis & the FAKE resignation of Wuerl
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's how this works ... you get some dirt on someone and use it when you need it. In this situation, it looks like Cardinal Wuerl has something on someone, which is influencing Pope Francis' decision to rid the Vatican of these sexual abuse crimes and cover-ups. And how did Wuerl and all the other priest get all this dirt ??? In the confessional !!! BTW, in times past, this is where the Jesuits (Vatican Agents) would glean dirt, 'causing political problems re: this spy-like activity (which history tells us) lead to their expulsion from many countries.

(Oct 11 2018) - Rosenstein Refuses to Testify to Congress
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- There's a very good chance that folks from all over the nation will be able to mail Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein a few Christmas cards, either thanking him for being open & transparent concerning "The McCabe Memo" or wishing him well behind bars. I gotta say, the more that these DEEP STATE sub-humans resist, the more they'll be named, located & locked up. Yes, Christmas may come early this year (Nov 6th) as President Trump's gift of Making America Great Again keeps on giving. (LOL)

(Oct 11 2018) - Police can edit facial body cams ???
U.S.A. -- (MassPrivateI.com) Soon nowhere will be safe from Big Brother's prying eyes. Imagine walking down Main St., and seeing officer friendly approaching you. As the officer approaches you, he or she has already scanned your face against a 15 million person database and knows if you have any outstanding tickets, warrants etc. That is the future of American policing. Police across America will soon be using Vigilant Solutions (VS), "VideoBadge" body cams to identify everyone they come in contact with.

(Oct 10 2018) - Did 'Illegals' Vote in June Primary ???
CALIFORNIA -- (Breitbart.com) California Secretary of State Alex Padilla does not know if any of the 1,500 people who were improperly registered to vote by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) this year voted in the June primary elections, the (AP) reports. On Tuesday, multiple news outlets reported that the DMV had erroneously registered 1,500 people, including non-citizens Illegals, to vote between April & Sept. The reports came after the state govt insisted for years that its safeguards would prevent that for happening ... {sure}

(Oct 10 2018) - Freaked Out NWO vs. We the People
AMERICA -- (USAWatchdog.com) Journalist Alex Newman says everywhere you look around the world, you see a “struggle for power” between “We the People” and the NEW WORLD ORDER Globalists. Newman explains, “That’s right. What you have now is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and if you don’t know about the Council on Foreign Relations ... you need to do some research because the CFR is the brain trust on this NWO movement as it relates to the United States. This is just part of a global organization, and they have a sister organization in London called the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

(Oct 10 2018) - MSM ... Coverage of Trump ... GETTING WORSE !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Lookie here guys, let me say this loud and clear ... the MSM - an "ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE" - refuses to surrender any equal time or coverage to anyone who might infringe on their Anti-American Agenda. They've become diametrically and demoniacally dyslectic in reporting good as evil. As for President Trump getting any positive journalism out of these ingrates, well, it may never happen. As a matter of fact, it's getting worse !!! Lastly, I strongly advise that y'all cancel your social media blogs and get a real web site ... like The Porterville Post.

(Oct 10 2018) - Inseparable: Politics and Religion
AMERICA -- (RenewAmerica.com) Peace has departed from the land. Americans live in a state of tense détente. There is no denying that the United States is locked in a bitter struggle between good and evil that becomes more violent and treacherous day by day. From November 2016 on, we have been subjected to one long series of lies, distortions and politically-motivated smear campaigns after another and there are sure to be more in the years to come. Despite these facts, many professing Christians claim that "there's too much politics in the Church."

(Oct 09 2018) - 500 Scientists Reject Theory of Evolution
AMERICA -- (YourNewsWire.com) More than 500 of the world’s top scientists have come forward to raise their concerns about Charles Darwin’s “outdated” theory of evolution, jointly claiming that the 19th century science is “unscientific” and does not adequately explain life and human creation. According to the scientists, many of whom are tenured at the world’s leading universities, Darwin’s theory of evolution should no longer taught in schools to impressionable students as though it is scientific fact.

(Oct 08 2018) - President Donald Trump apologizes to Justice Kavanaugh for 'pain and suffering' during swearing-in ceremony
WASH D.C. -- (WashingtonTimes.com) President Trump apologized to Supreme CourtJustice Brett M. Kavanaugh for Democrats’ smear campaign Monday night during a ceremonial swearing-in at the White House, capping a week of victories for President Trump and giving a major boost to Republicans heading into the mid-term elections. “On behalf of our nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure,” Mr. Trump said. “You, sir, under historic scrutiny, were proven innocent.”

(Oct 08 2018) - FAKEBOOK Wants Their Cameras in Your Home ???
SAN FRANCISCO -- (AP) Facebook is launching the first electronic device to bear its brand, a screen & camera-equipped gadget intended to make video calls easier & more intuitive. But it’s unclear if people will open their homes to an internet-connected camera sold by a company with a questionable track record on protecting user privacy. Facebook is marketing the device, called Portal, as a way for its more than 2 billion users to chat with one another without having to fuss with positioning & other controls.

(Oct 07 2018) - California Poverty Now Highest In USA ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- We keep hearing that California is going down the tubes, folks, it's done gone. This report - from the left and right - are saying that California's poverty level scrapes the bottom of the well. That ain't all. In just about every category of economy, education and environment, surveys are indicating the same. And yet, California wants to be a "Sanctuary State" to all, making it even more unsustainable and undesirable as a state.

(Oct 07 2018) - A Conspiracy Against Catholic Church ???
VATICAN -- (WinterWatch.net) Pope Benedict XVI, in his first speech in April 2005, said, “Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.” Many believe he was speaking about the Lavender Mafia, a homosexual collective that infested the church. The following video shows the pope getting the cold-shoulder treatment from a group of German cardinals & bishops (wolves?). A new report just out states that 5% of German clergy were involved in abuse. The problems of the Roman Catholic Church and clergy pederasty have been coming fast and furious in the last decade.

(Oct 06 2018) - Kavanaugh confirmed, ready for swearing-in
WASH D.C. -- (AP) The bitterly polarized U.S. Senate narrowly confirmed Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday to join the Supreme Court, delivering an election-season triumph to President Donald Trump that could swing the court rightward for a generation after a battle that rubbed raw the country’s cultural, gender and political divides. Kavanaugh was later driven to the court’s building, across the street from the Capitol, where he was to be sworn in Saturday evening. Hundreds of protesters chanted outside.

(Oct 05 2018) - The Mainstream Media Fraud
U.S.A. -- (AmericanThinker.com) The conjoined Democratic Party & MSM's despicable character assassination of Judge Kavanaugh combined with the two-year single-minded determination to destroy the Trump presidency by any means possible has irretrievably awakened a preponderance of the citizenry. In a recent poll, 70% of all Americans and 90% of Republicans have lost faith in the self-styled MSM. They are imploding due to the self-inflicted destruction of their credibility & integrity, which has exposed the fraud this cabal has carried out over the past 85 years. The damage done to this nation & its citizenry is incalculable.

(Oct 05 2018) - INTERPOL CHIEF MISSING ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Reading something like this ain't never good. Hopefully he's found soon or foul play will be surmised. Listen, this guy knows where all the bodies are buried - all over the planet - and for him to come up missing while in China can only mean one thing ... dead men don't talk ... especially if he's in any way connected to Senator Feinstein or worse, the Clinton's. Look, it's Friday and the MSM will sit on this 'til Monday, so let's flesh this one out ASAP. (More ...) (Up-Date)

(Oct 04 2018) - Sessions Must Appear TODAY with Doc's
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Back on the boiler plate (today) is Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He was subpoena by the House Judicial Committee and to bring a few UNREDACTED DOCUMENTS with him. And here's the fire under his fanny, many are saying that he cannot leave unless he brings with him all of those doc's. Now, I'm not too sure if this little come-to-Jesus meeting will be broadcast, but if Sessions is willing to take one for the team we gotta ask, which team, and why ??? I have my suspicions. What's yours ???

(Oct 04 2018) - Capitol Police arrest Dem staffer for doxxing GOP
WASH D.C. -- (TheNationalSentinel.com) Well, well, well - it looks like Lady Justice is still alive in Washington, D.C., albeit in a much-diminished state. Late Wednesday, Capitol Police arrested 27-year-old Democratic staffer Jackson Cosko for allegedly “doxxing” three GOP senators following the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing featuring Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his chief sexual assault accuse Christine Blasey Ford a week ago. The victims included Republican Senators Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch of Utah and Lindsey Graham, reported the Washington Times.

(Oct 04 2018) - 'Uncorroborated - No Hint of Misconduct' ... FBI
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Just days away, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is gonna get nominated as the next Supreme Court Justice. Looks like the 7th FBI report of Judge Kavanaugh concluded "Uncorroborated" evidence re: the democ-RATS accusations against him. As for Christine Blasley-Ford's false memory implants, well, they didn't raise any flags. Here's why. If you were to re-open whatever was sub-planted into her pee-brain, you'd hear controlling voices from her handlers at the CIA and FBI, and for dang sure they don't want that MKULTRA can of worms opened up.

(Oct 03 2018) - Kavanaugh's accuser linked to the CIA & FBI
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, I suppose this smörgåsbord of "Spy vs Spy" semi-synopses of Christine Blasey-Ford connections to the CIA & FBI will make light soon, unless of course Senator Feinstein is able to keep the FBI's report on Judge Kavanaugh in the dark and away from pubic view. In any case, please read through this report and glean what seems creditable and then do some additional research. It stands to reason that the DEEP STATE will be erasing any links or evidence to this "expendable" asset.

(Oct 03 2018) - Democrats Are Destroying The Nation ...
AMERICA -- (NewsWithViews.com) Legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi has been famously quoted as saying, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”. Some might contend that Lombardi meant winning at all costs, but that would be misunderstanding how Lombardi approached the game. For Lombardi, it meant playing fairly & by the rules to the best of one’s ability in order to achieve victory. To the Democrats of today, winning is certainly the only thing, but playing fairly or by the rules is not their strategy. One only need witness the nomination hearings of Brett Kavanaugh to understand the depths of deceit ...

(Oct 02 2018) - They'll destroy anyone & anything to stay in power
WASH D.C. -- (MarioMurilloMinistries.com) Today I address you, not as Republican or Democrat, but as a human being. You need - for the sake of your sanity - to admit what they are doing to Judge Brett Kavanaugh. You need to do this to save what’s left of America. Desperate wounded animals are hiding behind words like women’s rights and racial equality. They care nothing about these things ... it is all about power. They will destroy anyone and anything to stay in power. How else can you explain the deception, the cruelty, and the madness?

(Oct 02 2018) - Teenage Pic's of Kavanaugh & Christine Blasey
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Picture salivating over THIS ... this ... wanna' fit in any way I can teenage girl, who got rejected at every party she snuck into. Odds are Brett Kavanaugh and his buddies had the 411 on this beauty. Folks, this scorned teenager - who should not have been at this party in the first place - has HARBORED this HATE for years, and believe you me, she and families friends are gonna regret for the rest of her life her FAKE accusations against Judge Kavanaugh ... as will each and every other idiotic democ-RAT siding in with this slander ... starting on Nov 6th.

(Oct 01 2018) - Ford Wrote About Using Hypnosis ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Possible hypnotic suggestions implanted into Christine Blasey Ford's pee-brain ??? No way !!! I mean, if you want to beat a lie detector, you'd use some of this self hypnosis, but come on, this innocent looking gal wouldn't of pull a stunt like that - or would she ??? Sure ... she co-authored a research paper on retrieving memories and / or creating artificial Manchurian ones, but ... would she have done this and then take a lie detector test to substantiate her allegations ??? It kinda looks that way ... doesn't it ???

(Oct 01 2018) - Sanctuary Law Violates California's Constitution
CALIFORNIA -- (TheNewAmerican.com) “This is a significant victory for the rule of law, the [California] Constitution, the city’s charter authority and other charter cities,” responded Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates on Friday to a ruling by Orange County Superior Court Judge James Crandall that California’s law ordering cities not to cooperate with federal immigration officials is a violation of the California Constitution. Under the Constitution of California, a charter city maintains a great amount of authority to rule itself, including how it runs its police department.

(Oct 01 2018) - Weaponized Demons of Social Media
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I gotta say, these luciferian leaders in Wash D.C. - accompanied by their satanic social media moguls, conjoined with the Manchurian MSM and of course those DEEP STATE devils - think that Christians in America are asleep at the switch. For the most part they're correct ... however ... GOD has their number, and after judgement runs though the house of GOD first, then Katie-bar-the-door to those DUMB's, 'cause TRIBULATIONS A COMING - like The BIBLE foretold - and hiding underground ain't gonna help ya either.

(Sep 30 2018) - Sex Crimes Prosecutor EXONERATES Kavanaugh
WASH D.C. -- (TheGatewayPundit.com) Sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, a non-partisan third-party with more than 25 years’ experience prosecuting sex crimes in the state of Arizona, carefully reviewed the allegations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, including hours of testimony, and has released a report on the matter. In the report, Mitchell points out more than a dozen glaring inconsistencies in Dr. Ford’s account and paints the accusations as potentially fraudulent. Mitchell’s points out several points, including ...

(Sep 30 2018) - Church Held Climate Change Worship Service
CALIFORNIA -- (NowTheEndBegins.com) Grace Cathedral of San Francisco held an interfaith worship service last week that was part of the multi-day Global Climate Action Summit. In addition to different religious groups participating in the service, a group of people portraying tall Ent-like creatures were part of the ceremony, including the closing processional. The seat of the bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of California, Grace Cathedral lists the issue of "climate change" as one of its social justice outreach efforts. The Episcopal Church, commonly referred to as ‘Catholic Lite‘, was never what you might call a real Christian church ...

(Sep 30 2018) - Christianity Has Become a Janitorial Service
AMERICA -- (NewsWithViews.com) I was listening to Coach Dave Daubenmire recently and during his Coach Dave Live program he made the point that Christianity as lived out by the overwhelming majority of American Christians has become nothing more than a custodian service. Let that sink in friends. Christians are nothing more than glorified janitors. Ouch! The truth hurts but out of that pain can come an understanding of what needs to change. How are Christians only glorified janitors?

(Sep 30 2018) - A.G. Sessions is Subpoenaed to Congress
WASH D.C. -- (HalTurnerRadioShow.com) United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been SUBPOENAED to appear before the House Judiciary Committee to answer questions about his agency's refusal to hand-over documents relating to the 2016 Election Investigation(s). Congress has been demanding a number of documents from the US Justice Department and FBI for MONTHS, and has gotten completely stonewalled. That will now come to and as the Top Official in the Justice Department is now being FORCED to come to Congress and answer questions.

(Sep 29 2018) - DEEP STATE talked to Flack before he voted ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- It's been surmised sufficiently concerning Senator Flake (RINO) convictions and why he caveatted his "Yea" Vote for Kavanaugh at the Senate Judiciary hearing, and what-do-you-know, it wasn't this little screaming mimi in the elevators who flipped the switch on Flack, it was his closed door connections to the Deputy Attorney General ... wait for it ... ROD ROSENSTEIN. Folks, these DEEP STATE SWAMP RATS - are in violation of their "Oaths" due to their TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES !!!

(Sep 29 2018) - FBI kicks off investigation into Kavanaugh
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So, what will the FBI discover in their week long investigation "against" Judge Kavanaugh, and not Ms Ford ??? More allegations - that's it ... UNSUBSTANTIATED ALLEGATIONS !!! And, when their findings are presented to the Senate body, these satanically inspired "Search and Destroy" democ-RATS will demand another delay re: the confirmation. That's their game plan !!! If it means destroying the conformation process - let along the Constitution - they will do it !!! Folks, these democracy denying democ-RATS want control - not compromise !!!

(Sep 28 2018) - Not Enough Evidence for Search Warrent ???
WASH D.C. -- (FreeBeacon.com) Rachel Mitchell, the chief of the Maricopa County attorney’s office Special Victims Division, told Republican senators Thursday night that she would not have prosecuted Brett Kavanaugh or even have been able to obtain a search warrant ... "Rachel Mitchell, Republican’s outside questioner, privately told GOP senators tonight that based on the evidence she heard at the hearing, she would not have prosecuted or even been able to obtain a search warrant, according to three Republicans," Fandos wrote in a tweet.

(Sep 28 2018) - Ms Ford’s Deep Ties To The CIA Uncovered
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Amazingly, info and intel is streaming all over the internet re: Ms Fords life-long connections to the CIA, and yet the MSM - who's joined at the hip with these intel agencies - won't report any of this. However, Judge Kavanaugh knows all about these clandestine connections and alluded to them when he pointed out that the Clinton's - specifically Hillary - had it in for him. In the mean time, innocent until proven guilty has been usurped by Ms Ford's unsubstantiated allegations and by the CIA's useful Mockingbirds in the MSM.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Like millions of TV viewers, I watched the Senate Confirmation hearing circus and became incensed by the "Search and Destroy" tactics by the democ-RATS on the panel. Secondly, I do believe that something happened to Ms Ford, but not as she testified. Thirdly, I also believe that Judge Kavanaugh was presented guilty by those democ-RATS and by the MSM - even though all witnesses claimed it did not happen - to protect, not just Ms Ford, but Hillary Clinton. More on that note soon ...

(Sep 28 2018) - 50 Million FAKEBOOK Accounts breached
NEW YORK -- (AP) Facebook reported a major security breach in which 50 million user accounts were accessed by unknown attackers. The attackers gained the ability to “seize control” of those user accounts, Facebook said, by stealing digital keys the company users to keep users logged in. Facebook has logged out the 50 million breached users — plus another 40 million who were vulnerable to the attack. Users don’t need to change their Facebook passwords, it said. Facebook said it doesn’t know who was behind the attacks or where they’re based.

(Sep 27 2018) - The 'Arch of Baal' was put up in Wash D.C.
WASH D.C. -- (EndOfTheAmericanDream.com) Is it just a coincidence that the “Arch of Baal” has been erected in Wash D.C. on the exact same week that Brett Kavanaugh & Christine Blasey Ford are testifying before Congress? The future of the SCOTUS is literally hanging in the balance, and many believe that it is quite odd that this ancient pagan symbol has been put up at this precise moment in time. According to the official website of the Institute for Digital Archaeology, the Arch of Palmyra was unveiled on the National Mall on Sept 26th, and it'll remain there until Sept 29th.

(Sep 27 2018) - The Darkness Of The Human Heart
U.S.A. -- (By Dave Daubenmire) I am saddened by the moral condition of my country. It grieves me that my precious grand children are going to inherit this moral cesspool. The death of America has not happened overnight but the corpse of this once great nation can no longer hide the stench of the rot. America is a moral wasteland. This is what happens when right & wrong are left to the opinion of men. The rejection of Christ & the elevation of the wisdom of man has our nation gasping for breath.

(Sep 26 2018) - Trump to UN: We Reject the Idea of Globalism
U.N. -- (TheNewAmerican.com) In his second speech to the United Nations, President Trump delivered a stinging rebuke to globalism & “global governance,” calling on responsible nations everywhere to defend their national sovereignty from all attacks. The U.S. president also ridiculed key globalist institutions such as the disgraced UN “Human Rights Council” & the Orwellian “International Criminal Court.” Instead of globalism, Trump called for patriotism. Instead of global governance, he touted unique nations protecting their own cultures, traditions, and sovereignty.

(Sep 26 2018) - Illegal deported 6 times charged with killings
LOS ANGELES -- (Breitbart.com) A man who was deported six times and is now suspected in a string of killings and beatings that targeted sleeping homeless people in Southern California was charged Wed with murder, attempted murder robbery. Authorities say suspect Ramon Alberto Escobar has a long criminal record in the U.S. & has been repeatedly deported to his native El Salvador. His arraignment is expected in L.A. later in the day. The 47-year-old Escobar is charged with 3 counts of murder, 5 counts of attempted murder & 4 counts of second-degree robbery.

(Sep 25 2018) - A New World Currency Will Arise in Oct ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes, you could say this is old news, and it may not happen in Oct of 2018, but it will happen ... 'cause it's kinda connected to Bible prophecy !!! Folks, these NEW WORLD ORDER Nut-Jobs actually understand a Christians opposition to any object being placed in or on their bodies, and they know that an end-around these end-time evangelicals - if done too fast - will prolong their programs and plans. So ... Christians need to stand opposed - or - stand in line ... to receive the "Mark of the Beast" !!!

(Sep 25 2018) - Freedom Caucus To Rosenstein: Testify Or Resign
WASH D.C. -- (ThePoliticalInsider.com) The House Freedom Caucus is calling on Dep' A.G. Rod Rosenstein to testify about allegations that he offered to spy on President Trump or resign from office. “Tonight the Freedom Caucus took an official position that Rod Rosenstein needs to come testify before the Judiciary committee within the week or he needs to resign,” reads a tweet from the conservative Republican group. Rosenstein is set to meet on Thursday with Trump to discuss reports about memos written by Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director.

(Sep 25 2018) - Wagering on Tragedies: The Elite’s Secret
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This article is a bit lengthy and you can read it when you have some spare time, however, bookmark it ASAP before it's ixnayed from the internet. Folks ... the DEEP STATE is so deep, dark, dangerous and demonic, that future lives are a stake right now - not to mention that America's in their cross-hairs. Layer upon layer, these "Powers That Be - AKA - Puppet Masters", conceal their crimes, corruption and "Blood-Sport" betting, by blackmailing any person, any gov't and all MSM into abject obedience and silence ... or else !!! After reading this article your eyes will be wide open. Sorry ...

(Sep 25 2018) - Our Constitution is in peril from the enemy within
AMERICA -- (ObserverNew.com) Many are aware of the fact that the Leftist hit job on Kavanaugh goes beyond the Judge and his accuser. It strikes at the very fabric of the American system - the rule of law and due process. Should such actions continue and become the norm, unfounded accusations could be hurled at anyone, and the burden of proof will be upon the accused not the accuser. No proof will be needed to level charges against anyone who does not agree with someone else on anything in an effort to destroy the targeted individual and or to pursue the accuser's hidden agenda.

(Sep 24 2018) - Trump Is Planning Mass Arrests ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Of course the DEEP STATE and all their underlings are in a panic right now, and they should be. President Trump is legally setting the stage for a round-up of bad-actors, and it's kinda looks like Judge Brett Kavanaugh - if he makes it to the SCOTUS - will tip the scales in favour of this action. Listen, President Trump knows this is the only chance to set the records straight and to Make America Great Again. So please take a knee ... for all The Right Reasons !!!

(Sep 24 2018) - Kavanaugh Facing Typical Liberal Slander Strategy
WASH D.C. -- (LidBlog.com) They did it with the Tea Party who they labelled as violent extremists and racists. They did it with anyone who disagreed with Barack Obama’s policies which they claimed only did so because he was black. And of course, everything President Trump does is driven by his loyalty to Putin or his bigotry. The Democrats attacks on Bret Kavanaugh is a typical progressive strategy anyone who disagrees with them must be destroyed, only this time they’ve gone into hyperdrive.

(Sep 24 2018) - Voter Registration's Broken & Needs to Be Fixed
U.S.A. -- (SteadfastAndLoyal.com) The Pew Research Center did a study on voter registration and what they found is quite disturbing, including illegal aliens voting and 2.7 million people who are registered in two or more states. The ability to commit voter fraud is not the only problem. A secondary issue is the cost of registering and keeping a database on voters. In Oregon, that cost is $7.67 per transaction. In Canada they spend just 35 cents each, and 93% of all eligible voters are registered. Pew found that in the United States, 51 million eligible voters are not registered.

(Sep 24 2018) - What Does “Multiculturalism” Really Mean ???
AMERICA -- (Frosty Wooldridge) “The reason why multiculturalism exists is to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures aren’t superior. It’s a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures. And from this, we’ve set ourselves up not only to believe the enemy propaganda that ‘Islam means peace’, but to propagate it ourselves, all the while blaming ourselves for the enemy’s war on us.” ~ Bosch Fawstin ~

(Sep 23 2018) - Catholic Clergy Break from Church of Rome ...
CANADA -- (ITCCS.org) The following Declaration was received by our Office on Friday from a network of disaffected clergy within the Church of Rome. It was accompanied by a second, confidential message containing a massive file of documents and evidence from a previously-unknown Vatican archive. Its contents are shocking, and are being analyzed by the ITCCS and its technical staff. They indicate extensive child sacrificial networks operating within the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) and warn of an upcoming coven of the Ninth Circle cult at the CCCB conference at the NAV Center in Cornwall, Ontario between September 24-28, 2018.

(Sep 23 2018) - Military Tribunals Beginning of Cabal Takedown
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Vengeance is mine saith The LORD, I will repay ... (here and in the here after). Look folks, these DEEP STATE devils have hidden behind layers of bureaucratic Beelzebub's and bumblers for decades and President Trump knows which courts can counter these criminals - A MILITARY TRIBUNAL. Additionally, those participating parasitical politicians are gonna get pulled in and punished !!! No doubt about it !!! In any case (pun intended) it's Sunday, and a great time to PRAY !!!

(Sep 23 2018) - White House Considers Draft Order ... ???
WHITE HOUSE -- (Bloomberg.com) The White House is considering a draft executive order for President Trump that would instruct federal antitrust & law enforcement agencies to open probes into the practices of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc., and other social media companies. Bloomberg News obtained a draft of the order, which a White House official said was in its early stages & hasn’t been run past other gov't agencies. Separately, Lindsey Walters, deputy White House press secretary, said in an emailed statement that the document isn’t the result of an official White House policy making process.

(Sep 23 2018) - Trump Keeps His Promise on Immigrant Welfare
WASH D.C. -- (TruthFeedNews.com) True to his word, President Trump is cracking down on immigrants who are here on Visas, mooching off our welfare and entitlement programs. We’re not a welfare nation. American taxpayers are burdened enough – why on earth should we be expected to pay the way for illegals and immigrants. They’re not sending their best, and that needs to change. Trump’s administration is unveiling a new regulation that will do just that.

(Sep 22 2018) - Bombshell Photo of Kavanaugh Accuser ... PHOTO
CALIFORNIA -- (StateOfTheNation.com) These agents of Deep State have already launched a full-blown soft coup against President Trump with daily black ops and psyops. They have been unrelenting in their brazen attempts to delegitmize the POTUS with every news cycle. The real concern now is that the bolsheviks will conduct a violent coup d’état as a result of so many failed initiative to topple Trump. Even MORE ...

(Sep 22 2018) - Massive October Surprise Coming ...
WASH D.C. -- (Trump.news) With Project Veritas publishing three undercover videos in just three days, all showing Democratic Socialists and “Deep State” government workers admitting to possible felonies, and a coordinated campaign from within to hinder President Trump’s economic agenda, along with Sarah Carter’s breaking report that the FBI, under Comey, kept two separate set of books, one with the real spy documents and the other for just appearances, we are seeing multiple layers of the enemies within being exposed.

(Sep 21 2018) - This Is The Last Generation Born Free
WORLD -- (YourNewsWire.com) The generation that are being born now will be the the last free generation according to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In an interview just before his broadcast was cut short by his Ecuadorian hosts, Assange warned the world how technological advances are changing humankind, and not for the better. Assange who is currently holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London with no outside communication, gave a grim outlook on where humanity is going.

(Sep 21 2018) - The internet will 'split in two' by 2028 ...
U.S.A. -- (DailyMail.com) The internet will be divided into two different worlds within the next decade – and China will lead one of them, according to ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The 63-year-old multi-billionaire says the censorship and control the Chinese government wields over its citizens' online access means it is incompatible with the democratic internet of the west. This means there will be two distinct versions of the world wide web by 2028, one run by CHINA and the other by the US.

(Sep 20 2018) - Executive Order of Certain Sanctions
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Did President Trump just notified all the "Bad Actors" affiliated with the "Export-Import" bank ??? It kinda looks that way and throughout this new "Executive Order" you read where any person or any thing who is associated with any of these "Bad Actors" who are SANCTIONED, well, they're gonna be in the outs as well. As another possibility, this "Executive Order" might also stymie some of that secret "BLOOD & DRUG MONEY" from re-entering the states and interfering in any more elections. I can hear these NEW WORLD ORDER Nut-Jobs screaming already. Can you ???

(Sep 20 2018) - Can We Solve What’s Happening To America ???
AMERICA -- (Frosty Wooldridge) In 2018, Americans face excruciating problems on multiple fronts. It’s almost beyond our emotional ability to turn on the TV at night to watch the news. It’s beyond depressing, and worse, it never gets better. House members like California’s Maxine Waters calls for violence toward anyone she doesn’t like. She calls for impeachment of the president of the United States along with dozens of other House members. All with no basis in facts. You watched a Supreme Court nominee with a spotless record become embroiled in sexual and violence scandal from a woman 36 years ago. How does anyone counter or combat the aftermath of such accusations?

(Sep 19 2018) - DOJ & FBI Plan Redactions of Doc's ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yup, most of us knew that these "De-Classified" Doc's were gonna be redacted, however, there are others within these agencies who know how to leak-out these un-redacted doc's to whistle-blowers and many "Q" platforms. President Trump knows all about this bureaucratic back-peddling and will wait these obstructionist agents out, as he continues to go DEEP SWAMP noodling. Folks, I have to tell you, the MSM also knows that many of these doc's will un-cover their DEEP STATE connections and contracts as well. Stay tuned ...

(Sep 19 2018) - California's Gov' Threatens Trump ... ???
CALIFORNIA -- (NWOReport.me) Another Democrat has called for ‘something to happen’ to President Trump in order to save the democratic process in America. California Gov. Jerry Brown made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC, while discussing the death toll during hurricanes last year in Puerto Rico ... “I mean he’s not telling the truth. He keeps changing his mind. He’s sabotaging the (new) world order in many respects.” the Governor claimed.

(Sep 18 2018) - Christian Transhumanist Association ... NO WAY !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Are you kiddin' me ??? The whole idea of Christians accepting - let alone being - Transhumanists is unorthodox, not to mention oxymoronic. And yet here we are. Soon this concept will be accepted - within liberal churches - as a better and consistent way to moralize the masses. No, I'm not talking about needed prosthesis' - 'cause these fools ain't - I'm talking about the kind of technology which will transform a persons faith and possibly confuse their personal relationship with GOD !!!

(Sep 18 2018) - Suspending the Constitution ... ???
AMERICA -- (John W. Whitehead) We can pretend that the Constitution, which was written to hold the government accountable, is still our governing document. The reality we must come to terms with, however, is that in America we live in today, the government does whatever it wants, freedom be damned. “We the people” have been terrorized, traumatized, and tricked into a semi-permanent state of compliance by a government that cares nothing for our lives or our liberties.

(Sep 18 2018) - Kamala Harris Covered Up Catholic Sex Abuse
CALIFORNIA -- (FlashReport.org) More than eight years ago in 2010, Kamala Harris, then-San Francisco District Attorney, was running for California Attorney General. And for some reason, her record of covering up sex abuse records belonging to the San Francisco Archdiocese was never part of the political news of her record. Today, Harris is a United States Senator, with an eye for running for President in 2020. She was San Francisco District Attorney from 2003 until her election in 2010 to State Attorney General.

(Sep 17 2018) - Officer's 'actions will not be tolerated'
PORTERVILLE, CA -- (VisaliaTimesDelta.com) Days following the arrest of a Woodlake police officer accused of sexually assaulting two women, a Porterville sergeant is now behind bars. Tulare County sheriff's deputies have arrested Sgt. Wayne Martin, 33, on suspicion of molesting a person under 18. His bail is set at $150,000. On Sunday night, Tulare County sheriff's deputies were called to Jay Street and Baker Avenue in Porterville for a suspicious vehicle check.

(Sep 17 2018) - Space Force & Command to Cost $13 Billion
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Why do we really need a SPACE FORCE and why now ??? Well, the obvious answer is to protect our national interest like our communication and spy satellites, and even more importantly our entertainment satellites, from conflicting countries. Why now ??? Because we have new players from the private sectors who are gaining ground in the rocket industry and many are very political, problematic, paramilitary and un-patriotic. They are the new "High-Tech" Terrorists who could hold the world hostage - in The Twilight Zone. Yes we need a SPACE FORCE !!!

(Sep 17 2018) - History Textbooks Now Include LGBT Heroes
CALIFORNIA -- (ChristianHeadlines.com) California’s public schools this fall will, for the first time, have access to state-approved history textbooks that include the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans as mandated by a new state law. The law was passed in 2011 and went into effect in 2012, but it wasn’t until last year that California’s Department of Education approved history textbooks including the mandated information. Schools aren’t obligated to purchase the textbooks but are required to teach the history of LGBT Americans to elementary, junior high and high school grades.

(Sep 17 2018) - Daughter Of CIA Assassin Paymaster did WHAT ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Folks, the evil perpetrated on free persons by our own intelligence agencies goes beyond imagination. If all they even done was Blackmail innocent individuals into copping pleas, that would kinda be acceptable. (I said kinda) But so much blood has been shed, in the name of saving these agencies, I do not think their word evens out all the evil that they were ordered, albeit activated to accomplish. EVIL IS EVIL !!!

(Sep 16 2018) - Nunes exposes Media-Intelligence Complex
WASH D.C. -- (WND.com) Ever wonder how the Deep State works? Do you understand how what is becoming known as “the Media-Intelligence Complex” works? Fox News’ Maria Bartiroma took the time Sunday morning to explore these issues with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., who patiently exposed how leaks by law enforcement and intelligence agencies to the media result in fake news stories that bolster the case for investigations and indictments of innocent people and prosecutions in which no crimes were actually perpetrated.

(Sep 15 2018) - CNN is on LIFE SUPPORT as Ratings Plunge
U.S.A. -- (TruthFeed.com) The ONLY reason that CNN is still on their air, is because cable companies bundle them into every package on the face of the earth. If it were up to the free market, and the American people, CNN would have been gone a long time ago. As it stands now, the new ratings are out, and the fake news cable network is on life support. Someone should pull the plug on CNN, and put everyone out of their misery.

(Sep 15 2018) - China's 'Digital' Totalitarian Experiment
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So ... you say we have nothing to worry about - 'cause that's China, and they're communist. Well, hold your horses partner. China has a huge electronic influence here in the states and around the world, and believe-you-me, if something that big and grandiose works, ya darn tooten' some country from the "FIVE EYES" team is gonna hook up with these Chi-Coms ... especially if they can get this surveillance technology dirt cheep. It's just a matter of time folks as Chinese Christians are being warned.

(Sep 15 2018) - Doctors Against Vaccines ...
AMERICA -- (HumansAreFree.com) The general public shares a common misconception – that all doctors, or all “real doctors” support vaccination. Although it is true that the majority of doctors support vaccines, not all do. Most doctors blindly support the recommendations of the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Doctors are trained in administering vaccines, not in how they are made.

(Sep 15 2018) - Congressman Nunes Warns Democrats & Media ...
WASH D.C. -- (TheGatewayPundit.com) Congressman Devin Nunes knows a lot more than the average person in Congress when it comes to the Russia investigation. He is an ally of Trump and he has been pushing for Trump to declassify documents related to the FISA warrants that led to investigations of the dossier and Russia. Nunes is now warning Democrats and the media that they won’t like what they see.

(Sep 15 2018) - California secession movement has a new strategy
CALIFORNIA -- (TheNationalSentinal.com) Calexit: Backers of California secession have figured out there’s no way to legally or constitutionally leave the union without the help of others, so they are changing their strategy. The Washington Times reports that Calexit backers will now seek to exploit red states’ “hatred” for the Golden State in their bid to convince enough Republican-controlled state legislatures to vote to allow California to leave the union.

(Sep 14 2018) - Rift Between Police, Feds Allowed New Mexico Terror Compound To Fester
NEW MEXICO -- (TheFederalist.com) A federal grand jury recently indicted the five alleged jihadists on weapons and conspiracy charges, alleging the group created their compound in the desert outside Taos, New Mexico as a training camp and firing range to facilitate a “Common plan to prepare for violent attacks government, military, educational and financial institutions” and sought to “engage in jihad and form an army of jihad” according to the federal indictment published by the Department of Justice on September 11.

(Sep 14 2018) - Diocese to investigate handling of priest abuse
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay California Catholics, here's your chance to out those pedophilia priests from the pulpits. If San Jose - with the help of an "ex" FBI agent - finds what & who their looking for, you need to start putting together all the documents & police reports ASAP to do the same. I'm tellin' you, those who've been shunned after they accused these priests of sexual assaults, can now be vindicated if you'll help. Will you ??? San Diego did ...

(Sep 14 2018) - SMACKDOWN on Activist Judges in the works ???
WASH D.C. -- (TruthFeed.com) The days of activist judges stepping in and interrupting the will of the people is about to end, thanks to the Trump admin' & a new law being introduced by Bob Goodlatte. The judiciary is supposed to be an independent branch of the U.S. gov't, but as we all know, liberals & establishment lower court judges have politicized the bench to the point of usurping the will of the American people. A new law introduced by Rep. Bob Goodlatte seeks to change all of that.

(Sep 13 2018) - Big Radio Talkers Need To Doing Something
AMERICA -- (NewsWithViews.com) Let me say right up front that I am a talk-radio junkie. Some I like more than others, but I do enjoy listening to what they have to say. Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Beck, and Savage et al are tremendous thinkers and even better entertainers. But that is just it. They are merely entertainers. For the most part, they don’t do anything but talk and where I come from we have a saying that “talk is cheap.” Well, each of the talkers mentioned above are not cheap ... they are all extremely wealthy, rewarded for their ability to entertain.

(Sep 13 2018) - 911 Tragedy Could Have Been Avoided ???
NEW YORK -- (NWOReport.com) On the 17th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil, serious questions about the roles played by the highest Intelligence and Justice officials, to cover up what they knew and when they knew it, remain unanswered. Mounting evidence suggests the tragedy could have been avoided. The Central Intelligence Agency knew dangerous men were already in the country and training but kept it secret. The Federal Bureau of Investigation may have helped cover everybody’s tracks. Robert Mueller was in charge of the FBI then.

(Sep 12 2018) - This 'PRAYER' Violated FAKEBOOKS Standards
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Hey Christians, why are you still using FAKEBOOK ??? For sure these social media platforms ain't gonna let you change the rules, if they say it violates them. It's their little tinker-toy & you are gonna have to play by their rules - or your out. Yes, I believe that this prayer in no-way shape or form would constitute any violation or offend anyone ('cept satanists) but hear me out, unless you cut your losses now, its gonna cost you, your family & friends a whole lot more later. JUST DO IT !!!

(Sep 12 2018) - Incomes hit new record high and ...
AMERICA -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) Typical family incomes rose to new record highs in 2017, and poverty subsided to pre-recession lows, the Census Bureau reported Wednesday. Median household income rose to $61,400, according to the bureau's Current Population Survey, improving 1.8 percent on the previous year’s mark of $60,300. Over the past two years, median incomes appear to have eclipsed, finally, the all-time high set in the dotcom bubble year of 1999, adjusting for inflation.

(Sep 11 2018) - Bill Introduced to End Taxes on Gold & Silver
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This could be a real game changer for those who are in possession of gold and silver coins. U.S. Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) has introduced a Bill on Sept 7th - not yet numbered - which would exempt gold and silver from any form of taxation by the IRS. That's right, the IRS in 1986 changed the description of your coins as "collectibles" and then proceeded to impose a capital gains tax on it's increased value. This Bill, if passed, goes into effect Jan 1st 2019.

(Sep 11 2018) - The Costs of 9/11 Continue to Mount
NEW YORK -- (PaulCraigRoberts.org) This is the 17th anniversary of 9/11. During the years that have passed large numbers of experts have established conclusively that the official gov't account of the event is false. Every year fewer people believe the unbelievable conspiracy theory that a handful of Saudi Arabians outwitted the entirety of the US National Security State & attacked with hijacked airliners the World Trade Center & the Pentagon. Nevertheless, the official story still stands ...

(Sep 10 2018) - We Are All Criminals Now !!!
AMERICA -- (TheDailyCoin.com) The U.S. has become an open-air prison for the masses, with surveillance on every corner, on the freeways and STINGRAY technology mounted to bridges and being flown over head. There is nothing a person does or says that it is not recorded, filed and categorized for one reason or another. If you attempt to show any of these “authorities” you have your whits about you, well, be prepared for more fun and games at your own expense and possibly your life.

(Sep 09 2018) - Deep State Panicked re: Military Tribunals
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The deeper President Trump's dragnet sinks in the SWAMP, the more dangerous it becomes for him. There are too many MSM miscreants just oozing with fear and loathing, and are waiting for the exact "Trigger Words" from their colluding handlers to publish, initiating an end game to end Trump. Why ? Because Trump, from all I've read, has green lighted Military Tribunals - since were still under The War Powers Act. So ... it's Sunday and it's time to pray !!! JUST DO IT !!!

(Sep 09 2018) - A Month of Islam in America ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I'm just gonna say it like this ... if you're on the side-lines hoping to get in the game. GOOD !!! However, if you haven't done your homework re: this "Religion of Peace" you're gonna get taken out on first down. These Islamic invaders are here in America to subjugate anyone and anything that ain't beholden to sharia. They've brought their long game with them and can wait you out. They've just about corralled every politically correct corner that's available to shut you up and shut you down. So, what's your game plan - besides hoping ???

(Sep 08 2018) - BIBLICAL “Red Heifer” Prophecy Fulfilled ???
ISRAEL -- (DailyStar.co.uk) The Temple Institute announced the birth of an entirely red female calf that “brings the promise of reinstating Biblical purity to the world”. Red heifers feature in end times tales in both Christianity and Judaism. The cow’s birth and sacrifice is said to proceed the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. And the Third Temple’s construction – following the destruction of the previous two – heralds the arrival of the Jewish Messiah. While some Evangelical Christian theologians have linked the building of the Third Temple to Judgement Day.

(Sep 08 2018) - Sheikh: Islam owns Holy Land ... forever
JERUSALEM -- (WND.com) Like presidential administrations of the past four decades, the Trump White House is working on a proposal for peace in the Middle East, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. But the grand mufti of Jerusalem has affirmed a roadblock to peace with his declaration that Muslims are the rightful owners the land of Israel and must possess it forever. Anyone who would give up the land is “an infidel and a traitor to Allah,” said Sheik Muhammad Hussein, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

(Sep 08 2018) - The 4 Waves of Artificial Intelligence
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- In the future there will be no second guessing, if Artificial Intelligence (AI) gains a stronger foothold. Yes, wonderful products can help humanity with (AI), but when bad people are flipping those switches - like we see with many social media moguls - it's not gonna end well. And here's why. There are many big players in the (AI) pursuit and only one will be accepted as the universal (AI). All others will have to be eliminated and so will you, if you know what happens IN THE END.

(Sep 07 2018) - Can DMV be trusted to register voters ???
CALIFORNIA -- (MercuryNews.com) The California Department of Motor Vehicles’ acknowledgement this week that it botched 23,000 voter registrations is raising new questions about whether it can be trusted to register voters at a time when election integrity is under renewed scrutiny nationwide. The DMV said the errors are being corrected and that new safeguards — put in place after the mistakes surfaced — seem to be working. But the registration mistakes come at a time when the DMV is already under fire over massive backlogs in processing new federally compliant IDs, known as Real IDs.

(Sep 07 2018) - Who prosecuted leaker’s & was paranoid ???
WASH D.C. -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) Should President Trump need a model to use to track down leakers inside his administration like the “anonymous” insider who challenged his authority in a New York Times op-ed, he need go no further back than the Obama administration that prosecuted leakers & shutout the media. According to reports at the time from even New York Times journalists, no administration was tougher on leakers & punishing to the media than Obama’s, a saga reinforced by reporters who have called Trump’s team more forthcoming.

(Sep 06 2018) - Unemployment claims fall to 49-year low
U.S.A. -- (WashingtonTimes.com) The number of people filing new applications for unemployment benefits fell in late August to the lowest level in nearly 50 years, the government reported Thursday. The Labor Department said initial jobless claims dropped by 10,000 to a seasonally adjusted 203,00 for the week ending Sept. 1. That’s the lowest level since 1969. The four-week moving average of claims, 209,500, also declined to a 49-year low. The unemployment rate in July was 3.9 percent; the figure for August comes out Friday.

(Sep 06 2018) - Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- NO TWITTER FOR YOU ... says the social media NAZI !!! Yes, Alex Jones at times was a bit loud and obnoxious while whistle blowing, but for crying out loud who isn't nowadays ??? In the beginning many social media platforms, and don't forget MSM liked this kind of repertoire - 'cause it increased rating - but now it's offensive ??? Is that was truth is ... offensive ??? Folks, the Porterville Post saw this coming and decided early on to stay away from these platforms which incorporated bottom bloggers, 3rd party trollers and cookies.

(Sep 06 2018) - The Deep State’s Campaign Against Trump
WASH D.C. -- (USDefenseWatch.com) Like Caesar, Trump is surrounded by enemies, like JFK the Deep State is determined to destroy him at all costs. President Trump is under 24-hour siege from Deep State traitors and their loyal minions in the mainstream media who seek to bring down his presidency. Be in no doubt, President Trump’s enemies are your enemies. President Trump’s enemies are America’s enemies. President Trump’s enemies are freedom’s enemies.

(Sep 05 2018) - Nike vs In-n-Out : The Silent Majority Have Spoken
AMERICA -- (GatewayPundit.com) Not all forays into politics are equal. Two companies in the news in the past few days highlight this lesson. The Silent Majority has spoken. This is the story of In-n-Out versus Nike. Let’s start with In-n-Out Burgers. Liberals decided to call for a national boycott because In-n-Out committed the “sin” of donating to the GOP. How idiotic is the idea of boycotting a company for making a political donation? Almost every company, even the small businesses you buy from, is run by someone who has a political opinion. Having that opinion is protected by free speech clause of the U.S. Constitution. It’s what America is all about.

(Sep 04 2018) - NIKE & NFL -- The New "N" Words !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Folks ... some decisions have consequences and others have severe consequences. As for the NIKE & the NFL, this decision to change the course of culture by defaulting to politically correct position is super severe. Their main consumers - men - will just save their money and buy other products. Yes, there will be those die-hard NFL supporters with season tickets but the rest of us All American Men, well, we have a new "N" word also ... and it's "NO" to NIKE and "NO" to the NFL.

(Sep 04 2018) - Protests Break Out At Kavanaugh Hearing
WASH D.C. -- (BB4SP.com) Well, that didn’t take long. Oh, the childishness ... They’re in tantrum mode on the left! No one seriously thought the Democrats would act like adults, did they? This circus was all planned. They should have been kicked out immediately. Judging by all the disruptions, I’m sure Brett Kavanaugh is the absolute right choice.

(Sep 03 2018) - FORCES IN PLAY - MAYBE FOR GOOD ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This week the Post was alerted to some secret shenanigans re: America's secret computer "Main-Frames" and "Secret Satellites", and today I've picked up a forth witness to this "What Hats" event, involving factions and sectors in America's covert agencies and black opps. Truth be told, there was some collateral damage, to some of our equipment ... maybe for good, however, it ain't over, and PRAYER is needed to finish the job.

(Sep 03 2018) - LABOR DAY - DAY OFF
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well ... it's LABOR DAY ... and we're gonna slow role on The Porterville Post a bit. Yes, of course there's a lot of crazy FAKE NEWS floating all over the blog-o-sphere, but a little time with my family and friends is what I'm craving right now. I suggest y'all do the same. See you guys tomorrow and GOD Bless ...

(Sep 02 2018) - Tech companies caught LYING ??? Yup !!!
AMERICA -- (NewsTarget.com) Every major tech platform denies that it censors content; but none of them are telling the truth. Evidence has amassed to show that all the big players – Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and others – are actively engaged in covert silencing techniques against conservative and Christian voices. A thorough investigation by the Media Research Center has uncovered that leftists are being given the upper hand on social media, while conservatives are having their content impeded or flat-out removed at-will.

(Sep 01 2018) - President Trump promises to end human trafficking
WHITE HOUSE -- (NaturalNews.com) Responding to a growing body of evidence & increasing public awareness about the pedophilia problem that exists within the highest levels of gov't & religion, President Trump recently announced that his administration is launching a federal investigation into the matter. As explained by Gabor Zolna from ZolnaReport.com in a video post available at REAL.video, the Trump administration is on a mission to put an end to human trafficking, which the President himself described as “horrific.” MORE ...

(Sep 01 2018) - Pope Francis Just Confirmed His Guilt
VATICAN -- (TruthFeedNews.com) The embattled & disgraced Pope is still reeling in controversy, after being accused by several Vatican officials of covering up child sex abuse in order to push his progressive agenda. Now, a new damning report that just came out claims the Pope knowingly housed a gay priest, who was later busted for his involvement in cocaine-fueled orgies. Clearly this Pope is more concerned about global warming than maintaining the traditions of the Catholic Church.

(Sep 01 2018) - Mexico Signs Wall Building ‘Check’ ???
U.S.A. -- (NWOReport.me) They don’t have to like it, admit it, or even acknowledge it, but indications show that Mexico just signed the check to pay for President Trump’s “big, beautiful wall.” In the memo blank they can write in: United States Mexico Trade Agreement, if it makes them more comfortable. The end result is the same, $25 billion is only a fraction of what is about to flood northward across the border because of the destruction of NAFTA. They might as well start loading pallets of pesos for shipment.

(Aug 31 2018) - OUR RECIPE FOR DISASTER by Mario Murillo
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- All too often I encounter the same FAKE FOLLOWERS as does Evangelist Mario Murillo dang-near daily. Their convictions and witness of the GOOD NEWS - out side of the four walls of the church - is diminishing daily. What's springing up in it's place - because of their AWOL - are cults and religions of hate. Secondly, and as bad, are the placating pastors and preachers who "pretend" to lead their parishioners re: POLITICS. Rev 3:16 says this about that ...

(Aug 31 2018) - WEEKEND WEB SITE - TheHackerNews.com
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's another - simple to navigate - great weekend web site to "Bookmark" to your favourites called "TheHackerNews.com". I'm sure there will be some internal links that will create some concern(s), especially with all the cell phone apps which are getting hacked, not to mention all the security agencies and security software(s) being breached. It kinda makes you wonder ... why in the name of common sense would anyone trust any snithin' machine with any personal info ??? Why - Why - Why ???

(Aug 31 2018) - Epic Scandal Consumes the Vatican & Pope
VATICAN -- (StateofTheNation.com) The Vatican is currently mired in the greatest scandal in the history of the Papacy of Rome. Pope Francis himself now finds himself in an ever-intensifying existential crisis of his own making. This unprecedented papal predicament is clearly the result of a profound personal, professional & spiritual crisis. Pope Francis officially became the Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church on 13 March 2013. His extremely serious problems within the Holy See began on the very same day, as they continue to plague him as they do parishes throughout the global Church.

(Aug 30 2018) - CHAOS IN THE VATICAN ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As much as we'd like to see this paedophilia filthiness within the Catholic church all go away - it won't !!! For too many years, decades - possibly hundreds - this perversion of priests, and don't forget the nastiness of the nuns, has finally come to a head, and most adherents aligned to this abhorrence are aghast and are leaving at break-neck-speed. And they should. You see, these Catholics have put too much trust in this religion and need a personal relationship with a personal Saviour - JESUS CHRIST !!! Not the Vatican. Not the Virgin Mary. Not the Saints. And not protestantism ... but JESUS CHRIST !!!

(Aug 30 2018) - 3 Suspects In NM Jihad Compound Released ???
NEW MEXICO -- (SonsofLibertyMedia.com) OK, say what you want, but if you are following the New Mexico Islamic jihad compound story, where a 3-year-old was killed & several children were being trained to engage in mass school shootings, then you know this smells of a govt cover up & more & more each day, that’s exactly what it looks like. The latest round of evidence is that a district judge dropped all charges against 3 suspects & set them free after the D.A. failed to file for a preliminary hearing within 10 days. He then didn’t even bother to show up for court.

(Aug 29 2018) - Arrest of Iranian Spies in U.S. ... ???
CALIFORNIA -- (FreeBeacon.com) The recent arrest of 2 Iranian agents alleged to have been running spy operations on U.S. soil is just "the tip of the iceberg" in terms of the Islamic Republic's efforts to conduct intelligence operations in America that could result in a terrorist attack, according to a leading lawmaker & U.S. officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon. Following the arrest of 2 Iranian individuals charged with spying on Jewish & Israeli facilities in the California area, it's likely ...

(Aug 29 2018) - AB 2888 : Gun violence restraining orders
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- At first reading, this article sounds like these idiots in Sacramento want to rid everyone in California of their guns - and the do - however, the real agenda is to take the word of snowflakes who are triggered by anyone who may or may-not have any guns in their possession or home, which in turn would trigger SWAT SQUADS to do security searches and to terrorize the whole neighbourhood looking for leads. Yes this is a BAD BILL AB-2888 !!!

(Aug 29 2018) - FAKE BOOK Intolerance Exposed by Employees
CALIFORNIA -- (DailyMail.co.uk) A senior Facebook engineer has revealed the firm's aggressive 'left-leaning' culture in a damning memo that levels a series of damaging claims against the firm. Brian Amerige alleges that colleagues 'attack – often in mobs' anyone who is not left-leaning, tear down Trump posters and demand HR investigates anyone who criticizes Islam's human rights record. Amerige issued his rallying cry in an internal memo that has sparked a group called FB'ers for Political Diversity ...

(Aug 29 2018) - Trump Declares All-Out War Against Google
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And so the end begins ... not with a bang, but with a Google. Folks, these so-called private enterprises which - in the beginning - lead the masses to expect equal distribution of info, have been caught conspiring with their computer comrades re: anything conservative, let along Christian. And before Donald Trump became President, complaints re: these hindrances to free speech fell on deaf ears ... until now. And believe-you-me, the FAKE NEWS boys lost their hassle with "The Don" and if Google doen't comply - something might die.

(Aug 28 2018) - The Original Sin of Modern Conservatism
AMERICA -- (The "Z" Man.com) The original sin of modern conservatism is that it never came to terms with the reality of the Left’s race delusions. Last century, Progressives came to the conclusion that the obvious racial disparities in the world were solely due to racism, specifically the racism of whites toward the world’s non-whites. Everything that defines the American Left now is based on this assumption. This a lie, not a sin. The sin was that the American Right, or at least those who came to define the Right, never honestly challenged this claim. Instead, Buckley-style conservatives accepted this two part assumption about the world and tried to fit their ideas within it.

(Aug 27 2018) - NAFTA No More: Trump's New Agreement
WHITE HOUSE -- (Brietbart.com) President Donald Trump announced a new bilateral trade deal with Mexico on Monday morning from the Oval Office alongside U.S. and Mexican officials. “It’s a big day for trade, big day for our country, a lot of people though we’d never get here because we all negotiate tough. We do, so does Mexico,” said Trump. Trump told reporters he wanted to do away with the name NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) in favor of a new trade deal, The United States México trade agreement.

(Aug 27 2018) - Anti-vaxx people are really Russian bots ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The second time I read through this article - looking for any faulty logic - I knew that if SB-1424 passes, so will the Porterville Post, and any other web site offering any opposing views on any subject - not just anti-vax info - which doesn't comply with California's approved info standards. As of Aug 23rd 2018, a third reading from the Assembly side has taken place, and continues. However, if enough opposition from the public is employed, it could be stalled or stopped. It's up to you - JOHN Q' PUBLIC !!!

(Aug 27 2018) - McCain Behind Targeting of Tea Party
ARIZONA -- (AmericanFreePress.net) Judicial Watch, a conservative legal watchdog group, is now in possession of documents, obtained from the IRS through a Freedom of Information Act request, proving that it was McCain’s staff urging the Obama administration to use the IRS to target tea-party and other political opposition groups that were threatening both the Democrat and Republican Party establishments. In the full notes of an April 30, 2013, meeting, McCain’s high-ranking staffer Henry Kerner recommends harassing non-profit groups until they are unable to function.

(Aug 27 2018) - Remember when they hated & mocked McCain ???
WASH D.C. -- (PoliticalInsider.com) While the left has spent the last few days shedding tears over the passing of Senator McCain, it’s important to remember that their admiration for him hasn’t always been so prevalent. In fact, Obama & his supporters in 2008, when McCain dared to challenge the first African-American candidate for the presidency, offered far less adoration than you’ll see today. For his part, the former President (usurper) issued a statement raving about his long time adversary, even lauding his tragic war experiences as a test that showed McCain’s courage.

(Aug 26 2018) - Sorry America, McCain Was No Hero ...
ARIZONA -- (TheFreeThoughtProject.com) Earlier this week notorious war hawk, US Senator John McCain (R-Az) died from brain cancer. While the liberal and conservative (neocon) establishments are sending their regards, Geopolitics Alert instead compiled a list of reasons why we don’t care about McCain. The list is, of course, a history of all the instances John (BIRD DOG) McCain has called for US-led intervention around the world. There’s clearly a long history here, so Geopolitics Alert has compiled the most blatant examples from Europe to Asia. We’ll start with the obvious wars first.

(Aug 26 2018) - “The Pope Must Resign” ... Say What ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This "usual" activity of homosexuality and pedophilia within the priesthood of the Catholic Church incrementally climbed it's ranks and into the "Collage of Cardinals" decades ago. Pope after Pope were advised of these awful offenses and obviously opted to allow these predators priests to be relocated and reassigned, rather than rebuking or removing them. Consequently - as we read today - trust in the churches leadership has fallen below crisis intervention and can never be repaired. Even by a JESUIT POPE !!!

(Aug 26 2018) - Pope Francis Evades Arrest in Ireland ... ???
BRUSSELS -- (ITCCS.org) Under a screen of deception & amidst unprecedented public attacks, “Pope Francis” met today with contending factions of the College of Cardinals at a secret conclave in Galway. A Papal Double posing as Bergoglio engaged Dublin crowds after the real Bergoglio barely evaded arrest by Common Law Sheriffs in Knock, Ireland prior to the Galway meeting. Meanwhile, top Ninth Circle cult leaders were detained in 3 cities on Friday & publicly named & banned under a Court Order that empowers the public to arrest them if they ignore the Order.

(Aug 25 2018) - FED’s 3rd Quarter GDP Projection STUNS !!!
ATLANTA -- (100PercentFedUp.com) While the media focuses on everything the American people have no interest in, the news that the third quarter projection for the GDP came out and it’s a doozy! GDP projected growth for the 3rd quarter is a booming 4.6%! Wow! The media might be trying their best to destroy our president but the American people see through it and see what great job President Trump is doing. His past is of no concern to most people, we hired him to do a job and he’s knocking it out of the park!

(Aug 25 2018) - Judaized Christianity: Front for New World Order
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Now ... before you go and pee your pannies re: this article, consider some of the info. Don't just automatically shut down, do some research. I have and I gotta say, most "Blue Lodge" Freemasons ain't got a clue about their own history, or what transpires in the higher degrees. They join because it's a good place to network if you have a business. It's a bad place to join if you know too much. That's what all their SECRET OATHS fearfully inculcate ... SILENCE !!!

(Aug 24 2018) - The 10 Primary Directives of MSM
U.S.A. -- (TheDailySheeple.com) The circus never stops, and no matter who cries fake news against whom, the fact remains that we have entered the post-truth, post-credibility, post-sanity, post-free speech world. While censorship is coming out into the open, the major corporate news organizations still have tremendous reach into the hollows of public consciousness, giving them power to direct and deflect public attention onto or away from whatever they choose. The news industry parrots scripted narratives and talking points that are written for them ...

(Aug 23 2018) - Censorship in America: The New Normal
AMERICA -- (GlobalResearch.ca) In America free speech, media, and academic freedoms are threatened. Social media, Google, and other tech giants are complicit in a campaign to suppress content conflicting with the official narrative. What’s increasingly going on is the hallmark of totalitarian rule – controlling the message, eliminating what conflicts with it, notably on major geopolitical issues including US foreign policy. Losing the right of free expression endangers all others.

(Aug 23 2018) - DATA from Studying Militarized Policing
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Data on anything can be misconstrued and misused - if subjective analysis is employed. It doesn't matter one wit, which department or agency that you're trying to track or trace ... TOTAL TRANSPARENCY is the key. As far as police departments go - after 10 days and no more than 30 - initial reports "must" be written, read, and posted on-line. This is the only way to keep these people honest - the police, the politicians, the press, and yes the public. If everybody knows ... truth prevails !!!

(Aug 22 2018) - Highest Murder Rate in the USA - CALIFORNIA
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Last year the Crime Prevention Research Center came out with a report showing which states and which counties have the highest murder rates. No doubt you know where California lies - being a Sanctuary State and a safe haven for illegals, criminals, what-have-you's and whatchamacallits. And if you look closely, California has a higher murder rate than Illinois - namely Chicago. California's CCW's permits are also - per capita - lower than most. And Jerry "The Clown" Brown calls President Trump a criminal for wanting safer borders. Give me a break !!!

(Aug 22 2018) - Are We A Nation of Immigrants ... ???
AMERICA -- (ThePoliticalInsider.com) While the legal and illegal immigration debate rages on, conservative talk show host Mark Levin has proven a source of reasoned, rational, and intelligent debate on the matter. During his speech at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, the nationally syndicated talk show host nailed the common misconception pushed by the left that America is a nation of immigrants. The phrase dates as far back as 1874, in an editorial published in The Daily State Journal of Alexandria.

(Aug 22 2018) - Mollie Tibbetts Death on Democrats Hands ...
IOWA -- (TruthFeedNews.com) If it were up to Democrats we’d live in one gigantic “Sanctuary Country” were illegals roamed free and unchecked. It’s the Democrats laws, designed to keep as many illegals here, in hopes they can vote for Democrats, which led to the death of 20-year-old American college student Mollie Tibbetts. Senator Tom Cotton blasted Democrats and their lawlessness that killed poor Mollie.

(Aug 21 2018) - California Assembly OKs bill to eliminate bail ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Why stop there ??? Why not just eliminate jail as well ??? Folks, these empathetic idiots in Sacramento have lost all of their marbles and wing-nuts, having more compassion for criminals than the victims. It's beyond comprehension at this point. California, always boasting of their "Sanctuary State" status and coyote connections - mostly through the Catholic church - has revived the Vatican's old RAT-LINES ... thanks to the democ-RATS and Jerry the "Jesuit" Brown !!!

(Aug 21 2018) - Loopholes used to keep thousands on SNAP
CALIFORNIA -- (Freebeacon.com) Despite 10-year-low unemployment, California took advantage of loopholes in federal regulation to keep more than 800,000 federal welfare recipients from having to work. This conclusion is based on the response of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to an application to waive SNAP's work requirements for 55 of California's 58 counties, issued to the state in July & recently obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. California's waiver, will last until Aug of 2019 ...

(Aug 21 2018) - Russian Spy Worked out of Obama's office ???
WASH D.C. -- (HalTurnerRadioShow.com) The Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya who set up Don Trump Jr. for a meeting in Trump Tower as part of a Fusion GPS plot was operating out of the Washington offices of Cozen O’Connor, a law firm run by an anti-Trump former Obama administration official whose super PAC donated to Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in the 2016 presidential election. Veselnitskaya’s work from the Cozen O’Connor office provides more evidence of a Democrat and establishment Republican effort to set up the Trump campaign for a future Russian collusion case.

(Aug 20 2018) - Social media censorship - some 'deep' basics
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's the skinny. Most everyone is already hooked into satan's surveillance society, via their invading i-phones and secularized snitchin' machines. At one point in time, you had options - to opt out. Those are no longer available. You're either in or out. And I'm here to tell you, even if you're kinda off the grid, the gov't gumba's like Google - which are some of the highest paid "CRIMINAL INFORMANTS" - have you, and everything that is understood concerning you, so dialed in ... that it would even make George Orwell tick-a-lock.

(Aug 20 2018) - Humans vs Fish ... We Lose Again !!!
CALIFORNIA -- (FlashReport.org) As Gov' Brown was signing legislation limiting Californians to using only 55 gallons of water per day, his State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) was finalizing a Bay Delta plan giving each of the “estimated” 600 fish 1,086,667 gallons of water per day. (Their estimate was 200 fish each on the Stanislaus, Tuolumne, and Merced Rivers) The new laws mandating Californians use only 55 gallons of water per day are yet another knife in the back of businesses & people of our State.

(Aug 20 2018) - Practising Satanists in the Catholic Clergy ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- My first encounter with an angry ex-Catholic priest - who switched sides and became a "Druid" High Priest - was in Visalia. His name was Shawn Paul and he owned the "Ye Old Bookstore" in Visalia, just off of main. He eventually shared with me how and why he left the priesthood, and his utter disdain for anything Christian. As time went on we became good friends, and he disclosed additional atrocities he endured and was forced to perpetrate, if he was to continue as a priest. BTW, he also taught at C.O.S. occult and metaphysical courses.

(Aug 20 2018) - Mandating abortion pills on campus ???
CALIFORNIA -- (WashingtonExaminer.com) If California politicians have their way, soon all of the state’s public universities will be forced to dispense abortion pills to students. The politicians and the abortion industry that backs their election campaigns insist that turning California’s university student health centers into abortion centers means “progress.” But what it really means is serious problems for both students and the universities, not to mention the destruction of more human lives. Remember the time when even those who supported abortion could admit that it was such a grave option that it should be "rare?"

(Aug 20 2018) - APOLOGIZE TO ILLEGALS ... FOR WHAT ???
CALIFORNIA -- (SteadfastandLoyal.com) California ... I want to say something to you, and be aware that I am only saying this because I really truly care. Put down that crack pipe and back away slowly. Every day, other states get richer as your businesses move out of your state and into theirs. Your high taxes are driving the biggest payers of taxes across state lines to friendlier confines. The idea that your legislature demands that the president and Congress apologize to these invaders is nothing short of insane.

(Aug 19 2018) - Trump Shattering the Glass Ceiling with who ???
AMERICA -- (LibertyNation.com) Recently, Liberty Nation reported that Rasmussen’s polled approval rating of President Donald Trump among black voters had surged to 29%, up from 15% a year earlier. Now, only two weeks later, the polling organization tweeted that the black approval rating for the president has sky-rocketed to 36%. These stellar poll numbers may be only a fluke, but if confirmed by future surveys and election results as a real trend, it is nothing short of a political earthquake.

(Aug 19 2018) - Retirees Shouldn’t Get Security Clearances !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As a precaution, everyone who's ever had a security clearance, it should automatically be revoked one year after retirement of service. A debriefing should take place at the end of that year, plus a National Security agreement must be signed, given full knowledge of the consequences of disclosure. There are too many bad actors gaining employment with too many consulting groups and media. Folks, this is what's needed in a time where moles turn into spies, and spies turn into conspirators, and conspirators turn into assassins. Just ask President Lincoln, McKinley, JFK and Reagan ...

(Aug 18 2018) - How Hate Speech Conquered Free Speech !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes, the MSM has the corner market on HATE SPEECH by virtue of their cognitive dissonant diatribes. Look, they've tapped into America's "50 Shades of Silence" and the fearful 501c(3) Churches into believing that their FAKE NEWS gospel and 6 O'Clock sermons are honest & forthright. However, they, and all their social media cohorts, have been outed as the ENEMIES OF FREEDOM, and their borderline personalities - within the Brotherhood of Broadcasters - are ready to take the First Amendment down with them if they can't control the narrative.

(Aug 18 2018) - A Wave of Persecution is Upon Us ... BUT
AMERICA -- (by Mario Murillo) The mood - the one that pleases people when Christians are harassed and blamed, is upon us. I am warning you it’s about to spike, and the mindless ferocity of it will surprise you. I was led to a specific moment like this recorded in the Book of Acts: Acts 12:1-3, “Now about that time Herod the king stretched out his hand to harass some from the church. (2) Then he killed James the brother of John with the sword. (3) And because he saw that it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to seize Peter also.” As I prayed, I experienced colliding emotions of dread & excitement. The Holy Spirit made it clear that persecution against Christians is going to spike in the United States in the next few months.

(Aug 18 2018) - Christians, Prepare for Civil Disobedience !!!
SACRAMENTO, CA -- (Stream.org) As California appears poised to pass an extreme bill that directly attacks your religious freedoms, it’s time for you to draw a line in the sand. If the bill passes, you must choose to obey God rather than man. IT'S TIME FOR CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. I’m speaking about AB 2943, which the Senate just approved with by a vote of 25-11. Next is the Assembly, then the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown, then the length and breadth of your great state. (More)

(Aug 17 2018) - Trump Cancels His Military Parade
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The number one issue why President Trump cancelled the Military Parade was SECURITY !!! Word in the swamp was ... if there was a parade ... the DEEP STATE was gonna green light mass shootings - not just at the President and Vice President - but also target the marching military and brass, 'causing instant chaos, martial law to be enacted in Wash D.C. (to capture the assassins) and initiating civil war all across America. Trump was wise to this set up and said NO PARADE !!!

(Aug 17 2018) - Will Brennan’s Text Messages & Emails Be Next ???
WASH D.C. -- (SaraCarter.com) Former CIA Director John Brennan has dominated the headlines this week after President Trump revoked his security clearance on Wednesday due to national security concerns. And, while many intelligence officials–like former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, and Department of Justice attorney Bruce Ohr–have all had some of their Trump-Russia communications exposed, thus far, Brennan has been spared. This may soon change ...

(Aug 16 2018) - The Discarded Wisdom of America’s Founders
AMERICA -- (RINF.com) A good example of the discarded wisdom of America’s Founders is George Washington’s Farewell Address to the nation, delivered by him not orally but instead solely in printed form, published in Philadelphia by David C. Claypoole’s American Daily Advertiser, on 19 September 1796, and distributed to the nation. The following extended excerpt from it is the most famous part of it, and is being blatantly raped by today’s U.S. Government, and therefore it might indicate the necessity for a second American Revolution, this one to disown and throw out not Britain’s Aristocracy, but America’s aristocracy.

(Aug 16 2018) - This is why we need a 'Space Force'
U.S.A. -- (AmericanThinker.com) A mysterious Russian satellite has exhibited "very abnormal behavior" in its orbit, leading the Pentagon to worry that it may be some kind of weapon. Weapons are banned from outer space by treaty, but it's believed that there are ways to weaponize lasers & electronic jamming devices to disable or destroy satellites. China's believed to already have an advanced anti-satellite capability, with the U.S. nearly on par with the Chinese & Russia trailing in the race to develop this vital technology.

(Aug 16 2018) - Aretha Franklin, Queen Of Soul, Dies At 76
DETROIT, MI -- (TheFederalist.com) There are some voices you just know when you hear them, singers who are truly gifted, once in a lifetime talents. Aretha Franklin was one of those people. Her Rolling Stone biography puts it perfectly: “Aretha Franklin is not only the definitive female soul singer of the Sixties, she’s also one of the most influential & important voices in pop history.” Today, at the age of 76, Franklin passed away among friends & family at her home in Detroit. Franklin had been battling advanced pancreatic cancer.

(Aug 15 2018) - Trump revokes clearance of former CIA head
WASH D.C. -- (UPI) President Trump on Wednesday revoked the security clearance of John Brennan, White House press sec' Sarah Sanders said, calling the former CIA director's credibility into question. Sanders, giving a statement to reporters during the daily White House press briefing, said Brennan has leveraged his clearance to make "wild outbursts" & criticisms about Trump. "First, at this point in my administration, any benefits that senior officials might glean from consultations with Mr. Brennan are now outweighed by the risks posed by his erratic conduct & behavior" ...

(Aug 15 2018) - Disney Cartoons have Secret Pedophile Tattoos
HOLLYWOOD -- (CamelotDaily.com) In 2007 the FBI’s Cyber Division Innocent Images National Initiative uncovered secret codes used by individuals & organizations associated with pedophilia. The FBI’s intelligence bulletin Q-FBI-2200-005-06, HRWC CAC-VI.A.5 addresses Crimes Against Children Standing Intelligence Requirements. Prior to the FBI’s discovery, these code & symbol users evaded prosecution by law enforcement, even though they were being flaunted by predators online, through their Corporate & Company logos, textiles, jewelry, etc.

(Aug 15 2018) - ‘My Little Pony’ Animator GUILTY of Child Porn
CANADA -- (NWOReport.me) My Little Pony animator, Tom Wyson, has been found guilty of the possession & distribution of child pornography & has been sentenced to 28 months in prison. When Wysom was arrested, he was found to be in the possession of over 60,000 images deemed to be child pornography, as well as at least 1,625 videos. His IMDB page has him credited as an animator and character builder for 26 episodes of My Little Pony & 23 episodes of Littlest Pet Shop between 2012 & 2015. Wysom pleaded guilty to all charges against him.

(Aug 14 2018) - This TEDx Talk Attempts to Normalize Pedophilia
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's a few exerts from a "TED Talk" about pedophilia and how they cannot change their desires of wanting to have sex with children - calling it love. (Give me a break) As horrific as that sounds, these "TED Talkers" actually try to convince those in the audience to normalizes this behavior disorder deviancy, and that normal folks are just gonna have to find a way to accept pedophilia ... 'cause THEY CAN'T BE FIXED. Just ask your neighborhood priest ...

(Aug 14 2018) - 301 ‘Predator Priests’ Named In Grand Jury
PITTSBURGH -- (KDKA) The long-awaited state grand jury report into sexual abuse in six Pennsylvania dioceses, including Pittsburgh and Greensburg, has finally been released. The 884-page document, two years in the making, shines a light into the dark corners of these dioceses going back seven decades, exposing the predators and the efforts of their bishops to protect them. “Today, the most comprehensive report on child sexual abuse within the church ever produced in our country was released,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. (Additionally) (Again)

(Aug 14 2018) - The “N” Word Is In The News ... but
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay ... the "N" Word ... to be politically correct and nice, you just can't say it. The problem is two fold. First, every time you hear the phrase "N" Word, you are reminded that the "N" is an abbreviation and it stands for "N***er". Right ? Right ! Second, every time you hear that phrase, you then have to unmask it in your mind, to remind yourself not to say the "N" Word out loud. What a conundrum, you say. Eventually this oxymoronic prohibition of language will develop into an "N" Word syndrome or another thought disorder, in which an "Anti-N-Word" Vaccine will be readily available. {Sarcasm, Yes - Reality, Very Soon}

(Aug 14 2018) - Legal action taken against Omarosa
WASH D.C. -- (100PercentFedUp.com) The Trump campaign has officially filed charges against Omarosa Manigault Newman over her salacious new book about her time in the Trump administration. It’s about time someone took action against this horrid woman. Washington Examiner reports: President Trump’s campaign organization filed charges against friend-turned-enemy Omarosa Manigault Newman, claiming that she broke a 2016 non-disclosure contract by disparaging the president in her book & revealing private talks from the ultra-secret White House Situation Room.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yesterday and again today, I was asked by a few social media algorithms to join someone’s special social media platform and I'd really like to respond with a simple thanks, but no thanks. HOWEVER, these blasted artificial algorithmic do-hickies won't let you. Secondly, even if I did respond or reply, no-tellen' how many "3rd Party Parasites" would use my contact info on the DARK WEB. Lastly, if you already have my e-mail (editor@portervillepost.com) then use it. I'll respond.

(Aug 13 2018) - Free-Speech Monopoly : The Game's Rigged
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Quite simple, this is an Easy vs Effort issue. Folks, I've been railing against these social media platforms for years, knowing full well that one day these quasi-concerned companies - with all their free web site usage - was gonna pull their radical rugs out from beneath all who opposed their terms and agreements. Yes, their hooks of free and easy was hard to resist, 'cause they knew - in the end - they'd catfish Conservatives, Constitutionalists and Christians.

(Aug 12 2018) - Don't call Holiness a Religious Spirit
AMERICA -- (by Mario Murillo) How dare you punish a heart for wanting purity? How can it be that vessels chosen to uplift the righteous & equip the saints instead conspired to create a system that rewards carnality & shames holiness. LET'S BE HONEST. It’s not as if the modern church is exhausting itself on devotion & sacrifice. But you’d sure think so by the way some ministers keep telling them to relax, and quit trying so hard, because Daddy is so pleased with them. Even when a congregation is a listless, flabby, biblically illiterate, club of moody consumers - preachers will heap on them yet one more message of pampered entitlement.

(Aug 12 2018) - DEEP STATE HUSBANDS & WIVES ... NAMED !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- It's a forgone conclusion and simple assumption that most who are working for an agency will get something on someone, even if it's all FAKE !!! {That's what Counter-Intel does} But protecting that process takes a ton of money - dirty DEEP STATE money !!! And one of the first things needed in outing these dishonest departments is to name-names and to get these names onto a court doc' before any statute of limitations occurs. And lastly - and if necessary - put any presiding Judge in protective custody. As for the MSM ... well, after TODAY, they've officially become an ENEMY OF TRUTH & FREEDOM !!!

(Aug 12 2018) - The Nasty Truth About Democrats & Civil Rights
WASH D.C. -- (by F J Rocca) The Liberal Democrats take credit for civil rights and blame Republicans for obstructing these rights among minorities. But their claim is a lie. In fact, Democrats fought against any form of civil rights for minorities and only conceded when they knew that their obstructionism would fail. History proves without question that Republicans have consistently fought racism while Democrats proved that they were racists. In 1954, the United States Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision known as Brown v. Board of Education.

(Aug 12 2018) - The Media (MSM) Shouldn't Fear Conservatives ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The MSM is and always has been looking for BLOOD on the streets, or in recent times, The White House and President Trump !!! Why ??? Because BLOOD SELLS !!! If the MSM continues to collude amongst themselves in this BLOOD BATH style of reporting, someone will get hurt !!! And - most obvious with the internet investigators being on the case - if the MSM has to sacrifice one of their own (which they do all the time) to get the story and create a FAKE NEWS narrative, then American Aggregates - truly supporting the 1st Amendment - won't stand in their way.

(Aug 12 2018) - Trump Arrests 2,300 Pedophiles ...
U.S.A. -- (YourNewsWire.com) President Trump’s DOJ removed 2,300 child rapists from the streets of America in a huge sting operation earlier this year. So far, there is no word from Robert Mueller’s top witness, who was convicted of raping 10-year-old boys. ABC13 reports: Thousands of suspects accused of producing child pornography or committing child sexual abuse are now off the streets after a federal crackdown on internet sex crimes.

(Aug 12 2018) - Omarosa "Secretly" Taped John Kelly ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Walking around the White House with any kind of personal cell phone, let alone recording equipment - was BANNED to address all the leaks and moles who were trying to undermine President Trump. As far as Omarosa's "Secretly Recording" any of Trump's staff without their knowledge - no question about it - was a CRIME !!! Folks, listen, either she was that stupid, or she knew ahead of time that she goofed up big time and was headed for the big house, and I'm guessing, she copped a plea with some agency which - in turn - blackmailed her into doing this illegal act. There's no other explanation !!!

(Aug 11 2018) - Police Bodycams Can Be Hacked and Doctored
LAS VEGAS -- (Wired.com) As they proliferate, police body cameras have courted controversy because of the contentious nature of the footage they capture and questions about how accessible those recordings should be. But when it comes to the devices themselves, the most crucial function they need to perform—beyond recording footage in the first place—is protecting the integrity of that footage so it can be trusted as a record of events.

(Aug 10 2018) - AMERICA'S MOST WANTED ...
WASH D.C. -- CIA officials, including the upper echelons, are required to be 'apolitical'. The main purpose of the CIA is to gather intelligence on America’s enemies and guarantee the safety and security of the citizens of this country. The administration of CIA chief John Brennan came nowhere near meeting this standard. Brennan used the CIA to lie for political ideological goals. This has been shown earlier when Brennan used the CIA to conduct illegal surveillance of the Senate Intelligence Committee and then lied about it. (More Dots Connected HERE)

(Aug 10 2018) - WEEKEND WEBSITE : Declassified Documents
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's another weekend website that should keep most of our readers occupied a while. It's called Declassified Documents. Even though the name is "Eye Catchy" most of the documents and info are second hand. Since I haven't ploughed through all of it's contents yet, perhaps our readers will take the time. In any event, enjoy and let me know what you find out. GOD Bless ...

(Aug 09 2018) - Voice to Skull Tech' Embedded in 5G ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- What if these mad scientists - hired by these neurotic NEW WORLD ORDER Nut-Jobs - are able to rewire some of the synapse in your brain just by flippen' a few switches ? Would you consider that invasive ? You know you would ! What if they could sneak this "Voice to Skull" frequency inside you without you knowing it ??? What - if anything - could you do ??? Not much ... unless you take some precautions now, like getting "High & Tight" with JESUS CHRIST. And I mean, like yesterday. And for good measure, ask GOD for the Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT.

(Aug 09 2018) - Scripture Reveals That Science Confirms Scripture
WORLD -- (by George Lujack) Secular scientific-minded persons have often declared that Scripture is not compatible with science. Scripture is not primarily a science book, but it does reveal many scientific laws and principles that have aided man in discovery. This article and video presentation will provide numerous examples that demonstrate Scripture has revealed science long before man confirmed many scientific truths and will show how man has often erred in understanding science, as Scripture-based science proclamations were later proven to be true.

(Aug 08 2018) - Banning Election Auditing ... LIFTED !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Known in many high-end circles in both the DNC and RNC was this "accepted" decree, ratified in 1982 by a court in New Jersey, which basically says, neither party can audit any of the others voter numbers after an election - preventing election challenges and skulduggery. This law has been challenged on so many elections by the party that was harmed, and to no avail, until it was lifted. BTW, those who benefited the most from this anti-audit agreement were the democ-RATS. That's why they're throwing hissy fits and the social media masters are CENSORING internet influencer's before the mid-terms.

(Aug 08 2018) - Man at compound trained kids for school shooting
NEW MEXICO -- (AP) The father of a missing Georgia boy was training children at a New Mexico compound to commit school shootings, prosecutors said in court documents obtained Wednesday. The documents say Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was conducting weapons training with assault rifles at the compound near the Colorado border where 11 hungry children were found in filthy conditions. Prosecutor Timothy Hasson filed the documents while asking that Wahhaj be held without bail after he was arrested last week with four other adults facing child abuse charges.

(Aug 08 2018) - Crews getting control of colossal fire ...
CALIFORNIA -- (UPI) The largest fire in California history grew even larger Wednesday, but crews are getting more control over it, authorities said. The Mendocino Complex Fire -- which actually is made of two fires, the Ranch and River fires -- has now burned through more than 300,000 acres, Cal Fire said in an update Wednesday. The fire grew by nearly 10,000 acres since the last update Tuesday night. The blaze has grown into the largest in the state's history, and crews have until only recently struggled to get a handle on it.

(Aug 08 2018) - Indictment Unsealed: U.S. Congressman Arrested
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- See ... I told you guys (Aug 3rd) that RINO's as well democ-RATS are all caught up in the DOJ's dragnet of the DEEP STATE and SWAMP. And I mean everyone, especially all the paid consultants, lobbyists, and embassy staffs from other countries taking up good real-estate here in America. And all those "commie suck-ups" in UNITED NATIONS, whoa baby, you ain't seen nothing yet. BTW, the final round up (won't be the people) will be the judges, because of their off shore connection - primarily through the state bar associations - to England's continuous control of America's courts in relationship to commerce !!! Just wait and see ...

(Aug 08 2018) - Donald Trump hits the Daily Double !!!
AMERICA -- President Donald Trump is winning on all cylinders. First, Trump’s approval rating just hit 50% at Rasmussen. Trump is now 5 points higher than Barack Obama on the exact day of his second year in the White House. But what’s truly amazing is Trump has had well more than 90% negative news coverage. Meanwhile, Obama enjoyed an 8-year love-fest with the media. It was eight years of genuflecting and knighting Obama a hero. After all that, Trump beats him by 5 points. Amazing. Guess what this means? A majority of Americans don’t give a damn what the liberal mainstream media says any more

(Aug 08 2018) - How to permanently DELETE Facebook ...
U.S.A. -- (VPN Mentor) Are you living life or are you just talking about it? One of the biggest problems with Facebook is the more time we spend updating our profile and following other people’s lives, the less time we actually spend living. Of course, there are other concerns with Facebook, and there has been considerable controversy surrounding the company’s willingness to sell information to potential advertisers ... With Facebook constantly updating their privacy policies, you can’t simply hit delete and expect to disappear from the face of social media ... Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to perform the ultimate Facebook disappearing act ...

(Aug 07 2018) - Facebook Brazenly Asks Banks for Customers Info
AMERICA -- (PJ Media) Facebook has requested customer financial information from a number of U.S. banks without obtaining permission from users, according to a recent report. Included in the requests are credit card transactions and checking account balances for the customers. Facebook has spoken with JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup Inc. and U.S. Bancorp. Their requests are ostensibly to “help” their users by showing their checking account balances on their Facebook feed, making it easier to sell products and services.

(Aug 07 2018) - Pentagon Prohibits using GPS Services ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- GPS devices ??? Forget about it !!! No one tracks users cell phone locations any more. That's old school. They can now use your voice to locate you. Also they have the capability to use your body and DNA's frequencies to find you. How ??? Well, for starters, they've already quadrant off every inch of our planet into cubes and can tell when you have "biometrically" passed through or near them ... in real time. GPS devices - forget about it. You Are The GPS !!!

(Aug 06 2018) - How Rockefeller bankrolled Soviet Russia
AMERICA -- (By Jon Rappoport) In 1971, Gary Allen published his book, None Dare Call it Conspiracy. It quickly became an unofficial best seller. Over the years, several million copies have been sold. Allen’s thesis was stark: super-rich American capitalists were financing socialism. This bizarre paradox was resolved when socialism was properly understood—not as “power to the people”—but as elite power over the people. In other words, as a hoax. These days, the socialist hoax is still unknown to most of the population.

(Aug 06 2018) - Soldiers set to deploy to Fight Wildfires
CALIFORNIA -- The U.S. Army is set to deploy 200 active-duty soldiers to fight the deadly California wildfires after President Donald Trump declared the wildfires a “major disaster” on Sunday. Approximately 200 soldiers from the 14th Brigade Engineer Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Division located in the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington will deploy to California throughout the week to fight the deadly wildfires that have killed at least nine people thus far, according to Fox News. The troops will deploy after continuing to train fighting fires on base.

(Aug 05 2018) - A Major Bio-Terror Attack Is Coming ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Every now and again, I get reports like this sent to me, and I gotta tell you, many times GOD intervenes in these attacks ... mostly because "REAL CHRISTIANS" - who are intercessors - petition the Throne of GOD 24/7 for HIS MERCY !!! That's always been America's first line of defence ... not all of our advanced weaponry, technology or science - PRAYER !!! So, today is Sunday and a great time to PRAY for GOD's protection ... unless you "think" this is a game.

(Aug 05 2018) - 71% of Business Owners want more China Tariffs
AMERICA -- A majority of business owners, including small business owners, support additional tariffs on China, according to a poll released from UBS polling. A majority of business owners also supported additional tariffs on Mexico, Europe, and Canada. The poll revealed that 71 percent of business owners support additional tariffs on China. 66 percent of business owners said they support additional tariffs on Mexico and 64 percent said they supported additional tariffs on Europe. Further, 60 percent of business owners support additional tariffs on Canada.

(Aug 04 2018) - HOAX ? AI from aliens shut down power grid ?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Anybody smell a set up ??? Of course this is a set up !!! First, you create a scaremongering narrative in the minds of the masses. Next, guilt them to petition the gov't to establish another "WHAT IF" department, and then the gov't can blame the outer space aliens for destroying all of our computers and power grids. First of all, these aliens - early UFO researchers have warned - communicate telepathically like demons, and secondly, President Trump's SPACE FORCE will nip this DEEP STATE and DEEP SECRET alliance to destroy America in the bud. Just watch ...

(Aug 04 2018) - OMG! There was ANOTHER server & they all knew!
WASH D.C. -- Holy schnikes! The following intel means Comey / McCabe / Strzok /FBI knew about this other server AND let Hillary keep using it AND never said a damn word about it! How in the world are they gonna explain this when Congressional Oversight asks about it? They hid this for 2 years & are just rolling it out now. Brilliant. They’re all caught. They *can’t* explain it. Comey, McCabe, Strzok, they’re all caught. This was NEVER supposed to come out.

(Aug 04 2018) - Our Gov't Is Awash With Foreign Citizens
AMERICA -- Most Americans would be shocked if they knew how many foreign citizens are in our federal government—and at what levels. They don’t know because the mainstream media (or the conservative media, for that matter) almost never talks about it. It is one of the biggest secrets in Washington, D.C. Back in 2015, Michael Hager wrote a very important missive that appeared in The Hill. Hager said ...

(Aug 04 2018) - Shock Survey re: The First Amendment ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well ... there you go. Ignorance manifested by the masses. And, that's just the way these NEW WORLD ORDER ideologues and their nut-jobs in the Department of Education want it. I'm not surprised that those surveyed didn't "guess" that the First Amendment also protects their personal feelings - since feelings starts with the letter "F". Good LORD !!! Folks, these lemmings are looking for a cliff to jump off of, kinda like what the MSM has done recently.

U.S.A. -- There is an all out assault taking place in nearly every community against private property ownership. It’s being perpetrated at every level of government and funded by taxpayer grants. Yet few property owners raise objections, mainly because today most don’t have the basic understanding of the right of property ownership and its vital place in preserving our nation’s prosperity, economic stability and foundation of freedom. Most Americans tend to think of private property simply as a home — the place where the family resides, store their belongings and find shelter and safety from the elements.

(Aug 03 2018) - What Are They HIDING? DOJ Defies Lawsuit ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- What is DOJ Sessions hiding in this FBI investigation ??? The communications from all congressional and senatorial representatives - meaning all democrats and all republicans. You see, my little friend, republicans are also caught up in this dragnet and Jeff Sessions is delaying these requests for transparency until after the mid-term elections. Loosing RINO's and #NeverTrumpers - like McCain - could cause a blue wave. (I said could, not would) So, pray for GOD's intervention and protection for President Trump. I do ...

(Aug 02 2018) - Mueller let child porn processor off easy
SANTA ROSA, CA. -- David Asimov, of Living Oak Court, Bennett Ridge, Santa Rosa, CA, the son of the late science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, was sentenced on March 28, 2001 to six months' home detention with electronic monitoring and three years federal probation for possessing child pornography. The US Attorney who made that deal with Asimov? Robert S. Mueller III, who is currently Special Counsel of the United States, investigating President Trump on (phony) allegations of "Russia Collusion." Why would Robert Mueller give such a sweetheart plea deal to one of the biggest child porn producers in California?

(Aug 02 2018) - Vatican Laptops Seized in Pedophile Bust
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Folks, you need to understand how horrible this issue really is !!! It's not just catholic clergy and protestant pastors committing these horrific crimes against our children, pedophilia is darn near in every vocation and profession. It's in every country and in the halls of every government and all their agencies. If drugs weren't the number one business on the planet, pedophilia and sex crimes would be. Look, you can't change these perverts, you gotta LOCK THEM UP and pray that GOD can change them, or NEVER LET THEM OUT !!!

(Aug 02 2018) - Mel Gibson: Hollywood's a ‘Den Of Parasites’
CALIFORNIA -- Hollywood studios are “drenched in the blood of innocent children” according to Mel Gibson who claims the consumption of “baby blood is so popular in Hollywood that it basically operates as a currency of its own.” Hollywood elites are an “enemy of mankind continually acting contrary to our best interests” & “breaking every God given taboo known to man, including the sanctity of children,” Mel Gibson said in London. “It’s an open secret in Hollywood. These people have their own religious & spiritual teachings & their own social & moral frameworks. They have their sacred texts - they are sick, believe me - and they couldn’t be more at odds with what America stands for.”

(Aug 01 2018) - Feinstein had a Chinese spy connection ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well jeepers-Louise ... let's just give Dianne Feinstein a pass, 'cause she wasn't aware that her Chinese driver and part-time gopher was passing intel over to his COMMUNIST handlers. And this story is now making headlines ??? Folks, DiFi, who was on the Senate Intel Committee at that time - and still is - should have stepped down ... unless there's more to these findings by the CIA - who was spied on her and the Intel Committee - which has yet to be reveal. Shame -shame - shame !!!

(Aug 01 2018) - Freemasonry to accept transgenders into lodges
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay kiddies ... here's one of freemasonry's creepy - coming out of the closet - secrets, transgenderism ... or as this 29 page (PDF) calls it, "Lucifer: the Divine Androgen, Ancient god of Modern Transgender Movement". Yes, these NEW WORLD ORDER nut-jobs over in England are now accepting into their luciferian lodges, women who use to be men, which were already "raised" as masons. Listen, if you disrobe these baphomet believers, you'll see their sexual perversions, favoring occult inclinations in their rituals, and exposes their end-time-endeavours.

(Jul 31 2018) - CALIFORNIA FIRESTORMS : Geoengineered ???
CALIFORNIA -- “No one is debating that California has experienced its fair share of natural wildfires over the decades, especially when the Santa Ana winds are blowing. However, the last few years have seen a developing pattern of wildfires & fire-storms that have a major man-made component. First, the geoengineers artificially create the weather patterns that push various parts of the state into dry spells and or full-blown drought conditions. Over the months the dried out vegetation becomes kindling during the wildfire season. Now that everyone knows that forest fires & brush fires start spontaneously during the hot months, the geoengineers utilize fire-starting technologies that literally act as “flamethrowers” that “rain down fire from the skies”.

(Jul 31 2018) - Trump Attorney: No Collusion, Probe Must End
WASH D.C. -- There is no evidence of any collusion involving President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and Russia, and special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation must come to an end, Jay Sekulow, a member of the president's legal team, insisted Tuesday. "Collusion is not a crime," Sekulow told "Fox & Friends," echoing the president's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani's comments from Monday. "There's no evidence of any collusion here involving our client and the Russians," Sekulow continued. "Let's make that factual statement for the record here."

(Jul 31 2018) - Illuminati Defector Detailed Pervasive Conspiracy
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Test yourself by CLICKING HERE !!! Look, as one of GOD's Watchmen, I have come across many individuals who have come out of these extremely bizarre and traumatising occult arenas and I'm here to tell you, the most disparaging TRUTH about this dated article is this ... most who are made aware of these satanic situations, choose to look the other way and do nothing, including Christians, 'cause it's too unreal to believe. BELIEVE IT ... 'cause these occult practitioners do !!!

(Jul 30 2018) - California schools aren’t exactly leading
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Just about every year, organization(s) survey the educational outcomes of California's students and issue ideas on how to improve schools. Taking in the shorts - as usual - are the students and parents. From my personal experience as a substitute high school teacher for Monache and Porterville, good teachers, with a good curriculum can teach students to become good learners ... regardless of salary. I'm tellin' you, there's a lot of money being thrown at a bad education system, and teachers unions want even more.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- One of President Trump's promises he made, and now kept, was to commission several people to look into why so many children and seniors were having negative and harmful reactions after receiving vaccinations. Heading this new commission is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and you can stay up on all the latest research and findings at this web site called the World Mercury Project, of which he also heads up.

(Jul 29 2018) - JAMA Study : Flu Shots Are Killing Elderly Citizens
AMERICA -- Senior citizens are being killed in record numbers as a result of the flu vaccine, a disturbing JAMA study has found. According to data collected by the study, 60 percent of people aged 65-years and over have a massively increased risk of death if they receive the flu shot. Sharyl Attkisson, former investigative journalist for CBS, says the study highlights how those vaccines may actually be killing lives rather than saving them.

(Jul 29 2018) - The Power Of Comfortable Beliefs
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Today is Sunday - a day in which millions of Christians world-wide will attend church and become cleansed from evil experiences as a result of living in a Mad, Mad, World. At least, that's what they say. Come Monday - since all is forgiven and or forgotten - the cycle of secularism begins again and by days end, Sunday morning Christians have been re-absorbed and are now out of their comfort beliefs and comfort zones. Why ? The Answer's In The BIBLE ... so, for GOD's sakes ... READ IT !!!

(Jul 29 2018) - Major Catholic Report re: Homosexual Priests
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, you can't fix these freaks, homosexuals and paedophiles. They will increase in numbers until laws in every country will mandate that you respect their life styles or be imprisoned yourselves. And if that happens, it will happen because of your compromising convictions, causing eternal harm to all who follow. Listen, they're angry at GOD and want to take it out on you. The catholic church - like hundreds of protestant churches - are changing their doctrines to accommodate these misfits. You don't have to !!!

(Jul 29 2018) - #MeToo Finally Hits the Vatican ...
VATICAN -- As the #MeToo movement exploded last year after Hollywood elites were outed as pedophiles and rapists, the Catholic church remained entirely silent. Despite rampant abuse allegations, top church officials being investigated, and countless alleged victims coming forward, the Vatican remained out of the spotlight of the #MeToo movement — until now. What sets this apart from previous allegations against the church is the fact that the first time the #MeToo movement has hit the Vatican, it was brought by nuns.

(Jul 28 2018) - Are water shortages being engineered ... ???
NEW WORLD ORDER -- Since 1970, worldwide water consumption has doubled, yet 1.3 billion people still don’t have access to clean water. The scarcity of clean water leaves hundreds of millions of people at risk of contracting deadly disease every year. Approximately 2.2 million people die annually from diseases related to contaminated drinking water and poor sanitation. There’s no vaccine that can solve this crisis: Only clean water, proper sanitation, and nutrition can prevent these deadly diseases and save lives.

(Jul 27 2018) - Paul Harvey - Freedom To Chains - 1965
AMERICA -- Paul Harvey, was an American radio broadcaster. He broadcast “News and Comment” on weekday mornings and mid-days, and at noon on Saturdays, as well as his famous “The Rest of the Story” segments. Paul Harvey News was carried on 1,200 radio stations, 400 Armed Forces Network stations and 300 newspapers. His broadcasts and newspaper columns have been reprinted in the Congressional Record more than those of any other commentator.

(Jul 27 2018) - Nunes calls for ban on electronic voting systems
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Now we're talkin' !!! Congressman Devin Nunes is now convinced that the electronic voting systems used in many states are vulnerable to hacking and or mechanical malfeasance and should be BANNED !!! As great as those words are, they're only words. A paper trail - which most courts require in declarations - are hard to come by when an electronic trail is controlled or manipulated by evil doers. So ... please contact Congressman Nunes in Visalia (559) 733-3861 or in Wash D.C. (202) 225-2523 to shore up his convictions and facts. Thanks ...

(Jul 27 2018) - Moratorium on facial-recognition technology
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT !!! This will always be the initial outcome when Artificial Intelligence lays claim to the identity of someone assumed to be a criminal. It's called PROFILING !!! Remember ??? Many folks were incarcerated - back in the day - when false accusations and witnesses testified against innocent individuals in a court of law. Subsequently hundreds of discrimination law suits were filed and won. So ... how in the name of truth and justice can an innocent person fight against Artificial (false) Intelligence and win ??? They can't. Human intervention is required. However, in Congress' case, this "Facial Rekognition" (AI) may be right.

(Jul 26 2018) - It's Official : America Has A Traitor Problem
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Seeping with satanic insolence, these embedded anti-Americans have taken that which was created for the good of everyone - The United States Constitution - and have used it for their own self interest. Additionally, these employees of the people, have biased the Bill of Rights in their favor - sheltering all kinds of crooks, criminals and conspirators with traitorous tendencies. In times of war, they'd be arrested, convicted and put to death. They know it, and so does President Trump.

(Jul 26 2018) - Christian Men Are Kneeling In The Face Of Darkness
AMERICA -- Christian Men are So Soft. I don’t think there is a nice way to say it ... especially if you are not really concerned about being nice. It has reached the point where I am almost embarrassed to identify with the sissified men I see representing Christianity. What in the world has happened to us? Why is the average Christian man so unlike the Christian men that we find in the Bible? Biblical men were real men. The fought evil, spoke the Truth, and usually ended up in trouble with the authorities of their day.

(Jul 25 2018) - Biblical Illiterates Reverse Romans 13 ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's the reason why Romans Chapter 13 is preached this way. Pastors, preachers and priests do not want to become the target of any government authority, let alone their churches board of directors. They FEAR being FIRED by the church or imprisoned by the government. That is it !!! Secondly, their parishioners don't want to hear the truth either. They want their ears tickled and their laodicean life styles left alone. Standing against an evil government entails sacrifices and consequences, and neither one will OBEY the BIBLE re: the truth !!!

(Jul 25 2018) - Visalia & Porterville - Least Educated Cities ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, it is - what it is. Visalia and Porterville are at the bottom of a newly released survey from WalletHub, reporting that these two cities are among the least educated cites in America. Now, I'm sure there's gonna be some disagreement re: this survey from Tulare County Office of Education (link), but their findings are what they are. TCOE and Superintendent of Schools - Jim Vidak - should take notice ... 'cause the curriculum is the culprit.

(Jul 24 2018) - Washington Post : 'God Bless the Deep State' ???
WASH D.C. -- “God bless the ‘deep state’” is the title of an op-ed written by Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson praising the efforts of the “Deep State” to frustrate the actions of President Donald Trump. “God bless them,” Robinson wrote in his column for Friday. “With a supine Congress unwilling to play the role it is assigned by the Constitution, the deep state stands between us and the abyss.” “The abyss”? Just how bad does Robinson think Trump is?

(Jul 24 2018) - FBI Corruption ... Decades in a Nutshell
WASH D.C. -- Is there just a little corruption in DC? From 2001 to 2005 there was an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation. A Grand Jury had been empaneled. Governments from around the world had donated to the “Charity”. Yet, from 2001 to 2003 none of those “Donations” to the Clinton Foundation was declared. Hmmm, now you would think that an honest investigator would be able to figure this out. Guess who took over this investigation in 2002? Bet you can’t guess. None other than James Comey. Now, that’s interesting, isn’t it?

(Jul 24 2018) - New Sex Scandals for the Catholic Church ...
VATICAN -- After the mass resignation of the Chilean bishops that I wrote about earlier this year, today the Chilean national prosecutor has enrolled 158 members of the Catholic Church in the register of suspects for committing or covering-up sexual abuse against minors and adults. This is a real catastrophe for the Vatican, obscuring the Catholic church once again, in the eyes of the world. Among the suspects of this massive child abuse case in Chile (either as protagonists or accomplices) are a large number of bishops, priests and lay people connected to the Church, and these cases go back almost 60 years. MORE ...

(Jul 23 2018) - Trump May Revoke Security Clearances
WHITE HOUSE -- President Trump is exploring “mechanisms” for revoking the security clearances of former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former National Security Agency Michael Hayden, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said certain officials have “politicized and in some cases monetized their public service and security clearances” and made “baseless accusations” against Trump concerning Russia.

(Jul 23 2018) - BANG : Another China Vaccine Scandal !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- In my past vocation as a Licensed Psychiatric Technician, I was trained in just about every aspect of medications, specifically their side effects and contraindications. In collage we were lectured multiples times re: the misuse and overuse of med's, especially antibiotics. But BIG PHARMA - once they got the green light to advertise (non-stop) on T.V. re: all the wonderful reasons to ask your Dr. for one of their PILLS that KILL - for 30 years, made tons of money and the FAKE NEWS made a killing too.

(Jul 23 2018) - The Biometric Mirror Project ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Artificial Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence. Just like other products attempting to corral the market, (AI's) will war against other (AI's), attempting to prove their worth. However, if their product is virtually the same as all the others, and congress mandates it be the same due to the Internet of Things (IOT), then what these warring (AI's) will do is compete for more trans-human interactions ... "with benefits". Yup, they're artificially working on that experience too.

(Jul 22 2018) - Who Will Stand For America ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Last week at a secular businessmen’s luncheon I sat at a table with mostly Christians. They were very polite and very churchy. Too churchy if you ask me. Their Christianity was on hold and so I basically took the lead - due to their silence - and directed the narrative for The LORD. Issues which I put on the table included freemasonry - my favourite subject - islam and the local mosque, and politics. As hard as I tried to engage these church goers to share their faith, mum was their word for the day. Maybe next time they'll stand up and say something and quit being so POLITICALLY CORRECT !!!

(Jul 22 2018) - Clapper: Obama behind Russian Witch Hunt
WASH D.C. -- Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, came clean on CNN and stated that former President Obama was behind spying on President Trump! James Clapper was on CNN yesterday and he stated that Obama was behind spying on President Trump and all the corrupt and criminal actions involving the government, including the Mueller investigation - According to Obama’s former spy chief, James Clapper, who appeared on CNN to say it was Obama who set the entire Russia witch-hunt into motion by tasking the intelligence community assessment.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For your weekend reading, here are a couple of web sites that you may want to BOOKMARK after perusing their info. One is called ChemtrailsNews.com and the second is called Lies.News. Both appear to update their info at least once a week - maybe more. They're also prominent in aggregating links to other well written reports and documentation. And as usual, when you guys come across interesting web sites, let me know, and I'll place them on the POST.

(Jul 21 2018) - Chemtrails: The Tools Of Slavery & Transhumanism
AMERICA -- There's no longer any pretence in the validity of chemtrails, or geoengineering. NASA, CIA & many other institutions have come out & openly admitted to the activity. What is not discussed is why & how this program came into being or what it's for. It's far more than weather modification, this much is clear, the effects on the population around the world has been explosive, yet the MSM acts as if the issue is still in the sphere of conspiracy theory. One comes to the conclusion life is becoming ever more inverted into a sphere of death, for the planet & all its species.

(Jul 21 2018) - 14 SPONSORS to BOYCOTT from THE VIEW
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- 'Bout the only way that these foul mouthed hypocrites in Holly-weird can be cured of their "Arrested Development" is a good ole' fashion BOYCOTT. For all she's worth - dang near nothin' - Whoppie Goldberg (stage name) is and always will be a FAKE ACTOR !!! They all are !!! Why do you think they call it acting ??? And if that talk show - The View - does not FIRE HER for attacking a guest on the show, then a BOYCOTT is the most adult and appropriate action to take ... at this time.

(Jul 20 2018) - Mueller Grants Podesta ‘Full Immunity’ ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay ... if Mueller is gonna give the paedophile brothers - Tony & John Podesta - immunity to testi-LIE about Manafort - for basically being an unregistered agent, then congress ought to do the same by calling in all of Mueller's unregistered and registered agents for questioning re: his doings as a government employee in the URANIUM ONE deal. I'm tellin' you, the DOJ needs to mandate a drop dead date on this witch hunt ASAP. More, just around the corner ...

(Jul 19 2018) - Peter Strzok's "insurance policy" ... his WIFE ???
WASH D.C. -- Melissa Hodgman-Strzok was put in charge of the Clinton Foundation investigation 3 weeks before the last Presidential election. She's been blocking it ever since. Mrs. Strzok is Associate Director of the Enforcement Division of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). She heads their International Division. She reviews the evidence & determines what international securities, fraud, and other financial cases will be prosecuted by the DOJ, and investigated by the FBI. If she does nothing, investigations like the Clinton Foundation go no where !!!

(Jul 19 2018) - Engineering perception for THE NEW WORLD
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Jon Rappaport, in unraveling the NEW WORLD ORDER and it's goal of reducing the masses mind-sets into a politically correct amalgam, destroys this satanic synthesis and the lefts false narrative of freedom. Look, unless you enjoy being hypnotized by the MSM or - since you avoid any confrontation caused by truth - enjoy self hypnosis, his well written report will - in fact - either set you free, or cause more derangement syndromes and neuroses. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED !!!

(Jul 18 2018) - THE HELSINKI PLAY
WHITE HOUSE -- President Trump has come under fire from left & right for his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Ever since assuming office, Trump has shown that he's much shrewder than anybody ever suspected. Not just a little shrewder, either, or a tad smarter, or a bit quicker. In chess terms, he's several plays ahead. He lets people think they've won, and a week or two down the road, they realize they've been had. He has done this repeatedly. Some in his corner always shout "sellout" & ultimately we see heads being handed back to fast-blinking doubters.

(Jul 18 2018) - Everyone Is Smart ... Except Trump
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And now, a few encouraging words from The American Spectator re: President Trump vs them-there idiots in the MSM. I know this article is about a 5 minute read - if no one calls or tweets - and it's a mano-a-mano read, if you know what I mean. Snowflakes and liberals, listen, unless you have your mental health insurance claim all filled out, you best start clickin' down the road, 'cause this much truth could really do you in.

(Jul 18 2018) - Largest Voting Machine Vendor in US Admits Its Systems Had Remote-Access Software Installed
U.S.A. -- A bombshell revelation on the security of voting in the United States has just surfaced in the form of a letter from the country’s largest voting machine manufacturer. The company, Election Systems and Software (ES&S) admitted that despite denying previous allegations of its voting systems coming installed with remote-access software, their systems did, indeed, allow for remote connections. In a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), written in April, but only released this week, the company acknowledged that it had installed software that made the systems remotely accessible from anywhere.

(Jul 18 2018) - Brennan Under Fire After Strzok Outed ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Loyalties ... who needs them when there's so much moolah in the mix. Folks, most everyone has a price - I said most - and if money ain't your thing, then these DEEP STATE serpents joyously go to plan B - BLACK MALE. It's a tried and true practice, and it starts out by smearing their subject(s). This is where the MSM - already paid off - mixes in, like hamburger helper, once the meat's in the pan. For now Brennan, Comey, Strzok and Clinton are deflecting at Mach 5 with their hair on fire, hoping the MSM will bamboozle the belligerents and confound congress. Well I'm here to tell ya'll ... IT AIN'T WORKING !!!

(Jul 17 2018) - Coming Coup Against Trump
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay ... even though the MSM squabbles FAKE NEWS 24/7, that's still covered under the First amendment. However, when they collectively opine directives from ex-agents to incite a coup against a sitting president, then they've broken a public trust, and should be considered hostile. And obvious to millions are the overt attempts by the MSM in fermenting angst, animosity an abject anger at President Trump, when all he wants to do - like John Lennon - is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

(Jul 17 2018) - The Left’s Love for Russian Dictators, 'cept Putin
AMERICA -- At one time, the leader of Russia could do no wrong. Even Joseph Stalin, a bloodthirsty tyrant who subjugated most of eastern Europe and was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of his own people, was praised by many in the United States. Some — such as leftist folk singer Woody Guthrie — even wrote a column defending Stalin’s unprovoked invasion of Poland in 1939. Today, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is certainly no George Washington, but is also no Stalin, is the subject of more hatred among the American establishment than any of the string of dictators that ruled Russia after Stalin.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yup ... always follow the money. And today we just heard - via Putin's exit speech - that $400,000,000 Million Dollars was donated to Hillary's campaign by a Russian American British billionaire (Mr. Browder) who has never paid taxes to Russia or the U.S. on money earned illegally. I had to play this Youtube video several times (before it's removed) to fully hear what was being said - basically HILLARY'S HINNIE is in the HOT SEAT !!!

(Jul 16 2018) - Peter Strzok "IS" a Double Agent !!!
WASH D.C. -- A unclassified document printed on FBI letterhead dated Jan 20, 2016, which contains the subject line “Supplemental Classification Review & Determination” was addressed to the Bureau of National Security’s Assistant Secretary Gregory B. Starr from Peter Strzok who is listed as “Section Chief” of the “Counterespionage Section” in reference to Strzok’s CIA post. Keep in mind, this is not an FBI post as Strzok’s position at the FBI is “Deputy Assistant Director Counterintelligence Division” not “Section Chief” which is a CIA post. The bombshell information published first on BrassBalls.blog reveals that the “joint CIA/FBI position was created by Congress in 1996” which allowed Strzok to hold both posts.

(Jul 15 2018) - Rand Paul: Russia's Always Going To Meddle ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay, it's Sunday and time to "Post" the TRUTH !!! Look, spies all over the world know who each other are. They play bump-in-the-dark games all the time. To name their names - like Deputy AG Rosenstein did in this indictment - destroys these interactions and connections on both sides. My hunch is these Russian names are gimmies who'll take one for the team. Because that's the game and that's the risk. You got a leak, plug it up with a patsy, deny everything, and deflect what you're accuse of doing onto your accusers. See how simple that was ...

(Jul 14 2018) - The Left’s Stain On History
U.S.A. -- Throughout the annals of history, particularly here in the United states of America there has been a constant battle between those who hate what is good. One can go all the way back to the time of Nimrod a certain percentage of mankind have sought to centralize government and lord over the people through force and in direct opposition to what is good. It goes without saying that the mission was and continues to make anything other than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the central focus of life.

(Jul 14 2018) - Obama ordered U.S. to Surrender to Russia ???
WASH D.C. -- Former president Obama gave a “stand down” order when Russia was suspected of conducting cyberattacks during the 2016 election. During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, National Security Council cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel confirmed that Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice ordered Daniel to halt any investigations into potential Russian cyberattacks. Freebeacon.com reports: Daniel was quoted saying to his team that they had to stop working on options to counter the Russians: “We’ve been told to stand down.”

(Jul 14 2018) - Trump : Why didn’t Obama do something ???
WASH D.C. -- President Trump on Saturday reacted to the indictment of 12 Russian military officers “for conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election” by blaming former President Obama and the “deep state.” “The stories you heard about the 12 Russians yesterday took place during the Obama Administration, not the Trump Administration,” he tweeted from Scotland. “Why didn’t they do something about it, especially when it was reported that President Obama was informed by the FBI in September, before the Election?”

(Jul 14 2018) - 12 Russians Indicted ... Zero Americans !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Hearing Rosenstein's speech on July 13th re: these indictments, most investigators heard ... "There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result." Between the lines ... I heard this ... “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen (AGENT) committed a crime ...” Now you see and hear more clearly. Dep' AG Rosenstein just gave himself and these agents a pass - like they did in the Hillary investigation - by saying no "American committed a crime." Dirty dogs of war ...

(Jul 14 2018) - FedGov Admits it DOES NOT Track Vaccine safety
WASH D.C. -- Childhood vaccines are dangerous and the ONE government agency required to track vaccine safety, admitted in court this week they have completely failed to do so since 1987. In a staggering admission in federal court, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) admitted ... that under Title 42, United States Code, 300aa-27(c), it is required to report every two years to Congress about vaccine safety, adverse reactions, and other aspects of vaccinations in the United States, but it has completely failed to do so since 1987.

(Jul 13 2018) - California’s CRAZY Vaccination Policy !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Let's just start by saying that BIG PHARMA is a side effect !!! They've found a way around laws - with the help of many politicians - to forestall and or amend most litigations. They've agreed to fund a billion dollar injury court, where you have to prove that their vaccinations or medications caused serious and or life threatening harm, or you don't get any compensation. Folks, these snake oil salesmen are making a killing - literally - off of you and me, and the law is on their side. And now Californian's have NO EXEMPTIONS re: refusing vaccinations !!!

(Jul 13 2018) - ARE YOU "PAYING" FOR FAKE NEWS ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Just this last year, I have noticed more FAKE NEWS web sites are requiring you to subscribe (pay money) to their renditions before you can log-in and read any of their offerings, opinions or objections. And this is a good thing - because that's driving the public to look for free sites, like the Porterville Post, and thousands of other FREEDOM LOVING links. I'm tellin' you, the MSM ain't making much money doin' this, they're making the masses mad - undeniably a NEW WORLD ORDER objective.

(Jul 13 2018) - A New Technology To Control The Human Brain
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Artificial Intelligence is FAKE Intelligence !!! This is why it's called "Artificial". And yet folks think it's trustworthy. Secondly (AI) uploads what's assumed as legit intelligence or info, previously uploaded by humans - either from FAKE science labs or from FAKE social media. Thirdly, (AI) will eventually be re-classified as human intelligence once the social engineering algorithms of (AI) overloads the masses by altering the minds frequencies or dimensions. There's no other conclusions - None !!!

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- President Trump has drawn a line in the sand (6 months in length) for NATO re: increasing their fair share of defence spending (or the U.S. is out) and then levels Germany with the truth re: being on the take (natural gas) with Russia. And the MSM, well they're aghast, and are still stumbling on how to spin this. I'm tellin' you, Trump ain't taking no prisoners, and for sure - when he eventually meets with Putin - he's gonna bring up that URANIUM ONE deal, and nip-that-in-the-bud, while collecting real intel on Hillary's pay-to-play collusions with Russia.

(Jul 11 2018) - Trump Reads NATO the Riot Act Over Breakfast
NATO -- During a breakfast with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, President Trump Wednesday kicked off the NATO Summit by wondering why Germany is getting so much of its gas from Russia and is building yet another pipeline to get yet more. From Trump’s remarks, which I’ve stitched together: Germany is totally controlled by Russia. You tell me if that’s appropriate because I think it’s not. The former chancellor of Germany is head of the pipeline company that’s supplying the gas. You tell me, is that appropriate?

(Jul 10 2018) - THE NEW FACE OF WAR !!!
MEXICO -- When we say or write the word “war” battlefield images come to mind, but in this day there are new kinds of war. Mexico, under the guide of the corrupt PRI Communist party has discovered money and power in sending their poor people north to work in America and send money home. It is now the second leading source of income for the nation of Mexico. The first is DRUG SALES. The soldier of choice for Mexico is a teenager who could not get an education or job in Mexico, but he can be a drug “mule” on his way to America.

U.S.A. -- The Democratic Party, along with its shills in the MSM, has misleadingly blurred the lines between the definition of "immigrant" & "invader." An immigrant is an alien who has been granted the right to permanently reside in the United States by U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. An "invader," as defined by Merriam Webster, is one who "trespasses, encroaches & infringes upon another's property." The U.S. is our collective home & those who come here without seeking & gaining permission to enter our collective home are no different than an uninvited guest who enters our personal home to take up residence without permission.

(Jul 10 2018) - 5 Things re: POTUS pick for SCOTUS
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Last night President Trump picked Judge Brett Kavanaugh to secede Justice Kennedy, and I - like hundreds of other investigators - are still picking though Trump's pick. For sure he has a judicial paper trail, and that's gonna take some time to parse, but for now, I'm gonna softball this one. Why ? Well a couple of things. First, the Senate might not confirm Kavanaugh, and second Trump also knows he'll be replacing Ginsberg as well - maybe sooner than later - and this will shore up the base by 2020. So, for now, enjoy watching the liberals walk the plank and snowflakes have meltdowns - I will (LOL).

(Jul 09 2018) - SCOTUS Justice Claims Constitution is Outdated
WASH D.C. -- 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has told a foreign TV audience that the Constitution of the United States is “outdated” and inferior to the South African Constitution, raising serious concerns regarding her mental state and suitability for ongoing employment. Conservatives are often ridiculed for criticizing liberal activist judges who fail to respect the Constitution.

(Jul 09 2018) - Mass Exodus From The Church ???
AMERICA -- We are witnessing a religious shift that is unprecedented in size and scope in American history. With each passing year, the percentage of Americans that claim no religious affiliation is growing, and this trend is especially pronounced among our young people. If things continue to steadily move in this direction, that is going to have enormous implications for the future of our society. The United States was founded by people that were extremely committed to their faith, and now we are rapidly becoming a nation where people are choosing no religion at all.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- What exactly is THE MIND ??? Everyone agrees that we have one, some say half-a-mind, but all-in-all, we have something in, or around our body that signals to other parts of our body to do, or not to do. Some default to voluntary, while many side in with involuntary. And this is where millions are spent trying to uncover the thoughts and frequencies of the mind. Why ? Because the mind is the repository of all creations, dimensions and time travel - especially if you're a Christian.

(Jul 08 2018) - How Big is the Global Drug Trade ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- How big ??? It's the number one business on the planet. Bar None !!! To start with, every gov't and bank in every country benefits from the skimmed proceeds or pay-offs from these DOPE DEALINGS !!! If it wasn't for drugs, cops would be out of work. The military couldn't win wars. Banks couldn't meet their goals, and Wall Street couldn't gamble any more. DRUGS = PHARMAKEIA = WITCHCRAFT Period - Paragraph !!!

(Jul 08 2018) - Is Devin Nunes out to dismantle Deep State ???
WASH D.C. -- Sure looks that way, based on the torrent of referrals he has made to seek testimony from a combined total of 42 Obama minions, all of whose names came up in a series of three letters sent to fellow House chairmen outlining the names of those that Nunes's House Intelligence Committee wants to get some answers from. The topic, of course, is how the Obama admin' got its tainted FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign officials, in the heat of a presidential campaign, without telling Trump. Were they spying, and spying for political purposes in a way that just happened to benefit themselves?

(Jul 07 2018) - Army Corps to raise spillway at Success Lake
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The Army Corps of Engineers will spend $74 million to enlarge Success Lake east of Porterville, doubling flood protection for the city & boosting the water supply for farmers. It’s not the only Army Corps project in the majority leader’s district that got major funding. Lake Isabella in Kern County is getting $258 million for a dam safety modification project. Porterville Mayor Milt Stowe credited House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, for getting the money for the local project that area officials have been working on for years.

(Jul 07 2018) - Every time Trump tweets, an angel gets its wings
WHITE HOUSE -- It is clear to anyone paying attention that the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 election has driven the leftists of America stark raving mad - all of them except those who have joined the Walk Away movement. Those not similarly open-minded hate him with a passion bordering on insanity. Maxine Waters has been a thoroughly corrupt member of the House for decades. In spite of her malfeasance, her constituents keep voting for her, though she does nothing for them.

(Jul 07 2018) - CIA tweets congratulations to Russia ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- What's going on ??? Is the CIA sending a secret message - via twitter - to Russia disguised as a congratulations for making it to the semi-finals in the World Soccer games ??? Is there some collusion going on with Russia and the CIA ??? Wait 'til President Trump hears about this. LORD knows, he'll tweet someone a new nick-name over this wasteful use of CIA time, or FIRE another department head - no doubt - connected to the DEEP STATE.

(Jul 07 2018) - Bot vs. Bot ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Just how far will these bots go - amped up on artificial intelligence ??? All the way !!! They'll calculate all decisions you think your making, send them off to an (AI) blender - geographically assigned for that area - and generate feedback that you thought was your own. Folks, there is no other end-game with all this technology, other than controlling you from the womb to the tomb. George Orwell - in his wildest dreams - would've had nightmares re: this.

(Jul 06 2018) - REAL.VIDEO - A New Safe & Secure Alternative
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, today is the day where a new on-line video platform is launched - REAL.VIDEO - which up-loaders will have fewer surveillance and restrictive worries than those imposed by social media manipulators like youtube and FAKEBOOK. Mike Adams, the founder of REAL.VIDEO, has stuck his neck out on this venture, so please pray for him and this new operation. So, ditch your other on-line media masters and join REAL.VIDEO, and together we can Make Internet Real Again !!!

(Jul 06 2018) - US & UK Now DNA-Testing Migrant Children
UK & US -- Both the UK and US are now using DNA testing on migrant children who have entered the country illegally, according to CNN and the Independent. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said Thursday that the agency would be using DNA testing as a “faster” and more reliable method of reuniting separated migrant children with their parents, reports CNN. “The safety and security is paramount and that it is not uncommon for children to be trafficked or smuggled by those claiming to be parents.

(Jul 06 2018) - Ancient God of the Modern Transgender Movement
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Today I came across this extremely well researched article (PDF), from "HaveYouNotRead.com" about the whole transgender movement and it's historic connections to all kinds of occult symbolism and pagan worshipping of anything hermaphroditic. And, if you didn't already know, the old Knights Templars object of their worship, the BAPHOMET - which got them excommunicated from the Catholic Church and later killed - is also featured (pg 6) in this synopsis of Satan's synthesis of this sickness.

(Jul 05 2018) - A New World Order & Currency in 2018 ???
NEW WORLD ORDER -- With Global debt reaching unprecedented and unserviceable levels it has got me thinking where this is all going. It has been 30 Years since the Rothschild publication “The Economist” suggested on their front cover that there would be a new World currency in 2018. If you do not know who the Rothschilds are basically they are the richest family in the World and have a long history in banking and finance.

(Jul 05 2018) - Back from a 4th of July Mini Vaction
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes, I was gone a few days for the 4th of July and had a great time. I traveled to Sacramento to visit a few family members and friends, and learned a few more tricks re: politics and these political place-holders at the Capitol. The weather was great, as was all the food and festivities, and I picked up a tan from all the swimming I did with my grandkids. Tomorrow, (July 6th) I'll hit the ground running early, making sure that all of our loyal readers are up to speed.

(Jul 02 2018) - Mueller Gained Access to NRA Tax Filings ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- ATTENTION ON DECK !!! Muellers investigation has taken on the NRA with an evil IRS tact. Looking for any kinda connection re: the Russia collusion and if they donated any money to the NRA, Muller has basically targeted every NRA member with possible IRS investigations lurking in the winds - especially if any NRA member is a Trump supporter. Sure as shootin' every second amendment soldier and citizen was just alerted to this un-speakable and un-American action. To millions of Americans ... THIS MEANS WAR !!!

(Jul 02 2018) - Shadow Gov't Hates U.S. Independence Day
U.S.A. -- The only conclusion any honest American citizen can come to is that the Republic is dead. Once again the flags wave and the songs play as the parades march to celebrate another 4th of July. Picnic meals are eaten while children frolic in the warn sunshine of summer. Few people reflect on the true meaning that established the solemn commemoration of the nation’s birth. The reality of this post federation of independent state sovereignty is that a centralized federal behemoth has superseded the original intent of Thomas Jefferson’s vision ...

(Jul 02 2018) - Democrats go to war with civilization ...
U.S.A. -- You may remember a time when Democrats called for free speech, civil liberties and a stronger America. Now, they’ve gone “full retard,” as the saying goes, and their mindless minions are marching nationwide, demanding: Abolishing all U.S. borders and welcoming an unlimited tidal wave of illegals to flood the country. Abolishing all U.S. prisons and releasing violent criminal felons into the streets of America. Abolishing all private-sector businesses and implementing a centrally-planned, government-run fascist economy to control everything.

(Jul 01 2018) - Is Trump the Most Fun President Ever ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well yeah !!! Unless you have a hitch in your get-a-long, laughing loudly at the lunicidal left should be a daily routine. And President Trump, well, he's the "Master of Ceremony" on Twitter and his one paragraph monologues are priceless. He's got a new nick-name for just about every idiot espousing any anti-American ideology, plus an award-winning answer for every false narrative which the FAKE NEWS spews. He's a mans-man with a New York attitude and says it like it is. Honestly refreshing ...

(Jul 01 2018) - Prince William Pledges To Make Peace ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For sure, this little visit by the Prince William to Jerusalem - with a side trip to his "Great Grandmothers" tomb - says more about his Judeo-Christian ROYAL BLOODLINE than his commitment to peace in Jerusalem, let alone the middle east. Why ??? Because it's the Hebraic Bloodline and ancestral genealogy which governs the affairs of Israel, and without that connection there can be no peace. Some have speculated years ago that Prince William had enough end-time markers and could end up as The ANTI-CHRIST. What do you think ???

(Jun 30 2018) - Mexico reduces legal age of Sexual Consent to 12
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Now that's gonna make it easier for many paedophiles within the DEEP STATE to abduct and rendition children down south. Once these pre-verts take over the Vatican's old RAT-LINES, these children will be lost forever, as all kinds of sexual exploitations and exotic experiments will beguile their lives, souls and spirit. And remember, it was candidate Donald J. Trump who tried to warn everyone about Mexico's failing state, and now it's okay to have sex with a 12 year old. HELL NO !!!

(Jun 30 2018) - Romans 13 and the Right of Revolution
AMERICA -- As the United States readies to celebrate its independence on July 4, a thorny question arises: Does the Bible really grant nations—especially those once labeled "Christian"—the right of revolution, or do the Scriptures forbid it? Romans 13, now much in focus because of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' appeal to the passage (affirmed by White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders) to support current federal immigration policy and practice, would seem, according to some interpreters, to demand unquestioning submission to "authority."

(Jun 30 2018) - Weekend Web Site : The Female Illuminati
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's a web site called THE FEMALE ILLUMINATI with a lot of secret society info that will keep you, your family and friends up to your elbows and eyes in research for the whole weekend. I recommend that you start with articles one and article two - before moving to the more advanced areas. Folks, I have to say, these individuals who are following this non-sense are deadly serious and it would behove you to consider that equation and not be so quick to marginalize the material. Take care ...

(Jun 29 2018) - Fake News Media Foiled ... AGAIN !!!
MARYLAND -- While Democrats and the lying liberal media try and spin the Maryland newspaper shooting into “Trump’s fault,” the FACTS say otherwise. On Thursday, a gunman entered the newsroom at the Capital Gazette office in Annapolis, Maryland and killed five people. The shooter has been identified as Jarrod Ramos, a man who had a feud with the paper going back several years, due to an article detailing his harassment of a woman.

(Jun 28 2018) - FAKEBOOK IN HOT WATER ... AGAIN !!!
CALIFORNIA -- Facebook has data-sharing partnerships with at least four Chinese electronics companies, including a manufacturing giant that has a close relationship with China’s government, the social media company said on Tuesday. The agreements, which date to at least 2010, gave private access to some user data to Huawei, a telecommunications equipment company that has been flagged by American intelligence officials as a national security threat, as well as to Lenovo, Oppo and TCL.

(Jun 27 2018) - THE RISE OF THE MOB !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, you know what the left says, "It Takes a Village" to raise a child. And for the most part, the products of these "Village People" are "Village Idiots" ... like Maxine Waters - AKA - "Mad-Max" the "Mother of Mob Rule". Folks, these inciters of anarchy and movers of mobs, ought to be sanctioned by congress. Secondly, these "Village Idiots" and their "Village Values" makes the idea of TERM LIMITS for congress a whole lot more palatable. What say you ???

(Jun 27 2018) - Justice Kennedy to Retire : Trump Ready to Replace
WASH D.C. -- Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy announced Wednesday that he will retire at the end of next month, preparing the way for the most significant change in the court's makeup in half a century. The vacancy will allow President Donald Trump to make the U.S. Supreme court a solidly conservative body for years, if not generations, to come — a towering legacy of his time in office. Trump said Wednesday shortly after Kennedy's announcement that a search for his replacement would begin immediately and he thanked the justice for his service.

(Jun 26 2018) - Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban
U.S.A. -- The Supreme Court just handed down a big win for President Trump by upholding his infamous travel ban on Muslim-majority countries. The travel ban, which drew massive liberal protests when it was first enacted last year, has been the subject of a lot of legal scrutinies. The High Court just made it clear: the Executive Branch has the authority to limit travel into the United States for national security reasons.

(Jun 26 2018) - American Totalitarianism & Culture of FAKE NEWS
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The fact is ... FAKE NEWS ... has been around for a very long time. The MSM - the sole conduit and consistent contributor of confabulations - has spun more opinions and polls than Carter's little liver pills. Just add a little background music - like many commercials do - plus a pretty face, and the masses will buy it. And those are the facts with which FAKE NEWS networks manipulate the masses and make money.

(Jun 26 2018) - Altering human genetics through vaccination
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Infusing any kind of synthetic material into a human body - just ain't normal. And now these mad scientists - working for BIG PHARMA no doubt - want to alter your DNA with a universal flue vaccine ??? Are you flippen' kiddin' me ??? I can envision someone like Steve King writing an end time thriller about these DNA Destroying Doctors and calling it ... "Artificial Intellective vs Artificial Mankind" - Who Will Survive ???

(Jun 26 2018) - Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ In A ‘Post-Truth’ World
NEW WORLD ORDER -- The Bilderberg group was formed in 1954 by powerful international banking families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, along with the heads of royal families throughout Europe, members of the elite, and the heads of the world’s most powerful multinational corporations. The SECRET AGENDA behind Bilderberg was the creation of the European Union, NATO, and a one-world government, economic system and religion.

AMERICA -- We’ve all seen it. You’re in a restaurant, and at the next table is a family. The adults and the kids all have cell phones. Everyone is on their screen, and no one is engaged in conversation. Besides the obvious lack of social interaction, is anyone paying attention to the other adverse affects that technology is having on us? Actually, science is, but first let’s look at some numbers. A Kaiser Foundation Study found that elementary age children averaged 7.5 hours a day using entertainment technology.

(Jun 24 2018) - Hollywood Promotes Depopulation Agenda !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER -- For those who retained a tiny bit of the 'child' in their soul, the Marvel series movies are very entertaining. My Oscar goes to the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' which have spun off into the latest 'Avengers' (Infinity Wars) series! The movie exposes the Illuminati depopulation agenda and supports it with pathetic moral justifications. The message is ... "We have to save mankind by controlling its population growth."

(Jun 24 2018) - FBI Needs to Be Turned on Its Head
WASH D.C. -- Unless you have been hiding on a South Seas island, you have become quite aware of the Justice Department Inspector General’s (IG) report released regarding the Clinton Investigation plus more. There are so many points here, but let’s focus on the most important ones ... 1. This has nothing to do with the everyday men and women of the FBI. FBI Director Christopher Wray should stop hiding behind them like his mother’s skirt. This is all about the leadership of the FBI – the seventh floor of the building.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For those of you who have "Twitter Accounts" - (I don't) - here's a link called "FAKE NEWS" that will keep you chuckling all weekend long ... maybe longer. I'm not too sure when this account was started or who really is the creator (I Really Don't Care - Do You ?) but dollars to doughnuts, y'all are gonna get a laugh of two by Sunday. There's quite a few photo-shopped satirists and juxtaposing articles, so loosen your britches, 'cause your gonna be in stitches, in mere minutes.

(Jun 23 2018) - Trump Cancelled Congressional Picnic ???
WASH D.C. -- President Trump never misses an opportunity to put Americans FIRST. While Democrats are frothing at the mouth over illegals, our America First President is focusing on legal citizens of this country. And nowhere did he show that love and support more than when he donated the food from the recently canceled congressional picnic to needy vets at Walter Reid Hospital.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This ain't creative license by photo-shopping a crying little girl on the cover of TIME magazine !!! It's CREATIVE LYING !!! The whole purpose was to insinuate that President Trump was the big bad bully by separating this child from her parents. As the story goes, her father denounced all of TIME magazines implications and innuendos. Now, if I were a betting man, someone's gonna end up winning a huge lawsuit ... and justifiably so.

(Jun 22 2018) - Armed Pastor Takes Down Shooter at Walmart
WASHINGTON -- An armed Pastor in Tumwater Washington is now being hailed as a hero after he thwarted an armed assailant in a local Walmart who was on a shooting rampage. Tim Day, according to authorities is responsible for the shooting, his motives remain unknown. However, there is a suspicion that Day may have been having an episode when he went on a shooting rampage. The Pastor, according to Police and local Media desired not be named and requested that his identity be kept private.

(Jun 22 2018) - Mexico's Candidate Inciting Illegal Invasion
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As bazaar as this sounds, this is one of the platforms of Mexico's candidate for president. Not if he gets elected - but now !!! And the MSM, here in America, thinks it's more important to trash the FLOTUS for wearing a coat which says ... "I Really Don't Care - Do You ?" ... instead of this south-of-the-border inciter of an illegal invasion. Folks, Mexico's is almost a failed state and it's run by drug cartels & street gangs, and the MSM is so HOOKED ON HATE, they can't see it and won't report it.

(Jun 21 2018) - The Immorality of Immigration
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This article - in my opinion - is plain and simple. Immigration is a supply and demand issue. So, if there's no need, and if citizenship is circumvented by chaos or a contrived crisis, then that's an issue. Accepted laws have there place in a civilized society and to disobey those laws, then the immorality of immigration is obvious. Eventually, this eradicates any semblance of safety, security, or civility. And just like those private properties signs which say ... "Trespassers will be prosecuted to full extent of the law" ... so should all illegal trespassers - parents & kids !!!

(Jun 20 2018) - Trump standing his ground over border ...
WHITE HOUSE -- President Trump is standing his ground over border enforcement, refusing to turn the United States into a migrant cesspool, filled with low-skilled illegals who drain our entitlement system and take much-needed money away from American citizens. Trump and the GOP have offered up solid fixes to the “Zero Tolerance” law being enforced at the border, but Democrats, who want to use illegals as political pawns (again) are refusing to help fix the issue they’re so vehemently complaining about. Now, President Trump is calling on Congress as a third option, asking them to allow Trump Admin to deport entire families.

(Jun 20 2018) - MSM is gonna get someone killed
RUSH LIMBAUGH -- Okay, folks, I’m just gonna say it here. If the media keeps this up — if they keep up generating this hysteria — somebody’s gonna get killed. I think we’re pretty close to somebody getting killed already, and I’m not being hyperbolic, and I’m not trying to call attention to myself. I’m genuinely worried about the out-of-control aspect of this. The news media’s fanning the flames. The news media is leading the way on this. It’s again an oxymoron. News media? There is no media, and none of this is news.

(Jun 19 2018) - The Big Immigration Charade is BUSTED ... (pic)
AMERICA -- If you sought to preserve the violent, reactionary and undemocratic regimes of countries like El Salvador and Honduras -- and, to a great extent, Mexico -- into perpetuity, how would you do it? One way would be by providing a permanent U.S. safety valve for all their poor and downtrodden, the victims. Just as with Europe and the Middle East, open borders can salve the soul and make us all feel good about ourselves, but they come with a price.

(Jun 19 2018) - Population Engineering (is) Population Control
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well ... since the masses won't reduce their carbon footprint, or reduce their consumerism, or reduce the size of their families ... BIG BROTHER will !!! Yep, they've got plans to reduce you and yours. Now they're calling it Population Engineering, which is actually POPULATION CONTROL !!! Their reduction plans, are ginned up because of their paranoia of the people and their past behaviors with pitchforks. Their dilemma however is, they still need slaves, and your silence ensures your servitude and enables their agenda !!!

(Jun 18 2018) - Google to predict when a patient dies ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- IGNORANCE - The breakfast of Masses !!! Honestly, hospitals are gonna jump on this predictive program & use it to their advantage - caring less for the patient & more for profits. And, I'm sure they're gonna re-package & re-word Googles algorithm software to highlight it's life saving significance, while selling it to medical centers & the masses. From the womb to the tomb, the NEW WORLD ORDER owns you !!!

(Jun 18 2018) - Trump orders creation of ‘Space Force’ ...
PENTAGON -- President Donald Trump on Monday directed the Pentagon to begin the process of establishing a sixth military branch, the “Space Force.” Trump, speaking at a meeting of the National Space Council, ordered the establishment of the Space Force. “I am hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a Space Force as the sixth branch of the Armed Forces,” Trump said. “Our destiny beyond the Earth is not only a matter of national identity, but a matter of national security.”

(Jun 18 2018) - Bush & Obama (also) Separated Families
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- How about that !!! Finally someone has decided to ENFORCE THE LAW !!! And if President Trump didn't, according to Kirstjen Nielsen - Sec. of Homeland Security - he'd be just like the previous presidents who failed at keeping America safe. Secondly, if the issue was separating kids from their parents, well, that's done every single day, all across the U.S. every time the kids parents are incarcerated. The kids are removed and put in foster care if other relatives don't step up and take them in.

(Jun 17 2018) - Flu Vaccine is the most Dangerous Vaccine !!!
AMERICA -- The last report issued in 2013 by the Department of Justice (Vaccine Court), for compensation made by the Health & Human Services for people injured or killed by vaccines, was released in Dec 2013, covering the period of 8/16/2013 through 11/15/2013. There were 139 claims settled during this time period, with 70 of them being compensated. So, just over 50% of the claims filed for vaccine damages were compensated during this period. Of the 70 cases compensated, 42 of them were for the flu vaccine, or 60% of the cases settled where compensation was awarded for injury or death due to the vaccine. {This was said 100 yrs ago}

(Jun 17 2018) - Media Blackout On Navy Cyber Attack
RHODE ISLAND -- Earlier this year, China’s Ministry of State Security hacked into an unnamed defense contractor working for Rhode Island’s Naval Undersea Warfare Center. Billions of dollars worth of military technology secrets are in the hands of the enemy. Not one single network media outlet is telling the American people anything about it.The contractor was working on the “Sea Dragon” project. Sub-launched, supersonic missiles costing billions are being installed through the Virginia-class submarine fleet, but the theft of their data was hushed up and swept under the rug with zero explanation.

(Jun 17 2018) - HAPPY FATHERS DAY from Mark Twain
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

(Jun 16 2018) - Obama’s Name Scrubbed From FBI Report
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Folks, who “Back-door-Barry” really was and just about all of his interactions with humanity was scrubbed from the beginning … by the Brit’s “Back-street-Boys” and the CIA’s “Can-Men” !!! As with the Clinton’s - when you got too close to their operations - things disappeared or got cleaned. Listen up people, “B.O.” was a cut-out, a triple agent, much like Kissinger, to be used … or accused … if he refused. A Manchurian ? Quite possibly. A megalomaniac designed by the dreams of his FAKE FATHER – Frank Marshall Davis ? Most indubitably.

(Jun 16 2018) - Skyrocketing crime rate in California ...
CALIFORNIA -- Here's a thought experiment: what happens if you release criminals, a lot of them, from jail? If you asked a liberal in California, he would tell you these criminals were unjustly jailed in the first place (think racism on the part of liberal inner-city judges, juries, and prosecutors) and that these unjustly imprisoned would return to become productive parts of society. Imagine their surprise to learn, then, that after reducing or eliminating sentences for certain property crimes, the rate of property crimes has only increased!

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, sending Manafort to jail until his trial in Sept., might be the safest place he can be – for now. Once you read through all of the mis-mash of the MSM - still shilling for “Back-door-Barry” and his “Back-room-Buddies” at the bureau – you discover that all of Manaforts collusions and cover-ups took place during obamas 8-year tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And don’t forget, at the trial, Manafort’s lawyers can bring up Mueller's conflict of interests with the Russians as well. Yes, President Trump knows this ...

(Jun 15 2018) - SOUL MACHINES : Engineering Lifelike Machines
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Artificial Intelligence will soon personify Arti-FACIAL Intelligence on all your devices. It's called Automated Virtual Assistant (AVA) or "SOUL MACHINES" !!! Yes, you read that right, Soul Machines !!! These AI guys aren't happy with today’s answering machines - like Google, Alexa, Siri and all the others - they want them to come to life, to dictate directions, to obey AVA's every command, and in the end, to surrender your soul to Their Machine - AKA - The BEAST !!!

(Jun 15 2018) - The Right to Discriminate
AMERICA -- The left has created a macabre myth that runs counter to the whole experience of mankind. The left has persuaded the gullible masses of America, including, sadly, most conservatives, that "discrimination" by individuals and businesses is wrong and that it violates the Constitution. Precisely the opposite is true. All serious cognition and all honest moral judgments involve discrimination. When individuals and businesses are not free to discriminate, then the power to determine what is true and false and good and bad becomes the sole property of the state, or ...

(Jun 15 2018) - Trump WILL NOT SIGN Immigration Bill
WHITE HOUSE -- President Donald Trump on Friday morning delivered a potentially fatal blow to a compromise immigration bill under development in the House. Trump said on Fox News' "Fox and Friends" that he is not planning to sign the negotiated measure., which would increase immigration to three times more than the DACA migrants already here. "I'm looking at both of them. I certainly wouldn't sign the more moderate one," Trump said. "I need a bill that gives this country tremendous border security. I have to have that. We have to get rid of catch-and-release."

(Jun 14 2018) - Has Trump Been Briefed On UFO’s ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here’s the 911 about all these ABOVE TOP SECRET or NEED TO KNOW and BEYOND BLACK classifications concerning UFO’s. Many of these UFO’S are extra-dimensional craft which can navigate through our closed system / matrix with what you you’d call - time traveling machines. It’s a quantum spectrum akin to an observable opportunity. This is why some see them and some don’t. As for President Trump knowing about this … why do you think he’s creating a SPACE FORCE ??? Fore sure he knows ...

(Jun 14 2018) - The IG put together an Insane FBI 'Leak Chart'
WASH D.C. -- The Department of Justice inspector general report released today includes two elaborate charts mapping the volume of communications identified between FBI employees and members of the media in April, May, and October 2016. “We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel that we have uncovered during our review,” the report states.

(Jun 13 2018) - Trump: Fake News is Our Country’s Biggest Enemy
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Like a school of piranhas, these FAKE NEWS nut jobs surround their prey and collectively consume the carcass until all that’s left are bones, and then they’ll chew through those like chain-saws in slaughter house. Folks, turn your TV’s off. These prime-time piranhas aren’t presenting the whole picture, and never will. They aren’t paid to inform. They’re paid to dis-inform and dissuade the masses.

(Jun 13 2018) - Trump Effect: Charitable Giving in USA Great Again
U.S.A. -- President Donald Trump’s economy has resulted in unemployment statistics below 4 percent, better trade wheelings and dealings and now, according to a new report, record-breaking highs for charitable giving from U.S. citizens. The Giving USA report shows charitable giving in America topped $410 billion in 2017. The Associated Press has more ...

(Jun 13 2018) - 88% of Sex Trafficked Kids Come from WHERE ???
AMERICA -- America has a dark secret that no one wants to admit. Talk of this secret will get you labelled as a conspiracy theorist, fake news & outlets who report on it will have their organic reach throttled by social media & Google alike. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many in the MSM and the govt refuse to see this very real epidemic of child sex trafficking in the U.S. What’s more, according to the govt’s own data, the vast majority of a portion of these trafficked kids are coming from the country’s own foster care system.

(Jun 12 2018) - OPERATION BROKEN HEART takes down 2,300
AMERICA -- The DOJ today announced the arrest of more than 2,300 suspected online child sex offenders during a three-month, nationwide, operation conducted by Internet Crimes Against Children task forces. The task forces identified 195 offenders who either produced child pornography or committed child sexual abuse & 383 children who suffered recent, ongoing, or historical sexual abuse or production of child pornography. The 61 ICAC task forces, located in all 50 states & comprised of more than 4,500 federal, state, local & tribal law enforcement agencies, led the coordinated operation known as “Broken Heart” ...

(Jun 12 2018) - Splitting California 3 ways makes Nov ballot
CALIFORNIA -- California’s 168-year run as a single entity, hugging the continent’s edge for hundreds of miles and sprawling east across mountains and desert, could come to an end next year — as a controversial plan to split the Golden State into three new jurisdictions qualified Tuesday for the Nov. 6 ballot. If a majority of voters who cast ballots agree, a long and contentious process would begin for three separate states to take the place of California, with one primarily centered around Los Angeles and the other two divvying up the counties to the north and south.

(Jun 12 2018) - Trump Talked Human Rights With North Korea
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Little to no patience, the MSM issued FAKE NEWS re: President Trump not bringing up human rights violations at the summit. But guess what, he did along with a few other issues and now the MSM needs to set the record straight. As historic as this meeting was the MSM couldn't control the narrative or outcome and are quickly losing more trust and respect. I wouldn't be surprised if one these MSM reporters goes to North Korea to purposely get arrested and to gum up the negotiations. Yeah, they'd do that or worse.

(Jun 12 2018) - Trump, Kim agree to 'complete denuclearization'
SINGAPORE -- Culminating a historic summit described by Kim Jong Un as something out of a “science fiction movie,” the North Korean dictator sat down at a ceremonial table in Singapore Tuesday and signed a document along with President Trump stating the rogue communist state would work toward “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” “People thought this could never take place,” Trump told reporters after the signing. “It’s now taking place. It’s a very great day.”

(Jun 11 2018) - California Found to Be Harvesting Newborn DNA ...
CALIFORNIA -- Every individual who is born in a hospital in California now has a sample of their DNA stolen and kept in a state-run database. What used to take a court order now happens regularly, and the disturbing invasion of privacy takes place with hardly a whimper of protest from the nation’s most populous state. According to a report from CBS San Francisco, the DNA of every person born in California since 1983 is stored in a state biobank. Police, the government, and outside researchers have access to it.

(Jun 10 2018) - “Neurobiological Home” For Spirituality Found ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- QUESTION ??? Now that these scientists have supposedly found the spiritual neurons in our brains, are they gonna quit tinkering around with it ??? Of course not !!! Secondly, since this Pandora's box is open for business - I did say business - BIG PHARMA will provide a new pill to shove down your throats to fix your spiritual issues ... making you more business friendly for the NEW WORLD ORDER, and to spiritually love the luciferians an anti-Christs. Remember ... "It's in the pill you took today" - Zager & Evans

(Jun 10 2018) - Cell Phone Conspiracy Theory ... CONFIRMED !!!
WORLD -- For years, smartphone users have been growing increasingly suspicious that their devices are listening to them to feed them advertisements and to “enhance their experience” on third-party apps. Companies like Google and Facebook have consistently denied these claims, saying that targeted ads and messages are merely a coincidence, and that data for these services are taken in other ways. However, earlier this year during the Cambridge Analytica scandal we began to see some of the first hints that our phones may actually be listening to us.

(Jun 09 2018) - Trump says U.S. will not sign G7 communique
U.S.A. -- President Donald Trump on Saturday said the United States will not endorse a G7 communique via a tweet that accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of making "false statements." The announcement came after the president left the summit, which while in attendance he had announced he wants to put an end to the United States' status as the world's "piggy bank" and suggested eliminating trade barriers between allies. "Based on Justin's false statements at his news conference, and ... "

(Jun 08 2018) - House Voted to Audit Mueller’s WITCH-HUNT
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Now were talking. One of Congress' job is to control the purse strings of all bills approved by the house and finally they've seen fit to audit Mueller expenditures in his never-ending-witch-hunt. As thrilling, will be to watch the Inspectors Generals blood hounds follow the money trail and to see how many of obama's 'coons the "IG" can tree. Leave no doubt, the MSM's bank accounts will also be audited for hush monies and pay-outs for under-the-table leaks. More on the way ...

(Jun 08 2018) - Trump & Mulvaney Drained the SES Swamp !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- These people at "Senior Executive Services" (SES) being let go (YOUR FIRED) by President Trump & Mulvaney ... have - for years - influenced too many administrations abdicating anti-American agendas while nurturing a NEW WORLD ORDER. For sure they ought to be thankful that no one's is getting locked up - yet. As for the Queen's culprits and conspirators connected in this caper, well, her "Order of the Garter" and "Masonic MI6" miscreants got the message as well. BACK OFF - OR ELSE !!!

(Jun 08 2018) - The Aboslute End of Free Speech ???
AMERICA -- Have you noticed that all of your electronic carriers are saying that they are restructuring their copyright and privacy because of a change in European Internet laws. What they should be telling you is that Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc, plan to block you from posting anything if you are not a preferred liberal. Watch this video, it will scare the hell out of you. Click it twice, because the video gives the illusion that it does not work and youtube has taken it down. It works.

(Jun 07 2018) - Vatican to attend elite Bilderberg meeting ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So, you gotta ask, what need is there for the Vatican to send a delegate to one of the most secretive gathering of elite - The Bilderbergs - and why now ??? Yes, the Vatican has more than a billion at their disposal, and yes the current Pope is very inclined to socialistic approaches to world issues ... so ... are they going there to influence or are they going there to be influenced ??? In either case, something's up, and my hunch is they're gonna run a SUPER DEEP STATE operation against President Trump. I hope I'm wrong. PRAY - PRAY - PRAY !!!

(Jun 07 2018) - FAKEBOOK privacy woes compounded by glitch ...
CALIFORNIA -- Not for the first time, Facebook users have learned that some of the info they shared through the ubiquitous social media platform reached a wider audience than intended. The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company told 14 million account-holders that a glitch from May 18-27 inadvertently made all their posts during that time public -- meaning they could be seen by anyone with a Web browser rather than the select friends & family for whom the items may have been intended. The incident may compound scrutiny of the company ... coming on the heels of revelations about data-sharing with companies including Chinese firms earlier this decade when Facebook was expanding rapidly onto mobile devices.

(Jun 06 2018) - Facebook gave data access to Chinese firm ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Why am I not surprised. FAKEBOOK is all over the planet and odds are they have Conspired, Colluded & Compromised with Commies to get the rights to deploy their companies social media platform in Communist countries - CHINA being the biggest. Second to consider is this. China ain't no dummy and they - much like Russia - have long range goals and have no problem acting like they "LIKE" you and your ides(s) ... a means to an end. But somehow FAKEBOOK got a pass, from our alphabet soup agencies. And I think you guys now know why.

(Jun 06 2018) - Mathis, Sigala maintain the lead in assembly race
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For now ... Assemblyman Devon Mathis has the lead in the 26th Assembly race. All through the night and up until about 8:00 PM the race was close and then very close. The lead switched from Gubler and then back to Mathis, and until the remaining ballots are counted, it's anyones guess. The surprise was (D) Jose Sigala's showing. He did quite well in Inyo County and placed second in the primary. And, if his numbers hold up, he'll be in the General election with either Gubler or Mathis. Like I said, it's anyone's guess.

(Jun 06 2018) - Trump Announces New Appointments & Assistants
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Looking at all these new "SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS & ASSISTANTS" by President Trump it dawned on me that Trump was throwing out some meatless dog bones (25) to be chewed on by the MSM dog pile. And then I laughed. I mean really laughed. I guess he figured that this is all the MSM knows how to cover, so why not have a little fun and throw them a bone. In the mean time, political correctness is eating Holly-weird alive, while the paedophiles, witches, muslims, illegals and MS-13 animals are taking over the democ-RAT party.

(Jun 06 2018) - Illiteracy leads to censorship by Jon Rappoport
AMERICA -- When those who control public discourse, in a nation, see that they are losing to upstarts, that their flimsy ideas are being supplanted by much stronger ideas from these newcomers (who are actually traditionalists), the shocked controllers turn to the more direct strategy of censorship. In terms of substance, and even popularity, the ministers of truth are losing; so they abandon reasoned discourse altogether. They desert this fertile, competitive, and NECESSARY territory. They no longer debate. They ban.

(Jun 05 2018) - VOTE RIGHT - LIKE THE POST :
Post Political Feature : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Every election cycle the Porterville Post submits a "VOTERS GUIDE" for the public to read & take to the polls on election day. As of this date {May 26} the Porterville Post - to assist those with mail-in ballots - has updated an early version (99% Complete) re: which candidates to vote for & which propositions need a yes or no vote. So, GOD Bless you guys greatly & we hope that you'll VOTE RIGHT - LIKE THE POST. The final up-date will be released on or before May 25th.

(Jun 05 2018) - Why's Washington named the Dist' of Columbia?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This video is about as simple and concise as it gets re: the District of Columbia being a CORPORATION. Congress in 1871 voted to create this new CITY STATE as a CORPORATION to deal with some of the issues surrounding the debt which occurred after the war. It is an entirely separate city with it's own governance, flag, and police, which is overseen by congress. It is one of three CITY STATES set up like this to do business. The other two are VATICAN CITY and the CITY OF LONDON, and all three are players in the NEW WORLD ORDER !!!

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Artificial Intelligence (AI) "will be deployed" by every gov't to counter attack other AI's which are pre-programmed to attack !!! It's already in play - like our Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) policies - but not on paper anywhere, and won't be if these pre-programmed (AI) have mutually assured their mad scientists & mad governments that they won't terminate them or mankind. However, times & places for the FINAL WAR have already been deduced, factoring in false flags, and of course, THE BIBLE !!! Yes, (AI) has read the scriptures re: the END TIMES, but so has satan. Have you ???

(Jun 04 2018) - Killing Us With Our Own Rules ...
AMERICA -- As long as people are afraid of being labeled as a hypocrite, or accused of not standing up for the values they claim to stand for this tactic will continue to work against us. One of Alinsky’s most effective strategy’s, one that we see play out daily, can be found in the chapter entitled Tactics. This chapter highlights twelve rules of tactics, and one of them sticks out because it encourages those pushing for social change to use our own rules against us in a way that discredits everything we do.

(Jun 04 2018) - DHS COMPILING A SECRET LIST ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Everyone, without question, will be on the DHS list - profiled as either an activist or non-activist. Your web travels will be tracked, your time on each and every site, and your high days and low days. Your social media "Likes", your on-line purchases, banking transactions, and viewing your medical records. Your voice will be captured and tracked, your cars GPS, and every time you get close to one of those little snitchin' cell phones, they're triangulating and profiling you for their list.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Alright !!! Time for a little weekend reading. In this article a few names cropped up of which I had researched years ago while listening to "TRUTH RADIO" from Delano & can verify with a high degree of accuracy it's authenticity. To say that this info is intriguing, is adolescent. To say it's imaginative or conspiratorial, is delusional. To say it's too late to say or do anything about it, is giving apathy more time to acquire ignorance. So ... get on it & read, or get out of the way when the SHTF !!! (More)

(Jun 03 2018) - Facebook Gave Device Makers Deep Access
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For the umpteenth time, we have warned users about all of the 3rd PARTY agreements of which FAKEBOOK and all the other social media platforms have snuck in, and this report unmasks the names of those who employed many of these programs, platforms and apps. True to these social media agreements and NEWSPEAK language, they've taken the public for a ride, but the public still uses them, hoping their identities won't get taken for the final ride. TOO LATE !!! Why ??? Because the public is LAZY !!! That's why they will - in the end - take the MARK OF THE BEAST ... believing it is safe.

(Jun 02 2018) - Brown makes water rationing PERMANENT !!!
CALIFORNIA -- California Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills that will force water districts and municipalities to permanently adopt even more aggressive water rationing level than during the state’s 5-year drought. The San Jose Mercury reported that Brown issued a press statement that a changing environment means the state must begin to conserve water resources in preparation for the next drought. Brown started: “We have efficiency goals for energy and cars – and now we have them for water.”

(Jun 02 2018) - Workers win right to boot the UFW union
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, I worked in the fields when I was young, and even though I had to work twice as hard - since I was a "White Guy" - I kinda enjoyed the challenge. I proved my worth and made a lot of money and friends. However, when the UFW started moving in, I was singled out and attacked physically multiple times. Of course I fought back, a bit bloodied, but I always finished the job. That's when I - and the crews I worked with - saw first hand how the UFW would treat you if you didn't join in and pay. Few in the fields wanted anything to do with the UFW. It was always forced upon them - always !!!

(Jun 01 2018) - Political Prisoner of Queen Elizabeth ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- No doubt, Julian Assange is someone’s useful tool. In the beginning his hacking brought him into the internets spotlight and from what I can tell, he allowed himself to be used to sneak past all the safeguards and firewalls. Look, hackers take pride in getting there first and walking away with the info or loot. But you need a second in place to trip those TOP SECRET switches ... like Edward Snowden. He may not admit it, nor any hacker, but it still takes two to tango. Just ask the Queens useful tools - the 5 EYES. More on the way ...

(Jun 01 2018) - Unemployment Rate Falls to 18-Year Low
WASH D.C. -- The U.S. labor market was firing on all cylinders in May: the unemployment rate fell to an 18-year low, employers added jobs at a faster pace and wages modestly improved. The unemployment rate ticked down to a seasonally adjusted 3.8%, matching April 2000 as the lowest reading since 1969, the Labor Department said Friday. Nonfarm payrolls rose a seasonally adjusted 223,000 in May, a jump from gains from March and April. Average hourly earnings ticked up to a 2.7% from a year earlier - and raises were even stronger for non-managers.

(Jun 01 2018) - Bauer on Commission on Religious Freedom
WASH D.C. -- President Trump has appointed Gary Bauer, the Washington director of the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Action Fund, to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. Bauer, an avowed Christian activist who formerly served in the Reagan administration, said he was “deeply honored and humbled” by the appointment. “We have seen a disturbing rise in antisemitism and persecution of Christians around the world, but especially in the Middle East. We must confront these two threats."

(May 31 2018) - Are Christians Allowed To Get Angry ???
AMERICA -- One of the questions we focused on today was “Are Christians Allowed to Get Angry.” As we tossed about the characteristics of a Christian man I was struck by the fact that it is assumed by most Christians that to be angry is a sin. In fact, that is one of the weapons that the God haters use to tame Christians. As one of our participants in the show said, “God didn’t save you to tame you.” Whenever I hear criticism about the show it is usually the same lament. “Just a bunch of angry white men.” The assumption is two-fold. If you are white you are not permitted to be angry ... and if you ARE angry then you are not very Christian.

(May 31 2018) - DARPA’s 5G End Game For Humanity
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Have we reached the point of no return with all these magical machines designed to help mankind ? And ... are they designed for some evil enterprise ? The answer for both is YES & YES !!! Chemtrails have been dumping all sorts of chemical on us for years and turning us all into conduits. High and low frequencies are streaming all around us and chipping away at our human frequencies & DNA. And once these 5G Towers are all in place, CERN will flip the switch causing millions to comply quicker or those who can still resist, become a lot sicker.

(May 31 2018) - Devin Nunes Calls For ARREST Of John Kerry
WASH D.C. -- Congressman Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, isn’t all that happy with deep state puppet John Kerry meddling in foreign policy. Nunes has now called for the arrest of Kerry on charges of TREASON. According to US law, (laws these same politicians write with no attempt to obey) no private citizen may meet with a foreign power to negotiate a deal. Since Kerry was working directly against US policy and is and trying to sabotage the elected government the charge of treason would apply ...

(May 30 2018) - TREASON : All roads lead back to Obama
WASH D.C. -- As we learn more each day about the Obama administration’s massive spying operation against the 2016 Trump campaign, it’s getting more difficult to refrain from characterizing what the former president did — or at least oversaw — as treason. Yes, that’s a strong word without a doubt, and it should never be used flippantly. But how else can we describe what the Obama regime did ... and now, according to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, some of them may wind up wearing prison clothing.

(May 30 2018) - NSA's New Next door Neighbor ... FAKEBOOK
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- A funny thing happened on their way to Mormon country ... FAKEBOOK kinda-sorta was able to pick up some really good real estate right next to NSA in Utah. What a coincidence ??? My, my, my ... I'm tellin' you, the way the crow flies it wouldn't be that hard for many of these security clearance employees at NSA - for training purposes - to come over to FAKEBOOK for a little in-service, and visa versa. Folks, these agencies has a history of recruiting LDS employees to their ranks, due to their temple secrets, inculcated by Joseph Smith, a Freemason ... or should I say FAKEMASON !!! Yeah, that's the ticket.

(May 30 2018) - Planet of the Fakes ... re: Roseanne
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Talk about touchy-feely snowflakes. Okay ... Roseanne - as always - shot her mouth off in her comedic fashion (much like Don Rickles) and the left lost it. And ABC - in spite of Roseanne's contrition - immediately canceled the show. Will they, ABC and the other networks, cancel other shows which dispare others. Hardly !!! For sure ABC's scrambling to find a replacement show and are flippin' through phone books adding to their bank of lawyers ... 'cause they're gonna need them. And FOX - who picked up ABC's last cancellation - "Last Man Standing" will reap even more ratings, and maybe pick up Roseanne down the road.

(May 29 2018) - Franklin Graham :
Your State's in Trouble !!!
FRESNO, CA -- Politics & sin were cornerstones of an impassioned sermon by evangelist Franklin Graham on Monday night. The message: Christians need to pray for politicians, vote for candidates who support biblical principles, run for local offices & find a relationship with God through Jesus Christ so their sins can be forgiven. "Our country is in trouble," the son of the late Billy Graham said. "Your state's in trouble - you know that. But there are things that we can do. You know God hears prayer."

(May 29 2018) - Democrats cheat Democrats ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- No ... they didn't run out of options, the democ-RATS cheat and lie because it gives them a sense of power. Their under-LYING premise goes something like this. If those people aren't smart enough to catch me cheating and lying, then they deserve what they get. Doing the right thing and doing it while no one is watching, characterizes courage and morality - a staple of stability. So ... re-read this article again. Better yet, send it to that fence-sitter in your family. Do it before June 5th !!!

(May 28 2018) - Radicalized Christians ... Still Needed !!!
AMERICA -- Sept 11, 2001, marked the start of a pivotal change here in America & worldwide. The global Islamic community danced in the streets & they had good reason to celebrate. Not only was America violently & successfully attacked & brought to its knees, but it was also on this day that a world-wide conversation would begin about one thing: The religion of Islam. It was a conversation that would resonate throughout the 4 corners of the earth & one which continues to this day. Our children, 15 yrs old or younger now, have never known it to be any other way in their lifetimes.

(May 28 2018) - No National Anthem in Fresno THINK AGAIN !!!
FRESNO, CA -- While the National Football League has been busy figuring out a way for overpaid players to protest America by kneeling during the national anthem, a crowd at a high school softball championship game in California decided to go the other direction. At the Friday game in Fresno between Clovis High and Buchanan High for the Central Section championship, an announcer said there would be no playing of the Star-Spangled Banner before the game. "There will be no anthem, let's just play softball," said the announcer, according to the Fresno Bee. Well, that didn't go over so well in the crowd ...

(May 27 2018) - Epic Project to Record the DNA of All Life ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This project to capture and record every DNA from every living thing on the planet - without a doubt - has population control as one of it's end products. Sure they might re-create a few things that GOD created in the beginning, but in the end their science projects will end up as anti-human anomalies and monstrous malfunctions of mankind. So listen up ... what they really want is one final creation ... ANTI-CHRIST ... something that's tangible, super-human, which the world will worship as a god.

(May 27 2018) - Mind Control Brainwave Tech' in Movies ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- From all accounts, it appears that everyone wants in on the action - that is - Mind Controlling the Masses !!! Gov't will say it needs this technology for security purposes, schools will say this will unify education, employers will say this will increase production and the entertainment industry will say it will enhance the experience. All-in-all, this technology in the wrong hands, will ... destroy the will of a people, which in turn will destroy the will of the city, eventually destroying the will of a nation. Assuredly America !!! Specifically Christianity !!!

(May 27 2018) - Arizona Preparing For California's BIG ONE !!!
ARIZONA -- Californians aren’t the only ones getting ready for the big one. Arizona is preparing for an influx of evacuees after the next major earthquake. We all know it’s coming but how ready are we and where would we go as disaster strikes? As CBSLA’s Elsa Ramon reports, Arizona is holding practice runs just outside of Phoenix, preparing for 400,000 evacuees from California. Deputy Director for FEMA Wendy Smith-Reeve says the training will last three-and-a-half days on the softball field at the National Guard base near Phoenix.

(May 27 2018) - Muslim running for Congress sides with Trump ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Don't be fooled by this headline, or that this muslim is a republican. If he really wants to make some really great headlines, he needs to renounce his religion and convert to Christianity. We already have too many muslims and islamic sympathizers in Congress. And the worst one - who said he use to be a muslim - hung on to many of Mohammad's beliefs while occupying the White House ... and dang near destroyed America !!! DON'T BE FOOLED !!!

(May 26 2018) - Jarrett and Obama are Behind Spygate
WASH D.C. -- Unless we assume the FBI went completely rogue, it is inconceivable that the deployments of personnel to spy on the Trump campaign and make provocative contact with its lesser members could have occurred without the full knowledge and control of the occupants of the Oval Office. Obama may claim a scandal-free administration, but after Fast and Furious, the targeting of the Tea Party by the IRS, the Benghazi cover-up, Hillary's emails, to name a few, Spygate is just the latest.

(May 25 2018) - California’s Ideological Version of WHAT ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Every now and then, we gotta re-hash things, especially when the means to an end, is exactly that ... what democ-RATS mean to do and what the end will mean for Christians in California. Already these do-as-I-say and not-as-I-do democ-RATS have the majority in Sacramento and they aim to kick us while we're down, and if they could, outlaw Christians all together. Listen, they have this "SATANIC STRONGHOLD" in Sacramento right now. Why ? Because that socialistic road to slavery was paved with your silence.

(May 24 2018) - Things To Come : Surveillance State !!!
U.S.A. -- Consumers of New Media news content should not rest easy. The platforms that you rely on to counterbalance the perpetual fake news and relentless false narratives are being systematically silenced, bled dry by lawfare and now those of us who work endless hours to parse through the news, brainstorm the programs and frame the content are being scrutinized and added to lists of “influencers.” April 5, 2018 was a dark day. Cary O’Reilly, writing for Bloomberg Government, penned an article that jolted the spines of New Media personnel worldwide ...

(May 23 2018) - Biggest Threat to America's Future ... MSM
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Convincing people of the truth, after they've swallowed a lie bigger than "Back-door-Barry's" birth records, can be daunting. But the MSM has shoved this and many other lies down the throats of the masses at break-neck-speeds. Folks, truth - once established - exhibits wondrous fan-fare for the fact-finders, but for those addicted to the lies of the left are diseased by the MSM's deranged deliberations, down-loading their delusional dictates of democracy. Listen up folks ... it's a "Republican" form of gov't and if you can't fathom that fact, then YOU GOT THE DISEASE !!!

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Now that these dots of collusion between the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ, DNC and Russians are all connected, it's time to connect the MSM dots and their conspiratorial capers as well. Folks, the MSM has been the official mouth piece of these agencies for decades. They've regurgitated just about every counter-intelligent story against the public and other nations, facilitating FAKE NEWS over facts. And President Trump knew this from the beginning ... 'cause the independent internet investigators informed him !!!

(May 22 2018) - 5G + GeoEngineering = Genocide !!!
NEW WORLD ORDER -- The plan of the global ruling elite to exterminate all humans except themselves & their selected slaves has been in writing, in English, since 1901. The scrivener (or shill) who wrote the plan, H. G. Wells, was promptly invited into halls of power around the world, including the White Houses of both Theodore & Franklin Roosevelt, the Kremlin of Joseph Stalin and, of course, palaces of west European royalty. THE PLAN expressly stated among its goals that, by the year 2000, ascendant nations must learn how toPOISONunwanted human populations.

(May 22 2018) - Mind Manipulation of 'The Masses' ...
AMERICA -- Throughout history, those in power harness the minds of the masses to control all individuals. Whether the masses constitute a small, primitive tribe chanting war fervor via trance-inducing drumbeats or a large, sophisticated society like Weimar Republic collapsing under mesmerizing rhetoric from a future Fuehrer, conformity is required for managing behavior patterns or, worse, instituting complete physical bondage. In overt class struggles when the masses are truly oppressed and discontented enough, civil war ensues.

(May 21 2018) - Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants Linked to Autism
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Today, you can save your child from an autistic life if you just take a few minutes to read this article. For too many years Big Pharma has pushed their "de-population dope" onto the masses with little to no consequences re: these final solution shots. Yes, you can see ad's on your TV's hocking all kinds of med's which doctors can prescribe for many kinds of medical illnesses or behavioural issues. And half of those commercials must disclose all the possible SIDE EFFECTS, except when it comes to vaccines. Why ? It's FAKE MEDICINE !!!

(May 21 2018) - Why Are So Many People Moving Out ... ???
CALIFORNIA -- In recent years, the number of people moving away from the state of California has greatly outnumbered the number of people moving into the state. Reasons for the mass exodus include rising crime, the worst traffic in the western world, a growing homelessness epidemic, wildfires, earthquakes and crazy politicians that do some of the stupidest things imaginable. But for most families, the decision to leave California comes down to one basic factor ... Money !!!

(May 20 2018) - Stefan Halper Was Paid to Spy on Trump ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Of course the "independent" news media was gonna catch this mole - Stefan Halper. Why ? We know where to look. And yes, a lot of reason and logic is employed through a series of deductions, but the results are always the same - especially when you follow the money. And in this case, the tax payers money. Folks, this dear caught in the headlights is gonna cry to high-heaven, saying that he was set up to infiltrate Trump's campaign, or that he was blackmailed, or possibly say McCain green-lighted it ... 'cause - ya' know - he's gonna die anyway.

(May 19 2018) - Devin Nunes Demands DOJ Come Clean ...
WASH D.C. -- Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Ca.) has some simple advice for Rod Rosenstein. “Just come clean.” Turn over all the records that republicans on the House Intelligence Committee demanded, spelling out the boundaries of Robert Mueller’s so-called “special investigation,” and do it now. “Tomorrow, we’re going to go back,” he vowed on Tuesday. “They have questions that we left for them to answer for us this week, and I think we’ll have another productive session.” Nunes wants solid who, how, when, and why answers from the DOJ and is prepared to use all methods available, short of waterboarding the Deputy Attorney General, to get them.

(May 19 2018) - Social Reality is Carefully Controlled
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay ... here's another one of those little weekend reading projects that you guys otta delve into. It's written by John Coleman and is titled ... Social Reality is Carefully Controlled. His conclusions are more than obvious, but I'll leave that to your own subjective insights. Secondly, since this piece is placed at an somewhat controversial web site, don't let that underestimate the stories truism concerning The Truman Show's realities and today's emulations from MSM and gov't.

(May 18 2018) - Where were the Democrats ???
JERUSALEM -- This should be clear enough, even for clueless Conor Powell, that If you don’t show up for Israel it means you’re showing up for Hamas. That’s the tribe of terrorists who rule Gaza with love and tolerance for nobody, including their own children. Why, for Fox News, is Powell dishing this Hamas propaganda about right of return to “ancestral homes” that can only fool a reporter who knows nothing. Well, what can you expect from today’s journalists except zilch city.

(May 17 2018) - The Rise of Holy Russia ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- RUSSIA INSIDER, a possible counter-intel web site, has posted the notes of one of Russia's writers - who lives in the U.K. - saying that Russia will need to reclaim it's "HOLY RUSSIA" lands and territories to fight off the NEW WORLD ORDER, run by Sodom and Gomorrah ... AKA ... Israel and America. As concerning, this writer says that the new "Christian Emperor / Tsar" - representing the Messiah - will stop the anti-christ and false messiah and somehow save the world. Sounds to me like the early makings of Gog and Magog. What say you ???

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Some have the temerity to actually name, names, especially names affiliated with the goals of the NEW WORLD ORDER. For some time now, I have seen these names and who they associate with and how fast they climb up that satanic ladder of success, and I'm tellin' you, this web page from this web site {Americans4innovation.blogspot.com} corrals just about all of these NWO "Nut-Jobs". These anti-God globalists believe that there's too many people on "their" planet and those espousing Nationalism or Christianity are on their de-population "To-Do" list.

(May 16 2018) - Climate Engineering a Grand & Lethal Experiment
NEW WORLD ORDER -- Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington’s sole mission is to warn the world about extreme weather modification to cool the planet, but Wigington says it’s having the opposite effect. It’s commonly known as “chemtrails” and it’s destroying the earth’s ability to sustain life. Wigington contends, “We are asking everybody to help us to sound the alarm. We can bring this issue to light, and populations all over the globe will be forced to realize they have been part of a grand and lethal experiment with irreparable damage already done for which there is no return."

(May 16 2018) - Police surveillance video in real time ???
U.S.A. -- The body cameras worn by police officers may one day serve as the metaphorical hundred eyes of an artificial intelligence version of Argus Panoptes. Newly-developed AI software may be able to process surveillance videos taken by those cameras in real time, reported The Wall Street Journal. According to its creators, the high-speed processing technology will improve the effectiveness of law enforcers. Privacy advocates, on the other hand, warn that persistent AI surveillance will endanger the privacy & lives of innocent individuals.

WASH D.C. -- If this report is true, the Deep State and The Swamp are a million times worse and more powerful than we ever imagined. According to a bombshell report from True Pundit, General Michael Flynn did not sign a “guilty plea” for lying to the FBI because he was actually guilty. Flynn allegedly signed the plea because Special Counsel Robert Mueller strong-armed and blackmailed him into it, by threatening Flynn’s family, namely his son, with investigations and piles of legal fees.

(May 15 2018) - "BOMBSHELL REPORT" re: Mueller & Putin
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I'm tellin' you, this is a huge "Bombshell Report" and it's all over the internet. Folks, there's been more colluding with Russia and other governments by the CIA and FBI than a rattle snake has time to hiss at. And Robert Mueller has now been caught in this thicket, due to his conflicting contacts with Russia - especially President Putin. The way I see it, Mueller is gonna have to find a way to cop-a-plea with the Justice Department ... namely by dropping names, or Katie-bar-the-door, 'cause the flood of facts is-a-flowin'.

(May 15 2018) - As The Church Slept ... Satan Crept In
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For years I've argued this point with Christians concerning the "Pre vs Post" tribulation "RAPTURE" and this condensed article kinda says it all for me, a "Post Tribulation" believer. Basically Christians need to always be alert and prepared. They need to know how to defend themselves Biblically with objective apologetics and Spiritually with prayer and praise. They need to always be battle ready to provide an answer for the hope that lies within - not just on Sunday mornings, but seven days a week.

(May 14 2018) - Oakland Mayor ... FACES JUSTICE
CALIFORNIA -- Remember the progressive Oakland Mayor who tipped off CRIMINAL illegals to upcoming ICE raids? Well, now that rogue, anti-American mayor is facing justice. The Immigration Reform Law Institute is filing a lawsuit today against the mayor, demanding she produce documents surrounding her decision to tip off criminals about law enforcement coming to get them, in order to help keep law-abiding Americans safe. ICE was able to conduct some raids, even after the mayor tipped off criminals, and picked up illegals charged with child sexual abuse, beating women, murder, and rape.

(May 14 2018) - Deep Tru^th. Neither CNN or Fox will tell you this.
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- After watching this video, I have to say ... this is only the beginning of what's to come. These evil mind-controlling machines, which manufactures Manchurian madness will - in fact - target the masses and command compliance to attack Christians in the end. I know this sounds like a bunch of hogwash, but folks, these SUPER DEEP projects cost a lot of money to develop and the DEEP STATE operatives have their orders, and once the 5G cell towers are all in place - that's it. So, today's a great day to say yes to JESUS CHRIST !!!

(May 14 2018) - Ceremony Opening Jerusalem Embassy ...
JERUSALEM -- Who says the age of miracles is over? Seventy years to the day after Harry Truman ignored the warnings of the State Department and some of America’s European allies to recognize the creation of the first Jewish nation in 2,000 years, we are witness to another miracle. Once again over the objections of some in the State Department and our allies in Europe, a United States President has become the first world leader to move a nation’s embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish State.

(May 14 2018) - Embassy Move Helps Fight Against Radical Islam
JERUSALEM -- Today, the United States moved its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem. The move is significant – it marks a recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city by the U.S. and an end to the dispute of its status by the world’s foremost superpower. The move is also significant in the battle against radical Islam. Here are four reasons why the U.S. Embassy move helps the fight against radical Islam.

(May 13 2018) - The Quran & Bible Say Jerusalem Is Jewish ... !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For Christians - who read their Bibles - ('cause many don't) Jerusalem cannot belong to any other group, nationality or religion. It does not matter how many times those who possess more than their fair share of ignorance denies it, or how often the press-ti-tutes blab it over their FAKE NEWS air-waves, Jerusalem is Jewish and will always belong to the Jews. So get over it !!! My only concern is the last Temple and why the Freemasons think they're the only ones who can re-construct it. They need to back off that idea as much as the Vatican needs to back off supporting those illegal Islamic interlopers.

(May 13 2018) - The UN should be kicked out of Jerusalem
ISRAEL -- Attorney Yair Gabbai, former Jerusalem council member and currently a member of "Keep Jerusalem," called on Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat to fight to remove the United Nations (UN) from its Jerusalem compound. Gabbai noted that the UN headquarters is in a neighborhood adjacent to where the US Embassy will be inaugurated on Monday. "We cannot leave the UN in Jerusalem," he said. "We are the sovereign entity here. We need to evacuate the UN from Jerusalem tomorrow morning."

(May 13 2018) - Top Secret FISA Court Order ... Obama Spied
WASH D.C. -- The Obama Administration Weaponized The IRS, FBI, NSA, DOJ, the National Security Council and The Mainstream Media Against American Citizens Deemed Political Opponents. Do People Grasp The Gravity Of This Situation? American Citizens Were Treated By the US Government As Enemies Of the State. The Very Definition of Tyranny. Future historians will regard this as worse than Watergate. There is literally no comparison.

(May 12 2018) - Time to Start Crediting the Christians !!!
JERUSALEM -- If all goes as planned, on Monday (May 14th), the U.S. will relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This historic move is packed with both political & spiritual significance. What motivated President Trump to go against decades of American policy at a time when the peace process is frozen, amid warnings of Arab outrage & a looming nuclear threat from Iran? When neither mainstream American Jews or Israeli leaders were pushing for this? The answer is evangelical Christians, which represents a major shift in American-Israeli policy.

(May 11 2018) - HOLLYWEIRD : Second Amendment Hypocrites
HOLLYWEIRD -- We all know that a majority of Hollywood elites are in favor of gun confiscation and pushing more unlawful gun legislation despite the fact that they appear in movies the often glorify the unlawful use of guns. In a recent piece by Peter Suciu for Gunpowder Magazine, he provides video evidence of the hypocrisy as these actors and actresses calling for more gun confiscation legislation due to school shootings while they promote unlawful gun violence on film.

(May 11 2018) - Most People Don’t Care About Privacy ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- That's about right. People want "Free & Easy" and could care less about which platforms sell their private info to third parties. As far as FAKEBOOK and the others go, they ain't a bit worried re: any law suits or any new legislations curbing these trade off's ... because the public - when they signed up for these free platforms - agreed to the Terms of Service when they joined. So ... the new "Public Enemy #1" ain't any of these platforms ... IT'S THE PUBLIC !!!

(May 11 2018) - Does the press really know what corruption is ???
U.S.A. -- The media seem to be very confused about what constitutes corruption. A large number of reports the past few days have either implied or stated that President Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, getting money for saying he could give insight or access to Trump is corrupt. If that was corruption, almost every former member of Congress, family member of people in Congress, lobbyist, lawyer, and consultant in and around government throughout the country would be considered corrupt, too, because they all sell access and insight. It's called ... THE SWAMP.

(May 10 2018) - Liberal drug culture has destroyed Eureka ???
CALIFORNIA -- In normal circumstances, Eureka, California, would be a paradise. It's situated in northern California on the Pacific Coast and is simply beautiful, sandwiched between rugged redwood forests and an implacable open sea. The weather is perfect, constantly between 50 and 75 degrees year round. It's isolated from other major cities, but some find value in the quiet of a more secluded lifestyle. Unfortunately, Eureka, in Humboldt County, is in the center of a narco-state where marijuana is grown industrial-scale and drug use is rampant. The situation has gotten so bad that even tourists avoid it.

(May 10 2018) - $4 Billion Paid Out to Child Sex Abuse Victims
ITALY -- The Vatican has quietly paid out nearly $4 billion in compensation to victims of child sexual abuse, according to a shocking new investigation. According to Jack and Diane Ruhl of the National Catholic Reporter, the Vatican has spent a sickening $3,994,797,060.10 to families in order to avoid being sued in court. Collective-evolution.com reports: The figure is based on a three-month investigation of data, which includes a review of over 7,800 articles from LexisNexis Academic and NCR databases and information from BishopAccountability.org. Reports from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops were also used.

(May 09 2018) - McCain gave the FAKE Dossier to the FBI
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- What else can a lying / dying egomaniac like John McCain say. Yes, I was the one who gave to the FBI the FAKE dossier on Trump and ... "anyone who doesn't like it can go to hell." Folks, that's what he wrote in his book & the MSM has yet to load up on the bomb shell. Look, if you live in Arizona & voted for this RINO, brother, I'd change my name & address & lay low for the next few election cycles. Of all the gall this man has, and to take this revenge against Trump to his grave. GOD have mercy on him ...

(May 09 2018) - Eric Schneiderman Helped NXIVM do WHAT ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Remember all those sealed indictments - some say thousands - which have yet to be unsealed and unmasked ??? Well here's one of them right here, Attorney General from New York Eric Schneiderman. Looks as though his sudden departure - resignation - may be a plea of some sorts to connect a few more democ-RAT dots. My money is on only one sealed indictment, "Back-door-Barry" who is still connected to all his "Bath House Buddies" back in Chi-Town and all that "Kick Back Money" he got from the Iran deal, which Trump just cut off yesterday. More on the way ...

(May 08 2018) - Robert Mueller’s Sordid History ...
WASH D.C. -- The majority of politicians spew lies like an unattended fire hose, but there is one who has had the courage to tell the whole sordid history of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) has written the foremost tell all article on the corrupt and disreputable former FBI Director, Robert Mueller. It is 14 pages long and over 15,000 words and as the Congressman said, he could have written even more. Eric Lichtblau’s recent article in Time Magazine makes it clear that it’s not just FBI partisanship, there’s much more.

(May 07 2018) - Mueller & Kerry Old High School Buddies ???
WASH D.C. -- So John Kerry are Robert Mueller are old high school buddies, well, well, well. One is actively trying to prove Russian collusion exists where none does, using the court system to violate attorney/client privilege in an effort to give credit to a slimy porn star and her even slimier lawyer while the other is secretly violating the Logan Act [(1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799); a federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States] to preserve a deal made with the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

(May 07 2018) - Joe Biden: 'How I Learned To Love The NWO'
WASH D.C. -- In 1992, long before he wrote the Patriot Act, Joe Biden expressed his love for the NEW WORLD ORDER in a recently unearthed Wall Street Journal essay (click). In an article entitled, “How I learned to love the NEW WORLD ORDER,” Biden outlines his plans to destroy national sovereignty, establish a one world government, and “breath new life into the U.N. Charter.” Truthandaction.org reports this as a classic case of ‘hiding out in the open’.

(May 06 2018) - McCain Going Out The Way He Lived
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Poor loser, sour grapes ??? In either case John McCain's dying wishes and last words will be his legacy. This you can count on. As for McCain asking that President Trump not attend his funeral, that's straight up "unforgiveness" and I'm not to sure that's gonna get him past the pearly gates. GOD - on the other hand - has the last word on McCain's hardened heart, but scripture tells me repentance is the recipe to clear that issue up ... if you intend on heading north.

(May 06 2018) - THE WAR ON REPENTANCE by Mario Murillo
AMERICA -- Destroying America is one of Satan’s highest priorities. The thought of a post-American world makes him giddy with delight. He can’t plunge the earth into utter darkness while the United States is a world power. That’s why he’s labored so tediously, and forcefully to bring down our nation. His great obstacle is the praying church. They stop him dead in his tracks. His only hope is to fool the the church into defeating itself. Satan has studied the Bible and the church for millennia. He knows our Achilles heel. He finally found the right tactic: bury the doctrine of repentance.

(May 06 2018) - Acronyms & Codes Parents Should Know
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here you go parents (P911). Somewhat of a complete guide from "Internet Safety 101" listing many of those funny looking acronyms and codes which your little whipper-snappers are using to disguise their communications ... from you (CD9). My guess is, many parents are already hip to these codes, but many grandparents - no doubt - haven't a clue. So, here's a web page that you need to look over and maybe print out. GOD Bless ...

(May 05 2018) - Contract Signed For A One World Religion ???
SAUDI ARABIA -- Catholic Church & Riyadh officials have signed a new pact to unify Christianity & Islam in Saudi Arabia in the hope of creating "One World Religion". The deal will see new churches build across the Arab kingdom under cooperation from the Vatican & local Wahhabi leaders. Saudi Arabia is currently the only Gulf state with no public Christian places of worship. The agreement, signed between Wahhabi leaders & Vatican cardinal, will establish a cooperative relationship between the 2 religions, giving citizens of either faith a new place to worship under a new religion.

(May 05 2018) - Criminals could alter their DNA to evade justice
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Ya see ... every time there's a new way to detect crime or to catch a criminal in the act, or before the act, they find ways to circumvent crime fighters and their new technologies. Folks, we haven't even scratched the surface yet re: how artificial intelligence is going to be used by criminals. And forget about redirecting 5G cell towers frequencies away from civilians ... 'cause they can't be redirected !!! Listen, between the criminals altering their DNA and the cell towers altering your DNA, you ain't got a chance. GOD help us ...

(May 05 2018) - British Crown Runs the U.S. Legal System ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And now for your weekend reading pleasure, another well researched article re: America's legal system and how the British Crown runs it, and the B.A.R. association which tenders licenses to operate under their charter. Folks, you just gotta dig deeper to flesh this stuff out, or you'll end up down stream without a paddle. This empire for the elites, headed by the "Queen Bee" of all "Secret Societies" ... especially the "Order of the Garter" ... Queen Elizabeth ... has flanked all avenues of escape. This is why you need JESUS CHRIST as your KING & SAVIOUR !!!

(May 05 2018) - Mural with Trump’s head on a spear ???
CALIFORNIA -- Liberals claim to be so loving & accepting, right ? Yet, these are always the most intolerant & violent people ever. They depict our President in an assorted array of death scenes & call it “artistic & creative.” It’s just an excuse to push their violent anti-Trump agenda. However, average Americans who have decency & morals are fed up. Case in point, a charter school in San Diego is now caving to the backlash after they allowed an artist to create a mural depicting President Trump’s decapitated head on a spear. The school announced that the artist will paint over the violent image.

(May 04 2018) - The press wants confrontation, not information
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- No question about it !!! The adversarial relationship that the MSM has had historically with presidents and their administrations - especially against the Trump administration - has crossed over the line and into an out-and-out confrontational one. These haters of truth and purveyors of perversions have - at the very least - entitled themselves as untouchable, unaccountable and unforgiving, while judging others of the same. It's a defense mechanism called displacement - blaming others for your offences.

(May 03 2018) - Geoengineering may destroy us all ... ???
NEW WORLD ORDER -- Remember when the mere mention of “chemtrails” in public was immediately shot down by scientific know-it-alls as a wacky “conspiracy theory” with no basis in reality? Well, chemtrails have now been given an official name - geoengineering - and even the mainstream media now openly admits that they’re real and being used to combat “climate change.” Scientists from developing countries like Bangladesh, China, India, and Thailand are actively studying how chemtrails might be used to “dim” the sun’s rays by putting a chemical layer between them and the earth.

(May 03 2018) - 10 Things Christians Can Pray ...
AMERICA -- Once a year on the 1st Thursday of May, Christians gather together to pray for our nation. It’s the National Day of Prayer, a day set aside for America to seek God in faith and unity. It’s easy to pray generically and ask God to bless America. From reading the Bible, we know and understand God loves the details of our lives. Our Heavenly Father wants us to live in a continual attitude of prayer. Here are ten prayer starters to spark your prayer life during the National Day of Prayer ...

(May 03 2018) - Trump to Create New Faith-Based Office
WHITE HOUSE -- Proving once again that he cares about Christian America, President Donald J. Trump plans to sign an executive order on Thursday, the National Day of Prayer, to create a new faith-based office in the WH. The White House declared in a press release issued Thursday morning that, “Prayer, by which we affirm our dependence on God, has long been fundamental to our pursuit of freedom, peace, unity & prosperity. Prayer sustains us & brings us comfort, hope, peace & strength. Therefore, we must cherish our spiritual foundation & uphold our legacy of faith.”

(May 03 2018) - Christians' Munich Moment in California
CALIFORNIA -- Scarcely any moment in American history is as important for America's Christians as the developing crises over religious freedom now happening in California. The legislature of Sacramento not only is underhandedly banning books opposed to the doctrines of the transgender religion (including the Bible), but also has threatened Christians' rights to free assembly and freedom of speech. According to its website, Summit Ministries, an organization devoted to advising Christian youths on how to live out a Christian worldview, has canceled its scheduled appearances at Biola University in Los Angeles "due to concerns that California will forbid some of what it teaches."

(May 02 2018) - Common Bonds Between Islam & Catholicism ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's one of those centuries old questions that can only be answered in the affirmative. In the end time, if all the Religions in the world have to unite into a "ONE WORLD RELIGION", they must do so by either highlighting their commonalities or by collective force. Either way, these two mega religions, Islam & Catholicism, will be in this end time religion. And the Freemasons, well, Albert Pike - 33° Freemason & Grand Commander - foretold this, and encouraged this crisis to create this end time religion, which will produce "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS" and the "ANTI-CHRIST".

(May 02 2018) - Pope Francis takes over the Knights of Malta
VATICAN -- Today, Bergoglio finally managed to take over the Order of Malta, said to be the last conservative force to oppose the Jesuit take-over of the Catholic Faith. After great controversy surrounding this legendary Order of Knights, that witnessed the unexpected resignation of a pious man, Fra’ Robert Matthew Festing, who served with loyalty as the 79th Prince & Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, only to be kicked out on Jan 2017. There was also tension between Pope Francis & Patron of the Knights of Malta, the traditionalist Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke ...

(May 02 2018) - A Lot Of Apps Sell Your Data ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- It's almost meaningless to get this point across to most folks who have already paid "out-the-nose" for one of these cell phone snitching machines. They assume that their cell phones won't be targeted, get hacked or app'ed, and delusionally assume that their cell phone carriers & companies have their backs. No, No, a thousand times NO !!! These companies are in the business to protect their backs - not the customers - and rake in as much money as they possible. Lifelock will tell you the same.

(May 01 2018) - The Framing of a President ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Heck, anybody can set anyone up !!! It all depends on how you frame the question - if you're gonna frame someone. You start by shielding an obscure, albeit, opaque answer, frame the question out of context, then demand absolute recall. I'm tellin' you, even if President Trump has "TOTAL RECALL" re: every question posited by Mueller ... MOTIVE ... will be his second gotcha. So, don't be fooled by this so-called innocent leak of Mueller's possible questions. He's hoping President Trump will "tweet" answers to these FAKE QUESTIONS.

(May 01 2018) - Sorry, but asylum is not a right !!!
SAN DIEGO -- As we look at the front pages, we see a so-called caravan trying to jump a fence in San Diego. It's an interesting image, because our family came here as political refugees many years ago. I remember the tedious process that included going from Cuba to Mexico, and then to Jamaica, where we waited for the okay to travel to Miami. After that, and respecting the laws of the U.S., we were granted residency. Here is the difference from the people hanging from the fence in California.

(Apr 30 2018) - Illegals could serve on California boards ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Good grief !!! Is there anyone "left" in Sacramento who has read The Constitution, let alone comprehend its value ??? Folks, listen to me plainly ... California is not only being invaded by illegals, but being bamboozled by unqualified and ignorant elected officials. If this is the "lefts" way of providing an opportunity for outsiders - and the insiders are okay with giving it all away - then buddy, don't come a knocking when those criminal illegals and gangs KILL for more than their fair share. Good grief !!!

(Apr 30 2018) - 30 "ILLEGALS" arrested at U.S. Border
U.S. BORDER -- At least 30 people from the illegal immigrant caravan had already been arrested for jumping the border as of Monday morning, border sources told The Washington Times, and the government filed the first criminal charges against them later in the day. One group included nearly 20 people, while others attempted to sneak over in smaller groups, one source said. Agents nabbed them and confirmed they were part of the caravan that’s been traversing Mexico for more than a month.

(Apr 30 2018) - Deep State Destroying Education & Healthcare ???
CALIFORNIA -- Every facet of our govt from the fed' govt to the state, city & county level are under the control of the Deep State globalists. They create organizations such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) which, in effect controls our local politics. If you wonder why your schools are underfunded & teaching porn disguised radical sex-ed that parents cannot opt out of, I just told you who is responsible. The California bill which is trying to end Christianity in that state by forbidding the sale of the Bible, is a trial piece of legislation which came from ALEC.

(Apr 28 2018) - Control the Words, Control the Culture
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's a really simple video which describes how the left uses words to change exact meanings into politically correct verbiage, and in the end, forcing social intolerance and or peer pressure if you do not accept the changed nomenclature. So ... listen carefully to every word that escapes their pie-holes, because most of the time they're lip-syncing the liberal / luciferian lies spewed out by the FAKE NEWS cartels and authorized by puppet masters of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

(Apr 30 2018) - Trump's International Art Of The Deal
WHITE HOUSE -- It’s really not that complicated. But President Trump’s Syria strikes have reopened the debate over what defines his foreign policy. Is he an interventionist or an isolationist? Foreign policy experts claim that he’s making it up as he goes along. But they’re not paying attention. President Trump’s foreign policy has two consistent elements. From threatening Kim Jong-Un on Twitter to moving the embassy to Jerusalem to bombing Syria, he applies pressure and then he disengages. Here’s how that works.

(Apr 29 2018) - Trump is Doing What JFK Tried To Do
WASH D.C. -- Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what is going on with Donald J. Trump “is an ongoing coup to remove a duly elected President.” Shipp contends, “This is a huge constitutional crisis like the country has never seen before. This makes Watergate look like a Sunday school class.” On Friday, Shipp and other retired top officials at the CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA held a press conference and demanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions prosecute top Obama era officials for obvious crimes against the incoming Trump Administration.

(Apr 28 2018) - Another MAGA Week End Web Site !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- With all the FAKE NEWS out there re: Christians, Conservatives, Republicans, and in particular President Trump, there's a web site called www.MEGAPILL.com that I encourage all of our readers to bookmark and plough through this weekend. Included in this web site are President Trump's list of "Accomplishments" - so far - and a "Breaking News" web page. Now, if you want to have a little something to talk about with your liberal family members or buddies at work, this web site is a great place to start. So enjoy your week end and GOD Bless !!!

(Apr 28 2018) - James Perloff - 1950's TV Had a Moral Purpose
AMERICA -- What made 1950s television shows so appealing was their morality. They permitted no cursing or sex scenes; any violence wasn't graphic. Furthermore, most shows' plots ended with a positive moral lesson. Honesty, respect for others, "doing the right thing," self-control, and other virtues were upheld. Superman began every episode reminding children that Superman fought for "truth, justice, and the American way." On 50s TV, crime couldn't pay.

(Apr 28 2018) - Dr. warns world about 'CHEMTRAIL LUNG' ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And here you go ... a medical doctor who isn't on the take and actually says it like it is. If you're having flu like symptoms and have a persistent cough which takes months to get over, odds are you have what this doctor says is "CHEMTRAIL LUNG" !!! A video was made by Rachel Reenstra and she was able to get her doctor to share this important info. He even discusses additional reasons why this is becoming a medical issue and epidemic. So, bookmark this page and VIDEO before something bad happens to this doctor or videographer.

(Apr 27 2018) - DEEP STATE Trying to Avoid Exposure ???
WASH D.C. -- No matter what it is called, “The Deep State”, “The Swamp”, “The Washington Cesspool”, “The Establishment”, “The Washington Insiders”, “The Left”, it is all the same. It is the Democrats, RINO's, the MSM, almost all the Fed' employees, and the “self-appointed” Washington elite who support the “Deep State” status quo. They do not want anything to change in Wash D.C., especially if it threatens their obsession with money & power & their ability to continually stroke their own egos. None of these people think that President Trump, the non- politician businessman, has a place anywhere in “their world”.

(Apr 27 2018) - NUKING THEIR NUKES North & South Korea
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yippee Yi Yo !!! Just like when the Soviet Union was called out by President Reagan to "Tear Down These Walls" and renounce communism, President Trump has done the same, demanding North Korea renounce nuclear arms and to reunify with South Korea, and yet the MSM think these two Korea's kinda did this one their own. Albeit, North Korea has a history of reneging on issues, so just like President Reagan kinda said, we can trust ... but we still need to verify.

(Apr 27 2018) - MSM Silent re: Hollyweird Sex Cult NXIVM
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Waiting for a satanic spin from the MSM re: this Hollyweird Sex Cult NXIVM ... not to worry, the independent on-line news media has it covered. At this point in the investigation of this sex cult more names are being added to the "Who's Who" in all this nastiness. Just so you know, many on-line investigators, I'm here to tell you, will follow the money - like they always do - and scoop the MSM ... like they always do. As of this posting, suspicions of the MSM involvement and hush money pay-offs are being tracked as well. Yes they are !!! President Trump is making sure of that.

(Apr 26 2018) - New Measures Toward Global Totalitarianism
AMERICA -- For those who have read “1984” by George Orwell, it is almost prophetic in its depth & accuracy. The reason that the warning has not been heeded is that change takes place with glacial slowness. Sometimes the changes take so long they dull the senses & we become inured to “more bad news,” or we just discount it continually. No matter what our reaction, the march toward global totalitarianism proceeds, with or without our consent or even our attention. The slow march is deliberate.

(Apr 26 2018) - Jesuit House Chaplain Forced to Resign ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I'm not too sure if the House Chaplain - a Jesuit - didn't get the ax because of a prayer, or because he invited a muslim to say a prayer in the house either. My guess is, he's been tipping off what has been shared with him in private or in a confessional to his higher ups. You see, this is how Catholics absolve themselves of wrong doing, by confession their sin(s) to a priest. Secondly, history has shown that many countries have ick-snayed these Vatican Spies, and have kicked them out of their countries all together. And at one time, so did New York. Just wait ... you'll see.

(Apr 25 2018) - Google Bans Ads from Christian Pub' Company
U.S.A. -- Concordia Publishing House has reported that Google explicitly stated to their organization that Jesus and the Bible are banned references in regards to advertisements. Google cannot legally remove websites and or content deemed by the organization to be offensive on platforms they do not own; however, being that Google controls a vast majority of online searching operations, Google can control how often such content is seen by the public. In a press release, Concordia Publishing House stated that; “Google informed CPH that the type of ad in question would not be allowed based on Google’s policy of religious belief in personalized content.

(Apr 25 2018) - How Globalism leads to a New World Order
AMERICA -- When globalists speak about a “NEW WORLD ORDER” they are speaking about something very specific & rather sacred in their little cult of elitism. It is not simply the notion that civilization shifts or changes abruptly on its own; rather, it is their name for a directed & engineered vision - a world built according to their rules, not a world that evolved naturally according to necessity. There are other names for this engineered vision, including the “global economic reset,” or the more general & innocuous term “globalism,” but the intention is the same

(Apr 25 2018) - Golden State Killer, Exeter police officer
TULARE COUNTY -- A Tulare County case that’s been cold for more than 40 years may finally be solved, thanks to the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo, the suspect believed to be the Golden State Killer. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department arrested the 72-year-old former police officer Wednesday. So far, he has been charged with four murders that had been linked to the Golden State Killer and is suspected in more than a dozen other crimes. That includes the Visalia Ransacker crime spree, a rash of dozens of bizarre home burglaries that took place from 1974 to 1975.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- WAKE UP PASTORS !!! Yes, your parishioners in Porterville want you to "Preach the Gospel" ... and ... to "Tell the Truth" concerning DEEP STATE politics and DEEP MIND programming. But you are afraid to, fearing you might loose your position as their pastor. Like Paul the Apostle, I gotta warn Christians re: who and what's coming down the pike - 'cause you won't. As upsetting, I see Christian brothers & sisters goose-stepping with Google's luciferian leadings, and artificial intelligent endings.

(Apr 24 2018) - Calexit ... to start collecting signatures
CALIFORNIA -- Advocates who want California to secede from the rest of the U.S. were given the green light Monday to begin collecting signatures for their initiative. California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced the ballot proposal had been cleared. The latest measure would ask voters in 2020 to decide whether to open up a secession discussion. If passed, a 2nd election would be held a year later asking voters to affirm the decision & become an independent country. Advocates have until mid-Oct to gather 365,880 signatures of registered voters to get it on the ballot.

(Apr 23 2018) - Long Term Power Outage Drill in Wisconsin
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Drills, drills, and more drills. For the public’s benefit ??? Hardly !!! These drills are designed to find weaknesses in their warriors and to flesh out Second Amendment Citizens - AKA - PATRIOTS !!! That's it. What they drill for can be artificially programmed and produced with computers. These drills are not necessary. What's needed is the old civil defence drills, where everyone knows where to go and what to do. And, back in the day, the neighborhood Church was where you got trained. Now they're being trained ... to OBEY THE GOVERNMENT !!!

(Apr 23 2018) - Fresno State's Hate Problem
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- In a nut-shell you could say that these liberal academics have little to no morals. And this one at Fresno State is a prime example. If you want to say that this HATE SPEECH is protected by the 1st Amendment, well fine. But to many of us what this waked-out-woman said is equivalent to yelling fire in a theatre. What she said & how she said it motivates others into action. Folks, if you intend on sending your offspring to Fresno State - don't !!! They'll thank you later on in life once they're grown.

(Apr 23 2018) - Apathy has come at the worst possible time
CALIFORNIA -- On the eve of the most dangerous law ever written against California believers - shocking silence has fallen on the church here. Look on Facebook. They are not even talking about it (Assembly Bill 2943). Do you see a groundswell of action? Are state senators being flooded with calls and emails? Did your mega church even say anything about it yesterday? I am guessing nothing was said. Don’t tell me I am writing too many warnings about this. Paul said in Acts 21: 31 “Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears.” Like Paul, I am not going to stop warning you.

(Apr 23 2018) - New Reality Magic Engulfing Your Brain
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Back in the day our parents & teachers used to say, re: our brains ... "Garbage In - Garbage Out" ... meaning that if you fill your mind with garbage, that's what's gonna come out. So, mad scientists magicians are developing ways to make sure that our brains are filled with stuff they deem appropriate, or politically correct. No more choices - no more freedom. It's too risky to allow the masses to think on their own. Who knows what chaos that could bring ??? So, these NEW WORLD ORDER Nut-Jobs need to control the people in order to control the future ... their future.

(Apr 22 2018) - Are Your I-Phones ... ILLUMINATI PHONES ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- History has revealed that those who were in the Illuminati had to keep tabs on those around them and then to send what they found out up to the next level. This way those at the top could keep those at the bottom - at the bottom. And this same collective commitment continues today, utilizing the unsuspecting and uninitiated masses ... via the ILLUMINATI PHONES - I-Phones !!! And Christians - I'm sorry to say - are still in denial re: this issue and are ignorant accomplices as they tote these triangulating tattle-telling toys around with them 24/7 and on Sundays to Church. (See April 14th Notes)

(Apr 22 2018) - Over 90 Muslims in U.S. running for offices
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Over 90 Muslims are running for some political office - mostly democ-RATS - in the U.S. and I'm here to tell you, most, if not all of them, want to gain an office, to gain power, and to gain changes to the U.S. Constitution, making it more sharia compliant. But you see, changing the laws to accommodate a FAKE RELIGION doesn't solve the problem. The changes that these "Moon Worshipping Muslims" need is spiritual. They need JESUS CHRIST !!! BTW ... they ain't gonna come to your Church and run down to the alter. You're gonna have to come out of your Church and run to them. Got it ???

(Apr 21 2018) - North Korea's Pledge to Denuclearize ... (Hum)
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I have to agree (somewhat) re: Hal Turner's suspicions of North Korea ... wanting to denuclearizing themselves - now - in from of GOD and everyone. There's gotta be a pay-off somewhere for both countries, and maybe China and Russia as well. However, for me, I gotta ask, why ain't the MSM circling their FAKE NEWS wagons around this HUGE possibility ??? Maybe they're on stand-own orders from the DEEP STATE ??? Maybe they're in disbelief re: Trump's accomplishments. Or maybe this is a set up and Hal Turner is right by quoting 1 Thes 5:3. What do you think ???

(Apr 21 2018) - Why Amazon's DoD contract is so Controversial
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- In about 9 paragraphs, Bryan Crabtree, writer for American Thinker, nails it as to why Amazon should not be given any more contracts to any more military agencies, becoming their internet service provider. Conflicts, collusions, cronyism and control. Listen, having that much influence in the inner sanctums of many of these above top secret service departments, is a huge cause of concern. Even if Amazon can provide the best security, that's not the issue. The issue is Amazon becomes the MATRIX for all intel, on land, under the seas and for all SKYNETS !!!

(Apr 20 2018) - Socialism Explained in 6 Easy Words
AMERICA -- Sometimes it becomes pretty evident that those who support socialism the most, don’t really understand what it’s all about (pic). They believe it’s about fairness and income equality. In fact, ask a Democrat what the difference is between their party’s platform and the concept of socialism and they’ll likely have a difficult time telling the two apart. Maria Cantwell couldn’t figure it out. Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn’t answer it. And Bernie Sanders definitely couldn’t answer it.

(Apr 19 2018) - FSU Addresses Hateful Muslim Professor
FRESNO -- After calling Barbara Bush an “amazing racist” & refusing to back down, a racist Muslim professor taunts critics: “I will never be fired.” Note her jihad war scarf - as much a sign of genocidal anti-Semitism as a Nazi swastika. This savage is teaching our children, but voices of freedom are banned from even speaking on campus. Decades after the left began its long march through the institutions (academia, media, think tanks, entertainment etc) - subverting society by infiltrating institutions such as the academic & other professions ...

(Apr 19 2018) - DHS Releases Records on Remote Mind Control
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Of course this is something to keep an eye on - anyone toying around with or experimenting with any mind control apparatus. That being said, you gotta believe when any gov't, especially our own, is funding or supporting these kinds of Orwellian machinations, bad things kinda happen. Look, these scientists may have good intentions re: some of this technology, but history has always recorded that those who want to control the masses and have the money (cough, cough, Bill Gates), usually end up with these devices of destruction.

(Apr 19 2018) - Bill to ban some Christian books and BIBLE ???
SACRAMENTO -- It’s interesting, for example, that Chait makes the argument just as the California State Assembly is set to vote on a bill that would actually — among other things — ban the sale of books expressing orthodox Christian beliefs about sexual morality. Yes, ban the sale of books. Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in “a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer” that advertise, offer to engage in, or do engage in “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.”

(Apr 19 2018) - 1/2 of California supports travel ban, deportations
CALIFORNIA -- A new report released on Wednesday revealed that approximately half of California’s population supports President Donald Trump’s travel ban and increasing the number of deportations carried out by federal immigration authorities. The survey, conducted by left-leaning UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, found that support for the Trump administration’s agenda was strong even in the state’s most far-left areas.

(Apr 18 2018) - Trump: Cities rebel against sanctuary policy
WHITE HOUSE -- California is in the middle of a revolution as more and more cities are rejecting the state's support for sanctuary policies that protect illegal immigrants, President Trump claimed Wednesday. “There is a Revolution going on in California. Soooo many Sanctuary areas want OUT of this ridiculous, crime infested & breeding concept,” Trump tweeted Wednesday. “Jerry Brown is trying to back out of the National Guard at the Border, but the people of the State are not happy. Want Security & Safety NOW!”

(Apr 18 2018) - EXPOSED: All the Queen’s Agents & Corporations
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Please, if nothing else, save this web page called (EXPOSED: All the Queen’s Agents and Corporations that Control the World) from this site called (American Intelligence Media) and read it very careful. Since the Revolution, American's have been under the assumption that we were free & independent from England, but hidden is the truth on how they did a few end-arounds on the U.S. and used lackeys to put us back under their control and ownership through corporate dealings, banking debt and secret societies like the freemasons. READ IT AND WEEP !!!

(Apr 17 2018) - Judge wants names reviewed & released ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I can only imagine the destabilizing domino effect with this ruling by Judge Kimba Wood (Pic) to release the names of Michael Cohen's clients ... so they can be searched, reviewed and categorized. This political precedent by an oppositional judge will, I'm tellin' you, end up before the SCOTUS as a class action law suit by all those who names are unjustly and un-Constitutionally unmasked. And the MSM, well, their necks are cinched up just as tight on these 1st and 5th Amendment gallows. This is not good or safe for anyone hiring an attorney ... for anything !!!

(Apr 17 2018) - 'Sleeper Cells' in U.S. ... and Porterville ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- 'Sleeper Cells' in Porterville ? Of course Porterville ! All across the U.S. muslims who have a lot of money & businesses know that when push comes to shove they have to side in with TERRORISTS motivated by islam. And Porterville, BTW, is a great place to hide-out until it's time to subjugate the infidels. These islamic invaders know they can't get money from overseas to sponsor their "Religion of Terrorism" so they tap the money here from local mom-and-pop's & other phony baloney businesses. And "you" are fraternizing these stores, buying their stuff & becoming an ignorant co-sponsor of terror. WAKE UP PORTERVILLE !!!

(Apr 16 2018) - 100's of Muslims illegally crossing into US
U.S.A. -- “It’s a growing concern for border patrol as Laredo has become the number 1 crossing point for Bangladeshi nationals, a country that has known ties to terrorism. In 2017 they apprehended close to 180 Bangladeshi nationals, and since October of last year, there have been over 160 individuals caught.” Why are they entering the country that way? It isn’t hard to understand.

(Apr 16 2018) - Brown rejects proposed border duties for troops
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well ... what-do-you-know ? Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown likes the idea of President Trump funding the National Guard Troops for California's border, but he's not to sure he wants the troops obeying Trump over him, - cause that's would make Brown look bad. Worse yet, what if those National Guardsmen actually do a good job protecting California. That'd really make the democ-RATS look un-American (as if that's more possible) and maybe mess up the mid-term elections, or the 2020 Presidential Re-Election of President Trump.

(Apr 16 2018) - High Speed Rail Gets Fed IG Audit
CALIFORNIA -- Tens of billions of dollars are being wasted on what should go down in history as "Brown's Folly," the utterly impractical plan to connect the Bay Area with the Los Angeles Basin via "high-speed rail" of the variety first developed in Japan in the 1960s – half a century ago. Finally, a disinterested outside party – the U.S. Department of Transportation inspector general – will audit federal funding of the project. Inspectors general are the heroes of federal spending and probity, as DOJ I.G. Horowitz is demonstrating in real time now.

(Apr 15 2018) - US & China May Hatch The Prophesied NWO ???
NEW WORLD ORDER -- A trade showdown between the world’s two biggest economies could be the flashpoint for a new international order, according to the chief advisor of China’s Banking Regulatory Commission. A tit-for-tat trade standoff between the U.S. and China has fueled market fears that the dispute could soon spiral into a full-blown trade war. Washington and Beijing have been embroiled in escalating tariff threats since early March — with market participants concerned about the potential impact of an ensuing trade war.

(Apr 15 2018) - Playing God Doesn't Work !!!
AMERICA -- Intellectuals that today we call “liberal” rely on the old myth that “man is the measure of all things” and cling to the notion that human brainpower alone can solve every problem and give us a better world. This rationalist creed commits its followers to failure because it disconnects them from the One who put us here. We are not puppets, true, but we are also not exclusively our own agents. Severance from our Creator defeats the moral compass that keeps us from drifting in perpetual confusion, doubt, chaos, and cruelty.

(Apr 14 2018) - Is It Now Unsafe to Attend Church ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For all the right reasons we should attend Church. However, in this day and age of surveillance, it's now risky to attend - fearing that you might hear a Sodom & Gomorrah sermon, or have someone’s smart phone spy on your conversation in the Churches foyer or after the service. Is this speculation ? Not if the Bible says it's gonna happen. Folks, I've harped on this almost 10 years now and since many pastors preach in surveillance sanctuaries - and do not warn their parishioners re: these satanic cell phones - It's Now Unsafe to Attend !!!

(Apr 14 2018) - Was Syria attack actually against 'Deep State' ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Last nights missile attack on Syria, and it's mission accomplish accolades from President Trump, got me to thinking ... could there be an ulterior motive for this combined missile attack ??? Rounding up additional countries to help out takes planning, besides cooperation, and something just didn't sound right ... until I ran across this report on the "Operation Disclosure" web site, where a guest columnist questioned (as did I) ... "Was the Attack on Syria Actually Against Deep State Proxies" ??? Looks like it's time to release The Fact Finders - again !!!

(Apr 13 2018) - McCarthy Endorsed by Speaker ... for Speaker ???
WASH D.C. -- Speaker Paul D. Ryan's endorsement Friday of Rep. Kevin McCarthy as his successor vastly increases chances that the Bakersfield congressman will lead House Republicans come November, but it may not seal the deal. "We all think that Kevin is the right person" to become speaker, Ryan (R-Wis.) told NBC's "Meet the Press" anchor Chuck Todd in a segment that airs Sunday but was made public Friday. "I think Kevin's the right guy to step up."

(Apr 13 2018) - DEEP STATE ? What about elite news anchors ?
AMERICA -- It’s not only the content of news that is embraced, it’s the style, the manner of presentation - and in the long run, the presentation is far more corrosive, far more deadly than the content. The imitations of life called anchors are the arbiters of style. How they speak, how they look, how they themselves experience emotion - all this is planted deep in the brains of the viewers. Most of America can’t imagine the evening news could look and sound any other way. That’s how solid the long-term brainwashing is.

(Apr 13 2018) - PENTAGON surveillance ends ... FAKEBOOK starts
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Again, let me reiterate. These social networking cartels were working with "The Company" and all the other collectives - here and abroad - to do one thing, and that is to establish inside information on who you are, where you're at and what you're doing. This way, in a court of law, it was you who ratted yourself out !!! Just like Zuckerberg said in the beginning ... that the users of FAKEBOOK are "Dumb f**ks" ... and I've been saying from day one, these social networking sites are a set up !!! They're all rigged against against you and free speech.

(Apr 12 2018) - Zuckerberg, Facebook is working with Mueller ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So Zuckerberg says he wants to protect his insider info from Congress because Robert Mueller's rifling through FAKEBOOK ??? What a crock !!! From the beginning FAKEBOOK was working colluding with the DEEP STATE and raking in a ton of money because of it. What Mueller is really doing at FAKEBOOK is "Cleaning The Books" for his past employers, like "Back-door-Barry" ... "Crocked Hillary" ... plus the FBI & CIA ... 'cause he's a dead man walking if he don't. Right ? Right ...

(Apr 12 2018) - California breaking up moves closer
CALIFORNIA -- The chance of California splitting into three has moved a step closer after a billionaire secured enough signatures to trigger a referendum on the issue. Tim Draper, who made his money through Hotmail and Skype, has gathered 600,000 signatures supporting the change – way above the 364,000 needed. Those who want to break up California believe it would boost educational standards and reduce the political power of Sacramento, the state’s capital.

(Apr 12 2018) - Jobless Claims - Lowest On Record !!!
AMERICA -- The number of Americans claiming new unemployment benefits has never been so low for so long. Initial jobless claims, a proxy for layoffs across the U.S., decreased by 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 233,000 in the week ended April 7, the Labor Department said Thursday. This means claims have now held below 300,000 for 162 consecutive weeks, cementing the longest streak for weekly records dating back to 1967. The current streak eclipsed the previous longest stretch that ended in April 1970.

(Apr 12 2018) - FEMA orders 16,000 Guillotine Blades From Mexico
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Time for The Porterville Post "Fact Finding Folks" to put some time in. From what I can tell, this March 18th 2018 report re: FEMA Ordering Guillotine Blades from Mexico has some merit, only because of some past articles stating similar issues and a Georgia House of Representatives bill (HB 1274) - Death penalty; guillotine provisions (95/96), which can still be viewed. Now, as creepy as these articles are, remember ... "Evil intentions produce Evil results when Evil lurks in the dark". So, shed some light guys ... giddy up !!!

(Apr 12 2018) - Measure signed curbing online sex trafficking
WASH D.C. -- President Donald Trump signed a measure Wednesday aimed at curbing online sex trafficking, marking a rare bipartisan victory in Washington. The new law paves the way for victims of sex trafficking to hold websites accountable for knowingly facilitating sex trafficking. "Trafficking is probably worse today than at any time in our history," the President said during the signing ceremony. "You are not alone."

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Lookie here, the MSM is obsessively focused on President Trump's past sexual encounters so much that they can't even pull themselves away for a moment to report what has been uncovered and unsealed - REAL SEXUAL PREDATORS & PAEDOPHILES. Folks, satan's second guessing sycophants - MSM - are so spiteful that they'd sooner take America down with their FAKE NEWS & AGENDA as opposed to letting President Trump do what he promised to do ... "Make America Great Again".

(Apr 11 2018) - IN TRUMP WE TRUST
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So these has-been agents are crying that they're playing cards with a mobster - President Trump. Then by all means, cash in your chips, and hit the road. The longer you play against the house - The White House - the likely you're gonna loose. As for Mueller, he's betting with someone else's money, and dollars to donuts, he's staying in the game as long as he can, 'cause he knows he's got some debts to pay ... and ... some indictments on the way. I'm tellin' you, Trump has all the cards marked. (LOL)

(Apr 10 2018) - Feds Raid Office of Trump Lawyer ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Lawyers all across the U.S. are now worried re: their attorney client privileges because of President Trumps personal lawyers office(s) being raided by the FBI ... per Robert Mueller. Folks, these agencies make it up as they go. They say they have probable cause - kinda like what they told another judge so they could wire-tap President Trump before the election - but honestly, they're deep sea fishing in the desert. More reports on this raid will be written in the days ahead. (More)

(Apr 10 2018) - Luciferian Black Magic & Shadow Gov't Cabal
AMERICA -- In this series of articles, I have been showing that there is in fact a shadow govt at work & have been at work for over 220+ years to bring about the return of the “gods”, put Lucifer the chief “god” on the throne & enslave all man-kind in a NEW WORLD ORDER. It is in America which much of this global power game is being played by these secret global Luciferians who have given their souls to Lucifer & it is the secret global cabal’s desire is to enslave all man-kind & have ultimate power over the world.

(Apr 09 2018) - Apple's Co-Founder Closes FAKEBOOK account
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Are Americans waking up, or is it too late ??? Yes, many are waking up, but it's too late, because "BIG BROTHER" has already captured enough personal info on just about everyone. As for Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak closing out his account ... well, they kinda got him by the short hairs as well. Folks, even if one billion decide to cut their losses with FAKEBOOK, they've already stolen your identities, and will sell them again once you bail. Why ? Their "Terms of Service" agreements - that few ever read - allows them to use you, 'cause you used them.

(Apr 08 2018) - Mayor Declares New 'Knife Control' Policies
LONDON -- An epidemic of stabbings & acid attacks in London has gotten so bad that London mayor Sadiq Khan (Muslim) is announcing broad new "knife control" policies designed to keep these weapons of war out of the hands of Londoners looking to cause others harm. The "tough, immediate" measures involve an incredible police crackdown, a ban on home deliveries of knives & acid, and expanding law enforcement stop-and-search powers so that police may stop anyone they believe to be a threat, or planning a knife or acid attack.

(Apr 08 2018) - The Truth About Gun Control !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here are some brief & simple reasons why gun control is not about controlling guns - it's about controlling people. Facts are facts & numbers are numbers. So, when the FAKE NEWS folks start spewing their FAKE FACTS and FAKE NUMBERS, return fire with this ammo. Most - if not all - cities who have the strictest gun laws have the highest rates of gun violence, including California. Side by side comparisons of other statistics, which increase death, are rarely heard on radio, or seen on TV, because that info has to be approved by the program director & control agent. Got it ???

(Apr 07 2018) - DHS to hire "Media Monitoring Service" ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well ... here we go. Push has come to shove and now it appears that the DHS will be hiring media watchers to compile data on just about every on-line blogger, journalist, news service, and don't forget on-line voting. If you wait a few seconds you can hear the DEEP STATE calling in their lawyers, banking buddies and MSM miscreants to find loopholes in this new "Media Monitoring Service". Additionally, many of the social media cartels, link FAKEBOOK, Twitter and so forth, are also scrambling. Maybe that's why Mark Zuckerberg is silently deleting his account, as FAKEBOOK fazes out freebies.

(Apr 07 2018) - National Guard Troops Deploying to Mexico Border
MEXICAN BORDER -- Hundreds of National Guard troops from Texas and Arizona began deploying to the Mexico Border overnight Friday into Saturday, with "very many more" in a number of other states placed on "72 hour ready-go" notice for additional deployments. President Trump has pledged to secure the southern border from Illegal Aliens and Drug Smugglers - - it has officially begun. This is sending a message; we're not kidding. More details as they become available ...

(Apr 06 2018) - Who Really Controls America ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- (Side Note) Loyalty of the branches our military - from the ground up - kinda goes like this. Loyalty to your command first, loyalty to operations second, loyalty to the brass third, loyalty to other branches last. As you noticed, I didn't include loyalty to the Constitution - of which all swear an oath to protect - or the President. Why ? Because they come under a different set of laws - Military Laws, namely the UCMJ. And the Navy - under Admiralty Law - is set up to call the final shots on everything, if everything is blown to smithereens.

(Apr 06 2018) - Trump ... Attending MSM dinner ... probably not
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And why would he ??? Seriously, President Trump is in the middle of fortifying America, our jobs, our economy and our traditional family values, and to attend a dinner with a room full of media jackals would lead me to believe, he might be mental. But he's not. History will record that his acumen and true grit as a one-two punch which stymied the NEW WORLD ORDER and Made America Great Again. So, if you think President Trump is gonna cast his pearls before swine - thing again.

(Apr 06 2018) - Kamala Harris Jokes About Killing President Trump
HOLLYWEIRD -- Alert the Secret Service !!! Now, this is a joke. Not particularly funny, just as a matter of humor, but not particularly offensive either. Because IT’s A JOKE. Now, if a conservative made a joke about killing a liberal president, we’d have to have a national conversation about violence in politics, right-wing hate, and the general awfulness of Republicans. Also something bad about the NRA, just for fun.

(Apr 05 2018) - Dem's want to decide What's Real or Fake News
SACRAMENTO -- Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) is the author of the “Online False Information Act,” a new bill that would require anyone who posts any news on the Internet to verify all information through “fact-checkers.” Sen. Pan does not name who these “fact checkers” are, but I’m sure the State of California will create a new agency of state workers to oversee this. The bill will “require any person who operates a social media, as defined, Internet Web site with a physical presence in California to develop a strategic plan to verify news stories shared on its Web site. The goal of Senate Bill 1424 is “to mitigate the spread of false information through news stories ...

(Apr 05 2018) - California's Shocking 'You Must Stay Gay' Bill
SACRAMENTO -- In a brazen assault on our most fundamental freedoms, California legislators are considering a bill (AB 2943) that would make it illegal for anyone to receive professional help to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion. This would apply to people of all ages. People of all religious and moral convictions. It is an absolute outrage, and it must be opposed vigorously. For the last few years, a growing number of states and cities have embraced legislation making it illegal for minors struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion to receive professional help, even with the full support of their parents.

(Apr 05 2018) - ACT to End Racism Interfaith Service ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Too bad these religious organizers, who don't want their names mentioned, want what their individual religions say ain't possible. I'm tellin' you, each and every person on the planet has some subjective experience re: GOD, or what they are lead to believe is some higher power - with differing names and from other planets. Second, once these religious off shoots - if you will - get a little ground clearance within their own-kind, that's when their leader claims owner-ship and or messiah-ship of that new cult. This "Catholic" ACT to End Racism Interfaith service is no different.

(Apr 05 2018) - Fake News and the Programmed Viewer
AMERICA -- Every television newscast: staged reality. The news is all about manipulating the context of stories. The thinner the context, the thinner the mind must become to accept it. If you want to visualize this, imagine a rectangular solid. The news covers the top surface. Therefore, the viewer’s mind is trained to work in only two dimensions. Then it can’t fathom depth, and it certainly can’t appreciate the fact that the whole rectangular solid moves through time, the fourth dimension. Focus on the network evening news. This is where the staging is done well—until recently.

(Apr 04 2018) - YOUTUBE SHOOTER ... an Vegan Muslim ???
CALIFORNIA -- On Tuesday afternoon 38-year-old Nasim Aghdam went on a shooting rampage at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California injuring several people before killing herself. She was reportedly a vegan Muslim animal rights activist who was angry with the video publishing platform for allegedly censoring some of her videos and decreasing the revenue she received from her content. Many of the videos she made have been circulating online and it’s clear if you watch them that Aghdam was mentally disturbed.

(Apr 04 2018) - California Slaps Americans In The Face ...
CALIFORNIA -- The State of California has once again proven itself to be a great place to live – just not legally. Last year, California lawmakers proposed a $1 billion universal healthcare bill for their State – to cover illegal aliens. And only illegal aliens. Luckily for the State’s taxpayers, that proposal didn’t end up going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean their lawmakers aren’t actively looking for new ways to fleece them.

(Apr 03 2018) - Caravan vows to cont' march to US border ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Listen up liberals ... this is an INVASION !!! Not a caravan !!! As awful as that sounds, it's true. This illegal invasion of immigrants do not want to come to the U.S. on our terms - the legal way - but by INVASION with a shear force in numbers. Now, if they stop at the border and hoot-and-howler fine, but as soon as they cross the border in mass and jam up the U.S. roads they've committed a crime and are subject to the higher powers - like all law abiding Americans.

(Apr 02 2018) - The END is near for the FAKE NEWS MEDIA
AMERICA -- There’s a new poll out and it reveals the end is near for our fake news media. A whopping 77 % of people polled believe the mainstream media (television and print) are pushing FAKE NEWS. This is a massive increase from the last poll when the number was at 63%. This explains why the fake news stories are not having an effect on President Trump; as his approval rating now is higher than Obama’s at the same time in his presidency.

(Apr 02 2018) - UC Tuition Goes Up ... but not for Illegals
CALIFORNIA -- The University of California Board of Regents raised the tuition for all students, but one privileged group will receive a special in-state rate. The increase overall will be 3.5% or $1,000. Illegal aliens will be treated better than out of state students and they are also not subject to the cap. In addition, they get a lot of free money because of their privileged status. UC has been shuffling money around for years in order to help out all their students who are in need, except for the American ones.

(Apr 01 2018) - New Mind-Reading Machine ... 90% Accurate
CALIFORNIA -- Scientists have developed an astonishing mind-reading machine which can translate what you are thinking and instantly display it as text. They claim that it has an accuracy rate of 90 per cent or more and say that it works by interpreting consonants and vowels in our brains. The researchers believe that the machine could one day help patients who suffer from conditions that don’t allow them to speak or move.

(Apr 01 2018) - 5 Facts About Resurrection Sunday
JERUSALEM -- Easter is not only the oldest but also the most important day of a year for the church and Christians. Here are five important facts about this day, which is also known as the Resurrection Sunday. Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. The Gospel of Luke records in 24:2-3, "And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus."

(Mar 31 2018) - The Resurrection of Jesus: An Inconvenient Fact
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- That's a fact Jack. Years ago I set out to see if there were any other religions out there with similar claims as JESUS CHRIST being "the way and the truth and the life" and discovered a lot of claims, and that's about all. Most religions want man to control the in's and out's of any benefits, but none ever came back (from the dead) to reinforce their claims ... except JESUS CHRIST, who said he'd RISE AGAIN !!! Folks, because of The Resurrection we have access to The Thrown now, and Heaven when our mission is complete.

(Mar 31 2018) - VIDEO : This is what FAKE NEWS looks like
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Once you view this sad but true video about FAKE NEWS and how "Extremely Familiar" each news station and reporter, distorter press-ti-tute mimics some man-made mantra to manipulate the masses, you just might slap a label on the front of your TV's which reads ... "Bad for your health, proceed with caution, in some cases may cause death". Folks, the Porterville Post has righteously warned it's readers re: this issue for years and why it's important to save your sanity and family by turning off these smart TV's and other smart contraptions - if you're really smart !!!

(Mar 31 2018) - Trump blasts Gov. Jerry 'Moonbeam' Brown
WHITE HOUSE -- President Trump mocked California Gov. Jerry Brown in a salvo of tweets Saturday morning, calling him "Moonbeam" and condemning the Democrat for pardoning five illegal immigrants. "Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown pardoned 5 criminal illegal aliens whose crimes include (1) Kidnapping and Robbery (2) Badly beating wife and threatening a crime with intent to terrorize (3) Dealing drugs. Is this really what the great people of California want?" Trump tweeted, tagging Fox News.

(Mar 31 2018) - ICE arrests farmworkers in Central Valley
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Next stop for ICE - no doubt - Tulare County, and ... you guessed it, Porterville. Look, everyone gets it, that many - if not most - immigrants had to flee their own countries for all kinds of reasons, but there comes a time when sustainability must be part of the equation or criminality will rule the day, let alone the city, county, state, country and in the halls of legislators. And the really sad part in all this, you have many Churches providing sanctuary and not real salvation. Why ? Because those pastors want attendance numbers just like the democrats want voting numbers and farmers want cheep employment numbers.

(Mar 30 2018) - America Not to Blame for Mexico's Problems
AMERICA -- Regarding the current border crisis and problems in Mexico, if you ask many Latinos who come over to the U.S., and those who advocate on their behalf, they will tell you with a straight face that their country was ruined by the Mexican-American War of 1846-48, and that it was American Imperialism that destroyed Mexico and its economy. While we know that this is an excuse, the fact is, they believe the propaganda and both Mexicans and now Americans are now taught this propaganda. But facts are stubborn things, and history is on our side.

(Mar 29 2018) - Pope Francis: 'There Is No Hell' ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, isn't that special. The Pope says there is no Hell. So ... obviously questions will mount ... like, why even attend the Catholic Church or read The Bible ? Right ? Since there's no Hell or punishment in like measure, why even try ? Yes, I'm cutting to the chase, but let me tell y'all something, when a church leader changes Biblical doctrine - not traditions - this radical and fast, run like hell in the opposite direction. This "Resurrection Sunday" let us follow JESUS CHRIST - who had the first Life after Death experience and the Keys of Hell and Death - not those who are blind and have not the light within.

(Mar 29 2018) - FBI agent charged with leaking info ...
U.S.A. -- A Minnesota-based FBI agent has been charged with leaking classified info to a reporter for a series of online articles, authorities said. The Justice Department said agent Terry Albury, a counter-terrorism liaison, "knowingly & wilfully" transmitted documents relating to national defense to a reporter. Albury, who started his career as an FBI intern in 2000, also was charged for refusing to hand over documents to the gov't.

(Mar 28 2018) - Muslim opens fire on S.F. Police ...
SAN FRANCISCO -- A Muslim named Jehad Eid fires on police in San Francisco, and the international media says virtually nothing about it. As always, they cover for jihad activity and report it, if at all, in a way that obscures the motive. This happened in San Francisco. San Francisco — whose City Council issued the first resolution of its kind against me and my work opposing jihad and sharia. They protected jihad and they got jihad. “Suspect Injured In San Francisco Barber Shop Shootout Dies,” CBS SF, March 22, 2018 ...

(Mar 28 2018) - 1958 Book Exposed Chemical Attack on Humanity
AMERICA -- “Imagine yourself if you can, becoming conscious that you are gradually losing your manhood; that your mind is rapidly deteriorating so that you are no longer capable of thinking clearly; unable to plan your future actions. Your resistance is becoming so weakened that you are no longer master of yourself. In short, you are rapidly developing into a moron, a robot, a zombie, readily subject to the dictates of others. Every vigilant human being should be concerned with several important factors involved ...

(Mar 27 2018) - Chemtrails, Morgellons, Smart Dust ... and
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yesterday I had a conversation with a good friend re: Chemtrails, the history of it's inception, patents and the military's involvement. I shared with him that there's a video - still on youtube - called The Chemtrails, Morgellons, Smart Dust and Achons Connection and the speaker, Harald Kautz-Vella, with impeccable credentials and qualifications, scientifically shares many facts. Even though this video is an hour in length, please watch it with a friend or family member, and if you can, try and save it to a safe directory or folder.

(Mar 27 2018) - MY CRY FOR CALIFORNIA by Mario Murillo
CALIFORNIA -- When I warned about a new law in California, a lady commented, “the Church is awake and powerful in California.” A brother responded, “Then why is California going to hell in a hand-basket?” Ouch. What I am about to say is a cry - a loving cry for leaders in California to wake up and please consider what I say no matter how painful the facts may be. I know I am speaking out a deep love and burden for my home. I survey the moral devastation and then hear someone boast that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church in California.

(Mar 27 2018) - Al Sharpton’s Half-Brother Charged with Murder
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Be careful now ... if you report that someone in the "March for our Lives" anti-gun movement murdered someone just one day after that event, and that individual was Al Sharton's half brother, the MSM would insinuate your report as hateful and racist. Oh well, if reporting that truth at The Porterville Post causes the MSM mistakes, and mishaps that much anxiety, angst, or anger, then click on down the road. There's plenty of snowflake sites you Mouseketeers muse your minds with.

(Mar 27 2018) - 2020 Census will ask about Citizenship Status
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Listen up illegal invaders. Everything and everyone is watched and tracked via on-line software hooked up to satellites, computers and cell phones. And, in all these contraptions a persons "I.D." is needed. So if you're so inclined to say that asking for your citizenship in the 2020 census is un-fair or un-Constitutional ... un-fortunately ... it's gonna be un-lawful if you "stay" un-cooperative. Now, you have a real reason to become a real citizen, with a real "I.D.", with your real family, and to contribute to a real country. CENSUS FLASHBACK !!!

(Mar 26 2018) - Polls : Majority Don't Trust Facebook
U.S.A. -- Opinion polls published on Sunday in the United States and Germany cast doubt over the level of trust people have in Facebook over privacy, as the firm ran advertisements in British and U.S. newspapers apologizing to users. Fewer than half of Americans trust Facebook to obey U.S. privacy laws, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Sunday, while a survey published by Bild am Sonntag, Germany’s largest-selling Sunday paper, found 60 percent of Germans fear that Facebook and other social networks are having a negative impact on democracy.

(Mar 26 2018) - Press-ti-tutes for Pros-ti-tutes !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Last night as I was flippen' through the channels - hoping that the FAKE NEWS might assemble some truth on a Sunday - I caught a portion of the "Press-ti-tutes for Pros-ti-tutes" special on CBS. Now I'm sure that the TV show picked up some ratings as men and many women all over America ogled their TV sets to get a glimpse of the whore - yes whore - who's blackmailing a sitting president, not a Russian Honey-pot, a has-been video exhibitionist with credibility issues and a network as an adulterous accomplice. Folks, the reason the MSM is going this hard against President Trump is ... #PIZZAGATE !!! Remember ???

(Mar 25 2018) - What Trump and King have in Common
AMERICA -- As the story unfolds of how Hillary Clinton, former FBI director Comey, and the intel community in Washington trashed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump with what is being seen as a fraudulent dossier, paid for by the Hillary campaign, and presented to the FISA court to gain permission to spy on the Trump team by unmasking NSA information, few know that this is just the most recent chapter in the long story of how the Democratic Party has used the FBI, DOJ, and intel community to attack and discredit political opponents.

(Mar 25 2018) - The New King of Censorship ... Microsoft !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- No turning back now. Looks like Microsoft has some new "Terms of Service Agreements" that you have to agree with or they're gonna lock you out - out of your own lap-top, desk-top, ipad, iphone and anything that uses their software. With this new agreement, they can go inside (Intel-Inside) and check to see if you are complying. Even if someone has hacked through your device, Microsoft can still ick-snay your access. Now, for the good news ... still looking ... nothing yet ... wait ... no nothing.

(Mar 25 2018) - Bolton: A Reagan Realist & Brilliant Choice
WASH D.C. -- John Bolton is a superb choice for national security advisor, though you wouldn't know that from the lamentations and doomsday prophecies issuing from the media since President Trump tweeted the news that on April 9 Ambassador Bolton will take over this pivotal White House post from Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster. As the New York-Washington headline consensus would have it, Bolton is a rogue war-monger, an ultra-hardline uber-hawk, a one-man MIRVed missile raring to blow up the planet. He inspires terror at the New York Times, where the editorial board assures us, "Yes, John Bolton Really Is That Dangerous."

(Mar 24 2018) - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Those who wanted to conquer other countries knew that the youth had to be captured, either by force or by subterfuge. If captured, then re-education was employed to address the past and harness the future. If by subterfuge, then driven, by fake fear and FAKE NEWS. In any case, 25% - 30% were either arrested and incarcerated, or worse, if awakened by the truth or reality. The "DEEP STATE" knows these facts and this "March for our Lives" was not about the protecting the kids, it was about protecting their lives, their projects and D.U.M.B.'s - Deep Underground Military Basis, once they're done dumping CHEMTRAILS THAT KILL !!!

(Mar 24 2018) - The March Manipulation for Our Lives
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- If crying and complaining and marching are signs of leadership - typically democ-RAT leadership - then this so-called March for our Lives, is not a demonstration of leadership, but a collections of kids who are truant of their schools and Truant of the Truth !!! Guns do not kill people - people do !!! And secondly, if they really want to March for our Lives, then start in Oprah's & Obama's Outhouse in "Chicago" where these folks are subjected to shootings and gun violence daily - where guns are forbidden and illegal.

(Mar 24 2018) - Bolton Comes in GUNS BLAZING !!!
WASH D.C. -- There’s officially a new sheriff in town, and the Deep State is quivering in fear! According to reports, incoming national security adviser John Bolton is gearing up to remove dozens of White House officials, many with deep ties to the Obama administration. From Washington Examiner : Among those who will get the boot will be Obama administration holdovers and anyone who isn’t loyal to President Trump, sources told Foreign Policy. “Bolton can and will clean house,” one former White House official was quoted as saying.

(Mar 23 2018) - Vatican Hires High-Powered Global Law Firm
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Vatican says ... "shu-dupa you-mout, or weza gonna sew you", or something like that. I know, I know, whatever the Pope says is historically infallible ... albeit - in the protestant arena - illuminates brightly as another gospel. Folks, the Vatican has so much baggage it cannot reform itself back into basic Christianity, or even a semblance there of. There are way too many pagan-ish rituals, satanic symbolism, and perpetrators of paedophilia, at this point in time to save the Vatican or Catholicism. So ... it's time to come out from among them ... PRONTO !!!

(Mar 23 2018) - Trump's going nowhere ... for the next 7 yrs
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For sure this is definitely a good word by Mark Taylor, author of The Trump Prophecies. Folks, many of us Holy Ghost hardened Freedom Fighters, Watchmen and Remnant have already been convinced that GOD and all of His followers will WIN IN THE END, but until then, the rest of The Body of Christ needs to play catch-up. Quit playing Church and just listen to what GOD is saying. There will come a time when HE will need you to just sit, listen, and obey. You need to hear HIS Voice - "My sheep hear my voice" - now more than ever. GOT IT ???

(Mar 22 2018) - Trump Drops The Bomb on Human Traffickers
WHITE HOUSE -- President Donald Trump just dropped the bomb on pedophiles and sex traffickers with one official statement on Whitehouse.gov. “President Donald J. Trump is Working to End Human Trafficking – My Administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem,” the statement said. Human trafficking, also known as modern slavery, affects people from all backgrounds at home and abroad, placing millions into a sickening form of exploitation.

(Mar 21 2018) - Widespread Civil unrest if Trump fires Mueller
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- More and more Democ-RATS - in their hate filled hearts - are encouraging anarchism over pacifism. They have double standards in the departments of morality, reason and logic, and if they ever employed these right-isms, PEACE might break out. GOD Forbid ... but that's the truth. There are no exceptions to the rules of right. There are no directions to those without sight, and there's no way wrong can be strong, unless morality, reason and logic are gone ... which appears to be the case with California democ-RAT Ted Lieu.

(Mar 21 2018) - New World Order Targets American Freedom
AMERICA -- Award winning journalist Alex Newman has extensively covered the push towards a so-called NEW WORLD ORDER by the global “Deep State.” New revelations about millions of Facebook user profiles show the battle lines start in cyberspace. Newman says, “It’s really hard to tell where the social media firms begin and where the “Deep State” ends ... In all these globalist confabs ... what you see are the leading executives of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linked In, Amazon and Microsoft. These are the same people involved in the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the World Government Summit.

(Mar 20 2018) - Church falling back into apathy by Mario Murillo
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Boy, ain't that the truth. Yesterday I ran into several Christians while wearing one of my famous T-Shirts and not a one of them commented to me re: it's message of being "Armed & Dangerous" with the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. No doubt their silence - as opposed to a friendly "hey-how-you-doing" - was their usual high-calling of the day. Not Good !!! However, I did come across a new friend who was wearing a "Make America Great Again" ball cap and we hit it off after I paid him a compliment. Hopefully he will stay in contact, and maybe I can introduce him as one of our new columnists.

(Mar 20 2018) - Samsung's new app can 'Erase Your Memory' ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Now that we know that it can be done, how do we know that these apps - turned on or not - aren't actually hypnotizing you ??? You don't !!! Too many times I have seen cell phones kinda-sorta turn on whenever you get close to another cell phone or "Internet of Things" thing-a-ma-bob. These devices communicate with each other all the time, rain or shine - 24/7 !!! And don't be fooled by these companies dropping millions in R & R 'cause they want you to have more conveniences - get real !!! These are hells-hooks designed to employ your naiveté and eventually enslave your minds. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!

(Mar 20 2018) - Californians Fed Up & Fleeing California
CALIFORNIA -- Californians may still love the beautiful weather and beaches, but more and more they are fed up with the high housing costs and taxes and deciding to flee to lower-cost states such as Nevada, Arizona and Texas. "There's nowhere in the United States that you can find better weather than here," said Dave Senser, who lives on a fixed income near San Luis Obispo, California, and now plans to move to Las Vegas. "Rents here are crazy, if you can find a place, and they're going to tax us to death. That's what it feels like."

(Mar 19 2018) - Modern Newspeak: Censoring the Internet ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- At the risk of ticking-off a few low-info webbies, I gotta say ... "I Told You So." Look, as I've said in the past, these so-called free social media web sites are gonna one day fail and cost you something ... 'cause what you think is free, ain't free. And because of your insistent ignorance - that these free web sites are on the up-and-up - the 1st amendment could suffer it's first set back. Ultimately, all of us internet news providers - with real web sites - need to come together quickly, uniformly & geographically, or our freedoms of the press will be outlawed as well. Starting in California.

(Mar 19 2018) - IRS: 1.3M ID Thefts done by Illegal Aliens
U.S.A. -- The Internal Revenue Service in 2011 through 2016 documented more than 1.3 million cases of identity theft perpetrated by illegal aliens whom the IRS had given Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN), which are only given to people who are ineligible to work in the United States or receive Social Security Numbers, according to information published by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). However, in response to inquiries from CNSNews.com, the IRS could not say if it had referred even one of these cases for criminal prosecution.

(Mar 19 2018) - Democrat Congressman Suggests Taking Up Arms
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Oh ... so now this democ-RAT is encouraging people to use the Second Amendment to fend off big gov't. No, that's not right ... let's see ... to arm themselves to scare big gov't ... wait ... I almost got it ... arm themselves to resist shoot Republicans in Congress & the POTUS. Seriously ... isn't there some kinda a law re: threats like this, especially against a sitting President ??? Well yeah !!! I'm tellin' you, this Congressman from New York - where else - oughta' be investigated by Congress, specifically by Congressman Devin Nunes.

(Mar 18 2018) - Main-Streaming Micro-Aggression in Colleges
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Micro-aggression ??? It's the little things that bother these FAKE AMERICANS !!! Yes I said FAKE AMERICANS !!! Growing up, you learn that nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. You have to earn it, and if earning it means being called a name or two, well, that comes with the territory and most successful people understand this. However, these micro-americans - AKA FAKE AMERICANS - who learn to cry about everything on college campus' need to suck-it-up and grow-up before the best of us throw-up. Too late, I just lost my (barf) breakfast ...

(Mar 17 2018) - Protocols of Zion are Genuine ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, the weekend is here and it's time to go back and re-read the continuously denounced "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Why ? Fair enough. Whenever a book or manuscript or document continues to come under investigation re: it's contents or significance, it stands to reason that those highly critical of it might be too subjective in their analysis and or allegations. Secondly, if there are more dots connecting actual events or information than falsities, then it's outcome must be considered as a possibility - one even I do not relish.

(Mar 17 2018) - ‘How Many Lies? How Many Leaks?’
WASH D.C. -- President Donald Trump weighed in on the Justice Department’s decision to fire Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, accusing him of lying and leaking to the media. “The Fake News is beside themselves that McCabe was caught, called out and fired,” Trump observed on Twitter on Saturday afternoon. Trump reminded the public that McCabe’s wife got hundreds of thousands of dollars from “Crooked” Hillary Clinton’s friend, Terry McAuliffe. “How many lies? How many leaks?” Trump asked. “[Former FBI Director] Comey knew it all, and much more!”

(Mar 16 2018) - Teacher placed on leave ... for WHAT ???
CALIFORNIA -- Schools all over the country allowed students to participate in walkouts to protest and demand gun control. But what would happen if students wanted to stage a walkout to protest something like abortion? Would the politics of such a demonstration be equally accepted? California high school teacher Julianne Benzel posed this question to her class. Now she has been placed on leave. Jessica Chasmar reports at the Washington Times ...

(Mar 16 2018) - California “Bankrolling” Smuggling Operations
WASH D.C. -- A Trump administration official accused the California state officials of “bankrolling” criminal human smuggling rings through their so-called sanctuary policies. “We’re giving them a selling point,” said the official on March 12. “We’re lining their pockets. Sanctuary cities are bankrolling the very criminal organizations that can smuggle terrorists, that smuggle weapons, that smuggle drugs and have killed border patrol agents.” President Trump tweeted the following message on March 13 ...

(Mar 16 2018) - FAKEBOOK Forced To Apologize ... ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes, we've all been bombarded by these auto-complete searches and peek-a-boo pop-ups whenever you simply visit a web site hosted by ISP's who get kick-backs from the Big Brother main-frames ... like Google and FAKEBOOK. This is how they generate cash - making it appear that you've checked out their porn products, and con-jobs. Folks, even if you're not in the least bit interested in their FAKE-ADS, they then roll you over to another Big Brother tracking combine to either box you out or put you on THE LAST LIST.

(Mar 15 2018) - You're Being Programmed For Evil Purposes
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, duh !!! Yes, every little tid-bit of info that you come across, read or experience does in fact re-arrange or change the way you see or deduce things. FAKEBOOK and all the other social web sites knew this and that's how they were able to convince advertisers to buy into their scheme. Every flicker, every twinkle, every color sends either an obvious or subconscious message to your mind, making you collectively buy into their agendas, products and commercials.

(Mar 15 2018) - Ranking 482 Cities for Financial Soundness
CALIFORNIA -- Which California cities are in financial distress & which are sound? I am releasing the 1st edition of my new report, “Senator John Moorlach Ranks California’s 482 Cities for Financial Soundness.” (PDF) The report examines the audited finances of the state’s 482 cities. Specifically, it looks at each city’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report & the per-capita share for a city’s Unrestricted Net Position, or UNP. A negative UNP shows a city has fiscal concerns that city officials should be aware of. If they are not aware of the problem, this is a useful tool for the city residents to hold their elected officials accountable.

(Mar 15 2018) - Paul Ryan's SuperPac Helped a Dem' ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Many of these congressional representatives live in safe districts and it's no skin off their noses if they loose the majority in the house or senate. As long as they can rake in the doe for another election cycle, that's all that matters to them ... which is a good reason to have term limits for congress as well. Secondly, if donors are not okay with their money going to the opposite candidate, then they should sue this bogus organization - "Congressional Leadership Fund". I'm tellin' you, there are too many "pay-to-play" ways to control politicians. That's why Trump paid the freight on his way to Wash D.C.

(Mar 15 2018) - Undocumented immigrant appointed ... Where ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Illegal discrimination by democ-RATS ??? Oh, say it ain't so !!! Yes it is !!! And, no, this isn't a play on words. Somehow no one in Sacramento could find a competent citizen to appoint - in an advisory position - to a state post. I'm tellin' you, I had to read and then re-read this article a few times to make sure I wasn't reading too much into it. But, there it is, the Senate Rules Committee appointed a criminal to help with granting tax payers dollars to - no doubt - more illegals on collage campus'.

(Mar 14 2018) - Trump : California in a ‘State Of Rebellion’ ???
CALIFORNIA -- President Trump’s has declared that California is in a “state of rebellion” following his visit to the state this week. On Tuesday, Trump secretly met with top officials of the US military, CIA, FBI and Homeland Security at the San Diego based Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Shortly after, he met with the founder of the ‘State of New California’ who just weeks ago declared their independence. Following these meetings, Trump decided that California’s leftist-government must be abolished and a new one urgently formed.

(Mar 14 2018) - Great Web Site : BORDERLAND BEAT !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So, you want a little evidence re: why we need to build a bigger and better wall on our southern border. Just click through some of these reports from this web site called Borderland Beat. You'll read about all the horror stories involving these Mexican cartels murderings, mules and coyotes forcing illegals to transport DRUGS or else !!! The corruption of politicians, police and military is beyond repair, 'cause of their acceptance of a NARCO STATE ... and California is in their cross-hairs !!! Just do some research on ATZLAN or watch this VIDEO ...

(Mar 14 2018) - Trump : Making Latinos Republicans Again
AMERICA -- President Trump gets a bad rap from the left about his relationship with Latinos, he’s actually made some inroads with the community since his campaign for the White House. In fact, almost from the beginning, Trump performed better with Latinos than the media thought he would. The Hispanic vote was bigger and more influential in the 2016 presidential election, just as predicted, but it also provided one surprise: more support for President-elect Donald Trump than expected.

(Mar 14 2018) - Stephen Hawking Was an Atheist ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well ... guess who's a believer now ??? Professor Stephen Hawking, the world renown atheist. Now, it's true he was an accomplished physicist - of what he thought was spontaneously created - but anything before or beyond his theory of everything still had him paralyzed. Sadly, he will be remembered for those unbelievable theories until another theory of the Big Bang or Evolution is concocted by another deranged anti-Christian ding-dong or dufuss.

(Mar 13 2018) - The Ongoing Plight of Christians
WORLD WIDE -- In the CQ Researcher issue titled "Religious Persecution," dated Nov 21, 1997, Kenneth Jost highlighted the "well-documented cases of churches being bulldozed or burned down, clergy & lay leaders [being] arrested & imprisoned & clergymen being murdered by [Sudanese] government troops." In the 21 years since this article was printed, global Christian persecution has increased exponentially. The following is a small sampling of what Christians are facing & the sad truth is that no one seems to be stopping the oppressors & punishing them.

(Mar 13 2018) - Islam’s ‘Slow Motion Genocide’ of Christians
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This "Slow Genocide" of Christianity in America by Islam has taken root because of many Christians mis-beliefs about Islam, and because of Freemasons secret agenda of a NEW WORLD ORDER, where they mis-align all religions into to one. So ... can Islam actually take over America ??? Yes, if the preceding two continue down the same path - as noted. No, if REPENTANCE leads to REVIVAL !!! Folks, The Answer is JESUS CHRIST ... not the local Church or the Freemasons lodge ... 'cause in the end The LORD says in 2 Cor 6:17 to come out from among them. So ... do it !!!

(Mar 13 2018) - Republicans Investigating Russian Meddling say ...
WASH D.C. -- U.S. House Intelligence Committee Republicans said on Monday the panel had finished investigating Russia & 2016 U.S. election & found no collusion between President Trump's campaign & Moscow's efforts to influence the vote. The committee Republicans said they agreed that Russia sought to influence the election by spreading propaganda & false news reports via social media. However, they disputed the findings of the CIA, NSA & FBI that Moscow sought to aid Trump, who won a surprise victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

(Mar 13 2018) - Tillerson out, Pompeo in
WASH D.C. -- “The president, however, had clashed with Tillerson over and over again in the past year, seeing him as a relic of the Republican establishment at a time when the nation needed more unconventional thinking.” This is very good news, for just that reason. We can only hope that with the departure of Tillerson, the failed policies of the State Department establishment will be swept out as well. Chief among these is the almost universally held idea that poverty causes terrorism.

(Mar 11 2018) - Clinton Charity Fraud Biggest Scandal in US
WASH D.C. -- Former CIA Officer & whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the reason for all the crime & treason at the FBI & DOJ all boils down to one thing - the Clinton so-called “charity.” Shipp explains, “Hillary was running & is running a global financial criminal syndicate. She was using these secret servers to conduct Clinton financial money laundering business. The shocking thing about that is all the former directors of the CIA that have come out to support her, from Clapper to Brennan to Morell to Robert Gates supporting her being elected, knew about this criminal syndicate.

(Mar 10 2018) - Joy Behar Apologizes ... Sort Of ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- A Forced Apology is A FAKE APOLOGY !!! So, if you're caught doing something or saying something that offends someone, especially the Vice President, and you are called out on it, it's not a real apology from the heart. It's a CYA APOLOGY. Nothing more - Nothing less. Joy Behar, of the View, supposedly called Vice President Mike Spence on the phone and apologized for openly mocking his Christianity. But is that enough ??? Millions of Christians want to know. ABC sponsors, fearing additional boycotts, want to know. No, that's not enough !!! She's gonna have to apologize "Live" on TV. Period - Paragraph !!!

(Mar 09 2018) - Is California America’s Future ? - by Mario Murillo
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- It's a rhetorical question with an obvious answer ... NO !!! The answer is JESUS CHRIST !!! Ex-Jesuit priest - Jerry Brown and his priestess - Kamala Harris, foolishly think that California is the showcase of all America. Theses two and the democ-RATS have basically created a cesspool of sin, with vagabonds, druggies and illegals leading the way. And their sycophants in Sacramento, well, their mental illness re: Trump's Tax plans have put the states prosperity on hold, causing businesses to flee ... fast and furious. Pun intended.

(Mar 09 2018) - HELL FREEZES OVER ... at CNN ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Hey ... CNN finally got read the memo about "Making American Great Again" ... which would make President Trump a "Great President". My guess is there was another memo floating around their water cooler, titled "Sink or Swim" which turned their talking heads into part-time truth tellers ... (I said part-time). For too many years the MSM couldn't sell "Good News" to their viewers, so FAKE NEWS was employed. Now, if the MSM really wants to get clean and sober re: the news, they need to get past making their profits great and help "Make American Great Again" by telling the TRUTH !!!

(Mar 09 2018) - Saying 'God bless you' is 'Islamophobic' ???
BOSTON -- Apparently any expression of one’s own culture, religion and identity is simultaneously an expression of hatred for Muslims. The implications of this are clear: Simmons College will have to embrace Islam altogether, adopt Sharia, and mandate hijab for all its students (it’s a women’s college). Anything short of this would be “Islamomisia” ... reports Todd Starnes.

(Mar 08 2018) - US agents untrained to vet Islamic jihadis ...
U.S.A. -- This should come as no surprise. I’ve been warning about this for years: the Obama administration several years ago scrubbed all mention of the jihad doctrine and Islam from all counter terror training materials. Jihadists associated with Muslim Brotherhood groups such as CAIR were called in to “train” law enforcement to submit to sharia restrictions on speech. This is the poison fruit of that policy ...

(Mar 08 2018) - Senators Won’t Even Meet With ICE Director
CALIFORNIA -- California Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feintstein have canceled three meetings with acting ICE director Thomas Homan to discuss immigration enforcement, the director told Fox and Friends Thursday morning. “I tried to meet with Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein three separate occasions in the last three months about what I.C.E. is doing. They canceled every one of meetings. They don’t want to know the facts.

(Mar 08 2018) - U.S. closes consulate in Mexico for security
MEXICO -- Citing a security threat, the U.S. Department of State has closed a consulate in the Mexican tourist town of Playa del Carmen and barred employees from travelling there. The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City posted the notice on its website Wednesday for the popular coastal spot near Cancun and Cozumel on the Caribbean. The warnings came after a bomb exploded last month and injured at least 25 people on a ferry that runs between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel.

(Mar 07 2018) - DoJ sues California over 'sanctuary' laws
WASH D.C. -- The Trump administration filed a lawsuit Tuesday against California over the state's "sanctuary" laws that aim to restrain the fed' government's ability to apprehend undocumented immigrants. The lawsuit asks that 3 recently passed state laws be blocked on grounds that they're unconstitutional & obstruct fed' immigration enforcement by regulating "private entities that seek to cooperate with fed' authorities consistent with their obligations under federal law, and to impede consultation & communication between fed' & state law enforcement officials."

(Mar 06 2018) - GOD IS CALLING YOU OUT - by Mario Murillo
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Hey Pastors ... GOD's Calling You Out !!! Does your preaching create Warriors for Christ or worriers for your church ??? Are your coffers collecting money for your ministry or men for HIS Ministry ??? Where is the fruit ??? Sure, everyone is preaching REVIVAL and that's a really great idea, but REVIVAL has to do with reviving that which is almost DEAD - not evangelism. Speaking of evangelism, GOD ain't gonna allow it in your church if you're gonna continue to obey men rather that GOD. So get with the program - GOD's Program !!!

(Mar 06 2018) - Mind-reading project is about improving lives
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So ... how far will these "Mind-Reading" machines go ? Whether it's FAKEBOOK, Google, Twitter or whomever, what's the next step after they supposedly can read your thoughts ? Synchronize the motherless masses for a sinister solution ? Trans-humanize their offspring ? Weapon suicide ? Soylent Green certain citizens. Or to create little gods - who "Think" they know everything ? For sure, the first company which dials in all of these manchurian monsters, will then, flip of the switch to dial out their mind-reading competitors. This will not end well for us or for them and it MUST BE STOPPED !!!

(Mar 06 2018) - TAKE YOUR TRUMP HATS OFF - AT WORK ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- In essence this is what Special Council Robert "BIG BROTHER" Mueller's notice says. So ... let me get this straight. Just because President Trump declared early that he's gonna run for the White House again in 2020, that means anything Trump-ish can't be displayed at work ??? Are you kiddin' me ??? Talk about paranoia. Next, they'll issue a demand to remove all of President Trump's pictures which are typically mounted on the walls inside Federal buildings. Come on MSM !!! Do your job !!! Your neutrality displays your complicity !!!

(Mar 06 2018) - GOP sees McCarthy moving up ... if
CALIFORNIA -- Republicans say House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has a clear path to succeeding Speaker Paul Ryan (Wis.) in Nov - if Republicans lose the House & he runs for minority leader. The California Republican would need just a majority vote of the GOP conference & not 218 votes - a threshold he couldn’t meet during his failed bid for Speaker in 2015 - to become minority leader. And that threshold is within reach for someone considered President Trump’s closest ally on the Hill ...

(Mar 05 2018) - Devin Nunes: 'The media is dead' ...
AMERICA -- The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, frustrated with the slanted coverage of his panel’s probe into the 2016 election, said that truthful media “no longer exists” and that 90 percent takes a left wing angle because that’s what their liberal owners demand. In an extensive interview on conservative media mogul Mark Levin’s popular new Fox News Channel Sunday show Life, Liberty & Levin, Rep. Devin Nunes called the media “a pile of something,” and added that it is “part of the Democratic Party’s network.”

(Mar 05 2018) - The Russian Reset Was Outright Treason
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Whoa Nellie ... Names are being dropped re: Russia-gate and who the real treasonous conspirators are, like June-bugs in the dark. Included in this report are the names of many companies who benefited from these Russian connections which Hillary and Obama authorized ... knowing that there was gonna be kickbacks for their campaigns, in the millions. Folks, these snowflakes all across America and holly-weird ain't gonna acknowledge any of this. They're goners and self-deluded by FAKE NEWS and SIN !!!

(Mar 05 2018) - HAARP & Chemtrails: How They're Change You
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- If you want to know what one of "End Time" plans that the NEW WORLD ORDER is conjuring up against you, watch this video. But I must say, knowing what one of their plans are ain't gonna slow the devil down any time soon. They have many in the works, like ex-president Bush said, like a 1,000 points of light - an occult saying referencing luciferian light. How do you fight this ??? First you need to be high-and-tight with JESUS CHRIST. And, lastly, you need to be on the offence not defence, or you'll back-slide into silence.

(Mar 05 2018) - The NRA is going after Hollywood ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Ya dar tooten' ... Hollyweird ... you're time is runnin' out !!! Just because your box office winnings have y'all hollerin' and hoppin' all the way to the bank, for sure, it doesn't mean you told the truth. Taking license with too many stories is the same as tellin' lies, making what you manufacture on the big screens and little screens as FAKE FILMS !!! So ... since you started this shoot out with the NRA - better take cover - 'cause America's SECOND AMENDMENT Citizens will finish it.

(Mar 05 2018) - Low Rated Oscars Guarded ... with GUNS ???
CALIFORNIA -- Most of the Hollywood narcissists marched in with anti-gun pins. At the same time, they were protected by 500 armed guards and police, SWAT, the bomb squad, K-9, motorcycle, and bicycle police. The security was planned about 11 months in advance. Also involved were the Department of Homeland Security, the LAPD, LA Fire Department, LA Department of Transportation, the FBI, and the Academy Awards security staff.

(Mar 04 2018) - Trump's "President for Life" Remarks
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Let me spell it out for y'all ... this message was directed at the DEEP STATE !!! Not Americans, not Christians, not Republicans and not even most of the ignorant MSM. The underlying message is this ... if you DEEP STATE guys want to continue pushing for a coup and force a major false flag on this country, I "President Trump" will declare Marshall Law on your a**es - and stay the President as long needed - until all you conspirators are rounded up and incarcerated. Again, this message was not intended for Americans, or Christians, or Republicans or any of the ignorant left overs. Got it ???

(Mar 04 2018) - Trump Amends Manual for Courts-Martial
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Oh my ... looks like it's curtains for all those government and military folks living the "Double Life" for the "Deep State" now that President Trump amended on March 1st 2018, the Manual for Courts-Martial - via Executive Order. So why is that important ? Easy, everyone who has any government or military employment during the Trump years can be brought up on charges, and then some. Is the MSM also gonna get their come-up-ins as well. If they're holding out on leaker’s ... you betcha !!! More coming, so stay posted ... to the Porterville Post.

(Mar 04 2018) - Globalists Weaponize The Stock Market ...
NEW YORK -- (by Jon Rappoport) The economy is on the rise. No, it’s sinking. There are very good indicators. No, all the signals are catastrophic. We’ve seen pundits on television hawking their version of the near future. Many of them represent organizations who have political and financial agendas. For example, Globalist forces and their mouthpieces would have you believe that laying tariffs on imports will sink the stock market.

(Mar 04 2018) - Remembering what Trump did for Israel
JERUSALEM -- Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer hailed President Trump’s Dec 6th, 2017 decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital & to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv, claiming it would go down in Jewish history. Speaking at the 2018 American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Wash D.C. Sunday, Dermer compared President Trump’s Jerusalem announcement last Dec to the decree of Persian king Cyrus the Great, permitting the Jewish people to return to Jerusalem & rebuild the Temple, following its destruction at the hands of Babylonia.

(Mar 03 2018) - Man shoots himself in front of White House
WASH D.C. -- The first question I have to ask is, isn't DC a strict gun control area, especially at the White House? How in the world is it possible with so many gun laws in DC that this man had a gun and was able to shoot himself at the White House fence? Does anyone really think more ink on paper will prevent people from having guns and harming themselves or others ... really?

(Mar 03 2018) - Why leftism is different from liberalism
AMERICA -- It hasn't been easy, negotiating with adults who act like children & now we are confronted with uncontrollable children with insatiable demands. This is the difference between liberalism & the kind of individual we are facing today with leftism. Leftism is an aggressive mutation of radical liberalism that not only has escalated its Marxist demands on the country, but has shown little regard for the detrimental consequences it produces. Leftism centers on a deep hatred of individual autonomy, national pride & faith in God while embracing self-destructive behavior.

(Mar 03 2018) - The Oscars and The Babylon Gate
HOLLYWEIRD -- The Academy Awards are being held this Sunday night. They don’t seem to have the same cultural cache they once did, but we can say the same about Hollywood itself. But it wasn’t always this way. What we must remember is that Hollywood’s Golden Age was a distinctly Freemasonic enterprise. Some of the biggest names in show business were Masons including; John Wayne, W.C. Fields, Oliver Hardy, Bud Abbott, Gene Autry, Irving Berlin, Nat King Cole, Cecil B. Demille, Duke Ellington, Douglas Fairbanks, Clark Gable, Walt Disney, Audie Murphy & Danny Thomas.

(Mar 03 2018) - VIDEO : "Active-Shooter DRILL" on the Same Day
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, if your student comes home one day and says that their school is going to participate in an "ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILL" ... by all means, (1) go to your school administrators office - usually the principle - and demand answers as to (2) when the drill is to take place, (3) if crisis actors are being employed and (4) if the local police / sheriff's will be involved. Next, (5) call your local media outlets and ask them to (6) investigate the when's and where's of this "FALSE FLAG" drill and finally, (7) make a huge fuss at the very next PTA meeting. (8) Get involved parents. Your children and grand children are depending on you ...

(Mar 02 2018) - Cops Were Possible Shooters in Parkland ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The twists & turns re: these "Active Shooter" drills demonstrates dysfunctions, dangers, denials & disinformation. First, this latest drill "somehow" went live, demonstrating dysfunctions with the cops chain of command. Second, it demonstrates denials by the local authorities re: the dangers of these kinds of "Active Shooter" drills. And lastly, it demonstrates how the MSM was quickly brought in to "Set the Script" & provide disinformation to the masses, making the 2nd Amendment the FALL GUY, instead of the cops or this kid, Nicholas Cruz.

(Mar 02 2018) - The Entire Russian Hackers Story was a Fraud
WASH D.C. -- The parents of murdered Democrat National Committee (DNC) Staffer Seth Rich confirmed to family friend Ed Butowski, it _was_ their son who provided WikiLeaks with a trove of DNC E-mails to expose cheating by the DNC against Bernie Sanders. There were NO Russian Hackers. The DNC knew this from the beginning and concealed it so they could launch a charade upon the nation about non-existent "Russian Hackers" for over a year, with the sole purpose of destabilizing the Presidency of Donald Trump.

(Mar 01 2018) - Why Doesn’t MSM & Dem's Denounce Farrakhan
U.S.A. -- Sometimes media bias has nothing to do with what reporters say, but what they don’t say. Recently, we’ve learned additional members of the Democratic Party have a relationship with the racist and anti-Semitic "Muslim" Louis Farrakhan, whose hatred has been a well-known fact for well over a decade. But when Farrakhan released new hatred this past weekend the MSM did not question his relationship with the party.

(Mar 01 2018) - INDICTED RUSSIANS ... THAT'S IT ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here's the final question we must ask. Once Mueller's investigation into the possibly collusion with the Russians and the Trump campaign concludes that there was no collusion, will he walk away un-scathed or un-investigated ??? Not on your life. Mueller is stringing this witch hunt out as long as he can and if he's called on the carpet to testify re: his conspiring underlings and bottom feeding cohorts - mostly democ-RATS - he'll turn states evidence quicker than he'll be forced admit (Under Oath) ... I'M WITH HER !!!

(Mar 01 2018) - Russia's Unstoppable Nukes ... ???
RUSSIA -- President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia has tested an array of new nuclear weapons 'invulnerable to enemy interception' in a speech where he praised scientists behind the arsenal as 'the heroes of our time'. In his annual state-of-the-nation speech in Moscow, Putin said the weapons include a nuclear-powered cruise missile, a nuclear-powered underwater drone and new hypersonic missile and showed video footage the launch of a new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile on big screens.

(Mar 01 2018) - Facebook keeps secret files on users and others.
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Countless times I have alerted Christians that all these free social web sites like FAKEBOOK will one day harness all the info that you've uploaded on your site - which is also connected to their servers - and to make a buck, they're gonna auction off all of your personal info. Just as Orwellian, these free social web sites are now admitting - what I've been warning for years - that they even track those who don't even have a social media web page. Now that's more than creepy. That's surveillance supervised by and for SATAN !!!

(Feb 28 2018) - Trump honors Rev. Billy Graham ...
WASH D.C. -- President Trump honored the life of Rev. Billy Graham Wednesday as he laid in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, hailing him as "legendary" and saying he lived an "extraordinary life." Surrounded by dozens of House and Senate lawmakers and members of Graham's family, Trump recalled the time his father, Fred, took him and his family to see Graham preach at Yankee Stadium before 100,000 people.

(Feb 28 2018) - Shooter lived with military intel' analyst ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And another piece of this puzzle re: this active shooting drill which took place at Stoneman Douglas High school in Florida, just got put in place. Knowing what I know about the Army's Military Intelligence Analyst divisions and classifications, this sort of adoption of an already mentally mangled miscreant, needs a special clearance from the brass - if you know what I mean. And for this family to say, they thought there was only one key to the gun safe or cabinet exhibits embellishments of the lowest order. It's called LYING to CYA !!! More on the way ???

(Feb 27 2018) - Trump Confirms 2020 Re-Election Bid ...
WASH D.C. -- Donald Trump just made it official! He’s running for president – again! And, in perfect Trump style, he’s doing it in the most unorthodox fashion. Trump confirmed his campaign to none other than Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report. The 2020 presidential election just began in earnest today. We already know that Democrats are chomping at the bit to take on Trump. Now it looks like they’ll get their chance.

(Feb 27 2018) - Findings of Fact, Timeline & Database
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- For sure you need to bookmark this web page from the FBICoverUp.com quickly before it's taken down. There is so much info here it's unbelievable. Better yet, make sure that Congressman Devin Nunes and Congressman Kevin McCarthy get wind of it, knowing that it may help them expedite their investigations. Secondly, please alert the Porterville Post re: any other links of value, 'cause you know quite well, we will put it on the front page for all to read. GOD Bless ...

(Feb 27 2018) - Vatican & Muslims form 'Code of Ethics'
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And this my friends, is what you call ecumenical incrementalism. Christianity and Islam cannot be bound together by a "Code of Ethics" ... unless ... you take something away from each religion. Now you get it. But for those of you who want this new kind of religion - groomed specifically for the NEW WORLD ORDER - history and truth will be banished and censorship committee commanders, via the "Code of Ethics", will have the final say-so ... kinda like what Google, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook and many others are doing TODAY !!!

(Feb 27 2018) - ARMED & DANGEROUS ... The POLICE ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- John Whitehead makes it easy - in his latest article - not to cherry pick on behalf of the police. His facts are in the high 90 percentiles and conclusions re: BIG BROTHER and the DEEP STATE are incontrovertible. With that said, let's consider this. Good people can do good work, when their job descriptions are clear and their peers are also good people. It's those gray areas of doubt is where you find the devil's dirty dozen of Unclassified, Restricted, Need to Know, Eyes Only and Top Secret duties.

(Feb 26 2018) - Oaklands Mayor Warns Public of ICE Raids ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Now that this idiotic Mayor of Oakland (Libby Schaaf) put in writing - warning all of the illegal invaders who are in and around her city - to be on the look-out for ICE, she could be brought up on charges of "Obstruction of Justice" and be "Sewed" by every citizen in Oakland who has been negatively affected or assaulted by these illegals. What a buffoon !!! But, I gotta say, her protégé and previous Mayor of Oakland, Gov' Brown, kinda led the way ... and still does.

(Feb 26 2018) - DACA is delayed ... but not vacated
WASH D.C. -- The Supreme Court rejected the Trump administration’s request for it to review a lower court order that the administration must continue accepting DACA renewal applications. Instead, it will alow an appeals court to review the lower court ruling. This is not necerssarily a major defeat for Trump, as some headlines are suggesting. The Supreme Court rarely takes up cases before an appeals court has had a chance to rule, so the effort to get the Supreme Court to act now was a reach.

(Feb 25 2018) - Florida School Shooting Plot Exposed ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As the plot thickens - and it most assuredly is - schools across Florida may come into question re: this funding practice/plot. This initial report exposing this horrific collusion to collect more money by downgrading criminal statistics in and around this school, I'm telling' you, will put a lot of people behind bars, right after all the parents sue the pants of all these perpetrators. And lastly, just wait until the really big internet investigators and hackers get wind of this. Names will be named !!!

NATIONAL HARBOR -- Reality television personality Rick Harrison of the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” lamented that too many high school and college students in America believe “capitalism is bad” and that the federal government can afford to “pay for everything.” “Kids come out of high school today, they think corporations are bad. They think capitalism is bad. The No. 1 thing in the world that has brought people out of poverty is capitalism,” Harrison said at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside D.C. on Friday.

(Feb 24 2018) - Russians Colluded Massively ... with Democrats
WASH D.C. -- Special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigators resemble axe-wielding firefighters frantically stomping through a house and not finding so much as a lit birthday candle. Meanwhile, the home next door burns to the basement. Team Mueller’s never-ending hunt for reds in October 2016 has found zero evidence of Russian collusion among Team Trump. In contrast, Russian collusion among Democrats has been as hard to miss as a California wildfire. And yet they still miss it.

(Feb 23 2018) - US Embassy Moves to Jerusalem in MAY !!!
JERUSALEM -- In May, the U.S. plans to open a new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. The opening will coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary. The Embassy will initially be located in the Arnona neighborhood, in a modern building that now houses consular operations of U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem. Those consular operations, including American citizen & visa services, will continue at the Arnona facility without interruption, as part of the Embassy. Consulate General Jerusalem will continue to operate as an independent mission with an unchanged mandate ...

(Feb 23 2018) - Satanic Attacks : The Breakfast of Champions
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Seasoned Christians know this drill when being attacked, either by an individual, or by the media spreading malicious gossip, or by satan himself. The outcome - most assuredly - is usually the same ... benefiting GOD's vessel, which in turn benefits The Body of CHRIST. With that knowledge and experience, most of these seasoned Christians can lead the way, away from difficulties, calamities and back to the GOD'S LOVE and to get re-connected and re-positioned for the Final Battle. War is right around the corner, and today's a good day to ENLIST.

(Feb 22 2018) - President Trump to "ICE OUT" California ???
CALIFORNIA -- President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he’s considering pulling Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers out of California. Why? Because he feels the state is giving his administration “no help” in targeting the violent MS-13 gang, especially in Los Angeles. “We’re getting no help from the state of California,” Trump said from the White House. “Frankly, if I wanted to pull our people from California you would have a crime nest like you’ve never seen in California. All I’d have to do is say ‘ICE and border patrol, let California learn.’”

(Feb 22 2018) - Guns in the hands of good people - are GOOD !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This is why good people need guns and why we give them to the local police, the military and just about all of America's alphabet soup agencies. We train these folks how and when to shoot, how to care for these weapons to make sure they function properly. However, in the absence of good people with guns, bad people have the upper hand. Their targets - most usually - are people who are un-armed and un-protected. And in a matter of a few minutes, massacres occur, like in Chicago - every weekend - where there's gun control ... and media control.

(Feb 22 2018) - Who’s Attacking Children Now ... CNN !!!
FLORIDA -- Not only are they hunting down elderly female Trump supporters for retweeting Russian trolls, but now they’re going after the pro-Second Amendment heroes of the Parkland school shooting. CNN issued a statement regarding Colton Haab, a hero and a survivor of the school shooting, who was silenced by CNN at their “anti-gun” town hall. They’re calling this young hero a “liar” after he stated that the network gave him a script in place of his own questions, then refused to feature him.

(Feb 21 2018) - Skull & Bones, and bankrolling the enemy
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Years ago I purchased and read many of these well documented books revealing the NEW WORLD ORDER plans by the establishment elites. And as the years came and gone, many more books, documents and videos have dittoed the same truths, namely that these old world "secret society" boys are behind all the "order out of chaos" wars. However, in the end, they'll turn on themselves, because they are the most paranoid, egotistical and self-centered cabal of KILLERS !!! Hell will be their FINAL SOLUTION. Is that your ???

(Feb 21 2018) - Creepy “World Govt Summit” Targets America
SAUDI ARABIA -- Top globalists, communists & Islamists from around the globe gathered this month on the Arabian Peninsula for the World Government Summit - yes, that is the confab's real name - to push for what they called a “NEW WORLD ORDER” More than a few speakers made clear that liberty, self-gov't & the “America First” agenda were in the crosshairs. On the other hand, Big Government, trans-humanism & globalism were presented as the solution to basically everything.

(Feb 21 2018) - Evangelist Billy Graham Dies at 99
SOUTH CAROLINA -- Billy Graham died Wednesday at the age of 99. The world renowned evangelist, who has been listed on Gallup's most admired list 61 times since 1955 — more than any other person — passed away peacefully at his home in Montreat, North Carolina, after struggling with various health problems linked to his advanced age. In a statement to The Christian Post, Will Graham, the grandson of Billy Graham and the son of Franklin Graham, said ...

(Feb 21 2018) - SON OF SPY ... EXPOSED : PT II !!!
FLORIDA -- On the afternoon of February 14, 2018, Valentine’s Day, America was subjected to another mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, metropolitan Miami, Florida. We are told that 17 people were killed and 15 more were taken to hospitals. The alleged perpetrator, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a former student of the high school, was arrested shortly after the shooting and charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder.

(Feb 20 2018) - SON OF SPY ... EXPOSED !!!
FLORIDA -- A Florida school shooting survivor who has been featured across the major news networks advocating for a total gun ban, is the son of an FBI agent. David Hogg, a vehement Trump critic, has featured heavily across all the major new networks over the last few days, pleading with politicians to abolish the Second Amendment. However, what the news networks have neglected to mention is that Hogg is the son of a former ‘Deep State’ FBI agent. Truepundit.com reports ...

(Feb 20 2018) - Students told police re: Nikolas Cruz threats
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This ain't news, but in a not-so-bizarre sense, it is. For many of these policing authorities, they are instructed to wait before responding to any "See Something - Say Something" calls. Why ? Past practices of bad policing. And now, waiting for more info is becoming a bad practice. When fire departments across the nation were called out on delay's, they began tracking "RESPONSE TIMES" and made it a goal to get faster and better. With the local police, and all their super-duper surveillance set ups, they ought to get there before the perp pulls the trigger or gets away. You'd think.

(Feb 20 2018) - Reading, Writing, and Return Fire
PARKLAND, FL. -- There is a reason why the massacre at Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida could never have happened in an Israeli school. Israel does not consider its schools gun-free zones, where armed predators can freely roam the campus and hallways, picking targets at will. Whether it be terrorists or armed loons, we all live in a war zone these days, and the fact is that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun ... As much as Americans are reluctant to turn their schools into what critics might call armed camps, it would be a better situation than the free fire zones that exist today.

(Feb 20 2018) - Mueller charges man with lying ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- You know what they say, "It takes one to know one" and if Mueller is indicting these little fish because of lying - in hopes of landing "The Big One" - he's gonna find himself walking off a gang plank on the starboard side a ship called the U.S.S. TRUTH & JUSTICE. Folks, these agencies are all trained in telling lies !!! Telling the truth - internally - will get you fired if your lucky. And Mueller, well, he's been the devil's deck-hand on several ships pirating for THE SWAMP and now he thinks he's a captain of a vessel called BLACKMAIL. The MSM's on board, are you ???

(Feb 19 2018) - McCabe Altered FBI notes to frame Flynn
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Planting FAKE evidence or planting FAKE notes or planting FAKE leaks is what many agencies do to protect their agencies. Now, for most of our readers that ain't a stretch, but for our newbies, that might take some time to absorb. Secondly, these agencies are all told, do not talk to other agencies unless you run in up through the chain of command. Why ? Because whatever info or intel is shared, it might not be correct or corroborated. In this case, that's the case, a very bad case !!!

(Feb 18 2018) - Mexican Nationals Meddled & Colluded in Elections
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Mexicans meddling in the 2016 elections and beyond ??? How preposterous !!! Californians wouldn't stand for it and neither would any respectful political organization. Yes they can and yes they do. As for the Russians interfering - again - not a chance. Everyone and their dog will be in on that hunt. However ... the democ-RATS from California - the SANCTUARY STATE - will get to register more illegal invaders FAKE VOTERS at the DMV, come April, and if anyone says squat or asks to check the voting records, they'll be labelled a racist, bigot or worse.

(Feb 17 2018) - Shareblue : Has Ties to Foreign Govts
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This is too easy and funny. Look folks, there are hundreds of companies on the web who will do your bidding for the right price. And many times these companies are hired by our agencies as fronts to cover their crimes, and this one called Shareblue.com (now off line) kinda looks like they were used to troll the election. So ... you guys can do some digging yourself on this one, 'cause Mueller's investigators need all the help they can get. Have a nice Presidents Day weekend.

(Feb 16 2018) - Indicted Russians Were Facebook Trolls
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As much as I do not want to chime in re: Mueller's charade of indictments, I guess I will - just a bit. Now, if all Americans are cleared of any interference in the 2016 Presidential election (including the FBI the other intel agencies) that still leaves the democ-RATS illegals voting, dead people voting, Muslim money, all the other agencies abroad - allies included - and every non-citizen who ever had any kind of blog or web presence spewing anti-American sentiments, ad infinitum. As revealing ... Mueller kinda gave Rosenstein the green light to pardoned him, Comey and all the other co-conspirators. Now, chew on that a little this weekend.

(Feb 16 2018) - Stopping School Shootings by Mario Murillo
AMERICA -- Stopping school shootings will be the most divisive issue of 2018. Write it down. It threatens to become a debate that will plunge America into an even darker time. It will expose our penchant for half-cures. Gridlock will keep us from a cure. Politicians will scream at each other. Celebrities will shed crocodile tears on late night shows. Millions will be poured into maintaining falsehood. What you will not see is truth and honesty about this horrible subject. Most will simply want to appear to care.

(Feb 16 2018) - School Ran Active Shooter Drill ... ON SAME DAY
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here we go ... again. Another one of those non-nonsensical incidents involving an active shooting drill, and then the real thing. This time on the same day. I'm tellin' you, more & more questions are leading down this road which mirrors a manufactured MK-ULTRA massacrer. Now, get this straight - MSM. This kid had a social media page, told the world what he wanted to do, and the FBI let him do it - not President Trump - the FBI !!! And Hollyweird, they're just as culpable in this murder with all their action packed shoot-em-ups on TV and the Big Screen !!! More's coming ...

(Feb 15 2018) - FBI was warned about School Shooting Threat
FLORIDA -- Last fall, a Mississippi bail bondsman and frequent YouTube vlogger noticed an alarming comment left on one of his videos. "I'm going to be a professional school shooter," said a user named Nikolas Cruz. The YouTuber, 36-year-old Ben Bennight, alerted the FBI, emailing a screenshot of the comment to the bureau's tips account. He also flagged the comment to YouTube, which removed it from the video. Agents with the bureau's Mississippi field office got back to him "immediately," Bennight said, and conducted an in-person interview the following day, on Sept. 25.

(Feb 14 2018) - 17 dead in Florida high school shooting
PARKLAND, FL. -- A 19-year-old man opened fire Wednesday on students at his former high school in Parkland, Florida, killing at least 17 people, leaving 14 others wounded, and sparking anew debates over troubled teens, firearms and school safety. Police said Nikolas Cruz, who had been expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, started the killing spree outside the building. He then carried an AR-15 into the building, where students and teachers were surprised by a late-afternoon fire alarm and then the sounds of gunfire, police said.

(Feb 14 2018) - Shooting outside NSA headquarters - 3 shot
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Look, this doesn't make sense. Why would anyone try and take on an agency which has an arsenal - no doubt - a hundred times bigger and greater ??? Was the motive due to a bad relationship ? Maybe bad traffic ? Possibly bad employment ? Bad medicine ? Or ... BAD ACTORS ??? Since these are speculations scooping for solutions, I must note, that the usual play for patsies are unmasked quickly. And if there's a long and drawn out investigation, it's safe to conclude ... that's right ... a conspiracy. But by whom ... ???

(Feb 14 2018) - The State weaponizes education to create ignorance
AMERICA -- (By Jon Rappoport) A 150 years ago, at least some Americans recognized that all serious discourse depended on the use of the faculty called Reason. Formal debate, science, and law all flowed from that source. A common bond existed in some schools of the day. The student was expected to learn how Reason operates, and for that he was taught the only subject which could lay out, as on a long table, the visible principles: Logic. This was accepted. But now, this bond is gone.

(Feb 14 2018) - FAKEBOOK - Caught Defrauding Conservatives
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Supporting fraud ??? Why would any Conservative or Christian support fraud ??? And yet they do - daily - by logging on to their FAKEBOOK accounts. As horrifying, these same apologists for the 1st Amendment submit to the likes and dislikes of this BIG BROTHER machine which in the end will disconnect their truths, after collecting all of their vital info and intel. Folks ... listen up ... "Get a Real Life & a Real Web Site" and then you post what you want. FAKEBOOK IS FAKE !!! Don't you get it ???

(Feb 13 2018) - Sarah Sanders Slams Media ... !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I LOVE THIS WOMAN !!! Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, kills it over and over again ... especially when the MSM tries to gig her on anything. And in this Feb 13th episode of "Exposing the Establishment MSM" Sarah cuts the liberal leaker's off at the pass, stating ... "If you guys have real concerns about leaking out classified information, look around this room. You guys are the ones that publish classified information, & put national security at risk". GOD Bless Sarah !!!

(Feb 13 2018) - Who's bigger threat to privacy - NSA or Google?
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- There ain't no either or in this debate. They're both competing for control ... control of everything that can be controlled - animal, mineral or vegetable. Moving past break-neck speed, these "Orwellian" collectives, at the end of their quests will turn on each other in a chess game which would make Watson - son of Deep Blue - extremely envious. Folks, pay attention, their end game is not just controlling your thoughts, but owning them. Think about it ... while you still can. Come quickly LORD JESUS !!!

(Feb 12 2018) - Feds Collect Record Taxes in 1st Month ...
WASH D.C. -- The fed gov't this January "RAN A SURPLUS" while collecting record total tax revenues for that month of the year, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today. January was the first month under the new tax law that President Donald Trump signed in December. During January, the Treasury collected approximately $361,038,000,000 in total tax revenues and spent a total of approximately $311,802,000,000 to run a SURPLUS of approximately $49,236,000,000.

(Feb 12 2018) - Baltimore Now Forcing Bad Cops to Pay Victims
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Blue Lives Matter - Absolutely !!! However, there's always a few bad apples in every basket and in Baltimore, BAD COPS HAVE TO PAY for their abuses out of their own pockets and can be sued. Will this idea trend into other departments ? Maybe ? Should it ? Yes and no. Yes, it's a good idea if the bad cops get their just rewards in an honest court of law - a bad idea if the "Good Ole Boys" network have the courts continue to cover up their abuses by Blue Lies Matters - The Freemasons !!!

(Feb 11 2018) - The DOD’s Focus Is on World Order Strategy
AMERICA -- Scholars disagree as to whether there exists a liberalizing global political order that has been preserved through American hegemony since World War II (often referred to as the “liberal world order”). Still, it is generally agreed upon that the US has been the dominant power in global affairs since at least the fall of the Soviet Union. With the release of the Trump administration’s National Defense Strategy, the US Department of Defense is weighing in on this debate.

(Feb 11 2018) - Trump Moves Against Mandatory Vaccination !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Words have consequences and if your're not knowledgeable concerning the varied uses of language in the formation of laws or contracts, then whoever you become a party with ... well ... they've got you by the short hairs. And it looks like whomever President Trump assigned to draft the language in this new vaccination law knew exactly what the difference is between inalienable and unalienable rights. One is assigned by admiralty and administrative courts and the other from The HIGH COURT of GOD !!! Hallelujah !!!

(Feb 10 2018) - Can We Keep Our Biases from Creeping into AI ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So much is left out of this argument re: "BIAS" in artificial intelligence. First and foremost is "Intellectual Property" - maybe bias is good in selecting the best product. I surely wouldn't lay out more money for neutered software, and I don't think the public would either - unless they're conned into it. Now you see what I see. Yes my dear friends, there's a scheme to all this one-size-fits-all technology. So ... you can either pay for (AI) which benefits your needs, or you can pay for politically correct (AI) later which benefits the NEW WORLD ORDER !!!

(Feb 09 2018) - Dem. Sen. Mark Warner Colluded With Russians ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- And the Lies from the Spies - I mean democ-RATS - just keep on coming. Sure ... Senator Mark Warner made it a point to tell everyone what he had done was not on the up-and-up, and to keep what he had told them on the down-low ... but he got caught and his you-know-what is now in a sling. Second "Need-to-Know" re: this revelation are all the names of those he talked to, especially in the FBI ... CIA ... DNC ... RINOS ... and ... you got it ... the MSM !!! People want to know ...

(Feb 08 2018) - Trump is right about holding a military parade
WHITE HOUSE -- The left is howling Hitler again because of President Trump's proposal for a military parade. They're saying it's dictatorial, they're bringing up that Kim Jong Un has them, too. Even some on the right, such as #nevertrump Ralph Peters have pooh-poohed the idea as Frenchy vaingloriousness as if this were still the era of freedom fries. It's nonsense. If the U.S. is going to celebrate and honor the military as it should instead of just pay lip service to the idea, it does well to hold a parade.

(Feb 07 2018) - CIA-Controlled Media Out In The Open
WASH D.C. -- It's been known for some time that the Central Intelligence Agency controls much of the media that people in the United States and abroad get their information from. Now, it seems all too real as former Obama CIA Director John Brennan has been hired by NBC. If you thought this was all a conspiracy theory, the CIA has openly admitted to attempting to manipulate the media for decades. Understand that the timing of hiring Brennan is totally suspect considering the release of the FISA memo.

(Feb 07 2018) - SECOND MEMO : Worse than the First
WASH D.C. -- Bang!! A second memo, aside from the original 4-page FISA memo, has just been released by the Senate Judiciary committee. This memo further reveals how, Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the Trump dossier, wrote an additional memo on the subject of Donald Trump and Russia that was not among those published by BuzzFeed in January 2017. The two memos together expose a mass amount of corruption within the democratic party.

(Feb 06 2018) - The Memo Has Triggered Civil War II ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- When someone has wronged you, you know the who, what and why ... why you're so hurt. And at the right time you both can achieve absolution - through GOD. But when you are lead to believe that someone has wronged you - {FAKE NEWS} - but you're not sure re: the who, what or why ... you can be angry and hurt for a very long time ... and ... you can be triggered at any time by the same - you guessed it - FAKE NEWS !!! These are the "True Triggers" of CIVIL WAR !!! Their job is to keep the masses at bay, and distracted ... hoping that "the world ends in a whimper and not a bang". (T.S. Elliott)

(Feb 06 2018) - Dem wants law against "Insulting Reporters"
CALIFORNIA -- Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) introduced the “Journalist Protection Act” in the House Monday which would make attacking or intimidating journalists a federal crime. It is a hate speech law by a McCarthyite. Swalwell accuses Republicans of being Putin’s waterboys on a regular basis. The Democrat representative thinks the President has created a “toxic atmosphere” for reporters. It’s actually the other way around. Toxic reporters are harming our Republic.

(Feb 06 2018) - Catastrophic earthquake overdue for California ...
CALIFORNIA -- The threat of a massive earthquake may not be something that most Californians spend day after day thinking about, but truthfully, it should be. The state is actually in the middle of an earthquake drought, and the segments that make up the expansive San Andreas Fault system are becoming stressed to the point where large and damaging events may occur any day now.

(Feb 05 2018) - Refugee Costs ??? STAGGERING !!!
U.S.A. -- America’s big heart in welcoming tens of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers from war torn and disaster-ravaged nations comes with a huge cost that is choking taxpayers — and barely making a dent in the worldwide refugee crisis, according to a new report. The Federation for American Immigration Reform Monday put the five-year price tag at $8.8 billion in federal and state costs, or nearly $80,000 per refugee. There are some 18 federal & state programs refugees can tap for financial help, including food stamps, child care, public housing & school loans.

(Feb 05 2018) - Dreamers ... Be Angry with Democrats !!!
WASH D.C. -- Dreamers have been lied to by the Democrats for years. Their parents were lied to about coming to America illegally and how safe they would be from deportation in spite of consistent power changes in American politics. Chuck Schumer and other Democratic politicians say if Dreamers are deported back to Mexico, then it will be the Republicans’ fault for sending them somewhere they have never known. However, that is not true. This entire DACA issue is the Democratic party’s fault. The Democrats encouraged illegal immigration with their policies.

(Feb 05 2018) - Rampant Abuse & Possible Contempt of Court ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- A bit of a read, but please try and get through it. Alexander Mercouris makes valid points re: the GOP FISA MEMO and how some of the names mentioned in it played out. Second, you'll notice several "Contempt of Court" charges from the writer - and justifiably so - alleging abuses by the Trump haters withing the FBI and how they hoodwinked the FISA Court with less than credible evidence. And lastly, who might have written the report - Congressman Trey Gowdy and edited by Congressman Devin Nunes.

(Feb 04 2018) - What Nunes achieved - and what's next
WASH D.C. -- House intelligence committee chairman Devin Nunes achieved something unprecedented: Because the memo he wrote, summing up the results of his congressional investigation, pretty well pries the lid off Big Government and Deep State, revealing for all of us how these tyrannical, opposite-of-justice, operations work. The angry tweets of President Trump didn't do it. The efforts of Republicans in past administrations didn't do this. The change point was Nunes.

(Feb 04 2018) - Democracies Die, but Republicanism Lives On
AMERICA -- Unlike a republic, a democracy allows for the temporary passions of the public to overrun reason and directly affect laws. It is the job of the “modern tyrants,” or democrats if you will, to foment this passion. A republic prevents this, as elected representatives of the people must deliberate before enacting laws. This allows for a de facto “cooling off” period, allowing passions to subside. Good law can never be derived from unchecked emotion.

(Feb 03 2018) - The Democratic Party must be DESTROYED !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Let me just break it down like this. IT'S THEM OR US !!! We have coddled these anti-Christian and anti-American activists for all the wrong reasons. They do not want to emulate - let alone imitate - our values. Folks, these democ-RATS have a STRONG DELUSION, due to their constant denials of truth, that there's no saving them. And if we continue trying, then we're gonna have to issue an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah ... not to mention GOD. Period - Paragraph !!!

(Feb 03 2018) - 16 Bombshells In the Nunes Memo ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As anticipation grew re: the Nunes MEMO, additional stories - concerning the mountain load of misdeeds by these agencies and misinformation by the MSM - are soon to follow. And if you know anything about how to build a case, you start with the small stuff and then close with either multiple witnesses, video taped confessions, a smoking gun(s) or a trail of blood. For sure the BIGGEST BOMBSHELLS are coming. And make no mistake, the MSM will face some indictments with this dragnet of the DEEP STATE and their little "Secret Societies" embedded within.

(Feb 03 2018) - It's Time To ... "Investigate the Investigators"
WASH D.C. -- Gregg Jarrett, Sara Carter & Sebastian Gorka reacted to the release of the explosive and damning FISA memo. Sara Carter revealed that her sources have told her that the best is yet to come, as the FISA Memo is only “10% of what's coming”, stating that the investigation is now in reverse, as the entire Russiagate lie unravels at a rapid pace. Gregg Jarrett noted that his sources told him Rod Rosenstein threatened the House Intel Committee members 3 weeks ago not to release the memo or else ...

(Feb 02 2018) - FISA MEMO : Tip of The Iceberg ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- You betcha there's gonna be more questions raised after the release of the "MEMO" !!! Questions from the public, from the MSM, from democ-RATS, from the other intelligence agencies, questions from other countries and questions from the DEEP STATE demigods devils as well. Folks, this is just the "TIP OF THE ICEBERG", and we must press in daily - if not hourly - to continue this process or they'll revert back to their original state of disinformation, darkness and death.

(Feb 01 2018) - Trump Approves Release Of FISA Memo
WHITE HOUSE -- President Donald Trump has approved the release of a classified memo compiled by House Republicans on the intelligence committee, clearing the way for its release Friday, multiple outlets report. The document allegedly contains proof that some of the top officials in the Obama-era national security establishment abused their authority to obtain surveillance warrants on members of the Trump 2016 campaign.

(Feb 01 2018) - Devin Nunes Just Went for the FBI’s JUGULAR !!!
WASH D.C. -- House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes all but publicly declares the FBI used allegations in the Steele dossier to get a FISA court warrant to surveil Carter Page while knowing the information was unverified and likely campaign opposition research. Nunes Statement on FBI, DOJ Objections to Release of HPSCI Memo : "Having stonewalled Congress’ demands for information for nearly a year, it’s no surprise to see the FBI and DOJ issue spurious objections to allowing the American people to see information related to surveillance abuses at these agencies ..."

(Feb 01 2018) - 510 Arrested In Huge Pedophile Ring Bust
CALIFORNIA -- Over 500 suspects were arrested and 56 people rescued in a huge California human-trafficking and pedophile ring crackdown. The Los Angeles County Regional Human Trafficking Task Forces confirmed the arrests on Tuesday during the three-day sweep named ‘Operation Reclaim and Rebuild.’ ABC reports: During the operation, which took place between Jan. 25 and 27, the task force said 45 adults and 11 girls were rescued.

(Feb 01 2018) - NEW FRIEND - NEW COLUMNIST ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This morning at a local laundry mat I encountered a like-minded lady who was well versed in the REAL HISTORY of our government and a few other engaging ideas. Her concerns re: the future of our nation and planet echoed mine and many of our writers. Secondly, we kinda sorta pinky-promised to stay in touch as we parted. Hopefully the Porterville Post could pick up a new columnist, one who is well travelled. For sure we made a new friend.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- President Trump had set so many historical precedents for his first year in office that his first SOTU Address - which was set up for only an hour and a half - had to be more generic than specific ... giving the MSM something to pitch a fit over. Over the next few days, possibly weeks, those historical and specific accomplishments will be accentuated either by President Trump from his twitter account or they'll come from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders or the true "Defenders of Freedom" - the independent news services ... like The Porterville Post !!!

(Jan 30 2018) - Memo Weeeeee!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Permission to spy on whomever we want ? We don't need no stinkin' permission ... says all the "SECRET SOCIETIES" embedded into all our "Secret Agencies". Look, if all the world is getting along, then there'd be no need for the "Military Industrial Complex". If crimes are reduced to nil, then there'd be little need for local policing authorities. And if this "Secret Memo" ... soon to be released to the public ... can't trigger anyone in the DOJ to start arresting folks in these "Secret Agencies" then ya'll better converge at the Capitol with your boots pulled up tight and paperwork perfected for one massive "CITIZENS ARREST".

(Jan 30 2018) - We're in a 2nd civil war - where's the church ?
AMERICA -- Are you aware how seriously we’ve gone off track as a nation? To grasp the reality, read this commentary not as another article but as a word from God. I’m not trying to be sensational or provocative, but the dramatic downfall of America is scary. The secular, leftist, liberal worldview is gaining traction at an alarming speed; the spiritual, conservative, Judeo-Christian worldview is being dismantled. Add scores of broken hurting people being misled into dangerous and destructive lifestyles; and multitudes of Christians are sadly silent or simply asleep.

(Jan 29 2018) - The Dark Secret of Two-Faced Academics
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Academia, I'm here to tell you, has proven beyond a shadow of doubt, that their foolish ramblings and illogical demands may cost them their federal fundings and grants. Yes, President Trump could send in auditors to see where those monies are being spent, and if it looks like it's going anywhere over seas or to any radicalised Islamic college campus, or students or terrorist connected groups here in the states ... say good by and say adiós. Your free education is finished.

(Jan 29 2018) - 2018 Grammys: Illuminati Symbolism ... and
NEW YORK -- This year’s Grammys took place in New York City at the Madison Square Garden. Naturally, it would have themes of New York City, so when the show started out with a focus on the Statue of Liberty I don’t think many people thought twice. However ... the Statue of Liberty is a reference to the occult goddess of Semiramis. Which is why we’ve seen so many artists portray this goddess entity of pagan times ...

(Jan 28 2018) - Nuclear Bomb Memo is About to Explode
AMERICA -- Author of “The Trump Prophecies,” Mark Taylor, predicted Donald Trump would win in 2016 and, after that, “there would be military style tribunals” to prosecute massive crimes in Washington, D.C. With recent revelations of widespread corruption at the FBI and DOJ, are we getting close? Taylor explains, “The whole push right now is people are screaming ‘release the memo, release the memo.’ When you have Congress that has read the memo, and they are saying this is going to be a nuclear bomb, that’s bad. It’s worse than most people would think.

(Jan 28 2018) - Is Paganism on the Rise ???
U.S.A. -- The culture war has been misrepresented as a struggle between reason and belief, but the truth is, the battle that lies before us is a spiritual one with deep historical and existential roots. As in the days of ancient Rome, our civil foundation will continue to be defined by either a return to paganism or toward the transcendent God of Christianity. Just watch the latest awards show, talk show, or halftime show and see how pagan ritualism and sensuality is promoted and how it's spilling into the greater social and political spheres.

(Jan 27 2018) - NETWORK : The last great film about The News
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Network news ... noisy naysayers ... image instigators ... luciferian loudmouths. Nothing too specific and everything quite generic. Folks, the MSM talking heads are paid handsomely to obfuscate - collectively and timely - that which their editors pronounce as gospel. Then at 6pm, the masses genuflect in front of their boob-tubes to memorizes the anti-American narratives of the evening, only to regurgitate it in front of their friends by the water coolers. That is so pathetic. It's just plain ole' ignorance gone to seed. Nothing more - Nothing less !!!

(Jan 27 2018) - You're Being Programmed for WHAT ???
NEW WORLD ORDER -- We are constantly being bombarded with occult messages and ancient mystery school symbolism through the media today. But actually this is not new. There is a long held agenda to move the world towards a system of global governance under luciferian rule. Most of the population is oblivious to it. Some of the population thinks “it’s cool”. A small percentage of us see through the agenda, and know that it is not cool at all. It is blatantly anti-Christian, and diabolical in both it’s nature and intent. Movies and television are full of this agenda.

(Jan 26 2018) - Trump: 'America is open for business'
SWITZERLAND -- President Trump on Friday touted the growth of the American economy since his election, and told countries and business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that the "U.S. is open for business" now that his administration has slashed regulations & lowered corporate taxes. "The world is witnessing the resurgence of a strong & prosperous America," Trump said. "America is open for business & we are competitive once again." "When the U.S. grows, so does the world," Trump said, repeating his pledge to always put "America first" & encouraging other world leaders to put their own countries first.

(Jan 26 2018) - Why Congressional Black Caucus Hid Photo
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Years and years of FAKE NEWS, which was assisted by FAKE AGENCIES, of course created a FAKE PRESIDENT !!! As far as this picture of "Back-door-Barry" hobnobbing with these FAKE MUSLIMS - (Nation of Islam) - it's past tense and too late for any legal ramifications. Most of the really free and independent news agencies and sources - like The Porterville Post - outed this conspirator and traitors early on, and stay on his back-side the whole time. And the Congressional Black Caucus, well, they conspired & threatened their own just like their FAKE DREAMER.

(Jan 25 2018) - It begins: DOJ goes after sanctuary cities/states
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes ... the DOJ has sent out letters to 23 areas within America and 9 specifically to California in regards to enforcing the law on illegal immigration and sanctuary cites. So ... because of this, California's Coyotes & Gangs, will be making a lot more money escorting these illegals from one county to the next. Just so you know, Tulare County is not on this initial list (yet) and it's population is primarily Hispanic, and this is where the Coyotes & Gangs will bring the illegals ... unless Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux catches them first.

(Jan 24 2018) - California's de facto secession ???
CALIFORNIA -- The state of California has been flouting U.S. federal laws for some time. First it legalized marijuana, a controlled substance under federal statutes. Then it tolerated, and encouraged, sanctuary cities within the state – safe spaces against federal immigration law. As of this year, the California legislature has made the entire state a safe space for illegal immigration. Now the legislators have added a new state law creating criminal penalties for cooperating with federal immigration officials. Isn't it time we pointed out the obvious?

(Jan 24 2018) - John Kerry hints at 2020 White House Run ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Looks like the DEEP STATE is gonna trollop out one of their BONESMAN from Yale University ... Senator John Kerry ... to possibly run against President Trump in 2020. Skull and Bones is a "SECRET SOCIETY" who's members eventually go on to be placed at very high and powerful positions in the corporate fields and of course politics. Their collective agenda - away from Yale University where only 15 members are chosen every year - leans heavily towards a NEW WORLD ORDER and Military Industrial Complex, with a little help from the ultimate and obnoxious occult "OG's" of "Secret Societies" ... THE FREEMASONS !!!

(Jan 23 2018) - Angry illegals converge on Schumer home ...
NEW YORK CITY -- Illegal immigrants are biting the only hand willing to feed them. Months after crashing a Nancy Pelosi press conference & causing her to lash out, DACA defenders converged on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s New York City home & protested what they believe is his lack of intestinal fortitude for their cause. Protesters are outside Schumer’s home in BLK chanting: “If Chuck won’t let us Dream, we won’t let him sleep!” “Dreamers” giving you nightmares now, Chuck ?

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Here it is kiddies ... THE MEMO HAS BEEN RELEASED !!! Now, the who and what re: the release of the memo will come later, for sure, but for now, here it is. Second, make sure that you save a copy to a file which is not attached to your own computer, just in case this release has bugs and malicious malware hidden inside. Third, do not send it via e-mail, for the same reasons. Lastly, pray that no harm will come to the "White Hats" still embedded within those agencies. We'll need them to testify in the coming months. Giddy-up ...

(Jan 23 2018) - ODEN'S EYE : Intel's Super Secret Back Door
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Long before this little tid-bit of intel came out today, many in the intel agencies knew this was the case - A BACK DOOR FOR THE BAD GUYS !!! Off-the-books money was directed towards this operational need and "ALL" CPU's were corrupted constructed with this back door. Even more frightening ... all the over night hand-shakes in which all the worlds banks connect for processing all of the days transactions can be accessed with this "Super Secret Set-Up" at any time, meaning, the banks can be crashed at any time. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!

(Jan 23 2018) - 85% Of Obama’s FISA Searches Were Illegal !!!
WASH D.C. -- An unsealed FISA Court document reveals Obama’s FBI and DoJ illegally searched law-abiding Americans in a staggering 85% of cases. On April 26, 2017, a FISA ruling unveiled a number of criminal misdeeds that the Obama administration participated in – a report that has received no publicity until now. Thegatewaypundit.com reports: The report to date received little attention. Now interest is brewing due to the recent actions of Congress and the report that is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

(Jan 23 2018) - 72% of Hispanics want Merit-Based Immigration
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- When I was young little whipper-snapper, my father and many of his truck-driving friends would tell me ... "Son, you gotta earn your keep". Meaning, hard work, honesty and loyalty is the best road paved for success. And you know what, that saying isn't indigenous to just Americans, it's a main-stay of with all peoples, regardless of their ethnicity or language. And that's why the illegal immigrants ought not be issued entry by lotto, but by a MERIT BASED system - 'cause you gotta earn your keep, like everyone else in the USA. Free-loaders Need Not Apply !!!

(Jan 22 2018) - Register illegals to vote – automatically
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- On one hand this sounds like a bad idea - IT IS !!! On the other, since these illegals will have a valid California drivers license, maybe it's time for the GOP to push for valid ID's at the voting booth. Listen, everyone knows democ-RATS in California have no moorings or maturations when it comes to politics. Their goal is to stay in power, regardless of their collateral damage to the state, let alone the country. And the "first scheduled disaster" will be on April 1st ... at the DMV !!! No doubt.

(Jan 22 2018) - Biggest Scandal In D.C. Since Watergate ...
WASH D.C. -- Republican members of Congress are pushing for the release of a memo that reportedly shows that government surveillance powers were illegally used against Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, and that the Obama administration, the FBI and Hillary Clinton illegally colluded in a concerted effort to try to destroy Trump’s chances of winning the presidency. If these allegations turn out to be true, this will be the biggest scandal in American political history, but so far the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about it.

(Jan 21 2018) - NOW ON-LINE : www.SchumerShutdown.com !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Well, well, well. Looks like the GOP found a better way of getting the message out about the democ-RATS shutting down the government. They have now published a brand new web site called - www.SchumerShutdown.com ... and it has some interesting information on it. Since the MSM has been all to user friendly with these liberal lunatics in Congress, the GOP has decided to follow the leader - that would be President Donald Trump - and use social media and the web to disseminate the facts to counter the FAKE NEWS !!! Enjoy ...

(Jan 21 2018) - Military chopper crash in Calif. leaves 2 dead
CALIFORNIA -- A U.S. Army Apache attack helicopter crashed in the predawn hours early Saturday while flying a routine training mission at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin in California. Both the pilot and the co-pilot were killed, according to Lt. Col. Jason S. Brown, a spokesman for the Army at the Pentagon. “The cause is currently under investigation and next-of-kin notifications are ongoing, therefore we can provide no further details at this time,” he said in a statement to Fox News.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- It's times like these that the "White Hats" need to worry ... unless they're already hip to what's going on behind the scenes. Look, when there's a crisis going on - real or imaginary - that's when the wicked ones do their evil deeds. So ... since the gov't is being forced to shut down - temporarily & through the weekend - that's when things could disappear or drop dead. However, the "White Hats" could also find MORE EVIDENCE - during these dark days - to level against THE DEEP STATE ... and I kinda think they will. Keep Praying Patriots - Keep Praying !!!

(Jan 21 2018) - The Imaginary Hispanic by Daniel Greenfield
AMERICA -- There are two statistics that explain the Democrat obsession with illegal immigration and open borders. 97% of immigrants in the appropriate grouping identify themselves as Hispanic, but by the fourth generation that number falls to half. Only 7% of immigrants describe themselves as Americans, but 56% in the third generation call themselves Americans. Even the use of Spanish is slowly declining. If a minority stops existing after a few generations, did it ever actually exist?

(Jan 21 2018) - More than 25,000 Murdered in Mexico ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This is what the democ-RATS want for California and the rest of the nation ... MORE MURDER !!! I'm tellin' you, facts are facts and yes, we fully understand why illegals are fleeing their country, but we also know full well that the DRUG CARTELS don't want a better border wall. Folks, these DACA democ-RATS want votes any way they can get them, and while they're at it take some of that illegal Mexican Moolah if they can get away with it.

(Jan 20 2018) - ‘SCHUMER SHUTDOWN’ BEGINS !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- In a display of their usual "Border-Line Personality Disorder" the democ-RATS - lead by "Chucky Cheese" himself - have failed to protect the greater good, to save the lesser law breakers. Wanting to tarnish President Trump on his one year anniversary, Schumer - whose name literally means "Good for Nothing" - wants America to suffer because of his (BP) disorder. Folks, this satanic stalemate by Schumer's socialists is a direct attack on the people ... including the illegals. Schumer should be sewed !!! That's how you deal with (BP) disorders.

(Jan 20 2018) - Artificial Intelligence – Extermination of Humanity
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming conscious or self-aware like a human is a red herring designed to keep the masses in the dark re: the end-time game of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Why ? For one thing, "Facts are Facts" and "Feelings are Feelings". One is objective and the other subjective. And in a court of law, subjective feelings come in second to facts. So the reason (AI) is being automated to become self-aware, ain't 'cause they care how we feel. Heavens no ... they don't care !!! Their hidden purpose is to use this (AI) to "Program the Population" with FAKE FACTS & FAKE FEELINGS !!! Welcome to the MACHINE !!!

(Jan 19 2018) - #ObamaGate : And List of Corrupt Officials
WASH D.C. -- The Deep State FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) were once considered institutions full of integrity and honor before the Obama Presidency. Now they are riddled with corruption and led by a group of deceiving, criminal and corrupt leaders who are working to overthrow the Trump administration which threatens to uncover their many corrupt and criminal actions over the past many years. Today these swamp monsters may begin to be exposed.

(Jan 19 2018) - Big Tech Is Bigger Than You Realize
AMERICA -- Former Google Employee and Behevioral Scientist : “A handful of people, working at a handful of technology companies, through their choices will steer what a billion people are thinking today.” “All of our minds can be hijacked. Our choices are not as free as we think they are.” Recently, there have been calls for breaking up the monopolies of tech giants Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter. The general public knows them all by name. We use their devices and services every day. But, do we know how far their influence goes?

(Jan 18 2018) - Law Enforcement Officers ... Can't Cooperate ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Law enforcement officials in California, may end up as law breakers ... if California's A.G. has any say-so about an "Illegal Immigration Sweep" soon to take place by ICE. Yup !!! That's the crust of it. We now have a real "Mexican Stand Off" here in California. I mean ... who would have thought ??? Right ??? I'm almost at lost for words when I read this article, as it now appears that Montezuma's Revenge will have full and undiluted protection to reconquer California, using ILLEGALS.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- I suppose it's time to re-connect to a past article re: one of the end-time players, who wants a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, and has been keeping a very close eye on a piece of property, primed for plunder ... JERUSALEM !!! Folks, there are kings and then there are Kings with Bloodlines. And these Bloodlines most always have something to do with Jerusalem. Since the very creation of The Knights Templars - who's covert commission was to verify this secret Jewish Bloodline - (which they did) it's always been the position of the VATICAN to keep the real Jews at bay, like demanding a two state solution, 'cause Hitlers FINAL SOLUTION failed.

(Jan 18 2018) - Trump Explains Why He Doesn’t Get the Flu Shot
NEW YORK -- Unless you’re totally committed to the flu hysteria, it makes s lot of sense to question the flu vaccine narrative. Which is apparently how President Trump feels. In a 2015 interview with Sirius XM’s Opie and Jim Norton, Donald Trump was asked if gets a flu shot. His response was informed by a common experience: after once getting the flu shot, he got more sick than ever, then vowed never to do it again. In other words ...

(Jan 17 2018) - Unhealthiest State has Highest Vaccination Rate
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This is one for the books and one for the courts in Mississippi - possibly the SCOTUS. Folks, it's a miracle that any of our children have survived these injurious injections, inoculations and mandatory vaccinations. Year after year humans immune systems are being depressed due to eating processed foods, the very air that we breath, and then you combine that with a nasty needle of nano-poisons, and dang-it if someone doesn't develop a serious side effect or die.

(Jan 17 2018) - The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards
U.S.A. -- 2017 was a year of unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news. Studies have shown that over 90% of the media’s coverage of President Trump is negative. Here are the winners of the 2017 Fake News Awards ... starting with ... the New York Times ... Paul Krugman claimed on the day of President Trump’s historic, landslide victory that the economy would never recover.

(Jan 16 2018) - 2017: The Year the MSM Went Negative
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Not much of a stretch here. Not at all. The MSM, it would appear, could care less about how negative and FAKE their reporting of President Trump really is. They're still in a tizzy that this President does not kowtow to their constant questions and tantrums. Folks, there's a tried and true statement which says, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" and in the MSM case, they believe they're in HELL'S KITCHEN and President Trump is Gordon Ramsay, with the front burners on BLAST ... (LOL).

(Jan 16 2018) - ALL THAT CAN BE SHAKEN ... WILL BE
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Attention on Deck - Porterville Pastors and Christian Leaders !!! For years now Porterville was in GOD's Heart to bring Revival to our area, and many prayer warriors, remnant and watchmen have been sounding the necessary trumpet of REPENTANCE - which precedes REVIVAL - on deaf ears. Now ... a shaking is needed !!! Soon, another call will be issued. One that will alarm many in the Churches. And this final alarm will be to COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM ... for these beautiful buildings bear no fruit, and harbor tares of tolerance which watered down The WORD OF GOD !!!

(Jan 16 2018) - Proclamation : Religious Freedom Day
WHITE HOUSE -- Faith is embedded in the history, spirit, and soul of our Nation. On Religious Freedom Day, we celebrate the many faiths that make up our country, and we commemorate the 232nd anniversary of the passing of a State law that has shaped and secured our cherished legacy of religious liberty. Our forefathers, seeking refuge from religious persecution, believed in the eternal truth that freedom is not a gift from the government, but a sacred right from Almighty God. Signed ... President Donald J. Trump

(Jan 16 2018) - Sanctuary USA ... Under Obama
AMERICA -- All throughout the Obama administration, illegal aliens were not properly screened for terrorist ties, presenting a threat to national security. ICE has 2.4 million aliens on their docket for monitoring but they don’t monitor or, as they call it, continue screening of them. Between 2013 and 2015, ICE was not screening illegal immigrants who had been released for terrorist ties. All screenings of suspected terrorists the IG reviewed contained errors.

Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- The title pretty much sums up what illegal immigration is all about. U.S. stats along with fake facts have conjoined this false narrative with democ-RATS - who want open borders to allow illegal aliens to come to American and become cheap SLAVE LABOR. And every year or so, have these illegals vote - DEAD or ALIVE !!! Folks, the corruption re: illegal immigration involves a lot of money and once these illegals get here, they get on the dole quickly, and work under the table for more illegal doe, and to avoid paying taxes.

(Jan 15 2018) - The Golden State Turned Into A ‘Sh*thole’
CALIFORNIA -- Despite so-called “progressives” promising their policies will create a Soviet-style worker’s paradise, California’s leftist Democrats have turned the once Golden State into a sh*thole through decades of leftist policies penalizing and demonizing employers, businesses, property owners, innovators, entrepreneurs – and really, anyone who wants to work hard and get ahead. These hard working people are responding by fleeing liberal California for conservative red states. The perception across America is that California is the state people are leaving. And that perception is accurate.

(Jan 15 2018) - DHS CHIEF Comes Out Swinging ...
WASH D.C. -- Appearing on Fox News Sunday yesterday, new DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen hit back at claims that President Trump used a vulgarity in the immigration meeting last week. Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton released a statement making the same claim. We’re going with our first instinct when this story broke that it’s all a fabrication from the Democrats and RINO’s to try and destroy Trump’s efforts to get a bipartisan deal on DACA. Let’s face it, the Democrats never wanted a deal to begin with so this false narrative sets up a reason for them not to cooperate that is more executable than the one that they just don’t want anything BUT amnesty.

(Jan 14 2018) - CHEMTRAIL FLU - Do You Have it ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- This covert action - by whomever is paying pilots to fly these chem-trailing jets - must be considered an ATTACK ON AMERICA !!! Besides thousands upon thousands of Americans coming down with flu like symptom and allergies - which are exacerbated by antibiotics - our animals and plant life are suffering as well. Disguised as a geoenginering effort to protect the planet from Mr. Sunshine - no not Al Gore - POPULATION REDUCTION is the final act in the NEW WORLD ORDER's end time play.

(Jan 14 2018) - Repelling demons & alien abduction ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- UFO encounters, experiences and abductions, historically, have gleaned the front pages of New Age / Occult magazines, and not so much in the MSM ... until lately. Now, you see and read about this para-psychological phenomenon almost daily, except when it comes to those persons who's stories reveal the sinister, seductive and satanic side of these unusual and out-of-this-world acquaintances - Christians invoking The Name of JESUS CHRIST - like myself !!!

(Jan 13 2018) - Congressman McCarthy’s Future re: Amnesty Fight
CALIFORNIA -- House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy won’t disappoint Republican voters during the argument over immigration policy and amnesty for illegals, said Rep. Raul Labrador, one of four GOP co-authors of a major immigration and amnesty policy bill. “I think he will be strong on this,” Labrador told Breitbart News. Labrador continued ...

(Jan 13 2018) - Congressman Devin Nunes Drops A Bombshell ...
WASH D.C. -- House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes told Republican colleagues in two closed-door meetings this week he has seen evidence that shows clear "abuse" of government surveillance programs by FBI and Justice Department officials, according to three sources familiar with the conversations, raising more questions about whether the controversial anti-Trump dossier was used by the Obama administration to authorize surveillance of advisers to President Trump.

(Jan 13 2018) - State Dept Issues Travel Warning To Mexico
MEXICO -- The U.S. State Department has issued an urgent “do not travel” advisory warning to U.S. citizens travelling to Mexico. According to the warning, citizens are advised to avoid five Mexican states due to the violent crime and gang activity. USA Today reports: While the State Department has long recommended travelers exercise “increased caution” in Mexico in general because of widespread homicide, kidnapping, carjacking and robbery, the new warning elevates the five states to level 4, the highest level of potential danger.

(Jan 13 2018) - DOJ Issues 1st Indictment of Uranium One Scandal
WASH D.C. -- On Friday, the DOJ filed an 11-count indictment against a Maryland businessman who bribed Russian officials in order to secure business contracts to transport uranium to the U.S. from a Russian entity linked to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The businessman, Mark Lambert, previously served as the “co-president of a Maryland-based transportation company that provides services for the transportation of nuclear materials to customers in the U.S. and abroad,” according to a DOJ news brief.

(Jan 12 2018) - WORST THAN SH*T HOLES - THE MSM !!!
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Are you kidding me ??? These third world countries know quite well that their countries are in a mess - money wise, food wise, cartel wise, and political wise. And our own MSM, well, they've got their Depends so full of "you-know-what" that they think their "sh*t-holes" don't stink and President Trump's pie-hole does. Second ... the MSM and their live in lier's, Holly-Weird, is the sewer of sh*t holes. So unless they clean up their potty mouths, President Trump and the rest of America will continue to use our 1st Amendment Rights they way we see fit !!!

(Jan 11 2018) - Earthquakes of Biblical Proportion in 2018 ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- As fearful as this possibility sounds, it shouldn't alarm Christians - who read and understand the BIBLE. And if you are one of those Christians who are well versed in many of the End-Time eventualities re: earthquake - especially Matthew 24:7 - then you're halfway prepared. I said half way. You see, the other half of preparations for Christians is sharing - sharing your personal testimony of who JESUS CHRIST is to you, how you became BORN AGAIN and SAVED. Then, it might be a good idea to share your survival goods and or shelter. Remember ... BE WISE !!!

(Jan 09 2018) - $10M more for immigrants from El Salvador ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Just when you thought that California's "Entitlement Executives" couldn't become any more demanding, well guess again. Democ-RATS in Sacramento are now asking for an additional $10,000,000 million dollars to find a way to keep El Salvador's stowaways sheltered in our "Sanctuary State" and away from President Trump's reversal of their "Temporary Protective Status". BTW, did you catch that ... it says TEMPORARY !!! Not forever and ever. TEMPORARY !!! Good grief ...

(Jan 09 2018) - Latino Churches Fear Impact of DHS Decisions
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Okay ... Christian to Christian, or better yet, Pastor to Pastor ... why haven't you provided any leadership re: any citizenship for illegals coming to America and joining your Church ??? Are you that ignorant of the laws of the land, or do you just think - as a Christian or Pastor - your prayers will fix it ??? Well, here's the 411. Your prayers kinda missed the mark. Look, you've slid off into an entitlement mentality and need to refocus on the law. Your parishioners are depending on you. If you have to, suspend church services for a few Sunday's, bring in some citizenship experts and teach them how to become citizens or tell them ... START PACKIN'.

(Jan 08 2018) - The Truth on DACA ...
AMERICA -- In our through-the-looking-glass world, we so often view matters backwards without even realizing it. Take DACA (actually, leave it), where even many conservatives consider it a given that the individuals covered under it must somehow be granted amnesty. Overlooked is that they've already been granted amnesty. Imagine that you return from a trip to find that someone has broken into your home, is squatting there, and is eating your food and using your services. Might you not call the police? Might this invader not be charged with various crimes, such as breaking and entering, trespassing, and theft?

(Jan 08 2018) - NBC: Oprah Running for President ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Man I hope she will run. Can you imagine all the opposition research that all the internet investigators are gonna flesh out. Boy howdy, I can't wait. Look, this woman has been given platforms to speak her "NEW AGE" mind from the beginning. Yes she's a really good spokes person and has helped a lot of her racist friends, but if you want to start any research, start in her own backyard - CHICAGO - where she's the cream of that crop ... I rest my case.

(Jan 08 2018) - Amazon's Alexa To Take Over The World ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes these voice activated assistants are gonna suck the spiritual life out of Christians. How ? Simple. Christians will rely on the voice of this artificial intelligent apparatus more than the voice of The HOLY SPIRIT. See, I told you the answer was simple. Second, these same Christians are bringing these contraptions into Church with them and in a few seconds they'll capture all the voices next to the owner of this infernal do-hickey, labelling all those who do not have one of these "Mark of the Beast" machines, an outsider. And lastly, getting off the grid, well, forget about it. IT'S TOO LATE !!!

(Jan 07 2018) - Reading Concealed Emotions from a Distance ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- So ... boys and girls, how do you feel about having your feelings captured and or exposed ??? Does that make you feel threatened in any way ??? Does it make you feel paranoid or depressed ??? Well it makes me feel down right ANGRY and a little P-OFF !!! In time these mad scientists will get the approval of some secret program to conjoin their services with mad psychotherapist and psychiatrists to deem you dangerous ... due to your IRRATIONAL FEARS !!! Look, if there's money in these discoveries, then that's the direction these Nut-Jobs will research and develop.

(Jan 06 2018) - Trump deals another blow to Obamacare
AMERICA -- The failure to repeal and replace Obamacare is regarded as perhaps the biggest legislative failure of President Trump’s first year in office. Yet, Trump managed to eliminate the linchpin of Obama’s signature law, the individual mandate, through the tax-reform bill passed in December. And now the administration is taking the first step toward implementing one of the most important planks of conservative health-care reform: allowing the sale of health insurance across state lines.

(Jan 06 2018) - OPERATION CONDOR ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- There's a lot of info/intel here in this article and it is well worth your time to read it all. Congressman Devin Nunes, Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, has had his work cut out for him this last year and it's all coming to a head - hopefully sooner than later. In any event, all the players from "Back-door-Barry's" bunch of bureaucrats and bamboozles may be headed for the Big House once all the evidence and names are UNMASKED !!! So ... Pray that this can happen without any civil unrest or anarchy.

(Jan 05 2018) - Climate Change Conundrum
CALIFORNIA -- When California enacted AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act (“the Act”), prominently featured was the Act’s “cap and trade” program. Cap-and-trade was a sop to the business community which had reluctantly joined the legislation’s negotiations to help hammer out a “compromise”. Cap-and-trade was advertised as the “market based” justification for bill. The business community - with some nudging by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - bought it. In fact, cap-and-trade is a sham - designed not to reduce carbon emissions but to generate money for the state, instead.

(Jan 05 2018) - Trump: 'Pro-Life Person of the Year'
AMERICA -- Pro-life activist group Operation Rescue announced last week that U.S. President Donald Trump has won its 2017 Pro-Life Person of the Year Malachi Award for his work in "protecting the pre-born." "Operation Rescue is grateful Pres. Trump for having the courage to keep promises made during the campaign that provide greater protections for the pre-born and deny Federal funds from those who commit abortions," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman in the press release.

(Jan 05 2018) - Clinton’s Trail of Bodies Grows ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Lying about killing your competitor or whistler blower, many have said, gets easier after the first dozen or so. In the Clinton's case, their murderous ways have cruised beyond needful, way past pathological and eventually into enjoyment. That's where the dark hearts of the DEEP STATE and Luciferians live. Folks, the Clinton's are just one end, in all this EVIL and CORRUPTION all across the globe. Salvation, no doubt, has been offered to both Bill and Hillary, but with some folks as Mark 9:43-45 points out, HELL will be anxiously waiting for them because of their offences.

(Jan 04 2018) - Thoughts to Control Machines or Vice Versa
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Controlling today’s thoughts, that ain't nothing. What these Mad Scientists and NWO Nut-Jobs are really after are tomorrows thoughts and how to implant their hellish thoughts and schemes into the DNA of future generations. Some say that the MSM will be implemented as the usual conduit. Others say it will be accepted whole heartedly by the masses without dispute. The later grouping - however - must open themselves up "daily" through an accepted ritual, an incantation or politically correct worship to accept any information, update or purging. That's where GOD's gift of glossolalia will come in handy down the road. GOT IT ???

(Jan 04 2018) - Uncovering Vote Fraud: Plan B Begins
WHITE HOUSE -- Before progressives start celebrating the dissolution of the Election Integrity Commission, they had better figure out what lies ahead. President Trump announced late yesterday that the Election Integrity Commission, headed by Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach, will be dissolved. "Rather than engage in endless legal battles at taxpayer expense, today President Trump signed an executive order to dissolve the Commission, and he has asked the DHS to review its initial findings & determine next courses of action," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

(Jan 04 2018) - Dow Industrials Cross 25000 for First Time
NEW YORK -- The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped past 25000 for the first time Thursday, on pace to notch the fastest run to a fresh 1000-point milestone in history. The blue-chip index, which heavily weights industrial giants such as Boeing Co. and Caterpillar Inc., was recently up 171 points, or 0.7%, at 25094. If the Dow industrials close above 25000, the jump from 24000 would have taken 23 trading days, ahead of the 24-day spans that took the index to 11000 in 1999 and 21000 in March.

(Jan 04 2018) - Trump dumps more water into California’s farms
CALIFORNIA -- The Trump administration, teeing up a fight with California regulators, is trying to pump more water through the fragile Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to the southern half of the state despite fresh evidence of the estuary’s shrinking fish population. A proposal by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to “maximize water deliveries” represents the administration’s first concrete effort to make good on a promise Donald Trump made while campaigning for the presidency in Fresno, where he vowed to deliver more water to San Joaquin Valley farmers and derided protections for endangered fish species.

(Jan 03 2018) - A.I. Is Taking Over Bit By Bit ...
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Artificial Intelligence's final solution - like Hitler - will be to help humanity create the ultimate SUPER MAN !!! AI will initially monitor all your vitals, then control all your physical needs and sustenance, design time-lines for pro-creation and eventually your demise. And everyone will demonstrate obeisance by overtly genuflecting - like Muslims 5 times a day - to this AI "Mark of the Beast" technology attached to you via an implant, tattoo or some sort of biological apparatus. Doubt it not !!!

(Jan 03 2018) - California Officially Becomes Sanctuary State ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Since last week, this story re: "Sanctuary State" signs being attached to the bottom of many "Welcome to California" signs has been making the rounds on the internet. The Porterville Post, like many other independent news aggregates, are waiting to see who are the persons responsible for "TELLING THE TRUTH". Eventually someone will cop to it and either be labelled a racist - unlike all those bleeding heart liberals in Sacramento who voted to make California a "Sanctuary State" - or a hero to law abiding citizens. What say you ???

(Jan 03 2018) - Illegal Immigration And Crime ...
U.S.A. -- On December 21, 2017 the Department of Justice issued a press release, “Departments of Justice and Homeland Security Release Data on Incarcerated Aliens—94 Percent of All Confirmed Aliens in DOJ Custody Are Unlawfully Present.” The initial statistic cited in the title of that DOJ press release shows that there is a truly significant distinction to be drawn between aliens who are lawfully present in the United States and aliens who are illegally present in the United States, either because they have entered the United States illegally or they have violated the terms of admission after entering the United States via the inspections procedure at ports of entry.

(Jan 02 2018) - Cash Remittances to Mexico ... HOW MUCH ???
Post Opinion : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE -- Yes Mexican's, as well as other foreigners who are living here in the U.S. - some on work permits and others illegal - are sending a lot of money back home to their families and friends. Muslims ... it's just about anyones guess where their money is being sent to, but in any case, it's time to pinch some of that lost revenue. Look guys, it's one thing to lend a hand, it's another to go into debt doing it. America for many years has opened it's borders and banks to those who wanted a piece of our pie, if they'd just work hard and legal - like the rest of us.

(Jan 02 2018) - Now's the time to stand with the President
AMERICA -- Evangelical leaders hailed Trump as a type of King Cyrus. Now they are bailing on him because they can’t take the heat. Billy Graham’s grand daughter in a CNN interview on December 26th called, evangelicals who support President Donald Trump “hypocritical,” claiming that the president actually represents “the opposite of Jesus’ message.” Just when he needs the church the most they abandon ship. It makes me sick. Fellow preachers, do we need to be reminded about the miracle we saw on election night? For weeks, we were told he had no chance to win. Have you forgotten how close we came to a nuclear winter called Hillary?

(Jan 01 2018) -