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Muster Right Here© - Dec 22 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Take SEATS!!! Notebooks, OUT!!!

By now, some of you may be aware that n.j. gov. chris Christie (he gets 1 cap, for doing PART of his job) has commuted Brian Aitkin's sentence (7 yrs) (to, I guess, time served) for having, legally, transported firearms & violated NO LAW!!!

Anyone, with even MY limited intelligence, knows that this young man was denied a fair trial & was RAILROADED!!!

Any Governor, worthy of capital letters, would have pardoned him & found a way to have him TOTALLY, PUBLICLY exonerated.

Is this a guy we want running for President? I don't. The only way I could vote for him is if the republican party (got even more stoopid &) ran him against barack hussein o(whata)bummer in 2012.

The repubs. are, also, not deserving of caps for their many serial & on-going stupidities, including running john (rino, Republican-in-name-only) mccain for President.

He (christie) would, then, become (as did mc cain) the lesser of 2 evils & I would hold my nose & vote against mr. o(whata)bummer, again.

REPUBLICANS (so called & capped ONLY for emphasis) GET YOUR HEADS OUT INTO THE OXYGEN!!! I want to vote FOR someone!!!


Troops!!! Your mission is to send this message to all of your elected (hired) representatives.

I'd much rather you'd put in your own words & tell them, as CPO Sharkey (Don Rickles) so eloquently stated, "I'M GONNA KEEP AN EYE ON YOU!!!"

If you don't have the time or the words, just fwd my column & say something like, "Yeah! What he said! I listen to this guy because HE makes SENSE, in spite of being just a grunt!!!"

O.K. Off this particular soapbox.

Now let's discuss the "Dream Act". I've said it b-4, here or as a guest commentator, elsewhere. The ONLY shortcut that should exist for illegal aliens to achieve citizenship is an OUTSTANDING SERVICE to the country who's laws they have broken.

Mainly, I would say military service, but I am willing to support the idea of some other outstanding service, such as a VERIFIED act of heroism, saving the lives of the people whose laws they have broken.

I would consider assisting our DEA or INS, as confidential informants (where the informant is at risk) in the apprehension of dangerous criminals to be such a service, but just going to college and accepting a benefit from the people whose laws they have broken, excuse me, I know I look dumb, but I AIN'T THAT DUMB!!! That IS NOT a reason to "fast track" anyone, ahead of the people who are playing by the rules. That is rewarding lawlessness.

It is (apparently) a dead issue, for the immediate future, but those who think of illegal aliens as "undocumented democrats" will try again. So Troops, again, tell your employees (in washington, the district of criminals) "Not NO, but HE77 NO!!!"

Next topic, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". Believe it, or not, I don't care what a soldier does in his/her off-duty time, as long as it doesn't affect their ability to protect the country.

I believe in REAL social justice, but I don't believe in compromising readiness & battle effectiveness over some activist agenda.

I don't want women in front-line (combat) units, as we have already seen that (predictably, for anyone who is breathing oxygen) it creates distraction & an instinct for the guys to want to protect the women.

I have seen interviews with & spoken with women who have said that THEY have no desire for a combat role, but some of their female OFFICERS who want to COMMAND combat troops are pushing it.

That's agenda-driven, I don't care what ANYONE says.

I hope that currently-serving gays will wait until the new congress is in place, b-4 "coming out", because I believe that (once we have more oxygen breathers there & some semblance of sanity established) "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" MAY return.

Anyone who embraces the "new, liberal atmosphere" may have problems. The old saying, "Look b-4 you leap." still applies. "Word to you!!!"

Last item, those who are familiar with the Florida school board shooting will, probably, not be surprised when the left tries to use it as another excuse to push for more gun control.

Just remember, there are very few systems that a determined fanatic or other nut job (especially one who doesn't care if he/she survives) can't defeat. Security is only as strong as its weakest link and has to work ALL of the time. The bad guys only have to be successful ONCE!!!

As I travel around, daily, I watch what people do &, often, observe innocent security breaches & report them to their management ( the breaches, not the people) such as a store, where the employees had to enter a push-button numeric code, for back-room access.

After watching for a few minutes, I requested a conversation with the manager. After I.D.'ing myself, I told her what her security code was &, after she managed to recover her jaw, how I acquired it & what her people needed to do so that the wrong people wouldn't get it.

It was simple, stand DIRECTLY in front of the keypad, blocking it (with their bodies) from view. Simple, but untrained people may not think of it. Pass it on!

Just remember, there are crooks & other mis-creants out there who are smarter than I. If I can find ways to defeat security systems, they can, too.

One of the liberal twits on "the view" was reported, to me, as having said that an armed citizen could have stopped the shooter, to which the conservative was said to have mentioned that THAT was the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

The ONLY reasonably effective security, for our society, is the trained, armed citizen. Anti-gun laws make anti-gunners FEEL good & make the ignorant feel SAFE, while exposing everyone to potential harm.

Throw off your victim-hood. Prof. John Lott had it right, in his book, "More Guns, Less Crime".

Tell your elected employees to repeal their stupid, restrictive anti-gun laws. Put criminals behind bars, not guns!!!

Section Leaders, prepare to take charge, after the benediction & get 'em working. We have a lot to do & little time.

Heavenly Father, we ask you to continue to bless & guide us. Please watch over our guardians, wherever & however they serve. We ask a peaceful shift/tour for them, but if in action we ask you to protect them.

We ask your blessing, guidance & protection on our country & that you guide or help us to replace our employees.

In all things we thank & praise you &, especially I thank you for the gift & sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord & Savior, in Whose Name I pray & all my Troops said, "HOOAHHH!!!

Merry Christmas to you & yours & Happy New Year!!!


Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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