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Muster "RIGHT" Here©
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Muster Right Here© - Dec 12 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Take SEATS!!! Notebooks OUT!!!

Pay close attention!!! Don't make me discuss self-protection, again! If it happens, it will mean that some other Troop(s) have been killed or injured because they have failed to heed good advice &, maybe their instincts.

I just read an account of the kidnap, rape, torture & brutal murder of a young woman. She was described as attractive, petite & independent. One of the biggest dis-services the "feminist movement" has done to society has been to tell women that "A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle".

Maybe, in normal, societal interaction, this is workable (& I doubt it,even then) but, when you leave societal norms, such as by hiking in the wilderness, a woman without a man (& I don't mean an adult city boy, who has never had to deal with aggressive confrontation) is wearing a sign that says,"Victim!!! Rape me, torture me, kill me!!!"

Even a well-qualified man has no business out in the woods, unarmed. When you are outside of "normal" society, you carry your security loaded or you endanger yourselves & your loved ones.

Sgt.Mack's Basics for Survival:

1) Carry enough equipment and arms to ensure that you come back in (basically) the same condition as when you left.

2) Ensure that you are well trained in the use of whatever equip.or arms you carry.

3) Never question that "hair standing on back of neck" feeling or decide that your concerns are foolish. It is there for a reason & can save your life.

4) Neither do you take safety short cuts or get lulled into a false sense of security by the beauty of the outdoors. It can kill you.

5) If you find it necessary to exhibit your firearm to warn someone away, never extend it away from your body (in a close proximity situation) but hold it close & extend a warning hand & shout STOP!!! If the intruder ignores the hand & verbal warning & comes close enough that another step would bring them within lunging range, SHOOT!

6) If you travel with a dog and have suspicions about your safety, don't let the dog "range". Keep it close. You must protect the dog from superior force.

7) A STOUT hiking staff (one that you can use as a club, without breaking it) is useful if you don't have a firearm (but DROP & give me 50, if you go unarmed) & (if attacked) do a joint attack, with your dog. Don't wait for the attacker to kill or maim the dog.

8) Now this one is going to draw me some flack from the left, other libs, some martial arts people & pacifists. It is fine to live your life with goodwill toward all & malice toward none BUT, once someone has demonstrated, by words or actions that they intend to (& can) do bodily harm to you or yours, your mission has just been changed.

If avoidance will not disengage you from them & they attempt to close for combat, your goal is no longer to disengage, but to leave them writhing in pain, to the point of disability or unconscious or dead. People who exhibit violence to peaceful people have forfeited their right to any human consideration.

I don't CARE if you had a deprived (or depraved) childhood. GET HELP!!! GET OVER IT!!! Trying to take it out on me or mine can get you seriously DEAD!!! THAT is the main thing my Troops need to take from this class. If they threaten you or yours, ALL BETS ARE OFF!!! TAKE THEM OUT!!!

One of the mistakes the young lady victim seems to have made was to have out-distanced her attacker, thinking he would be gone, when she returned. A better course would have been to have quickly turned back & sought other people or found a different path back, as he seems to have lain in wait & ambushed her.

O.K. some of the "feminists" are going to have a fit, over this one. Female Troops, if you are considering a shortcut (driving or not) that will take you over a sparsely traveled road, but save you some time & miles, even if you are armed, DON"T DO IT!!!

It isn't worth the risk of car trouble &, then, trouble with some cesspool sludge or the aforementioned running you off the road, so that you can save a bit of time or distance or assert your independence. Whatever gets you there WITHOUT RISK is smart. Anything else is STOOPID!!!


Now, as to the "Nightmare Act", the real name of the "dream act", the ONLY shortcut, for citizenship, for illegal immigrants, should be HONORABLE MILITARY SERVICE, PERIOD!!! No education allowances or special consideration & NO ANCHOR BABIES!!!

Mission: Inundate congress with letters, calls (try 866/996-5161) & e mails to this effect & tell them that you VOTE & will be watching their actions & talking to your friends & neighbors who ALSO VOTE!

Section Chiefs take charge, after benediction & get busy.

May God continue to bless & guide y'all. May He watch over our guardians, wherever & however they serve. A quiet shift/tour to them & may He help us (U.S.) to govern our country according to His will & may He continue to bless America!!! Hooahhh!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt. Mack, out.Leaving the air & closing station.

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