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Right In America© - Jul 08 2012
with Rodney Martin : rodney@rodneymartin.com

RIGHT In AMERICA © with Rodney Martin

As the Presidential silly season heats up, all the talk has centered on the "economy", or "getting Americans back to work", or "job creation". All of this talk is essentially a Trojan Horse designed to distract Americans from the real issue.

It's the culture stupid.

While this may sound incredible, it is true, all that ails the United States economically is easy to fix. The real cancer on the American soul is America's cultural decline.

Since 1965 and the passing of the Immigration Act of 1965, and other so called "Great Society" legislation, the United States has been on a fast track to Marxist decadent cultural social norms.

Prior to 1965, immigration was strictly regulated and based on the National interest and American Citizenship had meaning. After 1965 and especially today, U.S. citizenship is relatively meaningless. Peoples from all over the world make it a point to enter the United States for the sole purpose to give birth, so as to secure "dual-citizenship" and thus secure American "benefits", they then either promptly return to the Nation where their hearts are, obtain Temporary-AKA Permanent VISAs, or simply stay illegally, absent fear of deportation thanks to Mr. Obama's recent Immigration Decree whereby Illegal Aliens need not fear deportation for being in the United States illegally. In fact the United States is the only Nation on the Globe with such a liberal "birth-right" citizenship which grants automatic citizenship by birth, even if the mother or father are not citizens.

Ninety percent of all immigration since the passing of the 1965 Immigration Act has come from the Third World; this has had an incredible negative impact on the Culture and Social Norms of the United States which is responsible for the economic, social, and cultural quagmire the United States presently finds itself in. One need only look at crime statistic to quantify this as well.

In 1965, BOTH Democrats and Republicans made the conscience decision to change the United States via immigration policy. The Democrats sought cheap votes and Republicans, dominated by its corporatist establishment wing, sought cheap labor. As a result of the Immigration Act of 1965, both Democrats and Corporatist Republicans received what they wanted and the United States lost.

Concurrent with the passing of the Immigration Act of 1965, Congress passed a plethora of then President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society Programs, thus creating a modern Welfare State that dwarfed the New Deal. Unlike the New Deal in the 1930’s, not a single 1960's Liberal Great Society Program was or has been struck down by the "Nine Ole Swine" of the Supreme Court. Programs such as AFDC, Food Stamps, Medicare, and Medicaid came into existence within a year of 1965. For the existing 1965 U.S. population these programs were designed as anti-poverty measures and specifically designed as short-term assistance until families could "get back on their feet". To the world, especially the Third World, these Great Society Programs became an incentive to take advantage of the new very liberal Immigration Act of 1965 which encouraged Third World Immigration on a grand scale, both legally and illegally. These programs gave Third World Immigrants the Marxists welfare State of their homeland AND the lifestyle of the United States, of course they brought their cultural and social norms with them.

The results have been catastrophic. Today, while 2 million "new arrivals" are approved each year legally there are 20 million illegal aliens in the United States and 800,000 to 1 million enter illegally each year. Liberals like to call these illegal aliens "undocumented", thus attempting to infer they are actually citizens without papers.

The fact remains they are illegal, entered the United States illegally and by all legal, ethical and moral standards should be removed. A Nation without borders is not a Nation at all. U.S. prisons and Jails are filled with illegal Aliens who have committed heinous crimes, often repeat offenders. Today, American taxpayers have been forced via U.S. Supreme Court rulings to pay for the education of children of illegal aliens and pay for their healthcare, even when many Americans themselves have none, thus illegal aliens are entitled to services for which they do not pay. Today, it is common to see children cross the U.S. Mexico border, from Mexico, to attend schools in the United States, bussed of course at taxpayer expense to and from the border. Today, it is not uncommon for small border Communities, such as San Luis, AZ, to have more people with rented post office boxes in order to receive government checks, than the actual population of the City.

The Immigration Act of 1965 imported millions of new people into the United States for political and "business" purposes, but failed to take into account the long term National and Cultural interests. The Congress in 1965 was only concerned with cheap labor and cheap votes, as they are today. What the Congress in 1965 and 2012 fail to and refuse to acknowledge is that Third World Immigration brings with it Social and Cultural Norms that are not consistent with the traditional Cultural and Social Norms of the United States. For the hundred years prior to the 1965 Immigration Act, Immigrants were required to become Americans, i.e. Immigrants came to America to become "Americans", had to learn, speak and understand English, as well as the laws, values, customs and social norms of the United States. This ended with the 1965 Act. Today, Aliens come to use America, refuse to adapt to American values and social norms and more often than not, walk out of the "citizenship ceremony" not knowing a word of English, thus not knowing the commercial language not only of their "new" Country, but also the world. Many of our new "citizens" come from Third World Nation were Marxism is the predominate philosophy and thus their belief in "government solution" and generational dependency on "social justice programs".

Work is not the ultimate social program in the Third World as it was in the United States prior to 1965.

Today, 49% of the American population receives some form of payment from the federal or state government; that same percentage pays no taxes. Correlate these alarming figures with the change in America's population as a result of the 1965 Immigration Act and thus the demand for a "path to citizenship for the 20 million illegals" and the clever use of language such as "the Dream Act", or "Comprehensive Immigration Reform". Third World Immigrants are actively working on behalf of the interests of their own.

Thanks to the Immigration Act of 1965, Immigration and U.S. Citizenship are meaningless and thanks to the Immigration Act of 1965, the United States imported millions of Third World Aliens that did not and do not share American values and cultural norms. Thanks to the Immigration Act of 1965, the United States is on the verge of financial ruin as it stresses to fund social welfare programs for an ever increasing population of people culturally dependent on such programs. We have the liberals as the champions of Marxist political correctness and multiculturalism and the corporatist Republican establishment to thank for this.

Compounding the immigration issue has been the narrative hammered into the heads of our children and the weak minded via liberal elements in public schools, the entertainment industry, pundits, and academics. These elements saw an opportunity in the 1960's and pounced. Liberal elements proved to be both aggressive and effective and traditional conservatives proved to be both passive and incompetent. Liberal elements, beginning in the 1960's advanced a counter culture agenda designed to end the traditional family, replace work with welfare, normalize homosexuality, and instill a sense of generational guilt in favor of mandatory Marxist multiculturalism in the minds of Americans of White-Anglo-Saxon decent. This would become evident as liberal elements began to rewrite American public school textbooks.

Traditional conservative elements remained largely silent and ineffective while liberal elements took control of American schools and transformed them into multicultural indoctrination centers where Che Quevara is respected, George Washington is hardly mentioned, save for a rebuke for being a slave owner, miscegenation is encouraged and most recently, patriotic songs are forbidden out of fear of "offending other cultures". Likewise, the entertainment industry went in to hyper mode in churning out movies that are the polar opposite of James Cagney's patriotic "Yankee Doodle Dandy".

The entertainment industry, which once, produced films championing American exceptionalism and American pride, changed focus and since 1965, has produced films designed to showcase a collective and generational guilt associated with being an American. The entertainment industry has gone to the extreme in distorting and outright fabrication with regard to history in order to promote a Marxist multicultural narrative. The news media likewise has acted as the entertainment industry's kissing cousin in the destruction of American Culture. The news media, has, since the days of FDR, been not only left, but socialist to communist in its leanings. The news media has failed to report on news stories that would embarrass its darlings and gone to the extreme to destroy those it felt threatened the leftist-Marxist agenda, i.e. Joseph McCarty and Richard Nixon. Anyone who dare expound "unconventional" ideas is branded as an "extremist" by the elitist news media, while they report glowing on "new progressive ideas and concepts". The elite news media is and has been the front line troops used in the war on American Culture. Fear of the media has been traditional conservatives' main weakness. One need only look at how so called "conservatives" in Washington react to the elite media to understand this.

Since 1965, traditional conservatives have ceded the education of our children, our healthcare, our Nationhood, and above all, thought to the liberal elements. How many times during a conversation with a fellow conservative does a traditional conservative look over his/her shoulder to see who they might offend if they finish that sentence/thought? This is wrong and proof that the thought police are at work, in each and every one of our heads. Liberal elements have, since 1965, transformed the United States from the Constitutional Republic as established by the founding fathers into George Orwell's Animal Farm, where "some are more equal than others".

The cultural decline since 1965 is shocking:

Today, unlike 1965, as a result of liberal elements, supporting traditional family values is equivalent to being "intolerant" or a "hater", while homosexuality is encouraged and protected.

Today, unlike 1965, public schools may circumvent parents and take underage girls to the local Planned Parenthood abortion mill; this is called "progressive".

Today, unlike 1965, traditional marriage is taxed, mocked and discounted while homosexual marriage is praised, encouraged and protected. Today, when voters vote to protect traditional marriage, a homosexual Judge voids their vote.

Today, unlike 1965, the traditional family has virtually been wiped out; motherhood is discouraged in favor of meaningless "jobs" leaving children to be raised in day care. Corporatist Republicans are to blame for this as well.

Today, unlike in 1965, many "American" Cities, Towns, and Communities have no Independence Day Celebration, but do have very elaborate celebrations to commemorate holidays of foreign lands.

Today, unlike 1965, government business is conducted in a variety of languages and official documents are printed in languages other than English.

Today, unlike 1965, teachers may tell their students they may refrain from the Pledge of Allegiance out of respect for other cultures.

Today, students are taught in some schools (Tucson, Az) that the United States stole the western United States from Mexico and it rightfully should be returned or taken, this is otherwise known as sedition. Interestingly, many, if not most of these students receive welfare payments from the U.S. Government.

Today, unlike 1965, a majority of couples are not married and a majority of children do NOT live with a married mother and father.

Today, unlike 1965, there are an astounding number of children having children, out of wedlock births and young women with multiple children by different fathers.

The economic woes American faces today are minor when one considers the cultural disaster. The economic issues are relatively easy to fix. The Cultural issues are far harder and will take REAL leadership. The Cultural crisis we face requires moral leadership and requires a leader unafraid of the screams and shouts by Marxist and homosexual elites.

The cultural crisis must be solved by strong moral Christians who are unafraid to tell people that they cannot do what feels good, that American is not Sodom & Gomorra and that there is a difference between humans and animals, animals do what feels good regardless of the consequences, Humans do not, liberals have indoctrinated a generation of Americans into thinking that there should be no consequences for acting like and thinking like animals.

Finally, those who have created and continue to perpetuate the cultural decline must be confronted and exposed for what they are, decedent Marxists who are anti-Christian and anti-American, andante-Family. These elements must be expelled from our Society.

Traditional Christian Conservatives can no longer afford to have timid souls and trembling spirits and be fearful of being called names for standing up for what is right, decent and moral. It's time to stand up proudly and be a "Social Conservative" and in the words of Barry Goldwater in 1964, "I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue".

Rodney Martin -- RIGHT In AMERICA

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