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Muster Right Here© - Nov 16 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

At EASE!!! REST!!! Congratulations, Troops, across the country! You worked hard & (as one reward) the phrase "speaker of the house nancy pelosi" is about to disappear from the American lexicon.

Unfortunately. "senator barbara (bouncer) boxer" is still there & california has (again) added "governor (moonbeam) brown".

Neither of these phrases does credit to the californian lexicon, but we have to remember that we ARE on the left coast & the natives speak a strange language.

All things considered, the forces of oppression have been dealt a resounding blow & are still reeling from the (temporary) realization that America is STILL (temporarily) governed by "WE, THE PEOPLE..."

Trust me, it won't last & they are already scheming toward the next election, whereby they will attempt, again, to tear down the Constitution and abridge our freedoms.

Just as the scorpion told the frog (after the frog consented to carry the scorpion across the creek & was stung for his/her gullibility) "I gotta be me."

Or, as the snake said, after it had been warmed at the fire of the compassionate woman & had bitten her "Silly woman, you knew I was a snake, b-4 you brought me in."

They are still out there & they are still LOWER THAN SNAKES!!! Don't make the, sometimes fatal, mistake of thinking, "O.K.,they get it. now, they'll play nice!" IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!

As soon as they can lull you into a false sense of security, they'll bite or sting or whatever & you wind up realizing (finally) that you are TOO STUPID TO LIVE!!!

Let's GET REAL & recognize them for what they are & remember that "...the price of freedom IS eternal vigilance."

Speaking of eternal vigilance, the Editor has tasked me to read & report on a new book, "The Hidden Evil", by Mark M. Rich.

I have e'd Mr. Rich, asking for a hard copy or disk, to review. He has not responded so I will be seeking a copy, or reading it online, which will get me in Dutch w/ the "Little Corporal", as only 1 of us can be online at the time,

Preliminary impression is that he is a "Conspiracy Theorist", which doesn't make him bad. Remember, being paranoid doesn't mean that they AREN'T out to get you.

His website heading includes the question (as best I can remember) "If a Socialist Revolution happened, would you know?"

What I read of the book details a lot of the same stuff we have been warning about (generally) but with more specifics as to the conspirators. At this time, I cannot speak to the accuracy of his conclusions (having not read the book or researched his info) but I would recommend reading it, as I will anyway, so that you can draw your own conclusions and we might be able to discuss it intelligently.

Are there conspiracies out there? That is almost like asking if there is air, to breathe. The left THRIVES on conspiracy. If they came out and told people that they (the left) wanted to control every facet of their (WE, THE PEOPLE['S]..." ) lives, only a small portion of the electorate (those who are too lazy to control their own lives) would vote for them.

Instead, they (the left) come out and tell people how evil the Right is & how liberals (the left) will do a WHOLE LOT of things for "WE, THE PEOPLE...", if we will only give them the POWER to do them.

Then, as seen in the obamanation of the "health care reform bill" the left rams thru oppressive legislation, in spite of public disapproval, that is SPECIFICALLY designed to increase their control over our lives.

They claim to be "transparent" and, then say, "We have to pass it, so you can find out what is in it."

The only thing transparent about them is that any one with 20/20 vision KNOWS what they are trying to do & can see it, clearly.

For the rest, we can only pray that they will find someone to advise them, so that they do not continue to contribute to the "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" we are taking to HE77.

The U.S.A. is the last, best hope of secular salvation the world has, before Jesus returns. Let's try to keep things from deteriorating too much, before then.

More to come on "The Hidden Evil".

Keep the faith!!! Keep up the GOOD (GOD) WORK !!!

B-4 I end this class, I have 2 more items, 1 good & 1 infuriating. I'll do the infuriating 1st, so that we can end on an upper.

Just heard on the radio that the school (AKA public fool) system staff & management, in denair, calif. (remember, we don't capitalize anyone we don't respect) is (apparently) populated by wusses & "politically correct" idiots (with apologies to medically classified idiots) who would rather tell a student that he needs to remove his American flag than to deal with those who might object to it, teach them what freedom means and deal with any percieved threat (to the young man) by ensuring that said objectors know that any threats against him will be treated as "terroristic threats" and punished, SEVERELY, then DO IT!!!

Hope you got all of that, as I tend to "go off" in this type of situation.

If the school admin. had any concerns, they should have addressed them with the parents and given THEM the opportunity to decide whether or not THEY felt that the young man's 1st amendment and other inalienable rights trumped any security concerns &/or how to deal with the concerns.

In that situation, I would be inclined to follow him to school & have him met by a coach, school security or some other person who could observe him, on his way to class & be ready to intervene, if a problem arose, & prosecute any punks who made trouble, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!!!

This is (supposed to be) the "...LAND OF THE FREE..." & it didn't get that way by kowtowing to people who disagreed with our principles.

A lot of good men & women died so that young man could fly that flag AND so that anyone who didn't like it could SAY SO, but in a civil manner.

People from other countries display their political & ethnic emblems & those of us who serve protect their rights to do so, but NOT to the detriment of OUR citizens' rights.

Please express your outrage, to the denair, ca., school system, for dropping the ball, on this.


At church I was informed that the "Top Dog" of the school (or district) involved was out of town & this mess was caused by a subordinate. I see, in the news, that the Superintendent has reversed the original order. I, also, see that the American Legion Riders (I presume motorcycle) are going to escort Cody (the young patriot) to school, and that Beale Air Force Base will do a fly-over. HOOAHHH!!!

That should show the misaligned, maladjusted, misanthropic, malicious misfits that, while we ARE tolerant, we ARE NOT DOORMATS & if they don't like seeing our flag, don't let the border gate hit them in the rear, ON THEIR WAY OUT!!!!

So, Troops, you may STAND DOWN!!!, on this issue & I will issue bulletins, as needed. Be prepared to resume action, if an Action Alert comes out.

Now, an upper. Just met a young Sgt. who is in the "Guard" & had an interesting conversation. The Sgt. is a Counter Person, with NAPA Auto Parts (thank you, NAPA, for supporting our Troops) & typifies the best of our Troops.

The VAST majority of those with whom I have had contact, over my 18 yrs reserve service, are quietly competent, very well-spoken and mannered & (generally) a credit to the country.

They are people you would be lucky to have in your family & I am proud to call them Brothers & Sisters. I am not going to mention the Sgt.'s name, for 2 reasons: 1) I did not get permission to do so. 2) The Sgt. represents a WHOLE LOT of our "Citizen Soldiers" & I'd rather people wonder who it is.

Anyway, the Sgt. & I spotted each other as possible kindred souls (as many of us do, even out of uniform) & spoke about our love of the mountains & other things.

We may have a new Troop & I welcome you to our "madhouse", Sgt., where we try to unravel the happenings in our society. HOOAHH!!!

May God bless y'all, all of our guardians, wherever & however they serve. A quiet shift/tour to them. In case we don't speak again, before, y'all have a great Thanksgiving & give thanks for ALL of our MANY blessings, y'heah? May God bless America!!! HOOAHH!!!

Section Chiefs take charge & give the Troops a short but well-earned break, b-4 the next wave of assaults. Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt. Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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