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Print | Secession is like divorcing an abusive spouse
Right In America© - Nov 20 2012
with Rodney Martin : rodney@rodneymartin.com

RIGHT In AMERICA © with Rodney Martin

The Federal Gov't has been engaging in Domestic Violence since 1965

I am sure some will call this column seditious, or treasonous, or even more. I call it both American and patriotic. Since the reelection of Barack Obama, the interest in "succession" has increased. There are many factors for this. Let's remember, our Nation was originally founded on the concept and act of secession, thus it is not un-American to consider it.

The American electoral process has become specifically engineered to prevent change; the American system is so ripe with corruption that it bears no resemblance to the America that many grew up in or reads about. For many veterans, America today has cast aside the values of the America they fought and sacrificed for. Like a spouse who repeatedly abuses the other spouse, the Federal Government has, since 1965, engaged in domestic violence against its citizens.

The Federal government has so abused the traditional family that it is all but nonexistent in America today. Federal policy holds homosexual values in higher esteem than traditional family values that built and sustained America for over 200 years.

The Federal Government has so abused our national system and mismanaged America, that children have become casualties of a system that economically requires both parents to work and social pressure that tells women that a career is superior to motherhood.

The Federal government has abused our children by placing greater importance on so called multi-culturalism instead of a no non sense quality education. The Federal Government has abused our children by indoctrinating them with political correctness instead of patriotism and with collective guilt rather than national pride.

The Federal Government has so abused our Nation and its people with its immigration policies, beginning with the Immigration Act of 1965, that the once greatest Nation on the globe will be just another Third World Nation by 2025 because of a desire by the Federal Government to pursue cheap political votes and cheap corporate labor.

The Federal Government has so abused our people that we live in fear of our own "Public Servants", much like children fear the parent who will beat them at any moment for nothing more than a wrong glance or spilled milk. The Federal Government has abused its people by plundering its people's hard earned money and giving it to its political prostitutes much like the spouse who plunders the rent money on vices at the expense of the family necessities.

The Federal Government has abused its people by waging war on its people's religious institutions and traditions, including the people's Churches, religious schools, and hospitals as well as restricting the people's God given right to educate and raise their children as to their deeply held religious values.

Finally, the Federal Government has abused its people like the Crack Dealer abuses their victims. Like the Crack Dealer, the Federal Government has created a sense of addiction, dependency and overall despair. The Federal Government has used systematic and generational welfare dependency to abuse and destroy families, and eradicate fatherhood, and individual initiative.

The Federal Government has abused Men and Women by saying a welfare check could replace a father and provided incentive for promiscuity among women which resulted in generations of young girls whose future were stolen by "interesting social experiments" by the Federal Government.

The Federal Government abused generations of children by policies that discouraged nuclear families and encouraged single parent families which resulted in tremendous high school dropout rates, excessive juvenile crime rates and lost generations of young people.

After years of abuse and domestic violence, a victim usually comes to the conclusion, if the brute has not already killed the victim, that they have to leave. This is the case for many Americans; the victim wants to leave the domestic abuser. This is why so many Americans are signing petitions to succeed from the broken Union that is referred to as the United States, a Nation that has failed.

Many still cling to the abusive paternalistic spouse that is the Federal Government because after all, the Federal Government will still provide a few crumbs, Food Stamps, HUD Housing, and even Cell Phones, in exchange for the daily abuse. Others however are showing courage and seeking to break the cycle of abuse and wanting to leave the "domestic abuser" that is the Federal Government.

However, the Federal Government, like the classic perpetrator of domestic violence will not make it easy for the victim to leave. The Federal Government will threaten the victim if they really act on their desire to leave. The Federal Government will increase its abuse, will deploy all its assets, Jail, Tax Audits, and much more , after all, the victim lives in the abusers house and we have not lived in America for a long time.

Rodney Martin -- RIGHT In AMERICA

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