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Right Insight© - Jun 06 2019
with James E. (Jim) Horn : james@portervillepost.com

RIGHT INSIGHT © with James E. (Jim) Horn Christians in Sri Lanka have never before endured such a large-scale attack by fanatic Moslem terrorists such as the ones directed at 13 hotels and Christian churches on Easter Sunday (April 21), killing at least 290 people and wounding hundreds of other innocent people.

Moslems account for 9.7 percent of Sri Lankas population of about 22 million, which is 70% Buddhist, 12.6 percent Hindu and 7.6 percent Christian. In the past, there was trouble and violence between the Buddhists and Hindus while the minority Christians and Muslims stayed clear. Things are changing.

Fanaticism is rapidly increasing by what used be moderate, tolerant Moslems in South and South East Asia; in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, etc.

You don't need to search very deep for the reasons: Growing contact with the Middle East. Thousands of people from those Asian countries go to the Middle East, including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India to study and return to spread "true" Islam in their homelands while missionaries from the Middle East's Al-Azhar and other institutions and organizations go to Asia and practice their dawah to introduce a very intolerant version of Mohammeds Islam.

For mostly political reasons, the trend will continue and intensify, and all nations must prepare to deal appropriately with the Islamists or suffer dire consequences.

"China has prudently taken control of Tibet to protect its southern flank from two enemies, India a lesser foe based on territorial claims, and the Islamists who want to dominate the world." -- James E. Horn

Taiwan, Japan, and Korea are being infiltrated by militant Islamists.

Two countries are standing up to Islamic incursions: Myanmar (Burma) and China, both by pushing back very hard.

For a thousand years, China has had Islamist militants on its western frontier. The Chinese have successfully fought and defeated Islamist attackers again and again in order to preserve and to protect their nation and culture. They have found that the Moslems living within their territory have been radicalized and are taking harsh measures to re-educate and deradicalize those Moslems or to eliminate them.

China has prudently taken control of Tibet to protect its southern flank from two enemies, India a lesser foe based on territorial claims, and the Islamists who want to dominate the world. The Tibetans are mild and peaceful people, and would not be able to resist the Moslems. If the Islamists were allowed into Tibet, the culture would be quickly destroyed and its wonderful, gentle people enslaved and forced into Islam; or as dictated in the Koran treated as pagans and murdered.

Moslems have been pushing and expanding into Burma (Myanmar) for a couple of centuries and the Buddhist Burmans have been suffering negative consequences on a regular basis. As the formerly xenophobic Burmese leadership has stepped aside and let the country develop, ties with China have become very strong. Following the Chinese lead and with Chinese support, the Burmans have started pushing the Islamist migrant invaders back, out of Burmas traditional homeland and territory.

[While this writer lived in Burma 30-years ago, he taught the Burmese about what the Moslem invaders did to Buddhist Afghanistan starting in the seventh century. The Moslems brutally eliminated Buddhism and the Buddhist culture from Afghanistan. I taught that if the Burmese allowed the Islamic incursions to continue, their fate would be that of the Buddhists in Afghanistan brutal enslavement followed by genocide.]

James E. Horn is a Retired American Diplomat
He is an activist, a writer, and a speaker who knows his subject
Print Friendly and PDF He can be reached at james@portervillepost.com

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