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Print | A Tragedy of Monumental Proportions
Right to the End© - Feb 02 2012
with Pastor Randy Minnick : minnick@portervillepost.com

RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy

That is what the CNN headlines screamed as it related how a lone gunman executed 31 people in cold blood at Virginia Tech on April 16th of 2007. 31 lives were mercilessly and needlessly ended by a man whose own passions convinced him that he was "God for a day" and could give or take life at his whim.

Yes, this was a heart-rending tragedy. But, there is a second monumental tragedy here. It's that the gun control loonies will now go on the march to defeat the prospect of people actually defending themselves from future such events. They will not allow the truth, evidence, or any and all facts, to interfere with their campaign to end self-protection in America. They will now have an "excuse" to redouble their efforts to allow criminals to have free reign over the helpless. I can almost hear their inhuman-like whining now.

The shooter will not be categorized as a "bad guy" (after all; there is no such thing as "good or bad" according to their theology). Rather they will rationalize (in the true psychological sense of not being able to deal with reality) that the guy was improperly potty trained or such and will want to make him the victim. No thought will be given to the (true) victim's families and how their lives were savagely interrupted and forever altered. They will be sidestepped with a perfunctory "we feel for the families" tossed out to appease the media so people won't think they are the cold blooded reptiles that they are. Then they will promise to do something about it so that it doesn't happen again in the future. That's the part where things will get insane.

Despite their verbose and vehement rhetoric, no steps will be considered as to how to immediately prevent a recurrence of such a massacre. That is to say, no practical and reasonable steps will be taken. People will just have to stand and look stupid and defenseless while they come up with a solution to man's inhumanity to man. At some point, the campuses will become prisons ("imprisonment" is Liberal-speak for "freedom") with high fences around them and metal detectors and Big Brother video cameras everywhere "for our safety". And, in the future, all Americans will, no doubt, be required by law to attend anger management classes and all mothers will be required by law to attend classes on how to properly potty train their children. They most assuredly think such measures will be the mother-of-all-cures for such actions perpetrated by mankind.

One tragedy about Liberalism is that it is in complete denial of human history and human behavior. The immeasurable slaughter of humans by the power-hungry or the psychologically impoverished over time has not been considered in the slightest. It's as though history never existed (and it is certainly not allowed to influence contemporary society if they can help it). They have never heard such adages such as "Those who do not study (or learn from) history are doomed to repeat it" and "An armed society is a polite society". Such wisdom has been purged altogether and replaced by a "new think" that believes that Liberals can now engineer human behavior (without the help of God, of course). The end result is so that we can all just get along and live in an egalitarian society of peaceful flower-toting folks (fie on gun toting). The inescapable fact that there are psychopaths who invade neighboring countries and who plunder, rape, rob, steal, brutally slaughter, and ravage others has been lost on their "great intellect". The obvious has been obliterated by a continuous application of a philosophy that obfuscates truth at all cost including the cost of millions upon countless millions of human lives. That is more than sad; it's evidence of a diagnosable mental illness.

Here are some simple facts that are guaranteed to be ignored. A lone gunman walked onto a university campus and methodically began killing people (i.e. it takes time to kill 31 people). Without opposition, he had plenty of time to complete his evil task. Unarmed people could only scream, cry, beg for their lives, or duck for cover. If only one nearby person had a gun (and knew how to use it, of course), they could have shot the dirt bag and many lives would have been saved. Even if the defender had been a lousy shot, at the very least, the perpetrator would have been distracted and may have thought better of standing still and being used for target practice. He may have been crazy but my bet is that he wasn't stupid.

Another fact: if even some of the students and teachers had been armed, there would be every reason to believe that there would have been no victims at all. First of all, the shooter would have better sense than to walk onto a campus where people were "packing". If he didn't know, the surprise of having a dozen guns pulled on him would have given him pause to reconsider. Secondly, even if the man had a death wish and prompted a shootout, he would have been gunned down on the spot by those would gladly fulfill his wish (rather than be killed themselves).

Now is the time to for all Americans to stand up for the absolutely fundamental right to defend themselves at all times. Such a right isn't a legislative matter but rather an inalienable one. It's only when you have Liberals redefining, restructuring, and revising "sanity" that you arrive at the clearly insane notion that it's someone else's duty to protect us. Try advising an armed robber to hold still and wait while you call for the police for help (that's Liberalism in all of its glory). Gun control laws (most assuredly an "impingement") need to be rescinded and guns need to be made immediately available to those who believe they need them for protection. Then, instead of potty training classes for mothers, we can introduce gun safety classes for them and others so they won't fear being car-jacked, raped, or robbed. Likewise, we can begin teaching our children how to properly use a weapon so that they respect but not fear weapons and so they will be able to conduct themselves responsibly with them.

Please understand this: even some of the Supreme Court Justices are evilly biased against our Second Amendment rights. During the Senate hearing, Supreme Looney Sotomayor was asked if she felt that Americans had the right to defend themselves in their own home. She refused to directly answer the question and duck-walked her way around it with a bunch of political blather and rhetoric.

"What about criminals"? "Won't they be able to get guns?", some would ask. What about them? They have always just stolen their guns or purchased them on the black market. That will never change. What will change is their desire to risk their own lives by intruding into a business, home, or in this case, a school where someone may be within arms reach of a 12 gauge shotgun that can almost cut a man in half at medium range. Every criminal innately knows that, "a dead armed robber is a guilty armed robber".

And, we are going to have to out holler and out yell the liberal Left's leaders of lunacy. They will scream but we can scream louder. They will yell but we can yell louder. They will introduce legislation but we can veto and defeat it. They will wage a war but we can defeat them in the same way Shuikov's 7th Red Army defeated Paulus' 6th Army at Stalingrad. It may be a brutal knock-down-drag-out political campaign but, without such an all out brawl, we will literally be awash in (innocent) bloodshed. That is a monumentally unacceptable tragedy.

God Bless and Enjoy ...

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