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Antiq's and More
by Gayle Semple

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Anti-Q's and More - Feb 22 2008
by Gayle Semple : anti-qs@portervillepost.com

When ever I tell someone I have an antique shop they invariably say I just love antiques, where are you located ?.

Well Ive been at the same location for the last eleven years, on what we used to call (jokingly) antique Row, Mill Avenue or more incorrectly Mill street. There were four shops located there, then Sierra Press took over the corner store and there were three.

When Mr. Bob Parham passed away several years ago, that space was taken over by Fuzzy Taylor and his wife Wendy, they do have some antiques but mostly it is a framing shop. And they have a budding business there.

Wendy Taylor was one of the first Antique Dealers on Main Street Downtown. At one time they had the old mall Antique Store. Located where the old five and dime store used to be, next to Thriftys old store. And ran that monster until it closed, about twenty years ago. Many things have happened since that time and here we all are back on Mill Ave.

Junk-n-tiques is next door to me , and Mr. Mel Booth and his wife Della are open on Saturdays. He specializes in old tin and metal toys, and big furniture, as well as lots of collectibles. I, however, at Anti-Qs have a little bit of everything from Roseville to Costume Jewelry. That is quite a range.

If you start following the column I will attempt to tell you about what is Hot and what is not, every month. For instance this month of course Heart Jewelry for the Valentine also Clocks, Quack medical equiptment and Native American Clothing and Art.

If you have your great uncles glass eye it is very collectible and valuable, however if he is still using it, Id be very careful in taking it away from him!!!!!

The William L Gilbert Clock Company made great shelf Gingerbread clocks circa 1901. Such clockes often sell for upwards of $200.00 but sometimes can be found for less, Condition is everything. I cant stress that enough!!!!!!!

What makes the difference between an Antique and a collectible you ask????

In my book an Antique should be a hundred years old, the experts have dropped that figure down to seventy five years, but I still believe and hold to the one hundred year rule, if it isnt a hundred years old then it is a collectible, do not be dissappointed if what you like or collect isnt that old- keep it long enough and it will be!!!! It is what you collect that makes a difference A gold pocket watch that is a hundred years old will be more valuable then an hundred and fifty year old farm tool, we are talking about apples and oranges, just not the same treasure nor the same value

My prediction for next month, would be an increased interest in Roseville Pottery, It is more scarce then ever before. The pieces must be perfect for top dollar, and as always what color and pattern you collect or prefer makes a difference, all Roseville is very valuable and collectible and some pieces are over a hundred years old, especially the Rozane turn of the century pieces. Simply put the design is beautiful.

The other collectible predicition is Blinko Glass, not antique but highly collectible and very colorful for a fortys, fiftys Decoration flair.

Well this is enough for one column. Happy Hunting

Anti-Qs and More -- Gayle Semple

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