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Print | The U.S. has already went over the "The Cliff"
Right In America© - Dec 26 2012
with Rodney Martin : rodney@rodneymartin.com

RIGHT In AMERICA © with Rodney Martin

I write this column, when we are days away from what "politicians" and "pundits" are calling the "Fiscal Cliff", that is on January 1, 2013, a series of spending cuts and tax increases will automatically be implemented that will have devastating impacts on working class Americans.

Translation, everyday "Tax-Paying" Americans will have to pay for the political prostitution of BOTH Republicans and Democrats who have sold out their respective Oaths of Office and the public interest in favor of Special Interests.

For years politicians have said one thing at election time, then gone to Washington D.C and showed every Lobbyist and Special Interest their pockets in exchange for favors, special tax breaks, and special legislation.

The American Voter is not without fault, as they have reelected their hometown favorite while often crying, "throw the bums out". Change begins at home, if we all voted out our incumbents, we would indeed have change.

The result of this corrupt American political system, has been one designed specifically to prevent change and the end of the once strong American Middle Class, the end of American Manufacturing, the end of single income families, the end of home ownership, the creation of institutional poverty and the creation of government dependence and creation of a Third World America and an America where half of the American populace pay no taxes but receive government assistance while the other half is required to carry the entire financial responsibility of the Nation. This is commonly known as redistribution of wealth which is the real class warfare.

The United States has long gone over the "Fiscal and Social Cliff". January 1, 2013 will merely be the wakeup call if and when the cuts and tax increases are implemented, and i.e. the bill will have to start being paid. No longer will the fiscal irresponsibility by the treasonous politicians, all of whom have been elected and re-elected by the American people, be able to be hidden from any American who pays taxes, i.e. the 49% who pays. The 51% who pays nothing and receives government assistance will see no real impact and will no doubt continue to cry out for more "Social Justice".

The Democrats in the House and Senate, as well as the President have made it clear that Entitlements are not "on the Table" for Budget reductions, and the Republicans will never discuss the extremely bloated Defense Budget nor will they cut their welfare Programs that benefit Corporations, such as subsidies and Tax Breaks for Exxon-Mobile.

With unemployment still truly in the double digits, when those who are underemployed and those who have ceased searching for work is factored, there remains a critical need to address immigration, yet BOTH Democrats and Republicans maintain the need to increase Third World immigration, both for separate political reasons, the Democrats for cheap votes and the Republicans for cheap corporate labor. The result has been the displacement of American labor, the reduction of living wages, and the importation of all Third World cultural degradation. One need only see the social ills and the degrading the public school system or tour an Emergency Room after 5PM.

Third World Immigration, codified by the 1965 Immigration Act of 1965 hasted the Fiscal Cliff as Third World immigrants over-burdened Federal and State Social Programs and have led to collapse the American Health Care and Education Systems and overloaded the Criminal Justice Systems.

Third World Immigrants were never required to fully assimilate as prior generations of European Immigrants. Third World Immigrants brought with them, in many cases a socialist-leftist philosophy, and America decided to embrace the culture of the immigrant rather than the immigrant having to become an American.

In many cases, America has ceased becoming a Nation and transformed into a Co-op, whereby many Nationalities come to take advantage of benefits and laws not readily available in their own Nation. In fact, the United States has so cheapened itself, that it is the only Nation that one can purchase citizenship for $400.00 or be a Dual Citizen and serve in the U.S. Congress.

In such desprite fiscal times, any rational Nation would be having serious discussions as to what is really and truly needed to solve the Nation's ills regardless of politics. The United States has never had such a discussion.

In times of excessive unemployment and underemployment and the destruction of the Middle Class, no rational Nation whose leaders truly represent the Nation's interests would seek to expand immigration, yet our President, via unconstitutional Executive Order essentially provided a venue for 12 million illegal aliens to stay in the United States, some States, such as California provide in-State College Tuition to illegal aliens, while charging out of state tuition to American Citizens, and also provide Drivers Licenses to illegal Aliens.

Meanwhile Republicans continue to demand more workers from Nations such as India, implying that Americans are just too dumb, what they really mean is that an East Indian will take a High Tech job for less. Such Corporations should be double taxed for each foreign worker, Corporations such as Apple and Microsoft.

In time of fiscal crisis, why should a Nation have an outdated and punitive Income Tax System that requires half the population carry the financial burden while allowing the other half to pay nothing and receive benefits? Every person in the Nation should pay something, and thus be vested in the Nation.

The current "Fiscal Cliff" discussion should be generating an intellectual discussion regarding ending the Income Tax and replacing it with a Consumption Tax on all sales except food and medicine. Under this System, everyone, citizen or not, in the Nation would pay something, and for those who want class warfare, the rich would indeed pay more because they spend more, the poor pay less, because they spend less. The current Income Tax System is inherently unfair and un-American as it nationalizes every American’s income.

The current Income Tax System tell each American how much of their own money they get to keep and unleashes a draconian Soviet style enforcement System that the Founding Fathers would have rebelled against, in fact the current tactics employed by the IRS make George III look like a Choir Boy.

Under the current Income Tax System, every dollar taken in by the income Tax System only accounts for about half the Nation’s budget, the remaining half is paid via loans, Treasury Bills, more often than not by Communist China.

Why should we have to borrow from the Communist Chinese because we have a unfair and punitive Tax System that allows half the populace to not pay anything?

The United States has long ago gone over the Cliff in terms of BOTH Fiscal and Social Policy. What the politicians in Washington are really worried about is that they have run out of smoke & mirrors to hide the real effects from the American people.

Come January 1, 2013, every taxpaying American will experience first-hand, the political Sodom & Gomorra that has been Washington D.C. for years as millions of Americans are forced to pay hundreds and thousands more in taxes for freebees which they received no benefit.

Maybe then we will see some real American spirit, but I will not hold my breath. Afterall, there is a Pay Day Loan shack on every corner now.

Rodney Martin -- RIGHT In AMERICA

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