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Muster Right Here© - Oct 04 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Take SEATS!!! Don't anyone interrupt me!!! I'm steamed!!! indianapolis has chosen to violate the Constitution BIG TIME!!! Basically, involuntary servitude= requiring someone to perform work against their will= slavery.

The P.C. crowd has decided that a baker MUST bake special cookies for a college gay group, in violation of his principles or face retribution.

The 13th Amendment of the Constitution PROHIBITS involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime or, in my case, unless you are drafted. The fact that one is paid for the work does not diminish the involuntary nature. Even prison convicts are paid. What matters is the factor of coercion.

Now, I guess I could find him in the wrong if he already had some thing baked & refused to sell it to them. This is not the case, here. indianapolis is trying to PUNISH him for not doing something that is (apparently) against his conscience, to support their gay agenda.

Can you say hypocrites? Can you say socialists? ( I knew you could.) They both have 3 syllables & both depict some people who scream bloody murder about the right to choose, but it only applies to something that they choose for you to do. You can't choose in what facet of your life you will choose to exercise choice.

I would just like to (very respectfully) ask the indianapolis city council, "ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR FREAKIN' MINDS!!!?" I hope the baker gets a GOOD attorney & sues them to where the mayor & council & anyone else who participated in this travesty get NO RETIREMENT!!!

Assignment: I want all of my Troops to write a letter to the mayor of indianapolis (no caps. they haven't earned them.) & tell hiz/her dishonor that you & everyone with whom you have any influence will have nothing to do with them, until this wrong is redressed.

indianapolis has earned a "shunning". They have violated basic, codes that govern behavior & we won't tolerate it. If you can't "play nice" you can't "play" with us. "We,the People..." choose to "stand you in the corner".

Anyone wishing to read this should be able to find it at "vision 2 America bakery faces eviction" .

God bless y'all & all of our guardians, wherever & however they serve. God blessAmerica!!! Hooaahh!!!

Sgt. Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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