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Muster Right Here© - Oct 20 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Take SEATS!!! Settle down! Notebooks out! You don't have to take notes or pay attention to anything I'm going to say, but I presume you wouldn't be here if you didn't want to hear it, so hang on. Here we go!

I'm not going to stand here & tell you how to vote. I just want you to think!

I'm not going to tell you that the republican party is all honest & wonderful & that the other side is all bad.

"Tricky" dick nixon was a repub. & I only found 3 things for which to applaud him:

1) It is my understanding that there were some irregularities when he lost to Pres. Kennedy, but he refused to traumatize the country with a dispute. Him or the party? I don't know.

2) When he was in the White House, he authorized our Troops to follow the "cong" into Laos (or Cambodia) & kick their butts. I was working at the Post Office and cheered (loudly) & was reprimanded for the noise.

3) When he was caught doing what MOST of his predecessors had probably done & the party told him to resign, he did. Kudos to him & THEM!

That said, I find that Conservatives obey the Constitution more than liberals & I find more Conservatives in the repubs. than in the dems.

THAT SAID, I would support a Conservative Dem. over a liberal repub., WHEN I CAN FIND THEM!

Consequently, I usually vote republican, even though I polled Libertarian, in an on-line poll. Libertarians don't win elections so, if I voted that way, I'd be helping the libs. & left.

There, in a nutshell, is my advice! If you support the Constitution, a vote for a CONSERVATIVE is a vote for the Constitution. They may not be better people, but they are better for our country.

In california, we have some initiatives that we may choose. One of my pet peeves is reducing the amount of votes necessary to pass the budget, from 2/3 to a simple majority - {No on 25}.

To entice us to vote for this, they say, "If we don't get it done, we won't get paid." I've been touting THAT idea, for years, but I don't want them to have an easier time spending OUR money. I WANT the 2/3 majority. {Vote Yes on Prop 26}

Another thing is that they want to do away with the redistricting commission. "Let us draw the districts. We are your elected representatives & responsible to you." {Yes on 20 / No on 27}

If that's true, why have you wasted so much of OUR money & resources & FAILED to do one of your basic jobs, enacting a workable budget, on time?

Incidentally, why have you allowed activist "judges" to overturn laws that have been passed by "WE, THE PEOPLE..."?

Don't tell me you can't do anything about it. Most of you yayhoos are lawyers. Read your stinking lawbooks. Take a page out of Sheriff Buford Pusser's book & move their offices into the latrine.

Take away some of their "perks". Deny their raises on the grounds that they haven't performed well. DO SOMETHING to let them know that they are messing with YOUR BOSSES!!!

Bottom line, Troops, I will advise you of one thing. Anytime you can vote to take (or keep) power from the poly-tickians (remember? many blood-sucking vermin?) that is an IMPERATIVE vote.

There is no more important vote, either for candidates or for issues than the one that preserves the Constitution & your liberty. Make the wrong choices, here, & you stand to ruin yourselves, your state & YOUR nation.

Don't let the "privileged elite" in washington, the district of criminals, or in sacraligeo, california, fool you.

When they don they mantle of elected office, the Constitution no longer belongs to THEM. 1 second b-4 they took office, it did but, when they take the office, they belong to IT.

They are creatures CREATED by the Constitution, until they relinquish the office and are (supposed to be) bound by strict rules of conduct.

Failure to follow those rules can be felonious acts & "WE,THE PEOPLE..." need to be their supervisors & watchdogs.

Every time a poly-tickian is impeached, a separate charge of perjury should be added for taking their oath with "...mental reservation or purpose of evasion.", & lying about it.

O.K. You know your assignments. Get out the vote, and YOU vote. Patrol the polling places for michelle o(what a)bummer & company illegally electioneering & for fraudulent voters.

If you can get someone to videotape any suspicious activities without interfering with ingress & egress, do it! Pray for the country!!!

God bless y'all & all of our guardians, wherever & however they serve. Quiet shift/tour to them.

God bless America!!!! Hoooahh!!!

Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt.Mack, leaving the air & closing station.

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