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Print | Home owners should not allow PUSD "Bribes" TAX them out of their homes
Right In America© - Oct 03 2012
with Rodney Martin : rodney@rodneymartin.com

RIGHT In AMERICA © with Rodney Martin

By any logical analysis, to spend millions more in a failed system without fundamental reform is utter nonsense. Bill Clinton use to say, "to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result is insanity." The PUSD meets this definition by way of its Bond Measure.

To vote yes is to continue to pour millions into a failed, and in the case of PUSD, a quasi-corrupt system, i.e. political welfare the providing of legacy benefits to former board members, something on the same morale scale as what took place in Bell, California.

Additionally, the promising of "goodies" in exchange for a positive vote is political bribery. This too is what the PUSD is engaging in.

Citizens need to look critically and ethically at what is being inferred in the campaign by the PUSD and its supporters. There is talk, in addition of nice athletic improvements and technical improvements to new iPads for every student.

Wow, how do you vote against a measure that will provide a new iPad, especially when only some of the citizens will pay for all these bribes, i.e. only property owners will be paying while others who pay nothing may get to accept the PUSD bribe and impose the Measure on property taxpayers.

The result, the trend will continue whereby homeowners are taxed out of their homes, the pawn shops will experience a boon where iPads are hocked, the PUSD will have new funds for its bloated bureaucracy and its Administrators and Board will laugh all the way to the bank as they continue to draw huge salaries and life-time benefits while teachers and students suffer. Of course its "Oversight Committee" will consist of PUSD Quislings.

Schools in California spend 2 and 3 times more per student than schools in Nations such as Finland and South Korea whose schools are superior to U.S. schools, yet California Schools continue to be abject failures.

Before we homeowners agree to be taxed out of our homes, we must demand fundamental reform and restructuring. Just throwing more money into a failed system has not and is not working.

All people of moral conviction should use this Bond Measure as a message that we want fundamental Education Reform and vote a resounding NO.

Rodney Martin -- RIGHT In AMERICA

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