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Print | Why do we allow the minority to rule the majority ?
Right from Springville© - Apr 13 2012
with Bob Inabinette : bobeye@portervillepost.com

RIGHT from Springville © with Bob Inabinette

I am known to speak bluntly so if you don't like it then, either get over it, don't read, it or print it. The answer to the subject is that the majority allows this to happen by not speaking loudly and clearly. It also happens because the majority doesn't vote or if they do, they don't take the time to study the candidates or the issues so as to cast an intelligent vote. You see, these judges, in the case cited below were appointed by people you voted for!

While much of this is answered in my book the main issue I address here is the court case brought by the Hikers Association to keep horses out of our wilderness areas.

The court should have refused to hear this case on grounds that it is "frivolous horse sh*t!" since horses shitting in our wilderness is one of their main concerns. There are more important things the court should be considering than this.

As I pointed our in a recent message if the hiker is concerned about the horse taking a dump in the stream and polluting the water then get a drink upstream you idiot! Are you not concerned about the bear and dozens of other wild animals that craps and takes a bath in the stream? Do you want to ban them along with the horses and cows? If you are concerned, there are cheap ways to purify the water that makes it safer than the drinking water in most cities.

It was men on horseback that discovered these wilderness areas for us all to enjoy. As was pointed out in a recent editorial in the Porterville Recorder, a horse makes it possible for us, including the handicapped, to get deeper into the wilderness areas. These wilderness areas are for everyone not just hikers. The hikers association who brought this idiotic law suit are a bunch of idiotic, selfish vermin.

Why aren't they complaining about the dog sh*t in public places because of stray dogs and irresponsible owners? I know many of us has stepped in a pile of that. There is no comparison! Horse dung is recycled grass and grain and I will take that any day over dog sh*t!

The other ways that the minorities controls our society is by the atheist, the homosexuals, radical feminist groups and others. Any of these groups comprise only about 2% of our population and yet they have changed the way of life of the other 98% of us. They have a right to their life style but they have NO RIGHT TO FORCE IT UPON THE REST OF US!

So, I ask again why do we allow this?

The first and most evil thing that happened to our society was taking bible reading, the "pledge of elegance" and praying from our schools. This was just the beginning which was started by Madelyn Murray O'Hare. I don't understand how such a totally screwed up person could convince the SCOTUS of anything! I am currently reading, "My Life Without God" by William O'Hare, the first illegitimate child of Madelyn Murray, and find it hard to believe what a dysfunctional, screwed up animal she was!

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