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Muster Right Here© - Dec 31 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

TN Tourist Arrested for Bringing Loaded Handgun to 9/11 Memorial, etc.

Stand at EASE!!! Un-COVER!!! Individual, silent prayer or meditation. In Jesus' Name I pray! HOOAAHH!!! COVER!

Take SEATS!!!

Today's class will cover (principally) the story mentioned, with some additional thoughts.

What mistakes did the young lady make, which led to her arrest for practicing her God-given and 2nd amendment protected right to be able to defend herself?

Yes, Sgt, tell us.

Absolutely RIGHT!!

No right thinking conservative should GO to new york and expose themselves to such a bunch of head-in-methane idiots, ANYWAY, much less consider moving there, to work.

Then, what?

Yes, Specialist, once the idiotic decision to GO there was made, she should have reviewed their anti-gun, anti-freedom laws and CHANGED HER MIND!!! Having made 2 mistakes, she compounded them by thinking (rationally) "Oh! No guns allowed. I'll just check it with the guard."

In any RATIONAL environment, that would have worked. They might have said, "Sorry, young lady, but you aren't in Kansas or Tennessee & you can't have this here. We'll transport it to the state line (or city limits, if the state laws are less stupid than the city ordinances) & you can pick it up as you are leaving."

NOT in the eastern left coast, where new jersey imprisoned a guy who was moving there and carrying firearms LEGALLY, according to new jersey laws.

She SHOULD HAVE turned around, gone back to her hotel/motel and locked it up.

You have to remember that liberals TEND to have their heads in methane and LEFTISTS are REQUIRED TO!!!

So, what have we (and, hopefully they) learned from this experience?

Private? Yes! You are ABSOLUTELY right!

If you are blessed to live in a state that is more Constitutionally oriented, STAY THERE!!! No job is worth moving into a liberal/left stinkhole, where they keep the Constitution in the little shack with the 1/4 moon on the door & use it for "personal needs".

If you HAVE to travel in such an environment, READ THEIR STINKING LAWS and do your best to COMPLY with them. At least, then, the NRA or some other Constitutional group MAY be able to defend you, from the forces of evil!

Try to gas up before entering non-reciprocal states and don't stop (especially don't spend money) until you are out, into a better state.

So, keep up the pressure on the "representatives" from the anti-gun states to pass the national reciprocity bill, whereby any state (I believe those which don't absolutely prohibit firearms carry) will honor the permits of the others.

Congrats!! to Arizona!!! My sources have informed me that they have ended the formal requirements, for armed citzens. If you got it, CARRY IT!!! & let the bad guys beware!!!

Just because you don't see a COP, don't think that gives you license to be STUPID!!! Mr. or Ms. Citizen can take you down just as easily. More so, because they aren't hamstrung by a bunch of regulations. All they need is to be in fear of their life.

All Troops REMEMBER, this info is always subject to YOUR CONFIRMATION!!! NEVER believe ANYTHING you don't hear from the SOURCE!!! This is just a heads- up!

Now, another point.

A lot of people think that Christians are supposed to distance themselves from the political process.

I've said it b-4 & (for the benefit of those who missed it and those who may have forgotten) I'll say it AGAIN. WE are the STEWARDS of this world. GOD SAID SO!!! You DON'T fulfill the duties of a steward by standing by, wringing your hands & saying, "Oh my!! That isn't right!!! Someone should DO SOMETHING!!!

A lot of people in Germany & some in Japan did that and look what happened! Then, a lot of people in the rest of the world, including us (U.S.) did it some more and look what happened.

Stewardship requires some work. Some of it isn't pleasant. Some of it is downright NASTY!!! But it needs DOING and being afraid to soil your lily-white hands getting the job DONE isn't Christian. It's laziness, irresponsibility, indifference, narcissistic and some other adjectives that my 20 yrs. military service urge me to use, but my editor, my own sense of propriety and God forbid it.

In other words," ..it just ain't fittin'." as Mammy said, in "Gone With The Wind."

I won't even accuse these people of being mules, as she did, but the reason is that it would insult the MULES!!!

I'll, also say, again, "If you think Democracy is too much work, try slavery", because failing to do your part, to secure freedom, is the same as voting for SLAVERY!!!

O.K. Here's food for thought, where once again, the imperial o(whatta)bummers have "flipped off" the American taxpayers, with a, "The peasants are starving? Let them eat CAKE!!!" (Remember, Marie Antoinette lost her HEAD over that flippant "flip-off".)

Now, her imperial LOWNESS had to fly to Hawaii AHEAD of HIS imperial LOWNESS, at EXORBITANT taxpayer expense, in VIOLATION of HIS executive order, for gov't employees to tone down the outflow of $$$.

And from WHAT is SHE vacationing??? Let's see, now, she's waited on, hand & foot & we didn't HIRE HER, to do a BLOODY THING!!! Looks to ME as if SHE'S on a 24/7 vacation, ALREADY, at our expense. Tell you what, she can come and keep house, for me, & my wife can go live in luxury, comparable to what she has & I'll BET you my wife won't care about a BLOODY VACATION!!!

Talk about, "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!!!" Oh, I forgot ... He IS the anointed one and to criticize him (who plays the "race card", at every opportunity) makes ME a bigot!

Well, chew on THIS, you weak-minded, self-righteous BIGOTS, I'm criticizing his WHITE half!!! Besides which, anyone with 2 wits to rub together has checked me out from day ONE and knows that I don't care about race, religion (except for cults), national origin (unless it affects one's qualification for a job) or motorcycle club (unless the conduct of same isn't within socially acceptable limits).

I've worked with and FOR women, blacks & hispanics and I respect the individual as they demonstrate their worthiness and disrespect (if at all) on the same basis.

I take people on their own merits and the "imperial" o(whatta)bummers are DEFICIT, in that area. I wouldn't care if they were purple or chartreuse.

That is reason # 10, 473, why o(whatta)bummer & his hangers-on need to hear one of my new favorite songs, "...we'll put a boot in your a$$, it's the American way..." and the SOONER the BETTER!!!

One last point. I heard some discussion about whether or not the soldiers (all branches) returning form Iraq should have a ticker-tape parade. Where's the question?

Anyone who thinks that they shouldn't celebrate the troops who have been ANYWHERE dodging bullets so that we can sit back here, in freedom and safety and debate stupid questions like this, is a METHANE BREATHER!!!

You may disagree with the politics of any war, but you take that up with the POLITICIANS!!! You DON"T DIS THE TROOPS who've been "...in harm's way"!

Not without revealing yourself to be among the lowest forms of non-sentient life! I would sooner talk to a dung beetle.

Are you CLEAR ON THAT??!!! O.K. Pass it on to any pencil necked twerps you hear taking the wrong tack on this issue!

Now, I've taken enough time out of our busy day. I have to pull maintenance on some equipment & work on some of our systems that are "works in progress."

You need to get cracking on ensuring that we return to a Constitutional Republic, instead of this socialist mess we've been enduring.

Make 2012 The Year Of The Constitution!!!, the LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT !!! Read it! Promote it! Preserve, protect and defend it!!! HOOAAHHH!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, I thank You that You never tire of hearing our problems and are always there to guide us, with Your Word. The forces of darkness are surrounding us and we ask for Your protection. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHH!!!


Section Chiefs put 'em to work! Get OUT of here!!!

Sgt. Mack, out. Closing station & leaving the air.

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