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Print | "Troubled Youth"? IN A PIG'S EYE!!!
Muster Right Here© - Nov 23 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!! In our prayer/meditation time, today, I ask that you direct your thoughts and prayers (as always) to our Troops in harm's way and to their families, especially those who have lost Troops and to the parents of the victim we are going to discuss. May they be comforted.

UNCOVER!!! (Time of silent prayer/meditation.)

COVER!!! Take SEATS!!!

For those who do not know me, well, the white plumes coming from my ears are steam and an indication that I am more than severely displeased, I could chew 10 penny nails & spit carpet tacks!!!

I have been reading an account of the cowardly MURDER of one teen by a "troubled youth". In fact the term seems to have been applied to a GROUP of "gangbangers" & "taggers".

The young victim was stabbed, in the heart (allegedly from behind) while engaged in a fist-fight.

In using this label, somebody is OUT OF THEIR EVER-LOVIN' MIND!!!

"Troubled youth" may participate in "self-destructive behavior", such as drinking, drugs, gambling, sex addiction, self-mutilation, etc, that harm THEMSELVES!!!

THEY DON'T COMMIT MURDER!!! The proper terms for these miscreants are SOCIOPATH and several others that are an integral part of MY vocabulary, but I am constrained from using in the presence of your tender sensibilities.

Suffice it to say that had I been present and armed, at the incident, I would NOT have importuned the assailant to put down his weapon and talk to me, so that I could determine the source of his anti-social feelings and behavior.

On my way home from school, many years ago (those of you who have heard this may be excused, for 2 minutes, while I re-count the events) I observed a much larger boy who had my brother down and was beating him.

All I could see was the violence being perpetrated on my brother & by a much larger kid.

I didn't stop to examine the possibility that he might have been a "troubled youth" & that he might have been simply "acting out" his legitimate frustrations with his life situation. There was no acceptable excuse for his actions, so I acted "in fear of the life of another".

I applied the necessary force to end the confrontation, thereby causing a dent in my square metal lunchbox and a corresponding one in the head of the assailant, who (promptly) vacated his seat on my brother and began bawling his eyes out.

I don't recall any repercussions but, knowing my folks' sense of fairness, I believe that any complaint from the authorities or the parents of the other kid would have met with something like, "Tell him to pick on someone his own size & stay away from our boys. We got our younger son another square, metal lunchbox."

"Back in the day", mutual combat was conducted with bare hands & only a coward would have defied this convention. An unprovoked attack might have been met with a blunt instrument, but knives and guns were the tools of low-lifes.

Even a gang-fight had agreed-upon rules that (usually) omitted guns and blades, except for the aforementioned low-lifes.

The point is that calling a pig a ballerina does not confer the ability to dance. Facts get in the way. By the same token, calling a miscreant who will (wantonly) take a life a "troubled youth" does not erase the crime or it's effects.

It only allows the leftist "don't-punish-the-criminal-punish-the-instrument-and/or-its-maker" crowd to hang guns, knives and their manufacturers in effigy (if they can't hang the PEOPLE) and excuse the perpetrator, who WILL kill, again.

The DOJ files and news accounts are replete with reports about repeat offenders whose only change, wrought by the "understanding" of society is an escalation of their violence. The people who have compassion for these monsters need to begin to have compassion for their VICTIMS.

In saying "their" victims, I include the "compassionate liberals" who allow this behavior to be repeated & escalated. One solution would be for anyone who favors leniency, for violent criminals, to take them into their homes & be responsible for them.

Maybe, by their superior examples, they could help they "troubled youth", or whomever, to "see the light" and "mend their ways".

More likely, it would simply decrease the number of liberal voters. Either they would realize they were wrong or they would suffer the consequences of their stupidity.

Don't get me wrong, Troops, I'm not saying there is no such thing as reformation and redemption. I'm just saying that it has to happen EARLY! Otherwise, the smart money will tell you, "TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE!!!"

One of the best things our folks did was to demonstrate that the world did NOT revolve around US and that there were higher powers that we'd BETTER respect OR ELSE!!! We learned that "hard heads make soft behinds" & many other truths of life.

We learned that, if you believe you are right, you'd better reconcile your beliefs with those of society, b-4 making waves. Having done so, and believing you are right & society is wrong, you may be justified in defying convention, but always remember that "life ain't fair" & be ready to take some lumps.

If you believe (against all logic) that habitual criminals deserve unlimited "2nd" chances, consider whether or not YOU are prepared to suffer the result of their recidivism or see it happen to your family.

If not, get your head out into the oxygen, stop defending these sociopaths and start demanding more punishment, in conjunction with whatever rehabilitation can be offered.

God's forgiveness is limitless, but he's IMMORTAL!!! Still, even he chastises those who need it. We (being MORTAL) can't afford to forgive without applying appropriate correction. Honor the victims by chastising the offenders, to death, if necessary.

ON your FEET!!! UNCOVER!!!

Father, once again we commit our concerns, our worries & our cares to Your loving arms, secure that You love us, beyond all reason. We ask Your continued protection & guidance for our country, our leaders and our guardians. In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!


Section leaders take charge! Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt. Mack, Leaving the air & closing station.

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