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Right to the End© - Mar 01 2014
with Pastor Randy Minnick : minnick@portervillepost.com

RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy After more than 30 years of paying attention to history and politics, I have found that revisionist history is rampant (and forcefully gaining) in this country. It would appear that haters of truth, justice, and the American way, would keep us in darkness regardless of cost. Such perpetrators doubtless have an equally dark agenda, an agenda that will come to no good for "we the people".

One such example of revisionism concerns the reasons for which the Civil War was fought. I had been taught (almost 50 years ago) that the war had been fought for the abolition of slavery. A random check with most folks will confirm that, they too, think that the issue of "slavery" was the primary purpose for the conflict which slew more than all other wars combined to date in this country.

As I researched the (very easily obtainable) information, I was both astounded and angered at the deception that had been tendered as "truth". The matter of slavery was most assuredly ultimately concluded into the war and was, indeed, a major factor. Without controversy, many people (especially Christians) continually urged the government to intercede concerning the issue and to somehow conclude the horrendous practice.

However, when all of the evidence is weighed, we find that the war was waged because of "states rights" with the abolitionist issue as an adjunct. It would appear that there are those who simply have no regard for history, empirical evidences, and/or any truth which applies to any given matter concerning our nation (especially if they have an agenda to hide).

Only a small amount of homework was necessary to discover that Lincoln couldn't have cared less about the slavery issue. According to him, if the country could retain unity of the states and the slaves could be freed, well and good. If the country could retain the unification of the states and the slaves not be freed, well and good. His focus was entirely on the continued integration of the several states as the "United States" (a term that actually didn't exist until after the war) with a strong central government. This was in stark contrast to the concerns of Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, who wanted to maintain the Constitutional guarantee of state sovereignty with the federal government solely minding its stipulated powers.

It is a certainty of the accuracy of the old adage, "History is always written by the victor". But, having any kind of "spin" (political and/or historical) being so easily and readily accepted as "gospel" is remarkable given the fact that "the truth" is easily and fully available to any who seek it.

But there's the rub. It would appear that there is a disgustingly huge number of those who are simply complacent about the matter. Though libraries abound, books are available without limit, and the entirety of the knowledge of man is available over the internet, the people in this country are more ignorant than at any given point in our history.

I don't mean for this to be a harsh or heartless indictment. Rather, I say it with all sadness. You see, it is because of a lack of knowledge (i.e. ignorance) that we are taken captive (see: Isaiah 5:13). When someone goes into captivity when there is no reason to do so, is both sad and remarkable. It just isn't necessary and a people who will not fight for their freedom is remarkable, indeed. It is especially grievous when these same people are so deceived that they are actually campaigning for their own enslavement.

I do understand that there is always a tendency to simply remain static and to remain comfortable with our existing knowledge (i.e. both the path of least resistance and a "comfort zone"). This means that, the only way to escape captivity is to "fight" (as in resisting this tendency to remain comfortable). This fighting is nothing other than putting forth an effort to make progress. It is merely a discipline and a determination to remain free.

This is also to say that there is no "passivity" for those who desire to remain free. We see this dynamic expressed by many sage men like oft-quoted Sir Edmund Burke who said this: "All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". Likewise we see this saying from Pericles (430 BC): "Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you".

We the people cannot afford to remain ignorant and sit quietly and idly by while there are those who are diligently and tirelessly seeking to steal our freedom. Hitler fought without resile for ten years prior to finally winning the war for fascism. The liberals in this country are doing no less and have fought for at least 80 years to conquer this nation. They have only been able to make progress because of a lack of diligence in maintaining our liberty and an arrogant yet dangerously naïve attitude that our national leaders would deign to take away our freedom.

Neither should we allow the doctrines of demons and men defer our diligence in accepting the sincere-but-erroneous belief that God would hand His people into the hand of Satan for to kill, to steal, and to destroy and to enslave.

Our country was founded on Christian principles and would the very God of peace change that so that His people, whom He set free, would be returned to slavery? Is it not rather that we, the people of God and of this nation (that once held fast to common sense and decency) have become the land of filth and the home of the idolater? Are we not reaping the harvest of the sin and abomination that has reached unto the highest heaven? Yet, is God any less the reconciler and restorer now than three thousand years ago when He said this: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land" (2Ch 7:14).

To surrender to Satan for "religious reasons" (i.e. by believing that it's God's will for Satan to triumph over His people) is the height of deception. It is a lack of understanding of what spirit we are of and who God is and what His will is. The "spirit of error" will always lead into bondage and so it is today; it is leading the Lord's heritage into slavery at their insistence i.e (insisting upon offering no resistance to the enemy)! God is the unchanging Lord of resolution to peace, reconciliation to Himself, and blessings. Our people seem to have no revelation of that scripturally-documented truth.

We must use every available advantage to insure that we can keep what our founding fathers gave us by fighting no less hard and being fully aware of the wiles of the enemies of freedom and liberty. We must not deal with a slack hand or allow indifference so much as a finger hold. The most valuable of all weapons is knowledge and that knowledge is at hand. But, no sword is ever used that is not picked up.

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