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Right from Springville© - Apr 25 2013
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RIGHT from Springville © with Bob Inabinette Dear Kevin, We have at least 12 million illegal immigrants here today and we allow in 100,000 legal immigrants in each month! There is no way that they can be properly vetted! There should be NO AMNESTY! Their first crime was breaking into our country. The bleeding hearts are concerned about the illegals children that were born here but that was the parents decision. If someone breaks into your home and has a kid while you aren't home, does that make it you obligation to let them say and you have to support them?

The illegals that are here now are because of prior amnesties! Every time we granted amnesty, the illegals stampeded across our borders and it starts again! The proposal to build fences and to use surveillance equipment is a joke! They cut the fences, tunnel under them or climb over them.

The only way to secure our borders and shores is with our military! Afghanistan does not want us there so bring home the troops and put them on our borders with the same density as on the Korean border! The Navy and Coast Guard can protect our shores. The primary duty of the US Army prior to WWII was to guard our Southern border and it should be done now!

Congress's duty is to the legal, lawful American citizen not the rest of the world, or especially to someone who came here under false pretenses and then attacked us!

The Boston Bombing was committed by legal immigrants! How many more like them are in our midst? We don't know! How many more will come over our porous borders or by water?

We will never solve the immigration problem without a moratorium on legal immigration. Only let in people WE NEED and can be gainfully employed. In the meantime we must start vetting the ones that are already here and that will take years.

There must be an amendment to our legal immigration process. The legal immigrant takes an oath to protect our country before they can be admitted. The amendment must state that anytime an immigrant fails to live up to their oath, THEIR CITIZENSHIP IS REVOKED IMMEDIATELY! If this clause had been their, the case of the Boston Bombers would have been simplified. They would have not been citizens and have no protection under our Constitution!

I gave you a copy of my book and in it I pointed out that both Presidents Truman and Eisenhower both instituted "Operation Wetback" where they deported all the illegals they could round up! It is time to do it again!

Kevin, we must realize that our duty is to Americans and America, not the rest of the world! Sincerely,

Right from Springville ...

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