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Muster Right Here© - Nov 22 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Take SEATS!!!

G'day,Troops!!! You may continue to bask in the warmth of my approbation, for a job well done. When the left makes its next move, I will endeavor to be sitting on them and alert you.

Meanwhile, back at the "think tank", I have been giving CONSIDERABLE thought to the problem of people having religious (etc.) objections to either the body scanners or the "pat downs". I, your leader, have solved the problem!

All persons who object to these "invasive" procedures have an INALIENABLE RIGHT TO DO SO !!! They, also, have an inalienable right to STAY OFF THE BLOODY PLANE!!!

It isn't as if we are forcing them to fly or running out into the street & scanning or patting people, at random. If I own a plane, or an airport & you want to use MY facilities, I have a RIGHT to establish rules for that use. If you don't like my rules, you have a right to WALK!!!

This is as bad as the u.n. kowtowing to red china, over its demand that Taiwan be kicked out b-4 the commies would join the body. If you want to play in my ballpark, you'll play by my rules.

No? Fine, don't let the door hit you in the rear, as you leave.

Now, don't go deciding that I'm a genius, for figuring these things out. It's just common sense taught by my folks.

Don't try to nominate me for a judicial post. I don't even have a degree, which (actually) may be why I can think.

Don't try to nominate me for politics (poly-ticks= many blood-sucking vermin) because I have too much to do, just minding my own business, singing & preparing these classes.

Besides, of the things of which the left accuses us, (sixherb= sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, elitist (?) racist and bigoted) I plead guilty to intolerant.

I am intolerant of corruption, lying, anti-Americanism, real (not trumped-up) racism, public officials who take money under false pretenses (for work they are NOT doing) and abuse of power, especially under color of law.

Too many of our elected officials (read hired hands) participate in 1 or more of these and I have tremendous respect for those few (?) honest ones who can mingle with these scuzzballs & not react, violently.

I would, likely, be sanctioned for saying something like, "Mr. Speaker, I rise to address the dis-honorable representative from (fill in the blank). sir (or madam) you are, without a doubt, a bucket of cesspool sludge and should be wearing prison garb & be addressed by a number!"

The temptation would be too great to resist.

Much better that I remain as a "watch dog" & try to educate & inform you Yayhoos. (Remember Caps are a sign of respect, here.)The pay isn't great, but the rewards are tremendous, especially when I get feedback like, "Wow! I never thought about it that way! You're REALLY RIGHT!!!"

So, thank you for the suggestions that I seek public office, but I'm (basically) a field command N.C.O. & Troop leader.


O.K., Troops, off your dead rears & on your dyin' feet. washington, the district of criminals didn't wait long to start up, again.

The Great One, Mark Levin, reports that 7 out of 12 "lawmakers" (read lawbreakers) who voted to give some sleazeball secretary of t.s.p.(?) the power to decide what food you may grow, transport or consume, were REPUBLICANS!!!

I keep saying that republican does not (automatically) = Conservative.

Mark will be furnishing updates, so tune him in.

Remember, It's ALL about POWER!!!

Now, while we wait for The Great One, this just in, from DudleyBrown@nationalgunrights.org.

It seems that ayoung man (Brian Aitkin) was moving to new jersey (they get caps IF they earn our respect) and his mom (apparently [no pun intended] a liberal) requested a check the welfare, as she is (allegedly) a welfare worker.

He was legally carrying a couple of (legally purchased & owned) handguns, in full compliance with federal & state laws, but was arrested & convicted of a felony & may do 7 years.

Mr. Brown states that the "judge" (read conductor on the new jersey railroad) repeatedly refused to allow the defense to present evidence that would have cleared him & refused to give information, requested by the jury, that would have cleared him.

This indicts the "judge" and the "jury", as (when the "judge" refused to answer their questions) the "jury" should have smelled a cesspool sludge "judge" and acquitted Brian.

If it hadn't been a FIX, there would have been no reason for the "judge" to stonewall them. "jury", DROP!!! Give me 500 pushups!!! You STINK!!!

That will give them a hobby so, meanwhile, we need to deluge the governor (caps IF he earns them), chris christie, with outraged messages, urging him to pardon Brian Aitkin and do WHATEVER IT TAKES, to remove this cesspool sludge "judge" from the bench.

Warning!!! I omit the caps, here, as a reflection on what I see, performance-wise, but will include them in my message. I urge you to do likewise.

Op Order: All patriots, deluge gov. chris christie w/ e mails, phone calls & letters. Tell him how badly this travesty of injustice reflects on him and his state. Urge him to pardon Brian Aitkin & shovel the cesspool sludge "judge" off the bench,


On Brian's facebook page, I learned that Gov, Christie (he's earned some caps) declined to re-appoint the cesspool sludge "judge", over some controversial rulings "...on another case..."

My question is WHY NOT THIS CASE??? It is CLEARLY judicial mis-conduct of the HIGHEST ORDER!!!

It is both ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! What is the Gov. waiting for? What took so long to dump this sludge?

If someone does something unconscionably stupid, there is ALMOST ALWAYS behavior that preceded it that should have given SOMEONE a clue.

Mr. Aitkin should sue the state, the Gov. & the CESSPOOL SLUDGE "JUDGE"!!! ("judge" gets caps ONLY for emphasis!)


I e mailed Gov. Christie, informed him that my info said that he AND the state had something A LOT WORSE than egg-on-face & urged him to: 1) IMMEDIATELY pardon Brian. 2) Find a way to remove any trace of this travesty from his records. 3) Offer him a GENEROUS cash settlement. 4) Kick some SERIOUS BUTT, in the system, from the jackbooted thugs who arrested him, thru the persecutor's office, to whomever in HIS administration dropped the ball. I stated that I would delay this column (Class) for 2 days.

I have received no reply.Troops, CHARGE!!!


I told you people that the left would attack, soon. Got a Patriot Update that says an internet censorship bill has cleared a senate committee.

Allegedly, it allows the attorney general to shut down websites if copyright infringement seems to be central to their business, without any proof that they have done any thing wrong.

What happened to "innocent until proven guilty, in a court of law"? Wonder how long it will be, before they decide that sites like us can be placed in that category? Can you say 1st Amendment? I knew you could.

Say it LOUDLY, to your elected (hired) representatives, unless you have a 3-some like not-so-feinstein, bouncer & a pile of pelosi. Well, guess it wouldn't hurt to put them on notice that you onto them, but be sure your personal lives are squeaky clean & watch out for guys in suits & shades.

Last point b-4 benediction. This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. I want y'all to enjoy time w/friends & family & have a good meal, with good fellowship. Above all, I want you to consider the meaning of the day & give thanks to the SUPREME COMMANDER of ALL.

B-4 Veteran's Day, we sang "God Bless The U.S.A.", in Church. We change the lyric "I thank my lucky stars..." to "I thank my God, above..." and we do. It isn't just a song. It is a musical prayer, of thanks.

The "Little Corporal" was singing with me, so I'm certain that those who were crying weren't bemoaning thoughts of money my folks might have wasted on my singing lessons. (Old joke.)

May God bless y'all, all of our Guardians, where & however they serve. Quiet shift/tour to them & may God continue to bless America!!! HOOAHH!!!

Section leaders take charge & GET TO WORK!!! "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Class Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt. Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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