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Muster Right Here© - Dec 23 2012
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!! But, again, be watching your 6, as they're REALLY SNEAKY!!!

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.)

In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!


Everyone I know, who has held a job for wages and has 2 wits to rub together, is glad to have the protection of a union.

I have been a staunch union man, for years, and a former union officer. The problem I have, with some unions, is the old "power saw" that, "All power tends to corrupt and ABSOLUTE power tends to corrupt, ABSOLUTELY!!!"

Unions were created as a response to abuses, of workers, by bosses. It was (and is) a good idea and has done a lot of good.

The problem is that the increase of union power has resulted in the abuse of bosses AND workers BY UNIONS and a "nanny state" government!!!

When a union has the power to compel the member to contribute (have extorted from them) money that is used to support poly-tickians and causes with which the member does not agree, THAT'S ABUSE!!!!

When the government (our EMPLOYEES) requires the union to give non-members the benefits of union membership, without having contributed to the support of the union, THAT'S ABUSE!!!

When the union is allowed to bankrupt a company or force the company to do things that are contrary to the best interests of the company, THAT'S ABUSE!!!

I have heard many people criticize unions (and justly) for their high-handed dealings that are inimical to the interests of our country.

We have SEEN examples of this abuse, from the new york garbage strike, to the Hostess Twinkie bakery closing.

What the "Rank & File", of the unions, need to do is INSIST that the union leadership make contract goals REASONABLE and QUIT DEMONIZING their OWNERS or MANAGEMENT.

Granted, there are cesspool sludge in management. I've been there, seen them and fought with them. That said, there are ALSO some really GOOD people, in management and they deserve all of the co-operation they can get.

The same holds true for business owners. There are those who don't even deserve to be allowed UNDER a rock and those who should be held up as examples of the best of humanity.

The problem is that so many union leaders just want to throw around their (sometimes considerable) weight, that they have acquired at the expense of those whom they purport to represent.

I like the old country (now obsolete) custom of weighing the mayor, or other elected official, yearly, and if they have gained a lot of weight, minus any (genuine) medical explanation, kick them to the curb!!!

Now, let's get back to those people who are benefiting from the union, without supporting it. This is the doing of socialist poly-tickians and "judges".

I see no problem with those who don't want to belong to the union.

It involves the right of "free association", or declining to associate. I am all for the freedom of either, but (if you choose to NOT join a union) you have no business seeking or accepting the benefits that are won BY that union.

If you are not a member, you should assert your independence by negotiating YOUR OWN SALARY, not being a "free rider" on the coattails of those who do the negotiation work and those who employ them.

If you opt for "independence", you should hire your own legal representation, should you run afoul of management and your job be in jeopardy.

You have the "Right to Work", which I support wholeheartedly and the right to deal with the results of your decision.

Just don't be a "blood-sucking vermin", like the polytickians!!!

I saw some people who opted out of union membership, but didn't opt out of the benefits of membership and, in one case I remember well, even came to the union for representation, when trouble arose.

This type of individual is, justly, called "leech" or "scab".

Moving on, and before I forget, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Those of you who demonstrated your unfitness for the gene pool, by voting for o(WHATTA)bummer, because you are STOOPID, I forgive you.

I only hope that at some time (b-4 they bring out the koolaide or start busing us off to the internment camps, to make way for the "people-less zones" or "gia uber alles" zones or the u.n. occupation zones) you will have an epiphany, hit yourself in the head (HARD) and say, "Was I ever STOOPID!!!"

If I'm alive to see it, I'll be among the first to congratulate you on beginning to breathe oxygen. Maybe you'll be able to "...'splain this to me..." as to whether there was a genetic defect or some environmental influence (as in parents or teachers) that caused you to place yourself in the position of breathing methane.

I mean, I KNOW that breathing nothing but methane (by its chemical makeup) HAS to impair mental function, but which came first, the STOOPIDITY or the methane breathing?

To change gears, we (at the Post) send our prayers to those who are victims of the Connecticut school massacre.

I was surprised to hear a few (conservative ?) radio personalities say that they did not expect the lib/left to respond with more calls for gun control.

To ascribe honorable intent and/or actions to people who have a LONG history of the exact opposite is at the very least naive.

There will be bleeding hearts who will criticize me for bringing this into the discussion but I am only doing so AFTER the lib/left has made noises that indicate that they are tuning up for another round of legislation aimed at trashing the 2nd Amendment.

Some rinos have, already, indicated that they are willing to compromise their (purported) principles and cave on the Constitution, just as house speaker john boehner has indicated that he is willing to "assume the position" and kiss the imperial backside of his lowness, barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer.

(Late news: Maybe not, but WATCH HIM!!!)

There are words that accurately describe those who give up their honor for whatever advantage they can get. The most acceptable of these, in polite company, is prostitute.

It has LONG been applied to polytickians and been overly polite, as they are the worst of society, even lower than common criminals who (at least) have sufficient honor to not make their victims PAY THEM A SALARY, in addition to being robbed by them.

This is why I have dubbed them "cesspool sludge". That is the only fitting description for them and the things they do.

Now there is a debate over the possibility of installing armed people in the schools. One of the proposals is to use retired police officers.

I would MUCH rather see teachers or other personnel who are combat trained former infantrymen.

Police officers, other than SWAT, are (by training and philosophy) PEACE officers. Their focus is the arrest of criminals (hopefully) unharmed.

While this is an admirable intent and purpose, the priority of focus, in an active killing situation, where there are helpless innocents needs to be the elimination of THREAT.

A PEACE officer, responding to shooting, would be HIGHLY likely to order the shooter to disarm, giving the shooter the opportunity to kill another or turn the weapon on the officer.

A combat trained infantryman, in that situation, would assess the situation and be more likely to shoot the threat and save the innocent potential victims.

A combat trained soldier will compel the surrender of a potential threat, if there is no IMMEDIATE danger to self or others but, when faced with the need for IMMEDIATE action, will be HIGHLY likely to shoot and ELIMINATE THE THREAT!!!

Now I'm hearing more Bravo Sierra about how having armed teachers or other employees, in schools, is a bad idea, because they are not trained to respond, properly.

I DO believe in training and have trained some civilians in self-defense deadly force. I would, however, take ANY law-abiding person, with normal common sense, over leaving innocents vulnerable to the crazies and other predators.

ONE of the above could have stopped Columbine, Aurora, Newtown or any of the other massacres that are the fault of ANTI-GUN liberal/leftists, because they deny good people the ability to defend themselves. The blood of these victims is on the hands of the lib/left, NOT on the hands of the NRA!!!

O.K. Once, again, there is a lot more to be covered, especially with regard to the illegal, immoral, unethical and otherwise reprehensible actions of the lib/left/cesspool sludge.

Unfortunately, I have too much on my plate to continue at this time. So, with one final note, we'll end this class.

Immigration continues to be a "hot button" topic.

The main thing to remember is that this country was, largely, populated and developed by immigrants.

One side of my family (the non-Native-Americans) was immigrants.

The other important point is that they (mostly) came here LEGALLY and ASSIMILATED, to get part of the "American Dream".

It makes LESS than no sense to reward lawbreakers with amnesty and the ability to be a drain on our already strapped resources, UNLESS your plan is to create a class of "entitlees" who are beholden to you and can help with your leftist agenda of dragging the country down.

There is NO other explanation for the actions of the o(WHATTA)bummer regime and the other lib/leftists who are becoming more bold and blatant in their execution of their master plan.

My Immigration Reform program has several points.

1) No more "anchor babies". If a couple comes here, legally, becomes naturalized and educates their kids in our system, I'd naturalize the kids, too. AFTER the naturalization process, any kids born here, even before the process is complete, could be recognized as "natural-born". If the parents have their citizenship revoked and are deported, the child would have to go (unless a suitable guardian could be found) but could return, having reached the age of majority.

2) Anyone who qualifies and completes (honorably) a term of service, in our military, would be naturalized and have the opportunity to SPONSOR their family in, guarantying that they would not be a burden on the taxpayers.

3) Illegals would have NO access to "social services". "Legals" would.

4) Employers would be REQUIRED to confirm legality, before employing anyone.

5) Police would be REQUIRED to confirm the legality of any one they stopped about whom they had any question.

6) Any illegals who were ONCE deported would be informed that, if caught again, they would be charged with a felony and NEVER allowed in the country legally.

There are probably many other items that wiser heads than mine might suggest, but let's remember KISS. "Keep it simple, stupid". The simpler, the easier to understand and enforce.

'Nuff said, for now. Forward this class to anyone you think needs it, either for instruction, entertainment or just to tick them off, if they are lib/lefties. Remember, though, don't send it to any of them who might have weak hearts (or what passes for a heart) or high blood pressure.

On your FEET!!!


Heavenly Father, it gets worse, but I put it all in Your hands. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially I thank You for the gift and sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt. Mack out. Leaving the air and closing station.

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