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Right Insight© - Aug 20 2017
with James E. (Jim) Horn : james@portervillepost.com

RIGHT INSIGHT © with James E. (Jim) Horn On Thursday evening, August 17th) a throng of Republicans gathered at the Riverside County Central Committee (RCCC) meeting where the topic was Republican Caucus Assembly leader, Chad Mayes and his betrayal of our trust by his voting to support the Communist Socialist Progressive Gov. Jerry Browns Cap & Trade legislation. [Similar meetings have been taking place all over California.]

Mayes drew six other RinoCrats in to join him to accomplish two things for the Democrats (and to dump on Republicans): The first was to give a 2/3 vote for Cap & Trade which essentially set the Cap & Trade bill into stone. The second was a flim-flam stunt to allow Democrats in vulnerable seats to vote against the bill thereby fooling voters in their districts and assuring their safe seats come re-election time.

Philanderer Chad Mayes dumped not only on California Republicans, but on the working people of California who pay taxes and who will have to foot the bill for this legislation. Fifty percent of Californians are already struggling to survive at the poverty level, and these increases to feeding their families, their heating, cooling, cooking, commuting and related expenses is going to be unbearable for them, and will likely pull others down to the poverty level.

With a possible or probable 20-25% increase in fuel and energy costs, farmers will have to charge more for the food we buy. Our food costs over the next few years will rise by 10-15% or more.

Mayes knows this but he obviously doesnt give a whit about the people.

When Assembly Member Melissa Melendez spoke out against Mayes betrayal on the day after his shabby vote, Mayes arranged for her to be booted from her office and shoved into a cubbyhole. This is how regular Assembly members are punished for doing their duty and serving we the people. Mayes showed himself to be petty and vindictive, unbefitting of a true leader.

For the leader of the Assembly Republican Caucus to do such a thing shows beyond any possible doubt that Chad Mayes is an abject failure as a leader. Further, one can only ask if he was paid a bunch of money under the table for this sell-out.

Mayes showed up for the Thursday RCCC meeting. When called on spoke out in defense of voting for Cap & Trade. He discussed future gasoline prices throwing three different figures around ($0.40, $1.25, and $1.40) regarding future gasoline tax increases in support of the Communist/Democratic support of Agenda 21 faux climate management programs. Mayes was selected for the leadership position to fight, to resist, to oppose the Communists in Sacramento. Rather than do his duty, he acted like a Communist himself and thwarted the will of the people.

Can we expect RINOCrat Mayes to vote for making the state of California a sanctuary state? Will RINOCRAT Mayes join with the Moonbeam and other haters of goodness and decency in a possible attempt to secede from the union, to turn California into another Venezuela, a Kalizuela?

The GOP Central Committee voted unanimously to censor Mayes and call for his resignation. The RCCC central committee voted unanimously to endorse Assemblywoman Melendez for the leadership position in the Republican Caucus. Melendez, a former commander in the U.S. Navy is a competent, experienced leader will do a far better job of leading than Mayes ever dreamed of doing.

Stalwart Republican leaders from several counties came to this important RCCC meeting to join the overflowing chorus demanding that Mayes resign. Will he heed the call, and jump on the Monbeam special train to nowhere before he humiliates and disgraces himself any further?

James E. Horn is a Retired American Diplomat
He is an activist, a writer, and a speaker who knows his subject
He can be reached at james@portervillepost.com

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