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Print | Open Letter to Supervisor Mike Ennis
Right from Springville© - Jun 06 2012
with Bob Inabinette : bobeye@portervillepost.com

RIGHT from Springville © with Bob Inabinette Dear Supervisor Ennis, I am sending this to you because you know that "you work for us." I know that a new jail is on the agenda for tomorrow and that is the reason for my inputs.

We are building a multi-million dollar courthouse in Porterville because of the increased number of cases to be tried. You are now discussing the building of a multi-million dollar jail to house those convicted or being held for trial. It seems that our governments are bent on passing stupid laws in order to put more people in jail for us taxpayers to support. Why not find a way to prevent crimes in the first place?

I cover most of this in a book that I wrote: "TOTALLY PISSED OFF at our Corrupt Progressive Unconstitutional Government." Since not enough people have read it, I will point some of it out here. Below is a partial of a letter to the editor Porterville Recorder I wrote recently:

"It was recently reported that a convicted murderer was released because of over crowding in California prisons. He then committed another murder. A few months back it was reported in the Porterville Recorder that a man who had a license to grow medical marijuana was sentenced to 10 years for growing more than his allowance. Was the murderer released to make room for someone who was growing too many weeds?

How about the illegal alien reported in The Recorder who ran over and killed a productive father of four while the illegal was DUI, without a license, car registration or insurance? He was sentenced to only one year and then to be turned loose to do what? Where is the justice here?

In another case from The Recorder, a man was arrested and booked for possession of $120 in illegal drugs and “paraphernalia.” What was the cost to the taxpayers for arrest, booking, incarceration and court fees? Does this make sense?

There is a term in police work, which I happen to have served six years in, “The letter of the law (which was unwisely applied here) and the spirit of the law.” The “spirit of the law” gives the police officer the option of using common sense, like booking the evidence, or destroying it and filing a report with a warning that if the offender is ever caught in the situation again he would be jailed and charged. The law is stupid in the first place."

As I drove home from Visalia today on Highway 198 I noticed the tons of trash and crap along the highway. I wondered why we put minor offenders, like the one above, in jail instead of having them cleaning the highways and other non-violent offenders. They could then spend the night at home at their own expense.

Can you justify this? Consider that we have spent over $1 Trillion over the past 40 years on the "War on Drugs." It took us only 14 years to end prohibition on alcohol because it didn't work (see how in my book). Do you know that 200,000 people die each year from LEGAL drugs? Is that OK because the drugs are legal? Only a fraction of this amount dies from ILLEGAL drugs! Well, they're illegal!

Shouldn't we be attacking the bigger problem? There are two solutions to this problem. Decriminalize "illegal" drugs, regulate them and TAX them since we are so addicted to taxes! The next thing is to put troops on our borders like we do in foreign countries to keep out the criminals and potential criminals.

You will probably say that is the Federal governments responsibility. Our Constitution says that it is the Federal governments responsibility to protect the states against invasion! If they won't do it then we have to do it. Nowhere in our Constitution does it give the Federal government the right to ban drugs of any kind.

We have to look for SOLUTIONS for the problem and not just looking at the problems! More jails and courts are not a reasonable solution! In many cases we make criminals by giving them a "record" and then they have a problem getting a job. So what then, welfare?

Welfare is another scam! Thank God we had two of them move out of our rental today. She is 21 and has been on welfare since she was 14 and got raped and had a child. Three years ago she had a baby by a 44 year old man who has been her "live-in" since. He lives off her.

Several months ago she was told that she had to go on the "welfare to work" program. The welfare dept. Bought her interview clothes and work clothes. Since her "go to work" car needed repairs they spent about $4000.00 to repair her car. After working a few weeks she complained that her boss pulled her hair and used foul language so she quit her job. Now we are out all the money in clothes and auto repair and she goes back on welfare. Not a bad job for her, and him, but us taxpayers are stuck.

Now do you see why we need welfare reform? The other problem is that he spends most of his time trying to get on state, or SS, disability! We are becoming a nation of "dead beats!"

I could go on and on about this, so I did in my book! Do us all a favor and read it.

Right from Springville ...

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