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Muster Right Here© - Sep 27 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Take your SEATS!!!

Before we begin this session, I want to re-visit "Insanity and MORE Insanity".

The 2nd example had nothing to do with the desirability of the inmates running the asylum, in preference to the present regime of liars, thieves, miscreants and other generally dangerous career politicians.

I must insert a disclaimer, here : I do NOT assert, claim or otherwise represent that all "republicans" or "conservatives" are honest. They are just (generally) more obedient to the Constitution than liberals, leftists, etc.

Instead,it referred to a bit of PERSONAL insanity that our overly litigious & generally screwed up (because it is run by dishonest lawyers [Oops! That's pretty much redundant!]) society has allowed to become all too common, the victim mentality.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of commotion & I had to do a perimeter check. No trace of intruders, but the neighbor's dogs were alerting on something. Once in a while I have to go out & "cork off" a round, with a shotgun, to keep the predators "honest".

It just reminds them that (although they were here first) I'm here now & they need to respect my space, just as I respect theirs. Finding a 4" cat print where I was standing, the night b-4 doesn't contribute to one's peace of mind.

Anyhoo, back to administrational insanity, I became aware that a comic was called to testify (at the cost of THOUSANDS of OUR DOLLARS) in a house (they get "caps" here if/when they ever deserve them) hearing, re: the plight of migrant workers and he testified IN CHARACTER!!!

Giving credit where credit is due, the Representative (see? caps) who chaired the committee tried to get him to be satisfied with the publicity he had garnered and leave his written remarks and LEAVE THE CHAMBER, so that the committee could resume their work, but SOME TWIT (I believe from california) insisted that they waste OUR TIME listening to this COMIC CHARACTER do his "shtick".

PLEASE, let's find some inmate who thinks he's Napoleon or she's Joan of Arc to replace that TWIT & some others who are equally delusional to replace the others who insisted on this insanity. At least we'll know that they aren't PURPOSELY trying to bankrupt us & they'll have an EXCUSE!!!

O.K.'Nuff said. I'm getting ticked off, again!

Now, on the main point, it is time for y'all to make a momentous decision: Do you want to be europeanized or do you want to go back to being America, the envy of the civilized (& some of the NOT so civilized) world?

The indisputable fact is that the extreme liberals (leftists, socialists) have an agenda (check their history) of hating America & trying to "...transform..." it, per barack insane o(what a)bummer, from his own (usually) lying lips & forked tongue.

See? I give credit where credit is due! he told the truth, that time.

I'm a transplanted Texan, from where lying is considered to be an "art form". They have state-wide contests, to see who can tell the biggest whopper!! The only thing is that the Texans are doing it "tongue in cheek", with everyone KNOWING and CELEBRATING the fact that they are lying!!!!

The bottom line is that denizens of the dens of thieves in washington, the district of criminals are doing it bald-faced and with the perjury still echoing in our ears, when they swore (read lied) that they would "...support, protect and defend the Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic."

For a very large percentage of our "representatives", living up to that oath would mean mass suicide, but they lack the integrity to do that.

Instead, they just keep lying to "We, the People..." and trying to convince us that they are fine, upstanding ladies and gentlemen, to whom we owe outrageous salaries, health care, retirement and other perks that raise them to the lifestyles of rulers of countries, or better.

They have seduced a lot of the ignorant, dumbed-down by the indoctrination of leftist-controlled schools, where "political correctness" has replaced knowledge of right & wrong.

They lie about (Pres. Bush & his Air Guard service, ad nauseum) or otherwise villify anyone with whom they can't (honestly) win a debate (which is the majority of the conservative population) even when it violates their own "principles".

Case in point: Christine O'Donnell, who admitted to dabbling in witchcraft, as an adolescent. According to the liberal mantra, you can't hold the sins of youth against them (unless they grow up to be conservatives).

They want pre-meditated murderers to be eligible for parole, instead of a swift, just execution.

If they would just admit their double standard, against non-koolaide (the poisoned kind) drinkers, they would, at least be truthful. What am I saying? They can't go against their natures.

Can you say hypocrites? I knew you could. Just by attending these classes, you demonstrate above average intelligence. Even those who dis-agree with me demonstrate possibilities.

The above-mentioned dirtbags have succeeded in mortgaging the future of at least one generation, unless what I have heard is true, about the "health care reform" obamination.

The "word" is that without a house vote to fund it, it isn't worth the toilet paper it is printed on, presuming that (after they passed it) they finally got it printed (&, maybe, read?).

Another "bottom line": Unless we shovel the lying, thieving sacks of cesspool sludge out of washington, the district of criminals, in THIS election, the United States of America will have a "hard row to hoe" to re-emerge as a significant power, if "We, the people..." ever can.

Remember, WE are ordained, by God, to rule this country, "...of The People, by The People and FOR (not against) The People..."

Don't let George & Abe & JFK & all of the other people who have lived and died to make this country great, down. It ain't rhetoric, folks, nor is it brain surgery.

Get out the vote. Be poll watchers, to prevent fraud. GETT 'ER DONE!!!

God bless y'all & all of our guardians, wherever & however they serve. Grant them a safe shift/tour & God bless America!!! In Jesus' name I pray! Hooaahh!!!

Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt. Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station

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