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(Intro & Bio) - THE RIGHT ANGLE© with Jim Steed :
THE RIGHT ANGLE © with Jim Steed Brief Bio & Intro : Jim Steed is the youngest living of a family of nine children, being raised in California from the age of five. Following graduation from High School, he enlisted in the US Air Force and the US Navy, consecutively. Following Active Duty, Jim pursued a trade in the private sector. In 1986 he joined the California Department of Corrections, from which he retired as a Captain after over 20 years service. Jim is married with six adult children, which he helped raise while pursuing educational goals, Naval Reserve duty, an interest in Conservative Politics and applying the Christian Faith to all of life. Politics : I am a Republican. I am pro-Tea Party. I have an interest in the John Birch Society. An introduction to the CRA would be fine.

(May 06 2012) - Simpler Times
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- George Lindsey, know best for his role as Goober Pyle, passed away, this week. The simple and humorous antics of Television's Mayberry form a soft spot in many of us. This weekend, my wife's family gathered from many parts of the State to celebrate her Grandmother's 84th birthday, a simple family affair that brought great joy to a matriarch's heart. I have one more observation for you: during antique shopping with my wife, I noticed so many old knick-knacks from decades ago, that so charmingly express a more carefree time and a nation that faced life with humor and charm.

(Apr 18 2012) - Rainy Day Reading
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- The weather being what it has been, I have had more time on my hands than usual. This gave me more time to do things that I haven't been able to get around to and to engage in more personal reflection than usual. I would like to share with you the fruit of my Rainy Day reading, review of current events and other musings. One of the casualties of having my personal odometer 'turn-over' a few times is that I start not noticing things. The 'been there, seen that syndrome' is in full swing and it takes something fairly extraordinary to stir me from my 'glossy-eyed, time-to-check-out stage'. In this election cycle, I would have to say that I am more so.

(Apr 05 2012) - THE POWER OF 'NO'!
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- We are all natively 'people pleasers'. I don't mean to imply that things haven't happened to us that haven't ratcheted us up or down from the average on that score, but generally, we hate to be told 'No' or to be put in the situation where we have to tell someone else those dread words. I was raised with a good deal of influence from the 'South', which put such things in the category of rude. Being raised in a large family, it was generally thought of as being un-politick to be so bold, especially if you were born at the end of the litter. Likewise, being raised on a Navy Base and having served in four components of the Armed Forces, I was thoroughly trained in the regular recital of a loud and long, 'yes, Sir!'

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