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Print A Hatred for the Rich Does Not Constitute a Love for the Poor
Right to the End© - Dec 21 2013
with Pastor Randy Minnick : minnick@portervillepost.com

RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy Marxist Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama has campaigned tirelessly to brainwash America into accepting his "spread the wealth" agenda. It's not that he has been the only leader to try to do so; it's just that he is the first one to openly use "Marxist speak" to the public whom we have now found to be too uninformed (PC speak for "stupid") to know what he was saying.

The socialist agenda, of course, is all about stealing from those whom are perceived to be rich so that others, having less but not necessarily "poor", get their "fair share". Any company or person (who is not a socialist) who makes too much money is targeted for theft. Mr. O has even stated publicly that " ... I do think at a certain point you've made enough money". Attorney and pundit, Ann Coulter smacks the ten penny nail on the head with this comment: "The only evidence we have that Democrats love the poor is that they consistently back policies that create more of them."

It must be clearly understood that Marxists and Communists (communism was once described as "socialism but with a gun to make you take it") is devoid of love of any kind for the poor. They fight for a Marxist principle based on revolution, fighting, class warfare/struggle, and are "anti" just about everything on which our nation was founded.

If no "love" is found, then what is their motivation? The answer is simple: it's all about power and control and their doctrines are entirely disassociated from the "masses" who are to be considered as vassals of the state and who exist solely to confirm and support the state (who can then "protect" them). Their rhetoric is all about "freedom" and "liberty" and overthrowing the evil "capitalists". It’s all about "spreading the wealth" and making everyone "equal". Even the most perfunctory glance at history solidly affirms this truth. End the end, we find that Marxism is all about the "elite" and at no time about "we the people" regardless of their deception and lies.

It is easy to see that "spreading the wealth" has nothing to do with being concerned for the poor. So, let's get this straight: Obama's hatred for the rich in no way, shape, form, or fashion constitutes a love for the poor. In fact, his hatred is a class warfare dynamic and is dishonest because he requires rich capitalists to help him become very rich and very powerful as a leader.

Let’s say it another way: Obama's hatred for the rich is all about "politics" and no part of it has anything to do with a love for "we the people", our middle class, or our poor. In fact, he has no loyalty or love for this country in the least. It's about defeating Americanism and capitalism and stealing from them as much as he possibly can while thinking that he is hiding his Marxism from them. It's all about deception using a concern for the poor as a cover.

To confirm this, one has but to look at any Marxist ideologist like Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, V. Lenin, or Joseph Stalin, who never ever uses words that connote "love". Industrialist, Armmand Hammer, personally assisted Lenin with the restructuring of Russia after the communist revolution. Lenin spoke candidly with Hammer and explained that, "Marxism doesn't work". Without going into detail, it doesn't work because the "masses" are too stupid to make it work. Lenin modified Marxism and created a system that would work: "Marxist-Leninism"; it was Marxism but with a gun to make you take it.

Marxism doesn't work because the tenets of socialism disallow any form of love for anyone. It has no basis in or of love. It's all about the state and how it is the primary source of all things. It's all about the state being the great "equalizer" and making objective decisions as to what is best for the individual.

There is a tacit understanding that the individual is just too stupid to control their own life and destiny though the deception is that the state is the peoples' "father". In other words, the state knows best and the individual has no say in the matter at all because the state has absolute control over his life for his own good. The obvious understanding is that, if you don't love the individual and his freedom but are, in practice, controlling him, you most certainly cannot love the poor or anyone else. This explains how Mao could slaughter more than 50 million dissidents (rich and poor) to bring "peace" to his country.

Because the element of "love" is absent, then we automatically note that "God" is missing because God is love. Godless anything is going to militate against any form of voluntary or discretionary "caring and sharing". It's exactly why Marxism takes (steals) from some to give to others. It's begins as a Godless crime; it is born in sin and is unrighteous from the beginning.

We need to note that Obama's hatred for American and its poor is constantly being exposed. If nothing else, we can check out "YouTube" and the "All this for a damned flag" comment and the continued lying that has made him legendary. He touts a concern for the poor to be sure but that position is untenable given its very unholy foundation and mountains of historical evidence.

One pundit recently said, "Obama must love the poor. He made so many of them". That is exactly the case. His drive to create poor people is without resile and he will not stop until we are all "equal": equally poor. That, in fact, was Winston Churchill's sentiment altogether:

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

There are more people on food stamps and welfare than ever before and that is the plan. That is not an accident or miscalculation. More poor people means more people who are dependent upon the police welfare state. In a political sense, it means more votes for the "statists" (i.e. socialists). We can state it this way: poor people "need" the state if they have no alternative by which they can survive. They will grasp at whatever measures to sustain their envisioned entitlement (conveniently provided to them by the state).

It is all about power and control to defeat ("change") America and force it from being the most prosperous nation in the world to a position of "equality" with the rest of the non-prosperous countries. His open contempt for us is obvious to anyone not swooning over his mellifluous words and who is watching what he and his band of America-hating comrades actually do.

From the beginning of time certain men have determined to rule over others. He is certainly one of them. He is determined to destroy America and its being nationally "exceptional" and its "superpower" position in the earth. There's no love involved with that dynamic. He comes but for to kill, to steal, and to destroy.

The power hungry Obama, as demonstrated by his own recent history, has shown that he can even fiendishly stab his own friends in the back (in Chicago) to further his climb to power. He is a cold blooded snake who is merely a clone of other soulless socialists like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. There is no love left lying around for the poor after funneling it all into his politics of hate and his class warfare.

We don't have to look far at all to see even further evidence of his contempt for us. He and his thug administration are hostile to the Constitution and at least one US State (AZ whom he has, in an unprecedented move that invites impeachment, openly sided with another nation and sued). He has broken his oath of office so many times that everyone has stopped counting. It's evident that he has no love for it either. There's no love for this country, its Constitution, or its people to be found. There is no love to be found in him who has no love to give.

Let's take a look at a few things that will, hopefully, get the attention of the American voters. Adolf Hitler made gun ownership illegal. He didn't do it because he loved them or wanted them to be safer. It is simply a logical, hard, cold fact that unarmed people are easier to control.

This point is historical and without controversy. If Obama loved our nation and its people, he would want them to be safe and to be able to protect themselves. This is precisely why our founding fathers (who loved liberty and freedom) gave us the system of government that they did.

This contrast reinforces the fact that it's all about power and control, not "love". There are some who say that Obama doesn't really force the gun control issue but his voting record in Illinois and his relentless pressure against the Second Amendment by all those in his administration proves otherwise. His minions are vehemently fighting to defeat the Second Amendment and he won't slow them down in the least as "gun control" is part and parcel of the socialist agenda. Socialism has never ever been instituted without first establishing gun control. That, too, is a well documented and historical fact. Mao stated it this way: "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." The logical conclusion is simple: he that owns the guns is in control of destiny.

So the socialist's/Democrat's (true) "love" is for big government, power, and control and not for "we the people" at all. However, this fact must never be openly advertised by these power predators lest people see through their scheme. It's all in the wording.

For instance, Obama believes, as does every socialist, that the government should have no Constitutional or particular restraint on "helping the people" (i.e. "promoting the general welfare" which they read as "promoting a general welfare system"). In other words, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" (The nine most terrifying words in the English language according to Ronald Reagan:).

His every effort is to make the Constitution, established to protect us from an over reaching and all powerful government, irrelevant and has by-passed it on just about every occasion. One example is the appointing of "czars". The word comes from the Russian language for "Caesar" or "king" (in German it would be "Kaiser" as in "Kaiser Wilhelm"). Kings are not accountable to the people. Obama's czars are not accountable to the people or to Congress.

They can call it what they want but it's nothing short of dictatorship. Dictators have no love for the people even if they have them brainwashed to think so as with the example of Kim Il Sung. This Communist North Korean dictator was monstrously evil. Yet, at his passing women wept openly for the death of their "father" (don't tell communists and socialists that lies and brainwashing don't work).

This loveless deception is almost without comprehension. It's difficult to understand how seemingly sane people can vote for their own slavery but they do. But, this is why Obama won a second election (making his deception complete). Those who elected him play "Hail to the Thief" and think that they are doing America a favor by enslaving it. The deception that induces people to accept a complete oxymoron is one dynamic upon which the implementation of socialism relies on quite heavily.

So, reiterating, Obama has no love for the poor or America, no not so much as an ounce. He has a great love for himself, his ideology, and his dictatorship and has openly touted his desire to "just get things done" his way without the rule of law. He has taken to using "executive orders" to push his unholy agenda down our throats. America can do without him and must vomit this evil out of its mouth.

America can only survive if this Godless and loveless impersonator of an American, and hater of our country, Barack Obama, is uprooted from his narcissistic kingdom by whatever means is necessary. His open hatred for us is untenable and his unbridled contempt for our laws must be forcefully challenged and stopped as he will not do it of his own accord or at our behest. Marxist theory demands indefatigable action and that without resile until all evil is accomplished.

Since the non-conservative Republicans have also tacitly declared war against "we the people" and have sided with Democrats to hate and control us, it is up to the people of America to rise to the occasion and defeat them as well. We must overthrow all of our enemies as we did in the beginning.

We can and must show all political leaders that they are required to stop hating the rich and that they are required to love our country and its foundations, laws and principles, heritage, culture, and our God. They must love "we the people" and our country enough to fight for them and defend them from all enemies foreign (illegal aliens) and domestic (Democrats, non-conservative Republicans, and all liberals, progressives, Marxists, Communists). They need to know that "we the people" understand that hating the rich is not at all a sign that you love the poor. It is merely a sign that openly says they know how to do only one thing, "hate", and hating is unacceptable (unless it is to hate the scripturally-defined evil).

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