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Muster Right Here© - Jun 28 2009
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack AWRIGHT, you lazy goldbricks!!! We've been goofing off long enough!!! Fall in & listen up!!! We have a mission!!! Mission Statement, as follows: to inform, alert and educate the somnambulant populace about the perilous times now and ahead, but more on that, later. I am your NCO, in charge, Sgt Mack. Let's be informal, since we are going to be working together. You can call me by my first name, Sgt. I'm going to be writing a column, here, in which I hope to inform you and alert the public about people and events that affect our community, state, nation and the world, with as much humor as possible, given the situation. Your job will be to read it and call me on anything that you find in error, or even questionable. In other words, if you can't agree that I have the facts straight, question me.

We may not agree on the conclusion, but that may be a matter of opinion. We can respect each other's opinion, as long as we are clear on the facts. Once we have clarity, your job will be to forward the column to whomever you believe needs to see it, along with your comments, if you wish. I would welcome an opportunity to see those comments, particularly if you disagree with my conclusions. It might be helpful to communicate any disagreement, before forwarding the column, as your view might show me a different perspective and cause me to re-evaluate my conclusions.

By way of introduction, I am a 62 year old (or young) refugee from federal service, with a combined active and reserve military time of 19 years. I should be a Sgt Major by now, but the cards fall how they fall. We'll talk more about those kinds of situations, later.

I like fishing (not as much as if I were good at it), boating, motorcycling, target shooting, drilling my troops (de facto drillmaster of my unit) and teaching a variety of military subjects. I was also President of Porterville REACT for 12 years and served a term (each) as Vice President and President of the Central California REACT Council. Discovered at 60 that I could still swing a 12 lb. sledge-hammer and hit my target, hard, so health isn't a concern, yet.

I am married (almost half my life) to a refugee from state/federal service, and we are singers/songwriters. I have several copyrights, but only 2 recorded songs, and my wife has 1, which isn't bad for her, since she started singing comparatively recently and has come far and fast. We did a "mini-gospel" tour, last year (6500 miles), singing 16 times in churches, retirement homes, convalescent facilities (focusing on those under-served by the local communities) and 1 community center. We do an eclectic mix of contemporary, classic, and gospel, and must have done something right, because we were invited back, everywhere, and in Warren County, Ga, they said we should take over the community center, for a night and charge admission. Planning it for our next tour, once we have an air-conditioned Toyota Chinook, pop-up camper.

It has been my honor to sing The National Anthem, several times, which, to a singer, is equivalent to a baseball player playing in "The Series." I'm also an inventor, with 2 patentable inventions, but someone else beat me to it.

I spent my formative years in the "Bay Area," so by all logic, I should need a crutch under my left arm, to avoid falling over. Additionally, most of my family (and my co-workers for 37 years) were Democrats. I might have been a "Dem.," too, but would have been a "JFK Dem.," which would have ensured the retention of some reasoning faculties. Anyway, the earlier years of my misspent youth (which I'm still misspending in other ways), involved a lot of drinking, partying, mistakes and accidents, but very few serious consequences. Then, one day, I started tallying: A sports car off a 30 foot embankment, barrel rolled 3 times (in the air) and came down on the wheels: stepped across a log and almost on top of a rattlesnake, which missed me; walked out on a limb, which broke, dropping me about 8 - 10 feet to rocks, between which (on grass) my extremities landed, emerging without a scratch, etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum. I was a very (unquestionably) stupid, very lucky guy, or was I? How many co-incidences does it take to make a pattern? How much "good fortune" does it take to make someone realize that there must be a plan? Talk about an epiphany! I should be dead!!! I'd heard the preaching and the persuasion, but I guess I'd been ducking, so it went over my head.

Someone was looking out for me. Couldn't have been Satan. He'd have just let me die, so he could drag me down to his level. Besides, I guess somewhere in the back of my mind (soul?), I knew. Once in awhile, I'd get out of another scrape and look up and say, "Thanx, Boss," but never really, consciously, gave Him the honor and credit for my survival. Then, I got to thinking, one of these days, He might tap me on the shoulder and say, "Boy, you owe Me, big time," so maybe I should shape up and start paying back, now. Now I know that there is nothing God needs me to do. But, there are probably things He would like for me to do, if for no other reason than that He could call Satan up and say, "Look at that," or "Listen to this, that's one of Mine, there." One of the ways to do that is to use the voice He gave me, singing His praises, or entertaining "...the least..." of His.

Another way is to use the facility He gave me, with words, to try to help others to see what He gave us, as a country, a form of government and a society. In keeping with that mission, I have run a constitutional study group, spoken with any and everyone who has shown an interest in the truth about our God-given rights, responsibilities and (hold on, this is VERY politically incorrect) American exceptionalism, and stand ready to do so, again, any time I'm asked, schedule and obligations permitting, but I'm very flexible.

At any rate, I have a deal with the editor, that I will submit what and when the spirit moves me to and he will publish, edit or reject, as the spirit moves him. Fortunately, I'm familiar with rejection, so my self-image is safe. My commitment, to the reader, is that I will endeavor to write, clearly and factually, about what moves me and hope that it will move you. I will, as does Dennis Prager, value clarity over agreement and hope that I may, as he does, learn from you as much as you learn from me.

In closing, let me be very politically incorrect,as usual. May God bless y'all and may God bless America, especially our troops, who are in harm's way. May He bring them home safely, with their missions accomplished and a minimum of civilian casualties, which they avoid as best they can. May He bless our new administration with understanding of our place in His grand scheme and our responsibilities, to Him, so that America can be the shining city on the hill!!! And all of God's children, who are in their right minds and thinking rationally said (loudly and with feeling), "AMEN!!!"

Sgt Mack out, leaving the air and securing the station.

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