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Right to the End© - Apr 08 2014
with Pastor Randy Minnick : minnick@portervillepost.com

RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy One very simple rule of warfare is to "divide conquer". One way to implement this strategy is to divide your enemy into separate forces to lessen their chance of success as we see in the history of warfare. Jesus spoke of this exact dynamic: "But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth" (Lu 11:17)

Another is to pit a kingdom (house) against itself as we see in history. Disinformation, misinformation, and propagana is used to divide loyalties and/or to engender strife against the establishment. It is a powerful and effectual strategy.

We see this exact dynamic in Christian churches. They are divided into over one thousand separate denominations, doctrines, and sects some of which despise the others. Each is more concerned in maintaining their system than in combining forces against their common enemy, the Devil.

One implementation of this tactic is to assault your adversary from two or more fronts at one time. The objective is to cause confusion and it is pretty much guaranteed to overwhelm and demoralize the enemy and to wear them down in a war of attrition.

This dynamic was employed on two notable occasions in history. One was during the Napoleonic Wars where Napoleon mounted a two-front campaign. The second was during World War Two when Hitler initiated a "Zweifrontenkrieg" (two-front war). History books are long in relating the disastrous results of these campaigns. However, both of these campaigns were lost, not because of the military tactics or lack thereof or from a lack of qualified (in not brilliant) commanders, but rather from lack of provisons and supplies. The strategy is sound and it is this strategy that our enemy, Satan, uses (and he lacks no provision and his army is rabid).

Let's call attention to the multiple-front strategic campaign being waged against us. It is being directed on all sides by unGodly forces that are bent on destroying America, its principles, and its Christian heritage. To counter the numerous threats, many so-called "Right-Wing" organizations and Christian groups have taken up the fight against the "Left-Wing" atheists, witches, tree huggers, baby killers, New Agers, and a plethora of other haters of our nation and our God. They are making constant pleas for funds so that they may continue taking a stand against those who hate truth, justice, and the American way

But, that's also my point. There are so many organizations that you almost can’t count them because there are so many heathens fighting against us that you can hardly deal with them. Surely these conservatice soldiers are doing a great work. However, the onslaught against truth and the and constant cries for help are overwhelming the mind of the average Christian. Everywhere they turn they are bombarded with pleas for help and to give. It may be to help rescue children from the slave trade in North Africa or it may be to help feed the indigent in the Appalachian Mountains; the cries for help for the needy are without ceasing.

It is my opinion that, as a result, most simply shut down and do nothing. The entire matter is just too much to contend with and they simply toss the pleas into the trash. It is my contention that they become incapable of coping with the scope of the matter; they shut down and "trust God" because "He is in control". This attitude is certainly a paliative albeit a most dangerous one. Being idle and doing nothing in the face of an enemy is a serous if not deadly matter. Such a tactic is far from being scriptural as well (though the "do nothing" crowd will argue that point).

This perhaps helps to explain why such a large majority of "believers" and other lovers of truth are the way that they are. Nothing else makes much sense as to why the people of this great nation simply sit passively by day by day and watch it being ripped from their hands one piece at a time. They don't contact their Congressmen, they don't support those who are fighting for their very right to exis, and they won't even vote! They don't stand up at PTA meetings and demand that our children be educated and not merely brainwashed. According to a CNN poll only 25% of "Christians" bother to vote. Of those, 25% vote for the baby killers and those who hate Christians. These percentages are mind-numbing.

Yet, what else can be said and what else can you think when the enemy is working indefatigably day and night to pillage our rights and nation and the good people of our country do ... nothing. Watchmen are screaming the alarm from the rooftops and our people do ... nothing. The internet is buzzing with truth and people do ... nothing and prefer the darkened cave of ignorance. We have more information instantly available than at any other time in history and our people do ... nothing. The churches are empty at most other times than Sunday and Wednesday because no one is crying out to God in prayer; they're doing ... nothing. Some appear to prefer abject ignorance while others don't want to rock the boat. Others repudiate the truth because they bear no witness with it and actually oppose themselves!

On such example is my ex-brother-in-law who is an intelligent hard working individual. He's a great guy and good friend. Yet he would have none of this "crazy talk" about "Big Brother" taking over. There were no "ears to hear" concerning the government's complicity in the overthrow of the working man and and institute a socialst police welfare state. In his words, he isn’t concerned as long as he has his Sony big screen TV and his gas BBQ grill. I was unable to further communicate with him on the matter. He was in abject denial and was doing ... nothing to save his sinking ship. He and I are still divided on the issue.

And so, the story goes day after day, church after church, home after home, neighborhood after neighborhood, city after city, and state after state. Save for the few brave stalwarts who have been and are sacrificing for the good of their country, the "Silent Majority" remains mute, divided, and immobilized (if not paralyzed with fear).

Perhaps people will only unite and cry out to God when they have to live on leeks and onions and are required to build bricks with mud and straw. Will they finally pray when they are behind bars for the "hate crime" of being a Christian? It may well be that such a desperate time will consume this land that it will cause many to "fall away" from God. We shall see. One thing is certain: the enemies of freedom will prevail. And, to insure that they succeed, all that we have to continue to do is ... nothing.

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