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Muster Right Here© - Dec 31, 2020
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

Back when I was a military instructor, I wanted to be certain that no one could say my Troops didn’t know “S” from Shinola. To this end I acquired a can of chicken droppings and attached a can of Shinola to the bottom. I passed it around to the class and asked each soldier to examine both cans and identify the contents. Each soldier did, successfully, after which I could certify that they did, in fact, know “S” from Shinola.

If the2020 bravo sierra “supreme court” fails to discharge their sworn duty and protect the country from the demoncratic party’s corruption of our elective process, I will guarondamtee you that none of MY Troops will mistake them for Shinola!!!

Un-COVER!!! (Individual, silent prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus’ Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


In addition to the aforementioned “doctorates”, I, hereby, confer (on that same body) the order of Quisling, the Extreme Unction of The Space Holder (which all intelligent people recognize as a “ZERO”) and the Order of Cesspool Sludge. All of this wealth of contempt to become operative ONLY upon their abdicating their role in the justice system, re: our corrupted election, at the hands of the bite me/cacamala crime family.

O.K. Master Sgt. what should be done?

O.K. Master Sgt. what should be done?

Glad you asked that, young Trooper. Keep it up and you won’t be a “slick sleeve” for long! 1st of all, the Supreme Court (if it is worthy of the title) should IMMEDIATELY clear its calendar and hear ALL of the overwhelming evidence that they dismissed and anything else that has surfaced from the slime.

Then, they should require a thorough investigation and agree to hear the criminal charges that are attendant to the gross violations of the Constitution and breaches of National Security that have CLEARLY been committed by individuals AND state government cabals.

Finally, any of these domestic terrorists not found to be executable should be shipped to “Gitmo” to rot there with all of the other terrorists and Pres.Trump declared the winner and still President.


“I am solidly in synch with safe storage and handling of firearms,which I practice assiduously.” ... Sergeant Mack

Been hearing a commercial from the “brady bunch” advocating the safe storage of firearms (purportedly) to prevent suicide by firearms. I am solidly in synch with safe storage and handling of firearms,which I practice assiduously. The only firearms I have that are not locked in a heavy steel cabinet, with heavy locking bars and barrel locks are those that are on my person as protection against the critters up here that may not eat you, but very well may KILL you. I will have to go out in the dark and do some things, later on, and feel very secure as does everyone who lives around us, knowing that I am armed and well trained.

Never thought I would be agreeing with that bunch of gun-grabbers on anything, but as long as they don’t go too far (which they have been known to do) I’ll have to support a good idea, no matter the source. Just be VERRY wary of the camel (especially the cacamala) getting its nose under the edge of the tent.

Actually, I’m in favor of LEGITIMATE gun control, which I practice religiously. The control I exert (while shooting) causes my shots to find their target. The control I exert (while NOT shooting) prevents my firearms from being used, without authorization. Now to return to our class that was interrupted.

“Remember : There are NO good leftists. The same goes for demoncrats and most are deluded kool-aid drinkers” ... Sergeant Mack

Remember : There are NO good leftists. The same goes for demoncrats and most Democrats are deluded kool-aid drinkers, which makes them as dangerous as the HARD-CORE leftists, because (unlike the HARD-CORE) the kool-aid drinkers are undercover and only surface when called by their masters.

While listening to KNZR 1560 Bakersfield, I heard a new term for the demoncrats that I find very appropriate, given their recent corruption of the election process: “corruptocrats”. I would, gladly make attribution, but can’t remember the source. If anyone runs across the source, please contact me, via the Post.

Big day, tomorrow , “Walkin’ Around on My New Titanium Hip’ (to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”) so “lights out”.


Heavenly Father, we ask Your guidance and protection, especially for President Trump and all of the others who are seeking justice for your people. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially, for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOOAAAHHH!!!



Sgt Mack out , leaving the air and closing station.

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