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Muster Right Here© - Dec 05 2015
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

I ( relatively, given the amount of stupidity in the world) seldom call people stupid. Evil, corrupt, cesspool sludge, yes but not stupid.

Un-COVER!!! (Individual silent prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus' name I pray, HOOAHHH!!!


When o(WHATTA)bummer was elected (fraudulently) in '08, I refrained from describing people as stupid who (in spite the time the Editor and I spent screaming, "The socialist is coming!!") voted for the o(WHATTA)bummer cabal. I bit my tongue and called them deluded, mis-led or ignorant.

Y'all should know, by now, that I don't condemn ignorance, as everyone is ignorant of many things and people who say different will lie to you to you about lots of other stuff, too. So, in spite of the fact that the evidence was all there for anyone with two 1/4 wits to rub together (two 1/4 wits equaling one 1/2 wit) I didn't call the lemmings of the "yes we can", "fundamentally transform America" brigade, stupid. I thought it but I didn't say it.

Then came 2012. After 4 years of his "fundamentally transform America" policies had left us weaker, less respected, less united, certainly less feared (by people who REALLY NEED to fear us), less successful and less lawful (under the Constitution), the stupid people of the dim-o-cr-ass-ic party, aided and abetted by the stupid people of the republikan (small "r" & not related in any real sense to the Republican Party) cabal allowed the evil lib/lefty cabal that leads the dim-o-cr-asses around by their noses to steal ANOTHER election.

If o(WHATTA)bummer doesn't declare himself emperor, suspend the electoral process, declare martial law and start marching patriots off to detention camps (or worse) I'll be highly one surprised observer of washington, the district of criminals.

If it happens, I'll try to set up a "pirate radio" station and broadcast and anyone who wishes to risk penalties for having a contraband radio can listen until they bomb or shoot me. Think that's an extremist view? How about the new regulations coming down that any discourse (on the internet ?) regarding firearms is not permissable?

Just today, there was another shooting incident at a place where the victims were all unarmed and before the smoke cleared the socialist-in-chief/liar-in-chief emperor-wannabe and hitlery klintsky were bleating the leftist mantra, "More gun control !!!"

I have a had time believing that these people (?) actually believe the propaganda lies they are spewing from certain parts of their anatomies (because I think their mouths know better).

Now we come to some high-profile stupidities. o(WHATTA)bummer continues his lying ways. He isn't stupid, just evil, but he expounds stupidities with such ease that some people confuse such deliberate dissemination of Bravo Sierra with lack of intelligence. We could only wish!

Then, there is the case of some (as best I can tell) supertwit, calling Sarah Palin a plagiarist because of her Devotional citing Bible verses. I haven't read the book, but a few reviews in which she is quoted, quoting the Bible.

Now, I suppose that someone who is totally ignorant of the Bible might think (?) that the chapter and verse identification are insufficient, without stating, "The following is a quote from the Bible." but most intelligent people who see a citation of "John 1:1 are going to realize that it is the 1st verse of the 1st chapter of the book of John, FROM THE BIBLE!!!

Furthermore, anything that is identified as a "Devotional" should give even the least intelligent leftist the ability to discern the source of the material.

Having, once, been accused of plagiarism, by my professor's "grader" (a "graduate student") I can only advise that she do (essentially) what I did.

I went to the prof. and suggested that his "grader" put up or shut up by showing me what which he accused me of lifting from another source and identify the source.

As I told the prof., he couldn't do it because the material existed nowhere but in my head, until I wrote the essay in his class.

The prof. examined my work, crossed out the "F" and gave me an "A".

I haven't seen anything from the supertwit that proves Ms. Palin did anything wrong. She should demand proof or a public apology.

To paraphrase an old saying (source unknown), facts talk, Bravo Sierra walks. Start walking, supertwit.

Confucius once said, "It is far better to remain silent and be supposed a fool than to speak and remove all doubt."

Apparently, geraldo rivera and shepard smith lacked the the wisdom to learn from someone who has long been recognized as having a superior intellect.

rivera's rant that the 2nd Amendment is "stupid" is such a shining example of lib/left emission of of cesspool sludge BY cesspool sludge as to be enshrined in the annals of, "WHAT THE ----?!!!"

Actually, I haven't decided whether rivera is stupid or evil. There is evidence to support either conclusion, so I guess you'd say that the jury is still hearing the evidence.

Since smith is (purportedly) a conservative and is on Fox, I'm willing to grant him the supposition that he was suffering from a temporary case of cranial rectosis (or H.I.A. disease) and may, with proper instruction and and an open mind, be able to emerge into the oxygen and escape the methane region.

According to D.O.J. and F.B.I. stats, cited by John Lott and Gary Kleck, all of the "information" from the left is lies. Both of them have written brilliant, scholarly, factual pieces which irrefutably support the truth and value of the 2nd Amendment, far beyond any puny, deceitful, attempts by the left and their stooges to undermine it.

I hope that, should rivera or smith ever be saved by an armed citizen, they will have the integrity to admit that they were wrong. So far, they have been unable (or unwilling) to admit that the freedoms they enjoy are protected because of the expertise of our military people which they are able to achieve because they have the freedom to develop their shooting skills, under the protection of the 2nd Amendment.

Alvin York was an expert marksman long b-4 he was drafted. Most of my basic training unit were competent marksmen b-4 they ever saw an M-14. All the Army had to do was teach them the Army way and refine their skills.

The country owes its initial and continuing freedom to armed citizens who are free to develop their skills without having to hide.

In addition, many individuals owe their lives to the fact that they, or a bystander, had the ability to utilize superior force in a just cause. As the NRA continues to inform people, every year, hundreds to thousands of times, a crime is prevented by the mere presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired.

The other consideration is that any criminal that one person kills is unable to harm anyone else, thereby further reducing crime.

Keep your powder dry, your head on a 360 deg. swivel and a sharp eye on your government.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, the left is getting stronger and worse. We need Your help and guidence. we ask Your blessing on our country and our guardians. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank you for the gift and sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!

Sgt. Mack, out, leaving the air and closing station, HOOAAHHH!!!

Robert L. "Sgt. Mack" McElreath (A veteran and a combat-trained soldier)

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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