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Right In America© - Jan 13 2013
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RIGHT In AMERICA © with Rodney Martin


Stop the deflection of guns and address the real issue !!! Perhaps by the time you read this, Barack Obama will have issued the Executive Order, his Vice President says is permissible, which will formally restrict all law abiding American's Second Amendments Rights.

We all know the words enshrined in the 2nd Amendment and we have, by now heard every Liberal-Marxist shrill exploit the tragedy at Newtown, as they argue that the 2nd Amendment is "only" for "hunting" and no one needs an AR-15, AK-47 or any other "mean" looking weapon or any magazine which holds more than, say five rounds.

Of course we know they are wrong, the Founders enshrined the 2nd Amendment to ensure that that the people are the ultimate check and balance on a Government that becomes tyrannical and ignores the Constitution and its people, something that has long ago happened in the United States.

Of course Marxist-Liberals really do know the real reason for the 2nd Amendment and their desire to "salami slice the people's rights into oblivion", a term first coined by Lenin, is so they can ultimately enact all of their objectives, most of which they dare not speak openly of, until AFTER they take care of that problematic 2nd Amendment.

The fact is NO political Party or figure should use deaths or any tragedy to push a political Agenda, either pro or con, yet that is what is happening rather than addressing the real human issue of Mental Health.

The great failure of today's publicity seeking "Gun Rights Advocates" is their wiliness to fall into the debate traps of the likes of "King Piers Morgan", a Brit who is willing to tell us how to be an American, "Pistol Packing Momma Diane Feinstein", who seeks to disarm us, while keeping her gun in her purse, "Sideshow Joe Biden" a prime candidate for a strait-jacket, and "Commissar Barak Hussein Obama" who is on a mission to remake America into a Marxist Third World Nation.

Thus far, all of the "Gun Rights Advocates" who have appeared in the media have allowed the tragedy of Newtown to focus the debate solely on inamment objects- "guns", i.e. the debate that is currently ongoing is what guns and what clips will be restricted and why do we need these "mean" looking semi-automatic weapons. Not a single "Gun Rights Advocate" has given the proper reply to "Sir Piers" or any other Liberal-Marxist, the simple answer is, "because the Constitution says I can have one".

The real debate should be on the failure of Liberal egalitarian policies that led directly to Newtown. Liberals never admit nor allow a discussion to occur that may lead to their having to admit that their policies are wrong, and in the case of Newtown, liberal policies have proven to be dead wrong.

The tragedy of Newtown is NOT a result of guns, but rather a result of the failure to properly enforce existing gun laws and to properly address mental health issues in the United States. Specifically, for years, especially since 1964, Liberals have banged the egalitarian drum and enacted polices to "mainstream" everyone, including criminals, sex offenders, the criminally insane.

A prime example of this is the liberals' success in changing the term "illegal alien" to "undocumented worker" thus transforming a criminal into a victim requiring immediate government intervention. The man who murdered the children at Newtown was criminally insane.

Liberal egalitarian Policies and Judges today have legislated people like him and even sex offenders as essentially victims. Liberal policies and Judges have struck down past laws that provided for involuntary commitment and provided families and empowered families with far more tools to institutionalize mentally ill family members before they became a danger to themselves and others. After all, don't families see the danger signs first?

But Liberals have waged a war on families since the early 1960's with a dogma that families are to be replaced with the State, as is the case in Cuba, North Korea and other Utopias that have proven to be so successful.

In 1957, there were 500,000 involuntary commitments in the United States, mass shootings were unheard of. Family members, who are the first to recognize the signs when loved ones need help, were able to sign sworn statements and work with their medical/Psychiatric professionals and thus prevent what we have seen at Newtown, Ct, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Co and Tucson, AZ. Individuals could not be released unless Psychiatric Professionals cleared them; in most cases it required more than one.

However, in the mid 1960's Marxist- Liberals began chipping away at this system and by the early 1980's, with the help of Marxist-Liberal Judges, had established their "new" system whereby Families became all but powerless and irrelevant to the committal process and a Mentally Ill person could simply talk their way through an Interview Process with a State Social Worker, NOT a Psychiatric Professional, who need not consult with family and in most cases may last 2 to 3 minutes or a Judicial Hearing where their "rights" took precedence over the Public's Safety and ultimately other people's Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

In an even greater example of public policy madness that exacerbates this problem Marxist-Liberals have gone out of their way to legalize drugs, via the "salami-slicer" method, first under guise of "medicinal use" of gate way drugs, then more recently attempts at all out legalization. No regard is given for the consequences, and no restrictions have been proposed for the mentally ill, Washington State and Colorado recently legalized marijuana without regard to mentally ill persons.

Can you imagine the ramifications, no need to imagine, we see it every day, of mentally ill persons in denial who use everything from marijuana to methamphetamines to cocaine illegally. Now imagine if all of it was "decriminalized" as most Liberals desire and some Republicans are more than willing to accommodate.

Again more family destruction via official policy making.Liberal-Marxist Dogma took and still takes the egalitarian position that a mentally ill or unbalanced person in denial, emphasis on denial, was and is no different than any other sane person and should be treated as such and thus should be allowed to remain in the greater populace, walking among us, even if they refuse to seek help.

Society has paid a tremendous price for this very flawed egalitarian position by Liberals as have a great many families. In fact Jared Loughner's parents made at least two documented attempts to get him mental health care, they were turned away, James Holmes college psychiatrist was so concerned by his conduct that she had him banned from the college campus, and in the case of the adult shooter in Newtown, his mother was so afraid of him that she warned visitors to her home to "not turn their backs to him, not even when they went to the bathroom", she further ran into the bureaucratic nightmare that is today's policies to obtain involuntary committal of family members.

Under the old system, all would have or could have immediately been involuntarily committed BEFORE they carried out their respective mass shootings. Liberals are not solely to blame for this current state of Mental Health affairs in the United States.

So called Conservatives who often call themselves "Christians", have done very little to stop this trend of Liberal Policies, but not out of any philosophical disagreement. Conservatives have done nothing out of a more twisted motive, financial.

Conservatives viewed Mental Health as a disposable budgetary item and were very eager to end what they referred to as "out dated" Programs for people they really cared very little about. This shortsightedness resulted in millions of mentally ill people being put into the general population, in most cases on the streets, of the United States overnight under the administration of Ronald Reagan.

So called Conservatives who championed fiscal restraint choose to utilize the use of the criminal justice system to address mental health issues, which on average costs $7 more for every $1 spent on Mental Health Prevention Programs. The budgetary rationale in the end saved nothing and cost more.

Of greater concern which requires real Leadership, was and still today is the "stigma" in "Low Information" American Society which is unfairly attached to anyone who willingly seeks treatment for "mental Illness".

A person who recognizes they have a mental illness and willingly seeks help is vastly different from the criminally insane, yet our immature and "Low Information" American Society makes little distinction. When a person has Cancer, we sympathize and encourage treatment, as we do with AIDS and other chronic disease. ? It should be the same for those who seek treatment for mental illness. In fact we have TV Specials for these causes, when was the last time anyone saw a "Mental illness Awareness & Fund Drive", on live TV with all the "Stars" manning the phones? Where is the "Jerry Lewis of Mental Illness"?

If someone stepped up, he/she would surely be crazy as the whispers would go. After his 1996 loss to Bill Clinton, former Senator Bob Dole made TV Commercials promoting new medications to address the very serious condition of "Erectile Dysfunction", something at Bob Dole's age should not be a priority.

One can hardly find an Elder Statesman taking such a stand for Mental Health, and when someone does come forth they are more often mocked. In fact in 1972 a Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee/sitting U.S. Senator from Missouri (Tom Eagleton) was forced to withdraw as a candidate for having the courage to admit he sought treatment for his Mental Health issues, so much for Democrats practicing the Political Correctness they want everyone else to live by.

In all of his "engagements" with various "Gun Rights Advocates", Sir Piers Morgan recites the same playbook and questions, he asks the respective "Gun Rights Advocate" what gun was used in Aurora Colorado, what gun was used in the Newtown, etc., etc., knowing full well the answer will be Assault weapon or semi-automatic weapons.

Piers Morgan is attempting to limit the debate to a common issue, the type of Gun, what has been lost, is the question, "what type of person carried out each of the mass shootings" the answer is a criminally insane person that fixated on killing people, and most likely going to do so, whether they had access to a semi-automatic weapon or not.

Under the system of Mental Health committal that Liberal ended, it would have been far easier for family to involuntarily commit all of these criminally insane shooters before they murdered anyone.

The time has come for our society to cease having artificial debates whose only objective is the furtherance of political objectives at the expense of the public good.

The current "Gun Control" Debate will have no effect on crime, Chicago, has strict gun control, yet it has on average 5 to 8 gun murders per week and rape and assaults are beyond measure and Detroit is worse than Chicago and has equally restrictive gun controls.

Looking at a national model, Mexico bans both Guns and Ammunition and it is a battle ground and people live in fear of Drug Cartels. I for one will never live like that.

The current "Gun Control Debate" and any Marxist inspired policy that comes from it will not address the very serious Mental Health issues we have in the United States. That is the real problem that must be addressed and BOTH political parties must admit they have done a serious injustice to people and enact new policies that strengthen families, provide resources, empower Mental Health Professionals, ceases using the criminal justice system for Mental Health issues, and once and for all remove the stigma that our Low Information and superficial Society places on people who have the courage to seek help.Sadly, as usual in the United States today, the people will lose as "Politicians" and "Special Interests", and "Celebrities" continue to parade their self-importance in the ongoing "Gun Control Debate".

Rodney Martin -- RIGHT In AMERICA

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