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Muster Right Here© - Oct 20 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack


Stand at EASE!!! Don't stand EASY, though, the cesspool sludge in sacramento, the district of criminals LEFT COAST, is at it, AGAIN!!!

First, time out for silent prayer or contemplation. Un-COVER!!! In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen! COVER!!!

Now Let's get to work. Class, atten-TION!!! Take SEATS!!! Now HOLD ON to your seats, 'cause this may rock your world, at least those of you who still believe that your elected "representatives" represent YOU!!!

As you will see, nothing could be further from the truth!!!

Remember this, no matter what they tell you to get elected, look at their past history. USUALLY, a Constitutional conservative will continue to be one but, OVERWHELMINGLY, a liberal or leftist will DIE in that mold, no matter how badly they have damaged the state or nation and no matter how badly they have been repudiated by the voters.

They possess (or are possessed by) such arrogance that they believe that (logic, evidence and all else aside) THEY are the elite, intelligent, compassionate chosen ruling class and we are all dirt, under their feet. They represent ONLY THEMSELVES and their agenda!!!

Case in point, the "dream act" couldn't make it through congress, but the cesspool sludge that run the socialist republic of kalifornia have passed "the kalifornia dream act".

Fortunately it lacks the ability to confer legal citizenship, as Rubin Navarratte observed, in his Sunday, 16 Oct. Fresno Bee column. This is one of the few times I have agreed with him.

What it DOES do, and I (also) agree with him, HERE, is allow the governor(?) and the legislature(?) to extort YOUR money, to pay for the education of illegals or the offspring of illegals.

Can you say "Aiding and Abetting Criminal Activity"? I knew you could!

By this act they have joined the ranks of those cesspool sludge that run "sanctuary cities", where they violate state and federal law by sheltering people who are violating such laws by their illegal presence, among us! We need to PROSECUTE THEM!!!

Not only are they going to HARBOR such fugitives, but they will STEAL YOUR MONEY, to give it TO them!!! We need to PROSECUTE THEM!!!

Mr. Navarrette finds no problem with private individuals giving scholarships to criminals, but I DO!!! That is STILL aiding and abetting!!! We need to PROSECUTE THEM!!!

Are you beginning to catch on, here? I knew you would! My Troops are sharp, otherwise you wouldn't BE here. You'd be with the "occupy wall street" or "occupy fresno" cesspool sludge. From the conduct I have observed, we need to let them occupy a concertina wire-topped stockade enclosure and expend their energy preaching their babble to each OTHER!!!

I am NOT against peaceful protest, but your right to protest ends when it begins to infringe on the rights of others to live in their cities, WITHOUT profanity spewing, car-hood defecating, unwashed hoodlums (male & female) invading their space.

My info is that the police (or whatever office was involved) IN SPITE OF their unacceptable behavior, extended their assembly permit (with emphasis on the ASS) so that they could CONTINUE to show that part of their anatomies, physically AND (anti) socially.

The children of illegals (even if born here) are ALSO aiding and abetting law breakers, if they live in the same household.

I will, furthermore, oppose the granting of citizenship to any child whose parents are here illegally. They are ALSO here illegally and the whole outfit needs to be deported, forthwith!!!

I WOULD STRONGLY SUPPORT reinstating the "Bracero" program, so that people who want to come here and work CAN, but LEGALLY and those industries who could use the labor force are able to survive. I would want it well controlled, from both labor and management perspectives, so that neither the system nor the workers will be abused.

It is PAST TIME for the patriotic Constitutionalists among us to grab a shovel and start shoveling the cesspool sludge out of our "government" and flush it!

George Washington accurately described government as "...not reason, it is force..." For many years we have permitted the unreasoning and unreasonable ("government") to force us to support their liberal/leftist agenda, by extorting our money, for which WE have labored ("FROM each, according to his ability...") and giving it to people who either would not work or cannot earn as much as we can ("...and TO each, according to his needs..." [or what they say are their needs, or what the lib/left say are their needs]) regardless of the facts that it is immoral, dishonest and erodes the fabric of society, to steal from one group to give to another group.

I have previously (and will, again) state, unequivocally, that this is NOT a POLITICAL position. It is an ethical and philosophical position which I WILL attempt to enforce against anyone, regardless of party or personal relationship.

If my best friend (even if he or she had saved my life) supported this socialist/communist system, I would oppose them and campaign against them. I do not respect or support ANY republican who is an advocate of this hypocrisy and would support a democrat who ISN'T.

It is said that we get the "government" we deserve. Maybe that is so, but MANY of us haven't achieved the government for which we worked and VOTED. So, if there is something we have left UNDONE, somebody PLEASE tell us how to get it done, before the lib/left cesspool sludge finish destroying the country God and the Founders gave us.

I'll say THIS again, also. Right now, WE and GOD (using us or not) have the ability to restore this country to the "Shining City on The Hill."

If we don't act, SOON, it will be solely up to HIM and I wouldn't blame him if he said, "Too late. You've been mooned."

If you've been getting gluteus maximus calluses, then you need to get off your dead rear end & on your dyin' feet & get some HAND AND FOOT calluses, working to save your country.

If you're waiting to "Let George do it", I've got news for you. George (a good friend of mine) died several years ago & no one has been filling his shoes. We've been trying, but it's time for YOU to step up & start swinging.

So, don't EVER say I didn't WARN you or tell you what you needed to do. If we lose this country to the lib/left and go the way of EVERY socialist/communist society that I know of, don't whine! Don't come crying to those of us who tried to prevent it, 'cause you'll likely get "...the back o' me hand..."

Start praying for insight & get to work. I know prayer works, so those of you who don't might try reading the books I have recommended, priorly, such as "A Table in the Presence", "Where Miracles Happen" and "Where Angels Walk". To these I will add "Heaven is for Real" and "90 Minutes in Heaven".

On your FEET!!! Praying or in silent contemplation, un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, I (again) dump all of our cares in Your endless Lap and ask Your Divine Guidance and Protection. You know all and see all and have the ability to Heal all. I invoke Your Blessings as You have promised and instructed. In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


Section Chiefs take charge and put 'em to work!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt. Mack, out, leaving the air & closing station.

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