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Muster "RIGHT" Here©
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Muster Right Here© - Dec 07 2012
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

As we pray, please emphasize that we ask for the hearts and minds of the socialists in government to be changed.

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus' name I pray HOOAAHHH!!!


Take SEATS!!!

BIG BROTHER ALERT!!! The government you idiots (no, that insults idiots, the Bible would call you fools) elected is getting bigger, while YOU are getting SMALLER. That makes it easier for them to stomp on you.

To all of the "...fundamentally transform America..." crowd and the "...couldn't be bothered to get out and do my civic duty..." crowd and the "I won't participate in an election between a muslim and a mormon." crowd, I want you to stand up, extend your left arm and repeat after me: "I pledge allegiance to the "Party" of the "Democratic" Socialist Republic of Amerika and to the Chief Commissar, whose boot is on our necks, one Socialist State, "uber alles", with liberty and privilege, for the "more equal" Ruling Class and poverty and oppression for all the rest".

Now sit down, SHUT UP, and listen to what your "chosen one" and his regime have in store for you, because you are STOOPID and sheep to be led to the slaughter.

First off, let's talk about all of you lib/lefties who are so fond of blogging and other activities, on the internet. Just heard, today, that your e mail & other files that are stored off-site (like on Carbonite or your e mail server) that are over 180 days old, are no longer your PRIVATE DOCUMENTS and no longer protected by the 1st Amendment of that "obsolete" document that you like to use, when it benefits you and trash, when it interferes with your leftist agenda.

Anytime "big brother" wants to state that they are material to an on-going investigation, "he" can subpoena them. Don't have to present "probable cause", to a "judge" (which was scant protection, at best, but better than nothing) and trample all over your "right to privacy".

How d'ya like THEM apples, jerks?

Does it begin to sink in, that you can't "cherry pick" the parts of the constitution you want to support and how you support it and for whom?

It isn't a "...wall of separation between church and state..." It's (SUPPOSED TO BE) a wall of protection between YOU and the government, whose natural tendency seems to be monstrous growth, compulsive power grab and yes, corruption. READ IT, so you know what's IN IT!!!!!

I've said it b-4 & here it comes, again. Take notes. It WILL be on the test!

"Many people get concerned, when the government isn't DOING something. The SMART people are concerned when the government IS doing ANYTHING!!!"

Why? Because even the best-intentioned, most altruistic people (& there aren't really that many of them) are STILL flawed, weak-willed individuals, who (especially if they don't have a God-center) are subject to error, influence (bad) and corruption.

Even I (yes, I know it's hard to believe) am not a, completely, sterling character. I have enough character flaws to make AT LEAST another character.

I pray for guidance, frequently, and should do so more. I am fortunate to have come out of my formative years, thanks to good influence of my parents and their peers without prejudice against anyone's race, religion, national origin or motorcycle club.

There are good people in every identifiable group and all I want is mutual respect.

Now, when a group has behavior or even philosophy that I find inimical to my welfare and/or that of my people, we can have problems. If we can work out the problems, maybe we'll get along.

If not, there are (less desirable, but necessary) alternatives.

O.K. So much for our shrinking freedom from government access to our private affairs.

Now let's look at the o(WHATTA)bummer regime's plan for YOUR 2nd Amendment.

I haven't been able to access it, but the Editor informs me that there is a new o(WHATTA)bummer "gun ban" list. Also diane(NOT SO FINE)stein wants more power to prevent YOU from being armed. Remember SHE has (or had) a concealed carry permit!!!

The link is http://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/obamas-gun-ban-list-is-out/26296/ so try it, for yourself.

What IS plain, according to the stats of the FBI AND the DOJ, the main target of the regime is firearms that are NOT the weapons of choice of criminals.

The regime's agenda is, simply, the weapon of all socialist regimes, during their march to mastery over their opponents (in this case) us, The U.S., "We, the people..."

That weapon is "gun control" & the ULTIMATE gun control is, "YOU CAN'T HAVE THEM!!!"

Remember, every one of the freedoms you surrender, for the promise of security or more of someone else's $$$, is pretty much gone, forever, as the cesspool sludge are not about to say, "Oh, we were just foolin'. You can have that back."

Once they have your money, your children, your guns, your freedom, etc., you can kiss them goodbye. In fact you might as well get in practice to grab your left ankle, with your right hand and your right ankle, with your left hand and bend over and kiss your gluteous maximi goodbye.

You will be a SHORT step from being forced (under the guns of your "masters") to drink the "koolaide" figuratively or factually.

Now let's look at the "Hypocritic Oath", to the party of the "democratic" socialist republic of amerika. This is the oath that is required of all democrat party members, before they are allowed to ascend to the dizzying heights and breathe the rarefied methane of the upper echelons of "democratic" socialism.

First, the left arm is extended at a 45 degree angle, with fingers extended or fist clenched. Then the oath is administered.

Repeat after me: "I (state your name or state i.d. #) do, solemnly pledge that I will bear true faith and allegiance to "democratic" socialism, repudiating any previous oaths, to God, country or my family and adhering to the party line, regardless of any contradiction to logic or law and adjusting my opinions and actions to comport with the dictates of the party leaders, regardless of any contradictions of previous statements (by them or me) or any other form of hypocrisy this might require. I take this obligation for the purpose of establishing our supremacy over all other forms of government and society. If I fail to keep this obligation, may I be torn limb from limb and disgraced in the eyes of my fellow socialists."

The efficacy of this oath is demonstrated by the susan rice/Condoleeza Rice situation. The hypocritical left sees no hypocrisy in the concept that white Republicans criticizing a (black, female) leftist toady's spewing of the regime's line (read lies) after TOTALLY blowing it in the deaths of 4 Americans are racist and sexist, while white (cesspool sludge) democrats, including robert (KKK) bird, dumping all over a brilliant, accomplished, efficient, patriotic black female, AREN'T.

I, also, note that they make a big deal over the fact that NEARLY half of the susan rice critics were from the south. To a logical, truthful person, that means that MOST of them WEREN'T, DUUHHH!!!

Now, I would be VERY interested in knowing how many of the cesspool sludge who blocked Condoleeza Rice's nomination were from the southern wing of the "democratic" socialists.

teddy(hic, glub, glub)kennedy said it right, "...lie, after lie, after lie..." but he was actually describing his OWN party.

"Of CAWSE he LIIIEED. He DIIID sompin' STOOOPID!!!" The "Ragin' Cajun" (Jim Carville, one of the few leftists [?] I respect) re: beelzabubba klintski, his good buddy and client.

WHOOP!!!WHOOP!!! FLASH ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just heard that the regulations (not laws) that o(WHATTA)bummer has enacted, during his TOOOO long regime, are costing us 5 BILLION $$$$$$ (that's BILLION, with a "B"). Wait for it............. EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the denizens of washington, the district of criminals, would de-fund the ruinous regulation mess, we could put 5 BILLION $$$$$$, per day, toward defense, infrastructure &/or paying down the debt that THEY are increasing, daily.

Does this mess make sense to any of you? If it does, you are either crazy or STOOOPID!!!

So, for all of you SUPER TWITS, who think b.o. has your back, YOU'RE RIGHT!!! Only problem is, he's put a knife in it & he's TWISTING it!!!!!!!

The problem we Conservatives have is that the rino republicans helped him SHARPEN the bloody thing.

I'll say it, again, we've GOT to shovel out the cesspool sludge & clean up government!!!

If you have a "limp wristed" republican about whom you have doubts ( as to their faithfulness to the 'no tax increase' pledge) CALL THEM!!! FAX THEM!!! E MAIL THEM!!!

Tell them, "I'M GONNA KEEP AN EYE ON YOU!!!" "If you break your 'no tax increase' pledge, you WILL have violated your oath of office and I WILL do everything in my power to help you be in the market for a new job!!!"

Then DO IT!!!

We have to remind these pseudo conservatives that they work for US (U.S.) and (unless they can steal an election, as does the left) they are employed subject to OUR approval and DON'T have a lifetime gig.

We HAVE to have fiscal RESPONSIBILTY, from our elected employees, or FIRE THEM and HIRE NEW ONES!!!

STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got more to say on the previous but this takes precedence!!!

Apparently, verizon is seeking a patent on a new technology that will allow them to eavesdrop on ALL of your phone conversations, as well as everything that is said in the room (house?) and get an infrared image of everything in the room (house?) SUPPOSEDLY so they can offer you better service, by knowing your interests.


We MUST block the grant of this patent and INSIST on a law that will FORBID the deployment of ANY SUCH TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If private enterprise gets it, it is a SHORT DROP down the rabbit hole (or other, stinkier hole) for "BIG BROTHER" (who is ALREADY alive and EVIL and living in the U.S.) to get it.

Remember: "All power tends to CORRUPT!!! ABSOLUTE POWER tends to CORRUPT ABSOLUTELY!!!

Now tell me: Which of your POLITICKIANS (many blood-sucking vermin) do you want to trust with the ability to know everything you are saying and doing and possessing?


I wouldn't entrust that power to my PARENTS (who were WONDERFUL PEOPLE) let alone an employee. Read "All power..." above.

O.K. Our time is up. Gotta get crackin' on stuff, here. You have your info & assignments. Get off your dead gluteous maximi & ON YER DYIN" FEET & get busy!!!

On your FEET!!!


Heavenly Father, it just gets worse, while we are trying to run things. PLEASE take over & guide us however You want us to go. I ask Your blessings on our country and in all things I thank and praise You and especially for the gift and sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray. HOOOOAAAAHHH!!!


Sgt. Mack, out. Leaving the air and closing station.

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