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Print | The Homosexual "Class" & The Gay Agenda Frauds
Right In America© - Jun 17 2013
with Rodney Martin : rodney@rodneymartin.com

RIGHT In AMERICA © with Rodney Martin

On June 4, 2013, Porterville Mayor Virginia Gurrola, a committed leftist but also a self-described "Christian" showed her true colors, like so many leftists do. The true religion of the left is Cultural Marxism. The Mayor, on her own, without support and consensus from the other four City Councilmember and in opposition from a vast majority of the Porterville Community declared June as "Gay Pride" Month in the City of Porterville. Hundreds of Christian Porterville citizens crowded City Hall and opposed and move taken in the name of their City and condemned the Mayor.

Coincidentally this was also done in the City of Visalia and both the Visalia and Porterville Proclamations were written by a small, vocal militant homosexual minority committed to reversing thousands of years of Western Christian Civilization. This small militant homosexual organization is reinforced from out of town support such as San Francisco and other large "Big City Homosexual Ghettos" where the Queer Rainbow Flag takes precedence over The American and State Flags.

Homosexuals have become a State within a State, bent on the destruction of traditional America and traditional Western Christian values. Homosexuals even go so far as to often invoke "Queer Nation".

The most troubling aspect of the "Gay Agenda" has been its rapid rise to "Protected Class Status" is homosexuals being afforded unfounded and unjustified legal protection on equal footing to minorities such as "African-Americans", "Native Americans", "Asian-Americans", et al. How did a new Class develop based solely on deviate, unnatural and unhealthy sexual activity and most importantly why has this been allowed to happen and what new Class will develop next based on deviate sexual activity?

Homosexuals always attempt to fuse their "Gay Agenda" with other causes or issues or historical events. Homosexuals have attempted to compare their "plight" to the "American Negro Civil Rights Movement", which has been strongly rebuffed by the Black Community who voted strongly in favor of Proposition 8 in 2008. Homosexuals have also attempted to invoke the "Holocaust", which has also resulted in rejection by some Orthodox and Conservative Jewish Rabbis, even though Homosexuals were interned in Concentration Camps, the Homosexual cause has been widely supported by many liberal and Marxist Jews, especially in Hollywood.

Mayor Gurrola's "Gay Pride Proclamation" was another example of fraudulently fusing the "Gay Agenda" with another issue.

Mayor Gurrola's "Gay Pride" Proclamation was cloaked with a lot of "anti-bully" language; anti-bullying has been widely discussed in the media lately, locally, and nationally. It was a poor attempt at "bait and switch". The Mayor started out reading what many thought sounded like a "anti-bully" effort in local high schools, but then at the end, as the Homosexuals and the Gay Agenda always does, the switch came, the Mayor declared the month of June "Gay Pride Month". Thus the entire "Proclamation" was an intellectually dishonest as is the entire "Gay Agenda".

The Homosexual's success in convincing nearly half of the public that they are a "Class" is the result of two primary elements, heavy handed political pressure by liberals and Cultural Marxists AND Madison Avenue marketing designed to tug on the heart strings while the violin plays that soft music in hops that the public ignores logic, reason, morality, and thousands of years of Western Christian Values and Social Norms.

The fundamental aspect of the homosexual argument that they are entitled to special Class Status akin to other groups who are afforded such status based on Race is based solely on the Homosexual sexual act. The American Psychiatric Association classified "Homosexuality" as a mental disorder until 1973; the American Psychology Association classified it as a Mental Disorder until 1975. Interestingly, the World Health Organization classified Homosexuality as a Mental Disorder until 1990. All of these Organizations DE-classified Homosexuality as a Mental Health Disorder on the basis of political pressure and NOT based on scientific studies which all the piers of their respective Organizations accepted.

What we have today with regard to the argument of Homosexuals being a special class is a matter of social politics imposed on society at horrific consequences. In all cases, the Psychiatric and Psychology Associations and the World Health Organization cited "stigma" as one of their primary concerns when declassifying homosexuality as a mental illness. This is both scientifically and morally bankrupt as today our society still debates the "stigma" of mental illness, yet we have NOT declassified schizophrenia or other mental illness based on "stigma".

It was only the great liberal tidal wave coming out of the late 1960's and with it new liberal Psychiatrists and Psychologists who entered the respective Associations and the World Health Organization coupled with political pressure from politicians who threatened to cut off various funding sources and Madison Ave. marketing that resulted in "homosexuality" being declassified as a mental illness and patients becoming a protected Class. In reality the patients now run the institutions.

Today, Homosexuals, like many others with mental disorders demand special accommodations. The world spends trillions on AIDS, based on homosexuals demanding the world accommodate their unhealthy and unnatural sexual acts. Today, sexually confused individuals, men and women alike demand to the use of the opposite sex restrooms then cry foul when parents take action to protect their children from what they suspect are sexual deviants and predators. Today, Homosexuals have strong ties with child sex (pedophilia) advocacy Organizations such as NMBLA - National Man-Boy Love Association. Few if any so called LGBT Organizations denounce NMBLA because these same LGBT Organizations are cross pollinated with NMBLA and view pedophilia as just another "sexual orientation". In fact some in the LGBT Community have called these pedophiles an "unprotected Class or Orientation".

The LGBT Community are often the strongest organized opposition to Child Protection Laws such as Magen's Law and other anti-Pedophile Laws designed to keep sex offenders away from Schools, Parks and other locations where our child gather. The LGBT Political Action Committee long supported the Speaker of the New York Assembly who blocked the enactment of Megan's Law in New York State. The "LGBT Community" is often the most vocal supporters in advocating for lower age of consent laws, i.e. more liberal laws for child to engage in sex with adults, one such proposal was proposed to lower the age to 14. The LGBT Community has been at the forefront to prevent families from seeking counseling for their own children who may be struggling during the trying pre-teen and teenage years. LGBT activists often engage in custodial interference, using cult-like tactics and sexual liberation enticements, during these trying times and divide parents and children and destroy families.

Homosexuals have gone so far as to attack devout Christians with vexatious and frivolous law suits, one such suit was so frivolous and was based on two militant homosexuals demanding a devout Christian provide them baked goods, the two homosexuals refused the age old business tradition of business owners having the "right to refuse service to anyone". The Homosexuals have been at the forefront of the modern war on the Church, Catholic, Protestant, and Mormon.

Interestingly, only Islam has remained firm in its theology that its liturgy is not an "evolving document" and will not accommodate moral perversion. Piers Morgan recently echoed the homosexual view point when he said "the Bible should be revised", Morgan, like homosexuals demand men should amend God's Word and Laws to accommodate moral perversion and mental illness. All other faiths have begun to crack under the heavy handed political pressure or based on political terms such as "tolerance" or good intentions, which the road to hell is paved with, and reach out for some sort of dialog with or accommodation with Homosexuals.

Of course it has been the militant "Gay Agenda" that has been at the forefront to destroy the institution of Marriage. Homosexuals did not just begin this effort in recent times; militant homosexuals began their assault on marriage in the mid 1960's. It was homosexual liberals and feminist lesbians who first advanced the concept of "no-fault divorce", from that point on the institution of marriage began its steady decline to its in excess of 50% rate we see today.

Homosexuals and the "Gay Agenda" have proved that they do not want dialog or accommodation; they want absolute domination of their agenda triumphant and the demise of Western Christian Civilization. There can be no accommodation with that which seeks to destroy Christian Values.

Homosexuals have been successful through artificial means. Their status as a Class is was obtained through artificial and Orwellian means. When they lose at the ballot box they seek solace in the court of a homosexual Judge or via mid night legislative actions out of reach of the electorate. When you strip away the fraud, the reality is Homosexuality is a cousin to more dangerous sexual based mental illnesses such as pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, et al.

The next logical progression, based on the granting of special class protections to Homosexuals is that these other sexual based mental illnesses be granted the same class designation and rights as homosexuals. Don't laugh; in Europe today, there is a legal effort underway to grant people the right to marry their pets, yes, marriages between humans and dogs, cats and other animal species. The logic that is being applied in the European Courts by these "Animal Lovers" is the same that homosexuals used, first in Europe, where they achieved special Class Status first before they achieved it in the United States.

Homosexuals maintain their special and artificial and fraudulently obtained Special Class Status by way enormous political pressure. They have a lot of leftist benefactors on the left in Congress. They also maintain it by using "Hate speech" and intellectually dishonest labels, i.e. they and their allies label anyone who opposes their mental illness a "hater" or a "homophobe", an artificial and Orwellian term designed to hammer people into politically correct submission, incidentally, Mayor Gurrola could NOT even pronounce the Orwellian term "homophobia" during the reading of her "Gay Pride" Proclamation which was written by the local extremist Homosexual group.

When Homosexuals are faced with public health statistics that clearly demonstrate as a result of their mental illness that they are 8 times more promiscuous and have 10 times more sex partners than normal heterosexuals, they cover their ears and all but shout "don't confuse me with the facts", denial is a classic symptom of mental illness. Homosexuals refuse to acknowledge the public health ramifications of their sex acts; Homosexuals fought the closing of Gay Bath Houses during the early AIDS epidemic, thus placing their sexual gratification over judgment, another clear sign of mental illness.

Homosexuals demands that all social norms and institutions be changed and or modified to accommodation the single act they say justify them as a "Class", their abnormal sex act is itself a red flag for mental illness. Would we as a society be so quick to change the Social Contract and accommodate a similar demand made by a serial killer, because he/she engages in consistent conduct consistently and began at an early age, thus he is a "Class" and thus the action is not deviant or anti-social? The homosexual says it is not about sex, but if not, then what? They counter it is about "love", if that is the case then why do they "love" so many? Compulsive disorders are another sign of mental illness.

The time has come for our Society to cease accepting the Big Lie that has been imposed by Orwellian and political pressure that says homosexuals are a Class of people. We need to push back and defend our Christian values. We need to demand that homosexuals be viewed as what they truly are mentally ill persons who need help and we need to cease enabling the mentally ill in destroying themselves and the rest of OUR Society.

Finally, we need to stand firm that any public official who acts contrary to our values MUST be removed from office. Virginia Gurrola must be removed from office as does any official who does not support her removal.

Rodney Martin -- RIGHT In AMERICA

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