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by Porterville Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta


Plans, plans and more plans have to be played out, drilled nonetheless, over and over again until it's almost second nature when the storms hits, when the earth quakes, when the sun in the sky temporarily fries our electrical grid with a super-duper solar flare or just as bad, when an enemy (foreign or domestic) of America detonates a nuke in our upper atmosphere permanently taking out our grid with an EMP blast. We must have multiple plans in place or we will surely perish - for a lack of knowledge.

Primary Plan : Know thy preparations ... Of course every prepper - with any grain of salt - who has written on this subject starts with some sort of basic info re: how to prepare yourself and your family in times of distress, calamity or crisis. I won't bore you with a list of food items that you'll need to keep yourself alive. You can easily find multiple lists on the web yourself. What I will recommend is that you store foods you and your family like and normally eat. Second, store foods (canned goods and bottled water) that you want to barter or trade with. And lastly, store multiple trading items (mostly gasoline) for your neighborhood. This short list is your primary list / plan for you and your neighborhood.

Secondary Plan : Know thy enemy ... Possessed with ignorance, the masses will accommodate their masters. Their cognitive dissonance has paralyzed their critical thinking and their primary drives depend upon manufactured group think, gleaned either from the Hollweirds half wits or self imposed conditioning by immigrants who cultures are immoral, repressive and paranoid. These, possessed with ignorance, have to be located and addresses quickly (in and around your neighborhood) as dis-tractors. These must be the last ones on your list - to help. More on this later.


Why focus on distractors ? Good question ... I'm so glad you asked. Well, distractors distract !!! Bet you thought I was gonna go on a bit about distractors - huh ? Nope, I think you get it. However, we need to label these distractors ... okay ? Why ? Because these folks are smart and if they hear their names or identity mentioned, you're gonna have hell to pay - seriously. They'll angrily react so quick it will make your head spin. So, you'll need an "In House" abbreviations / definition(s) for distractors ... for example ... from your family (D-1), your neighborhood (D-2), next to your neighborhood(s) (D-3), from the road ways (D-4), from supplies (D-5), from the Gov't (D-6) and from other Christians (D-7). I sure you get the picture ... moving on.


Now, distrators can have positive / good outcomes, if you understand the dynamics of this border-line behavior / disorder. They bring panic and disorder into a situation like nobodies business. They are the eternal crisis creators. Most everyone in the mental health field know about these border-lines and in order to keep things calm and moving along well, you must have a plan for these distractions. I suggest that you locate (now / today) where there are mental health crisis centers in your town. Go there and get to know those folks who work there. Talk about a few examples, of a few friends, who might need mental health ... you know ... when they stress out, and if it's okay for you to have them brought over to their mental health clinic. Wanting to be your friend, since you're helping a friend, they'll open up to you, I'm sure.

Why take the time to find this out ? Going to this mental health crisis center, in the beginning (and the end) will be one of your better internal communications centers. They will, I'm telling you, be set apart from the medical / hospital(s), due to the eradicate disruptive / distracting behavior of these border-lines. And BTW, one of the worst places to be around will be the hospital(s), since obama-care turned them all into government "Check-Points". I could go on ... but not here ... and not now.

So, in a nutshell, you can use or lend a bad distractor from your family, your neighborhood, or emergency operations (to someone else) to successfully safeguard your situation. Enough said ...


Now, the government has multiple / contingency plans for their survival and they're stressing that you have multiple plans as well. They practice and drill all the time and we should too. And in many cities across America they are "Acting" out these plans ... for now. As important to note, they are - in fact - acting out what they have authority to do. Remember that !

Do they want you to emulate their actions ? Yes and No ! Yes, they want you to act out part of their plan, (on your own time) but not all of their plan(s). Yes they want you to watch, but not participate - they have other "Actors" who will act on your behalf, in their drills to protect you from accidental harm. (Wouldn't it be fun to volunteer in one of these drills)

Conjoined with cameras, hollyweirds "Actors" will also play their so-called "Neutral Role" in these training drills. Their job is to manufacture and instill a manchurian mantra of mass obedience. "STAY IN YOUR HOMES - THERE'S NOTHING HERE TO SEE - KEEP MOVING ALONG."

These two entities (Gov't & Hollyweird) are playing out a role. They both get paid to play out these roles. They both have sets / locations to play out these roles. They both take off their assigned T.V. / Gov't / Military clothing after their done in their roles. And when they get home, they return back into their usual roles as people - like you and me. When they get all dressed up for work, that is when they turn off their normal and mature reactions to other normal and mature adults. Get it ? They're just acting, cause they get paid to act out these roles. They'll tell you, "It's nothing personal, it's just my job." Then you tell them ... "You've become a Judas' for 30 pieces of silver." "Your Just an Actor."


Facts, being what they are, leads one to the end of an honest journey. Facts, being skewed, leads one in multiple directions and the journey is never reached.

When there's an emergency, you can either be prepared or not, and drag everyone and everything that you know down with you. That happens time and time again, and that factor must be addresses in any type of preparation that you do for any type of emergency or crisis.

In '73 - '74 while training to become a Sea Air Rescue (SAR) Crewman in the U.S. Navy, we had learned the basics re: survival in the desert, mountains and of course the seas. Life saving factors re: each of these training exercises were demonstrated either through lessons learned in the class, out in the field or by accident. If we failed to learn our lessons in the first two categories, learning them by accident, in front of our instructors meant you were gonna be their Guinea pig and they were gonna hurt you and humiliate you - big time.

Well, that happen in a proceeding class and in one of our night-time field (sea) exercises where we had to watch our instructor rescue a class mate from that proceeding class who had been (positioned / dropped) out in middle of the ocean about 100 miles off shore - the night before. With about 8-9 of us in the back of that helo that night, we watched our instructor lower down his second crewman off the hoist to retrieve that guinea pig who was "lost at sea".

What a few of us saw leaning out of that cargo door was our instructors second rescue crewman - who had been lowered into the sea - attempted (two times) to rescue that surviver. Our instructor saw that the person being rescued was in a panic / state of shock and he was climbing all over that rescuer, almost drowning them both. Retrieving that dropped survivor wasn't going as planned, so the instructor called off the usual method and authorized the final attempt, which meant it wasn't gonna be pretty ... and boy howdy it wasn't.

Once the instructor gave the go ahead, that second crewman pulled a long (15'-18' Inch) iron rod off the back of his deep sea diving suit and in one fell swing, that SAR crewman whacked that Guinea pig in the back of the head and knocked him out cold.

Once that happened the second crewman was able to affix the rescue belt around that survivors waist and up to the cargo door he was lifted - still knocked out, bleeding, but alive.

Needless to say, "that Guinea pig from the previous class learned that lesson the hard way," our instructor told us at the debriefing class later that day. Our lesson to be learned was the following ... "Some folks can be rescued / helped, some folks might be rescued and other won't be rescued. The fact is as a SAR Crewman - you'll need to make that call and some just won't make it."

So, the moral of this first Factoid is this ... the greater the threat / crisis / emergency, the greater the panic. Additional rescue attempts might be made, if there's enough man-power, odds are your gonna have to wait it out and if your dumb enough to run about like a fool who hasn't learned his lessons, then someone's gonna whack you with their second amendment solution (who could blame them). So you better hope it's one of the good guys, who are lead by GOD to whack you and revive you.

Being mentally prepared is one thing, being actually prepared is another. If you are not prepared, you cannot blame others for your procrastinations, for your wait and see attitude, and for your insubordination with the SPIRIT of GOD instructing you to get ready.

Those are the facts, in the beginning of a emergency / crisis / catastrophe. Remember, your whole neighborhood needs to be prepared - not just you and yours - the whole neighborhood.

Look, if you're have trouble thinking things out in the middle of a crisis, you're gonna be a problem - that's a fact. If you have angry raging black-outs, in the middle of the storm, you're gonna get cracked in the head with a rod of iron - that's a fact. If you're gonna go around and steal other peoples food, supplies and other items, you're gonna get whacked - that also is a fact.

James 2:8-9 says this re: The Royal Law, which applies in all circumstances - good and bad - "Vs 8: If ye fulfill the royal law according to scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well. Vs 9: But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors." That, my friend is the Gospel and a fact.

May GOD guide and protect us all from what's to come, and from those who won't listen.


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