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Right Insight© - Oct 30 2017
with James E. (Jim) Horn : james@portervillepost.com

RIGHT INSIGHT © with James E. (Jim) Horn The war is on!

A couple of years ago it was the Dixie flags at state capitals in the old south. The progressive radicals of the left and Marxism won.

Last year we endured a rash of progressives and BLM killing of cops, riots featuring BLM/AntiFa and related anarchists.

This great nation is seeing the progressives attacking and eliminating historic statuary that pertains to the old south, to perceived slave owners of the distant past. TV images showed people tearing historically significant statues down, government and school administrators skulking around after dark removing statues that progressives (including cowardly school administrators) may conceivably believe could offend some hate filled snowflake, fool, or jerk. Cowards at a Virginia church removed reference to a seat used by President George Washington. That is simply a destructive removal of historical fact.

Whats next on their agenda? How about removing all street names of anyone who was historically significant or white?

Who is behind this? Its the usual players, world class hater George Soros, the Marxist Clinton mob, the Communist Dark Side, the Progressive Deep State, the sharia compliant anti-Constitution Islamist fascists, and their fellow travelers. They are all being egged on by the loony left (Schumer, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and the Moslem Brotherhood), the obtuse media, and the willfully ignorant elites in academia.

Where and when did it begin? We all basically understand that it started under the guiding hand of (Hope and Change = Destruction) Barak Hussein Obama who declared his disdain of the American flag and refused to honor the National Anthem by grabbing his crotch rather than cross his heart when it was played or sung. It included the Occupy Movement/AntiFa and moved forward at Ferguson, Missouri, thugs destroying Baltimore while their idiot mayor and Prosecutor looked on. Decent, civilized, respecting and respectful people rightfully consider all of these to be terribly misguided if not simply evil people. Currently, the NFL are following Hussein Obamas example, and are self-destructing themselves.

Currently, radicals who thrive on hatred are attacking conservatives, goodness, individualism, and anything that meets high standards of decency and morality. The targets du jour are historical statuary and monuments, and white people or anyone of a different complexion that thinks and speaks of responsibility.

The leaders of cities like Chicago, Berkeley, New Orleans, and Baltimore along with their weak-willed police and civic leaders are culpable for their very lack of leadership and significant cowardice for permitting this violence to proceed. I believe that its against the law for an adult to wear a mask in Virginia, yet attacking rioters in Charlottesville wore masks. They should have been clubbed to their knees, handcuffed and hauled off to jail to face appropriate charges. But, the cops hands were tied by weak, insignificant leaders who are truly inept

Where is this going to go and where or when will it end?

As long as President Trump is alive, they will have a reason, and if they manage to murder him, the next in line will be their rallying call, and on until our republic is destroyed. As long as they collect outrageously generous welfare payments along with stipends from Soros and others like him, they will answer the call to anarchy.

Anyone who calls for the murder of the President of the United States is committing an act of treason, and should face the consequences.

There is also a deeper motive, and I daresay it harkens back to Mohammed. Mohammed forbade imagery and statuary. When he conquered Mecca, he destroyed every statue and idol that pagans worshiped or that symbolized their faiths. As his Islam spread, statues in the places of the vanquished were destroyed such as the recent destruction of ancient Buddhist statues carved into mountainsides in Afghanistan. Churches Synagogues, and temples were razed, and Mosques were often built in their places forcing the vanquished to work as slaves to do the building.

Mohammed likewise despised art depicting any kind of image. The only things that were permitted to decorate Mosques, homes, businesses, etc. were quotes from his Koran. If a church, synagogue or temple was not razed, all imagery was scraped from the walls or plastered over.

As Islam spread, Mohammeds adherents destroyed anything or everything they could lay their hands on that did not extoll the virtues of Mohammed and his ideology of Islam. They spent six months burning thousands and thousands of one-of-a-kind philosophical, scientific, educational and religious manuscripts found in the vast libraries of Alexandria. Doing this, they managed to destroy, to erase an entire culture a history of a civilized people. That is clearly on their agenda here in the USA.

Weve learned of the desecration of non-Moslem war cemeteries in places like Libya (and this has likely occurred in many other places). In Somalia, Islamists dragged Christians into Christian cemeteries and forced them to dig up the graves of Christians and spread the bones in streets and fields. How long before American military cemeteries abroad start being desecrated in the name of Progressivism or Islam?

Perhaps it is time to disinter all of these brave war heroes and bring them home before their bones are desecrated. Those Memorials and War Cemeteries are the only land that we asked for when we shed our precious blood in those far off places that are less and less hospitable and appreciative of the treasures that we spent protecting or helping them.

Groups like the Southern Poverty Law center, the Moslem Brotherhood and others of that ilk are gathering names, assembling maps, and more to identify their next targets, both people and things that need to be destroyed.

Everything is fair game. School history textbooks no longer teach honest, factual history. They serve only to indoctrinate in the manner the Nazis did in Germany, as the Marxists did in the Soviet Union and the Maoists in China. Huge portions (several chapters) tell lies depicting Mohammed as some sort of Johnny Appleseed who gaily traipsed around the Arabian Peninsula bringing his Islam to everyone. The historical fact is that he murdered or exiled every Jew and Christian, and simply murdered every pagan, and in the process enslaved their comely females and stole all of their property.

Already in America, Progressive and Communist (politically insane) librarians disallow and often burn thousands of books written by experts of history, religion, or politics that fail to meet their arrogant criteria which is hatred. Never in my earlier, younger life would I have thought that librarians and teachers would become dogmatic purveyors of bigotry, bias, and hatred, but theyre right here in every community in America doing just that.

Their chief target at this point is our precious Constitution and Bill of Rights. They are absolutely intolerant of the wisdom therein and the laws that govern our land to keep people safe, secure, and guarantee the future of this nation.

We Americans, the most tolerant people of all are finding ourselves not tolerated in our own nation.

James E. Horn is a Retired American Diplomat
He is an activist, a writer, and a speaker who knows his subject
He can be reached at james@portervillepost.com

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