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Muster Right Here© - Dec 08 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!! B-4 you "Take Seats", I want any Troops who may tend toward squeamishness to fall out & you are excused, from this class. Any with high blood pressure or heart trouble, also excused. No loss of respect accrues to these people!

We are going to be talking about matters dealing with personal anatomy and CRIMINAL STUPIDITY, in public employment & I don't want anyone "flaking out" on us.

Take SEATS!!!

In a recent "newspaper" (you'll see why the " "s in a moment) article, I saw where a young man (we'll give him that respect until we know better, mis-guided though he is) was arrested & charged with "sexual battery".

It seems that the wrestling "coaches" had taught their team (or this individual) to obtain an advantage over an opponent by using "..the "butt drag", in which a wrestler grabs a rival's butt cheek and puts fingers in the anus to get leverage. The move is widely used at matches around the country and has been around for decades." fresno bee, Sun. Dec 5,2010. They don't get caps because they say they aren't publishing the name of the victim, but name his FATHER!!! Am I missing something, or is THAT STUPID?

AGAIN, we need to let the INSANE RUN THE COUNTRY!!!, because they aren't that STUPID!!! &, if they are,THEY HAVE AN EXCUSE!!!

Nor are they STUPID enough to have let this whole mess HAPPEN!

If I had gone out for wrestling & told my parents that I was taught to do this &/or that it had been done to me, the next sound would have been the slamming of the door, followed by squealing tires as they, both, raced down to the school to whip someones a--!

I know this because my father, who usually left dealings with the school to my mother, went tearing over to the school, when he discovered that my brother had been punished for fighting, in spite of witness accounts that he had been attacked & simply kicked the other kid's butt, in self-defense. The principal (who my father actually liked, usually) was backed into a corner saying, "Now Mack, calm down." & my ol' man was telling him, "Calm down, HE77. If that boy STARTS a fight, you punish him, here, & I will when he gets home, but you better NEVER punish him, again, for defending himself , or I'll be back & we'll finish this conversation!!!"

With that type of reaction, to something MUCH less egregious, I KNOW he'd have been arrested, for what he'd have done to the coach(es) & I expect my sweet mother would have found a baseball bat & joined in. She'd probably have cried & patched them up, later, but right then she'd have been a momma bear, defending her cub.

My mother was a nurse and well acquainted with anatomical things. She was not squeamish about dealing with, or speaking about, the human body. She was, however, brought up with a very well-developed sense of decency, which she took great pains to inculcate in her kids & students.

There are lines you do not cross. This is one.

Now I'm not saying that (in mortal combat) I would consider ANY part of my ENEMY as off-limits, but this AIN"T COMBAT!!! It's a SPORT & should be governed by RULES that have (as their very FOUNDATION) COMMON DECENCY & RESPECT!!!! It REALLY BOTHERS ME that these people would have to be TOLD that there is something WRONG, HERE!!!

When they taught us wrestling, in High School (caps because that was back b-4 the school system went totally STOOPID) there was a high degree of care given a that we did NOT have any invasive contact with an opponent. Violation of this stricture (accidentally) earned a warning. A second "accident" would bring a disqualification. A third, a suspension, because the "powers" would feel that too many "accidents" = on purpose.

Now, let's talk about the victims.

Of course, the young man on whom this move was used & every other person, on whom it was used and everyone who was TAUGHT to use it, head the list. They have been taught (by people who are SUPPOSED to be helping to mold their minds) that dis-agreeing with other peoples life-styles constitutes "hate speech", but this type of OUTRAGEOUS behavior is acceptable.

Think about it!!! A kindergarten boy is arrested for kissing a girl, on the cheek. WHERE'S THE BALANCE, EQUITY, COMMON SENSE?

Then, we have us (U.S.) whose tax dollars are supporting institutions that are supposed to prepare young people to replace us, as the governors of this country, & give them the tools to choose (wisely) those who execute their will & their laws. We have been DEFRAUDED!!!

What should be done?

I don't know if this practice (the "wrestling" move) has been around too long for criminal blame to be assessed. It IS, however, possible to apply administrative remedies. EVERY "coach" who encouraged or permitted this "move" to be used should be fired, for contributing to the delinquency... or for morals violations or whatever, as should any school administrator who was involved.

Those who weren't, knowingly, involved but SHOULD have known & STOPPED IT should be suspended, without pay, & have a severe reprimand PERMANENTLY on their records for failing to oversee & protect their students.

The student victims should have some church-based counseling, to help them recognize the problem & how to deal with such, in the future. Going along to get along DON'T CUT IT!!!

I don't know who should determine the requisite counseling, but I would disqualify any parents who, knowingly or ignorantly, allowed this, from selecting the counseling.

Your assignment: 1) Letters, e mails & phone calls to the fresno, calif. authorities, city & county, including the buchanan high school board, expressing outrage & demanding that there be SERIOUS consequences for those who taught & allowed this. 2) Check with your LOCAL schools & ensure that it isn't happening there. 3) Get into a SERIOUS PRAYER MODE, for the future of this country. I can tell you that RIGHT NOW, we aren't too bad off. As long as we have this current generation of young soldiers (with whom I have the honor to interact, frequently) we have some time.

We do have to come down on people, in the government, who portray them (as, I believe janet (reno?) napolitano (sp?) did) as potential terrorists, as they return from war.

It's the younger generation, who are still under the influence of an evermore left-leaning school system about whom we need to be most concerned. We MUST find a way to give them good examples & influences, so that they can resist the corruption, to which they are constantly exposed.

We'll try, here at the Post, but we need you Troops to help us spread the word & (ESPECIALLY) THE WORD!!!! PLEASE, fwd us across the country, to anyone you feel might be helped.

We maybe on the left coast, but we are trying to do what's RIGHT.

Incidentally, if you have an opportunity to get thru to someone who is in the military-eligible-generation-but-not-serving, please try. If we can help them to overcome their brain-washing, they may be valuable additions to our Troops.

In the meantime (in case we don't meet, before) MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Section Chiefs prepare to take charge & carry on with assignments, after benediction.

May God bless all y'all & yours. May He bless & keep our guardians, wherever & however they serve. A quiet shift/tour to them & success if they have to deal with the bad guys.

We, again, ask you to change the hearts of our elected (hired) representatives or help us to change more of THEM. Help us to hire good people & get thru to them that you ordained us (U.S.) thru our founding documents, to rule OURSELVES & only YOU can change that. Please, continue to bless America!!!

In all things, we thank & praise You &, especially I thank You for the gift & sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord & Savior, in Whose name I pray & all my Troops said, HOOAHHH!!!

Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt. Mack, out.Leaving the air & closing station.

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