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Muster Right Here© - Nov 30, 2019
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

Un-COVER!!! (Individual, silent, prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus’ Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

The most recent example of hubris, by sports figures, is Pres. Trump being “dis-invited” from throwing out the first pitch at the world series.

Here’s an idea: How’s about we ALL stay away from any baseball event that is connected to these cesspool sludge. Make the stadium a ghost town. The sound of crickets (in the stadium) and raspberries (everywhere else) might give them the understanding that the insult to a good President is an insult to us and we won’t let it slide.

If you decide to do this, please tell them WHY you are not there. I would also suggest demanding refunds for season tickets and returning any memorabilia, for a refund. Additionally, there is pay for play sport broadcasting. Anything that makes money for them should be targeted for protest.

"Baseball cesspool sludge has joined football cesspool sludge in going down the toilet." -- Sergeant Mack

And THEN, there is (fortunately and unfortunately) the fresno fish wrap. Fortunately, because their Bravo Sierra gives me so much fodder for my classes. UN-fortunately, there are people who do not listen to Rush, Sean, Mark, Dennis or any of the other leaders of the conservative broadcasting Justice League or attend my classes. They may be too likely to believe the Bravo Sierra from the fresno fish wrap or other leftist organizations.

Just like clockwork, ruben navarrette jr. (20 Oct 2019) proves that, unlike the stopped clock, that is right twice a day, he can be wrong almost ALL of the time. I won’t dignify his lies by addressing them, individually, but (having read them) I can assure anyone who has at least 2. ¼ wits, to total ½ wit, that the truth is (OVERWHELMINGLY) not in him.

Actually, I do recall 1 column of his that made some sense and (conversely) 1 statement, from Jim Franklin (a conservative, on “Gun Talk”) in which he stated that there is no such thing as “stopping power,” in firearms. I have read (American Rifleman) that tour guides have stopped charging African lions, with a .45 ACP.

I, cordially, invite anyone who subscribes to his fallacious belief to do that with a .22 Long Rifle. The foregoing is presented to demonstrate that we concern ourselves with FACTS and whoever is wrong, without regard to party or ideology, we will endeavor to expose them.

And then, and then, UH-UH and then along came matthews, lib/left matthews, BS-ing Matthews, etc. “To see high-speed rail done right,…” 20 Oct 2019. Where do I begin, to debunk (and that’s a WHOLE LOTTA BUNK) his diatribe on the “high speed rail” boondoggle? How about the first sentence: “When it comes to fast trains, a California consensus has hardened:” According to my recollection of the entire controversy, “WE, THE PEOPLE …” expressed our disdain for the entire idea, early, loudly and often, so it was already “hardened” and (as frequently happens) the leftist regime in the socialist republik of kalifornia rammed it down our throats!!!

When he says “…relentless critics…used the Taiwan bailout to TURN THE PUBLIC AGAINST THE WHOLE CONCEPT.”, he (at the most charitable interpretation) GROSSLY EXAGGERATES, as “WE, THE PEOPLE…” were against it, from the get-go. When he says the “…cities try to steal away state high-speed rail money…” he (conveniently) forgets(?) that the brownstain regime was stealing city’s and citizen’s money to finance brownstain’s legacy boondoggle.

When he says that “…C[k]alifornia established an underfinanced government authority to lead the project…” he neglects to mention that they low-balled the “estimates” to make the bitter pill go down easier, knowing that (once construction had commenced) they could rip off the taxpayers for whatever millions (?) they needed to accomplish their nefarious goals and that the “…authority…” was not derived from the “…consent of the governed…”, (Declaration of Independence).

One of the main reasons that what worked in Asia is not likely to succeed in America (even in the socialist republic) is that Americans are not regimented as are Asians, and are less lemming-like, aside from whatever democrats there are who drink the kool-aide. We like the independence that driving our cars gives us and resist being crammed into the cattle cars of mass transit. As independent thinkers, we are MUCH more innovative than most of the world and responsible for much of the world’s progress.

The lib/left would destroy that independence and turn us (U.S.) into a bunch of robots.

The lib/left would destroy that independence and turn us (U.S.) into a bunch of robots.

The ONLY spark of intelligence, in the entire rant, is that the Taiwanese gathered a group of businesses, to begin the process of funding it, instead of ripping off the public.

Recently, I overheard a conversation between 2 liberals who were bashing Pres. Trump. In the course of their conversation, the subject of the socialist republik of kalifornia (my words) seeming to want to take out trees, regardless of their health situation.

One of the libs is a gentleman of my acquaintance who IS a gentleman (in my experience) an educator and a highly intelligent man. Just goes to show that even intelligence is not a proof against the brain-washing of the left.

One of their policies is to tell big lies and repeat them ad infinitum ad nauseum. Another is to make such outrageous statements that people won’t believe that they didn’t have the authority to make them. Such as: “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” For nancy (the pile of) pelosi to make that statement displays a degree of arrogance that has to be a result of extreme hubris. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, according to Henry Kissinger, who was not considered a handsome man, but was (frequently) seen in the company of beautiful women.

Given that “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely.”, when such an arrogant individual wields such power, you had better expect corruption and she (?) has not deviated from expectations.

Just as marijuana is known as a “gateway drug”, so is liberalism the gateway to leftism, opening the gate to socialism and, ultimately, communism, which equates to the most heinous of drugs and is unspeakably evil.

Just as marijuana is known as a “gateway drug”, so is liberalism the gateway to leftism, opening the gate to socialism and, ultimately, communism, which equates to the most heinous of drugs and is unspeakably evil.

Part of the overheard conversation appeared to deal with someone who had arrived at the gentleman’s property with the intent of cutting down some trees that were healthy and the owner (having been informed of the intent) told the interloper that he would NOT be doing that. The interloper seemed to be under the Impression that he had the authority to proceed over the objections of the owner, who proceeded to disabuse the interloper of his impression. Seems that not all libs are ready to surrender their sovereignty over their property. HOOAAHHH!!!

Now let us (briefly) descend to the cesspool sludge that is the demoncr-ass-ic attempt to besmirch and/or remove the duly elected and highly successful President Trump, run by, as Pres. Trump calls him “shifty Schiff”. My appellation is a LOT less socially acceptable and my Editor would certainly censor it. My parents would give me that “We raised you better than that, son.”look and I would not use the word except in an unguarded moment, having sustained a painful injury, such as mashing a finger, with a hammer. I will, however, reveal that it rhymes with “gritty.” ‘Nuff said.

Unlike some of my literary leaders and inspirations, I do not credit that these demoncrapic cesspoolsludge do not arise every morning with the avowed purpose of working against the interests of “WE, THE PEOPLE…” If they were, truly, acting in good faith and according to their (perjured) oaths of office, they would not be in the situation of, “ You know when they are lying, their lips are moving or they’re not.” Or, as I have recently decided, when they are breathing or they’re not.

Just few (of the most egregious and infamous examples: “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” (nancy, the pile of pelosi) “If you like your plan (doctor, etc.) you can keep… .”( barack o[WHATTA]bummer) and the ever un-popular “I never had sexual relations with that woman, ms. lewenski.” (beelzabummer klintski, the former liar-in-chief).

Oh, let us not forget that the state-uber-alles dept., under hitlery klintski lied about the Benghazi attack being a “spontaneous demonstration” against a video. Now I have seen a LOT of film footage shot in middle eastern countries and have NEVER seen hordes of people doing their daily business (unrelated to hostilities) carrying RPGs & other offensive weapons, just in case there is a “spontaneous demonstration”.

Ya wanna know why? Anyone with (at least 2 ¼ wits to rub together [totalling a ½ wit ] ) knows the damned things are too bulky and unwieldy to carry UNLESS you KNOW you are going to USE THEM!!!

I have a very large 12 ga. Pump shotgun that would stop any of the dangerous critters on the hill but my working party protections are a .45 acp and a .357 magnum (with which I have proven ability) because I need my hands free and un-encumbered, just as they do, to do normal business.

From as far back as the demoncrapics’ support of slavery and opposition to civil rights to the present day civil unrest, sponsored and funded by big rich cesspool sludge, like george soros, another proponent of leftism who should be (if he weren’t a hypocrite) would be donating all of his money to the poor & downtrodden, instead of trying to disrupt the only system that gives the poor a chance to succeed, the left has fomented hate and discontent, among the easily led who are willing to give up liberty for (a false sense of ) security .

And AGAIN, I wish to be clearly understood!!! My criticism of the un-democratic party is ENTIRELY directed at the RULERS of the party, the squat, known in less informed circle as “the squad” (don’t KNOW squat & not WORTH squat), the pile of pelosi , upchuck schumer (AKA scummy) and the rest of the cabal.

These individuals are acting in direct contravention of the Constitution and their (perjured) sworn or affirmed oaths of office and, in a just society, would never have risen to the levels of power that would allow them to be as corrupt as they are.

Now we need to pray that the mis-led (honorable) Democrats, Independents and never Trumpers will see the error of their ways and support the Pres.,in ’20. We may be only 1 more democrat regime away from losing what God gave us and the founders fought to preserve. As flawed as we all are, we need to support this flawed man, as he works to”…support, protect and defend the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” and ESPECIALLY the fifth column of the domestic enemies, on the left.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, thank You for the people You have sent who, willingly take on the burden of our protection and governance, to the best of their ability. We ask Your protection from the others and that You grant us wisdom to work with You. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHH!!! Sgt Mack clear, leaving the air and closing station.

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