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Print | Dennis Prager : HAS HE, TOTALLY, LOST IT ??? !!!
Muster Right Here© - Dec 12 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Dennis Prager : HAS HE, TOTALLY, LOST IT ??? !!!
... Some people HAVE / Christmas Message

Stand at EASE!!! Before we begin our usual prayer/meditation time, I want to ask that y'all who pray include Dennis Prager. I believe, for reasons I will explain, that he needs to regain his much-advertised "clarity".

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or meditation.) HOOAHH!!! COVER!!!

Take SEATS!!!

Good morning, Troops!!

It grieves me to report that Dennis Prager, one of my 4 favorite talk show hosts and commentators (along with Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Anne Coulter) may have allowed his "little red choo-choo" to go chugging around the bend.

On a recent show, he commented that the natural state of man is NOT yearning for freedom. As a "disagreer" I was able to get a priority slot and speak with him. I was EXTREMELY disappointed in his reaction,

I (mis)quoted the text on the Statue of Liberty, which reads: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free..." My error did not (significantly) alter the intent of the verse, but Mr. Prager was not impressed.

I attempted to argue that freedom is God-given and satan-opposed and leftist opposed (the minions of satan) and the yearning for the natural state must, therefore, be considered to be the natural state, at which point I lost him, totally, and (when I attempted to answer his next [totally dismissive] point) I heard nothing but an echo of my own voice.

He had used the technique that is often used by people who have no real arguments, that of "cutting-the-caller-off"-so-that-they-can't-continue- and-the-"host"-gets-the-last-word.

This technique is, completely, intellectually dishonest and unworthy of someone with Mr. Prager's stature and reputation.

The fact that he routinely cuts off his "non-priority" callers (who are not "big-names") and therefore, add nothing to the prestige of his show, is another matter that demonstrates a surprising lack of civility and manners, as he is, otherwise, a charming and considerate host and I have attempted to explain, in e mails, that this glaring in-civility is a horrible blot on an otherwise excellent show.

Even Mark Levin, who is frequently prone to exclamations such as, "Get off the phone, you big dope!!!", with total justification, when talking to a big dope, is VERY polite to his callers and I, usually, hear him sign off from each one with a, "Thanx for calling, gotta go." or something similar. It's just good manners.

But, I digress. If I am in error (on the topic of the yearning for freedom being the natural state of man) I would like for Mr. Prager, or anyone, to explain why so many people risk their lives to escape oppressive regimes, witness the Berlin Wall, the "Cuban boat people" and countless other examples of the quest for freedom.

Why (in the run-up to the "Desert Storm") did Iraquis urge us to rescue them? Why did the cab driver (an account I heard on-air) ask his journalist passenger what was taking us so long and tell him that people were committing suicide, because they couldn't take it any longer?

I seem to recall reading, or hearing of people in German occupied areas cheering our bombers, as they dropped bombs on the people who were cheering. Can't recall the source & would appreciate anyone who can sending it to me.

While the doubters are at it, I would like them to justify the idea that not all of the people who have fought and died in revolutions were REALLY seeking freedom, but would have been happy to replace one oppressive regime with another one.

Granted, it happens, as in the case of Cuba, but you will have to have some compelling facts to convince me that they INTENDED it to work out that way.

I, further, assert that the Old Testament has many citations indicating that God appreciates things we do out of FREEWILL, which (unless one believes that it evolved) MUST be a gift of God. Having such a gift from God, the logical person HAS to conclude that any impediment to that freewill is an unnatural situation and the natural response, of one who is impeded, would be to return to the natural state OF freewill.

So, BRING IT ON, Mr. Prager, or anyone else and I PROMISE that I won't cut you off and WILL allow your full & complete views so that my Troops can fully evaluate your response and attain "clarity", minus any profanity, as I often find that those who lack clarity or the ability to communicate (some of the same people who will shout you down or cut you off) have the tendency to employ such "language?".

In the area of profanity, I will state that Mr. Prager is not included, as I believe I have only heard him resort to an expletive ONCE and, as I recall, the person to whom he used it was a real jerk. I would have done it sooner and worse. I do not remember the exact word(s?) but can assure you that it was mild, compared to some of my "attention-getters."

If Mr. Prager chooses to "pick up the gauntlet", I will make every effort to include him in our next class and am perfectly willing to engage in an on-going debate, in MY forum, where he cannot take unfair advantage, by using the "disconnect" button.

If you fail to see a response within 30 days (in view of his lack of response to my previous e mails) I urge my Troops to forward this class to all of your friends and his sponsors and indicate your disapproval of, both, his conduct and this seemingly leftist opinion, which could translate to disapproval of his sponsors and their products, until he (to your satisfaction) answers.

As always, I invite comment, criticism and correction, c/o portervillepost.com .

Also, as always, I urge you to work for the election of Constitutional Conservatives (no matter what party) who will return us to the original concepts of the Unanimous Declaration and the Constitution:

1) Strict limits on government.
2) Maximum freedom for the individual.
3) A secular government that is based on Judeo-Christian values.
4) A unified society of all ethnic, social and religious groups, who come together to make a society where all have EQUAL opportunity to live and prosper.

If your present representatives don't live up to these requirements, THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

Additionally, on the subject of clarity, a couple of days ago I heard excerpts from a video where an interviewer was asking people who adolph (heil ME) hitler was. I could not believe my ears and I am ashamed that these twits call themselves Americans!!!

Among other things, forgetting this part of our history demeans, diminishes and dishonors the sacrifices of those who risked all (and some GAVE all) so that we could breath free air, walk free streets and have the right (within legal limits) to make jackasses of ourselves.

They protected our precious freedoms and the VERY LEAST we can do is to protect the memory of their sacrifices and honor them, in the remembrance and our dedication to ensure "...that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." [Abraham Lincoln, address at Gettysburg battlefield, dedicating cemetery.]

I don't know if these twits slept (or were stoned) thru World History (High School) or if the public fool system has stopped teaching about WWII, as I understand britain has eliminated the holocaust (maybe as too politically incorrect) or what possible reason (there IS no excuse) for them not knowing about one of the worst murderers (and most horrific slaughters) in modern history.

SOMEBODY HELP ME, HERE!!! O.K., granted I'm 64 yrs young and a 22-yr military guy, but it seems inconceivable that people would let this be relegated to the trash heap of history. INTELLIGENT people know that those who disregard the lessons of the past (like appeasing aggressors) are doomed to repeat them, as does the left.

Oh, wait! I GET IT!!! It's the LEFT and their useful idiots who are LIBERAL who want to erase this stuff, so that they have a better chance of influencing & (eventually) taking over our government, because WE ARE the last bastion of FREEDOM!!!

THINK ABOUT IT!!! GERMANY, who you might think would WANT to bury this info, REQUIRES it to be studied in school. Probably ANY German school kid knows more about it than the average young adult, here. WHY? Because they stood by and let it happen and they want to ensure that they NEVER have that national shame, again.

This is your assignment: You are, now, assistant instructors. I want y'all to prepare a presentation, in your own words, or excerpt anything I have provided and have it ready to open a dialog with your friends & family.

Ask them what they know about hitler & the holocaust & the japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor & the atrocities of the japanese against the chinese, Koreans & Filipinos. If you want, you can throw in pol pot, in Cambodia or any other murdering regime. Be prepared with FACTS & references & challenge them to spread the word. The more info like this dies, the more PEOPLE die.

Now, on a brighter note, as we are in the "Holiday Season", I want y'all to adopt Mr. Prager's "Attitude of Gratitude" & keep it all year, every year. It doesn't mean that your job doesn't stink or that everything will be sweetness and light. It just means that we have so much for which to be thankful. We need to, continually, strive to make things better, for us and our posterity, as did the founding fathers, with the guidance of THE FATHER.

ANYONE who can't find SOMETHING for which to be grateful is either dead or just ain't LOOKIN' hard enough. If I die, tonite, I am grateful for what those who went before me provided through THEIR SACRIFICES!!!

I hope y'all had a Happy (& THANKFUL) Thanksgiving and that you & yours will have a Merry (& GRATEFUL) Christmas and a Happy (& GRATEFUL) New Year!!!

On your FEET!!! UNCOVER!!!

Heavenly Father, again, we leave our burdens with you, secure in the knowledge that you want the best for us. We ask you to protect and guide those who protect and guide us and give us the discernment and strength to do your will. In Jesus' Name I pray. HOOAAAHHH!!!

COVER!!! Section Chiefs take charge. Keep 'em off their dead gluteous maximi & on their dyin' feet!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt. Mack, out. Closing station & leaving the air.

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