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Print | NFL players VS armed service members
Right from Springville© - Oct 24 2012
with Bob Inabinette : bobeye@portervillepost.com

RIGHT from Springville © with Bob Inabinette I just watched a FOX program that featured Ricky Watters, ex-NFL player, who is among 3300 NFL players that are suing the NFL league for injuries they incurred in playing football for the league. Watters was complaining about multiple concussions, broken bones, etc.

While all professional sports and entertainment must be considered here, I will compare the football players to our armed service troops and will use Ricky Watters as an example:

Ricky Watters played in the NFL for ten years and was paid in the area of $20 million or more during this time. If he invested just a portion of this wisely, he is worth a bundle and should be able to care for himself.

He and his wife have listed their home in Florida for sale for $2 million. His wife owns a law firm and should be making good money. Many of the players go on to another career in broadcasting, the major they studied in college or other.

The football players CHOOSE to go onto the field and play. They know what the risks are. Sometimes they are taped up and given pain killers to go back on the field to play injured for a bonus in order to try to win a game.

My conclusion is that these players know the risks and are getting made into millionaires for their "job." They really have a part time job as there are several months between playing seasons and practice time. Most of them live at home. They make more money than it takes to have a luxurious lifestyle in retirement. The vested ones have a medical plan second to none. It includes surgery, joint replacement, long time care and many other features. How many football players do you see missing form one to four limbs? I know that some get paralyzed or other serious injuries

When we compare this to our armed service personnel, there is really not a fair comparison. Compared to a civilian job, the pay is a pittance compared to the fact that they are on call 24/7 and have to live in a location that the military decides. Most of the time they are away from their families. I know that we have an all volunteer armed service but many of them don't expect to wind up on the front line getting killed and wounded.

Unlike the football player, they don't have a choice of whether to go into harms way. If they refuse to go into battle, they face courts martial, dishonorable discharge and prison. On the other hand, the football player can walk away at any time and only loses future money.

I don't have the figures for the retirement of a service member who retires after 20 years of service but most of them have to start a second career to have an average lifestyle if they can even find a job.

In the last presidential debate, Obama lied again and said that the employment rate of veterans was lower than the national average of employed when in fact it is about 24%. That is about four times the national average. Compared to a $2 million home of Ricky Watters, the average service person is lucky to own an average home with a mortgage to pay.

Most of our veterans have to fight for their medical benefits, especially those who have legitimate mental issues. Many of those who do get help have to wait months or years. The VA is still dragging their feet with the issue of Agent Orange victims from the Vietnam war!

My final conclusion is that we make millionaires of people to entertain us and a large portion of our population treats the troops that keep us safe to watch this entertainment like dirt or takes them for granted!

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