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Antiq's and More
by Gayle Semple

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Anti-Q's : Antiques and Collectibles

Anti-Q's Store

40 W. Mill Ave. in Porterville CA

Anti-Q's Store

Gayle Iris Semple : Owner

Anti-Q's Store

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Anti-Q's Store

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The Porterville Post | Antiq's and More

Gayle Semple - Antiq's and More (Feb 2008) - Antiq's and More by Gayle Semple :
Hi and welcome to Antiq's and More -- a column about my interest in antiques and more. In the next few months I will share with my readers what need to know and what you should know about antiques and how to get on my little "Antique Road Show" on this page. I know we'll have a lot of laugh's and at times I'm going to share with you my concern's for our Country. So ... I hope you'll come back time and time again.

(Jul 11 2008) - The Value of Vaseline glass by Gayle Semple :
There are so many things to write about this peticular glass I am afraid there wouldn't be enough space alloted to do it justice. Number one Vaseline glass comes in a number of different colors, from lemon green to bright red. I have a beautiful piece of amber/orange at the shop. More interesting, this glass was made as early as the 1700's and as late as yesterday, depending where you go for the product. So you have to beware of what you purchase or you will get a reproduction, and if you don't care and just like the piece and have a blacklight cabinet - as I do - anything you buy will light up and surprise the admirer.

(Jun 10 2008) - The art of collecting - COMIC BOOKS by Gayle Semple :
We are going to discuss the art of collecting, COMIC BOOKS this is a fun thing and can be very much a savings account for the collector, as the Comics do evaluate in time, in other words as they get older they get more valuable in price, but that also depends how carefully you pick and choose. As I tell all customers, condition is everything. When they come into my store, and discover that I have Comic books, I hear the whirl of the book rack and that is my clue to go to the rack and inform the browzer that the books are in plastic for a reason and to not bend them or open them, with out my help.

(May 24 2008) - Collecting Political Memorabilia by Gayle Semple :
In light of last nights political "Soire" and really ... I am disappointed that the attendance was no better but as we well know this time of the year is taken up with all the kid things such as Prom's, Graduation's, party's for the privileged kids, and a few for the ones not so privileged, that is why we have gangs right? We have political dilemmas right here in River City, no one in their right mind (or left mind) would vote for an incumbent on the city council, Baaaaa! some will but lets hope the sheep are not in great numbers this year. There are four candidates running and technically there are four seats (or there should be) open, as I see it a clean sweep puts in a new council with several real man eaters there. I can hardly see Pete McCracken even opening his mouth ever again.

(Feb 22 2008) - Antiques -- Antiques -- Anti-Qs by Gayle Semple :
When ever I tell someone I have an antique shop they invariably say I just love antiques, where are you located ?. Well Ive been at the same location for the last eleven years, on what we used to call (jokingly) antique Row, Mill Avenue or more incorrectly Mill street. There were four shops located there, then Sierra Press took over the corner store and there were three. When Mr. Bob Parham passed away several years ago, that space was taken over by Fuzzy Taylor and his wife Wendy, they do have some antiques but mostly it is a framing shop. And they have a budding business there.

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