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Muster Right Here© - Dec 26 2013
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

I have been accused of having some skill with words, both written and spoken. I could not even BEGIN to create a "Brave New World" of destruction of our way of life, even in my worst nightmares, that would equal the facts of what the o(WHATTA)bummer regime has achieved, in a (FORMERLY) free society.

All of the combined intellect of the Texas Liars Club could not equal the lies, deceptions and other cons perpetrated against the American public, by the cesspool sludge of the barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer regime.

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.)

In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

Imagine the voice of Rod Serling. "Submitted for your consideration, this is a poem or song, dedicated to amerika's imperious couple, their lownesses, mr. & mrs. barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer and the patriots who are dedicated to undoing the devastating effects of their socialist regime. If sung, it should be to the tune of 'It Takes A Worried Man'. "

I haven't the ability to insert the proper emphasis, so you'll have to improvise, but it is singable, if you can figure it out. Please feel free to pass this class on to your friends, family and any of the "Useful Idiots" so called by the leftists they support. Watch for the "caps" & they may help you with the emphasis.

Cho: It TAKES a worried land, to sing a worried song, (3x) [Last time, add,] We're worried now, 'cause the leftists are all wrong.

Vs.:The O (WHATTA)bummers CAME from Chi. town, socialist to the bone, (3X) [Last X add,] We'll all be BETter off, when HE is off the throne.

Cho: (3X) [Last time add,] We're worried now, 'cause the rinos go along.

Vs.: O (WHATTA)bummer (DOESN'T) care, RAMMED right down our throats, (3X) [Last X, add,] We're gonna FIGHT it, but we need all your votes.

Cho.: (3X) [LAST X, add,] We're worried now and WE'VE just gotta get strong.

Vs.: o(WHATTA)BUMmer says transFORM this land, to fit the socialist mold. (3X) [Last X, add,] We're worried now. Down the RIVER we've been sold.

Cho.: (3X) [Last X. add,] We need a LEADER & not some RINO ding dong!

Vs.: "WE, the people..." ARE in charge SAYS the Constitution, (3X) [Last X, add,] Clean out the cesspool sludge, and MAKE 'em pay restitution.

Cho.: (3X) [Last X, add,] Let's get united, in the RIGHT, where we belong.

Most 1st all caps words will be the downbeat, for that line and will get emphasis. Most (WHATTA)s don't get the emphasis. I hope it works for you.


I don't know who gets the SUPER STOOPID OF THE YEAR award!!! The candidates are:

1) The teenaged punk who (while driving drunk, about 70MPH) killed 4 people and maimed 2. (No, it couldn't be him, because he's skating with 10 years probation and "treatment" at a plush "clinic".)

2) His parents, who never taught him better.

3) The "judge", who (in a monumental example of juris cranial rectosis) bought the load of Bravo Sierra "affluenza" defense presented by his shyster lawyer. (No, probably not her. She's probably bought & paid for & enjoying the fruits of her ill-gotten gains.)

4) Whomever was responsible for putting her a$$ on the bench. (The voters, some bureau-rat, etc.) By the way, if she stays on the bench, whomever is responsible moves from the SUPER STOOPID OF THE YEAR race to the LIFETIME STOOPIDITY ACHIEVEMENT award category.

5) Nope, can't be the lawyer. He's just doing what he has sold his soul to the devil for, ensuring that some of the worst cesspool sludge in the world NEVER have to pay for their crimes.

You vote on it & tell me if I have left anyone out.

Then there's the o(WHATTA)bummer regime. I keep telling you that they AREN'T stupid, just EVIL.

OBAMGEDDON is in full swing and taking us down the slippery slope lubricated with cesspool sludge.

I keep trying to get the word out that the o(WHATTA)bumer regime is RAPIDLY eroding our individual rights and God-given freedoms.

Just look around at the BRAVO SIERRA their are forcing down our gagging throats.

o(WHATTA)bummer (DOESN'T)care is only the most recent. You have a whole history of lies, abuses (like nancy (the pile of) pelosi) wasting OUR money on exorbitant bar bills on excessive trips across the country (carrying her relatives & cronies) on an Air Force jet that was provided thru the beneficence of "WE, THE PEOPLE..."

Their main weapon that is being used against "WE, THE PEOPLE..." is their ability to drain the public purse to by the votes of people who don't contribute to it.

The remedy may be something that was used by the civil rights movement, with considerable success. Civil disobedience can be a powerful tool but the reaction will be a lot different if we decide to apply it.

If we decide to (en mass) opt out of o(WHATTA)bummer (DOESN'T)care, we'll be branded as "unpatriotic and greedy". It would work, though because they'd be cutting off their "perks" to spite their ugly faces. If you jail all of the producers, there isn't anyone to rip off.

In fact, if we emulated the story of "Atlas Shrugged" and all of the producers just emigrated to places where they would be free to achieve "...life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...", without the burden of a socialist regime, it would be interesting to see how long it would take the regime to outlaw emigration. (That's LEAVING the country, to escape the rip-offs, as opposed to immigration, by those who want to PARTICIPATE in the rip-offs.)

As I see it, we need to do one thing or the other: either take back our government and put the bureaurats (elected and appointed) back into the subordinate positions the founders intended, or just bug out & let them fall flat, without us to support the poly-tickians.

Taking time out from the work of getting us (U.S.) back on track, some Christmas observations. Listened to a show (on KERN radio) "The Year, In Your Ear" & heard some good stuff and some that was troubling.

If you can find it, I'd encourage all of my Troops to listen to it.

Leaving all of the predations and violations by the o(WHATTA)bummers & their cesspool sludge cronies, there was a story about an 11yr-old girl who wanted to sell mistletoe, to help finance her braces. Security guard, working next to where she was selling, told her she could not sell in a park that was adjacent to a local (farmer's?) marketplace, but she could BEG!!!

Talk about violating the spirit to nit-pick the letter! Are YOU KIDDING ME???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I heard Madison Root interviewed, I thought that had I not known she was 11, & SEEN her interviewed, I'd have thought she was a "little person" or as they used to be called, a midget.

Her articulation and the concepts she expressed would do credit to a college educated adult, from a CONSERVATIVE institution.

That young lady has more sense and integrity than (I'd say) at least 75% of congress, on their best day.

Even some of my fellow Conservatives (but ALL of the rinos and lib/lefties) could benefit from her tutelage.

Thank GOD we are still producing SOME young'uns of her caliber.

I pray that her parents and the other adults in her life will continue her rearing in the manner she has demonstrated and (should I live long enough) I'd be happy to vote for her as president.

SHE GETS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, before I leave this topic, I just want to salute her and everyone in her life who has contributed to her arrival at this state of awareness and character. I want all of my Troops to join me. Present ARMS!!! Order ARMS!!! HOOAAHHH!!!

Now, Young Miss I'm asking any of my Troops who might know you or how to contact you to give you a copy of this class and I invite you to be a guest columnist, for portervillepost.com.

I will ask my editor to publish you and I don't think I'll have to ask very hard.

Our usual topics are: politics (or as I call them "poly-tickians") religion, local and world events, the general state of society.

I found her e mail & sent it, directly, but just to be SURE, plz fwd it, if you can.

O.K., got to get this class published but, b-4 I do, I want to recommend Wayne Allyn Root's "The Ultimate OBAMA Survival Guide". (Wonder if he & Madison are related. The level of intellect and articulation would argue for it.)

I would not (usually) capitalize obama, but I was quoting. Anyway, if you haven't read it I HEARTILY urge you to do so.

He lays out the lies, deception, greed and corruption of the regime that aims to make barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer emperor for life of a "democratic socialist" country where, in stead of "From each, according to their ability and to each, according to their needs. " it becomes: From each, everything (except the party commissars, who pay nothing) and to each, bare subsistence (except the party commissars, who leach their lives of excess from the blood of the [unwashed] masses).

Remember that the truth, if you ACT on it, CAN set you free ANNNNDDD, if the election doesn't get you the result you wanted and YOU didn't VOTE, I don't want to hear your whining. GO VOTE & get everyone who supports the Constitution (truly, not the liars) to go WITH you or SHADDUPA YOU MOUTH!!!!!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, it keeps getting worse, but we thank You for the bright, shining stars You show us, in the hours of our worst problems, like Madison Root. We ask that You continue to guide and protect us and in all things I thank and praise You and, especially, I thank you for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

Cover!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt. Mack out. Leaving air and closing station.

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