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by Porterville Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta


Signs come in all shapes, sizes and colors attempting to inform consumers, pedestrians, officials and safety personnel. Signs come in a variety of levels, again attempting to convey and inform a select few, an elite few and of course a lessor degree of the population. And finally, signs come from GOD, all the time - {24 / 7} - from the beginning to the end. Signs are everywhere.


Most folks are aware of advertising signs traveling down the road and the percentage of the populace responding to those sighs aren't really that high, unless of course when you passed that sign along the road it reminded you to pick up some milk and bread "on your way home." That right there is the key. Only when you have time to view that billboard will you even consider thinking about that advertisement. And trust me, that part of the advertisement equation - when, what, where - was dialed in years ago. If it wasn't, they - the corporations - would all be belly up by now.

Am I saying that you should be suspect of any and all advertisements ? Yes and No. 'YES', you need to consider most as suspect - in their claims, but 'NO' when it's a tried and true information and or product. Knowing that and the difference of the two comes with time.

If your past practice is to avoid all signs anywhere and at any time, you - in the long run - will develop an automatic response to avoid any an all signs, setting yourself up for failure ... by default. And, you've guessed it, that's how many advertisers and companies nab you by the short hairs, meaning, when you fail to respond to their calls, and or informational updates they - in turn / by default - will legally consider it a positive response ... to your non response.

But you say, there's too many signs to keep track of. Answer ... that's because you have yet to practice the above, and no doubt you are inundated with all these signs. So don't avoid all the signs until you've had a chance to look them over carefully. Not doing this will prove quite foolish in the long run.


When is a pedestrian a pedestrian ? Answer : When you're out and about - walking to and fro amongst other pedestrians. That's the key ! If you're out and about, by yourself, are you gonna turn yourself in because of your suspicious like behavior or what you're thinking ? Of course not. Only other pedestrians will observe / witness your mannerisms. See how simple that was ...

What about all those spy camera's ? Are they the same as other pedestrians ? Yes and No. Answer (#1) 'YES' they can be used in a court of law "witnessing" against you for perpetrating something illegal. So don't do anything illegal. Answer (#2) No, you cannot be held in contempt of court for pointing out (pointing your finger at a camera) to another person that there is a camera positioned close or nearby, unless of course you were specifically ordered by a judge to cease and desist from "finger pointing."

What about all those wi-fi hot spots ? They're all around and connect without your consent. That's the key. Their "free" in store wi-fi is gonna go after your cell phones and your unprotected credit and debit cards. Most won't tap your accounts - at first - but they will trace and then send and or sell their gleaned info from your cell phone to a third party / gov't to access further and exploit.

What should you do to protect this invasion of privacy ? Answer : Leave your cell phone in the trunk of your car when you go shopping and buy an aluminum covering for your credit / debit cards. Or, leave them both at home and buy what you need with cash.

Briefly concluding ... find your secure paths, away from paranoid pedestrians, peeping-tom cameras, wi-fi hot spots and sneaky triangulating cell phones. All have past practices of wrongful assumptions and conclusions, costing you greatly in the long run.


What is an official ? Answer - Anyone employed / elected by the government. Not just cops. Anyone. In their official duties, they must possess some form of identity and must present it to any person requesting it. This is their sign - to you - signifying their position / authority / responsibility to their employer.

Since most officials are on the defensive re: civilians cameras on their cell phones, they must provide some form of identification to any and all citizens. Failing to do so can lead to unemployment and impeachment opportunities and petitions from awakened an observant citizenry.

Officials are servants, hired by the state / feds to accomplish needs ... for the people. Often times they have that turned around to accomplish the needs of their employer, the government. Not unlike the dis-tractors of the neighborhoods, officials distract you away from the law(s) to - again - accomplish their needs. They're always in a job protecting mode and must provide a sign / badge to you re: who they are and who they're working for. Look for these signs, or look to get locked up.


Of all the signs that folks must be aware of are those emanating from GOD - The HOLY SPIRIT. In troubled times, the Spirit of GOD yells at us to be careful, to watch out, to stay away from that evil person and or to get on our knees to repent. HIS Presence must be practiced daily. HIS Voice must be heard at all levels, in and out of season. HIS Will must be closely followed and HIS Body must assemble themselves in these last days.


Yes, there are signs all around us right now, leading us into a closer relationship with JESUS CHRIST. Daily these signs manifest themselves in the upper and lower atmosphere and upon the earth with ravishing results. Mens heart are failing for fear of what's to come upon the earth. This is all coming at break-neck speed.


In the Body of CHRIST, there are many of us who would be classified as "Watchmen on the Walls" assigned from GOD to set the alarm when an enemy approaches or a crisis is on the way. This assignment from GOD is to warn GOD's people who are caught up in their day-to-day lives and struggle in their relationship with CHRIST. GOD knows that their hearts belong to HIM and our role as Watchmen is to call out to GOD Children, loudly, when and where they need to be for their protection from the evil ones, commissioned by satan, for their destruction. These devils, BTW, watch the Watchmen and report any signs back to lucifer ... 'cause he knows his time is short.

So, why be so cautious about all these electronic devises and connections ? ANSWER : In the initial aftermath of any emergency or crisis, the authorities will use whatever means possible to re-construct the event, including using your private cell phone, purchases and so forth, looking for any clues, any answers, and GOD forbid ... any patsy.

May GOD open our eyes and ears to see and hear all of the signs in these later days, 'cause they're everywhere.


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