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Print | Liars, damned liars and cesspool sludge
Muster Right Here© - Oct 02 2013
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

There is an old saying, "There are Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics." I like my version better.

Un-COVER!!! (Individual, silent prayer or contemplation.)

In the past few days I have noticed a lot of people saying a lot of things that qualify the speakers as all 3. (Liars, Damned Liars and Cesspool Sludge.)

Case in point: piers morgan, whom I have seen described as a "British wanker" and who lost a debate over gun control, apparently BIG TIME, made a REALLLY stupid statement that any person with 2 wits to rub together would have to know is a lie, that the more guns there are, the more gun violence there will be.

This is only true if the criminal cesspool sludge are stupid enough to mess with an armed citizen and get the proverbial CAP busted in their keister.

The big lie was told to the author of "Emily Gets Her Gun" I (I hope I got the title right. I've had several thoughts and a few conversations, since hearing it.) a riveting story of the roadblocks the lefties place in the path of a law-abiding citizen who just wants the God-given and Constitutionally protected right to protect herself and her family.

I have only heard it discussed, so far, on "Armed American Radio". I encourage everyone to get the book and listen to the program.

Comrade morgan falls under the either category of people (?) who are so absorbed by their idiot-ology that they don't KNOW that they are speaking falsely or the more reprehensible category that knows and is so leftist that they don't care.

The truth can be found in writings such as "More Guns, Less Crime", by Professor John Lott, writings by Professor Gary Kleck, a self-described "...liberal professor of criminology..." and many other knowledgeable and truthful people who devote countless hours to debunking the lies, damned lies and other vitriol spewed by the liars, damned liars and cesspool sludge that populate the left and a significant portion (how about MOST) of our "liberal" citizenry.

Actually, "liberal" is a lie, as is their recently adopted "progressive", unless you consider "progress" to be the destruction of the democratic republic, in favor of a totalitarian socialist state.

In that case, boy, are they EVER progressive. Witness their latest efforts to gain control of your lives, your fortunes and to trash your "...sacred honor."

I refer, of course to the o(WHATTA)bummer (doesn't) care bogus health insurance scam, which will only insure ONE THING, that our health care system will collapse and require "government intervention", to "fix" the problem that THEY caused. That will bring us that much closer to a socialist, cesspool sludge-run society.

AND don't forget the $$$$ driven efforts, on the part of the mikey bloom('in'cesspoolsludge)berg, george sor(adicallylefthecan'twaittoruleus)os(aycanyouseebythedawn'searlylight?notforlong'cause they'lltakethataway,too) and a host of other vile individuals and cabals, to pass even MORE restrictive anti-gun laws (which are "..repugnant to the Constitution..." and, therefore, legally invalid but fraudulently enforced by jackbooted thugs under "color of law".

Face it, TROOPS, our 6s (military term for our keisters) are flapping in the wind and, if "WE, THE PEOPLE..." don't get them covered (by shoveling out the cesspool sludge) the cesspool sludge will take over, as it is WELL on its way to doing.

washington, the district of criminals and sacramental, the district of criminals, left coast, are stinking more and more, every day and driving away people who might, otherwise, be good, responsible and responsive elected employees, to DO our business, instead of GIVING us the BUSINESS END of a KNIFE, in the back.

Congratulations to Colorado, who just shoveled out a couple of lawbreaking cesspool sludge, one of whom had the unmitigated GALL to say he wasn't going to listen to his constituents and was telling his associates (in crime) to do likewise, so they could further infringe on (infringe on HE77, they were trashing) the 2nd Amendment.

To be perfectly honest, though, the Coloradans got what they paid for. If you adopt a venomous snake, figuring that he'll respond to love WITH love, don't come crying to me when he bites you. Same principle applies with lib/lefties.

The other really good place to find the truth is in the public records, where the statistics show the "Inconvenient Truth" that EVERY place you have restrictive anti-gun laws has rampant crime and those places where the criminals fear the citizens suffer MUCH less.

Wayne La Pierre (Sp?) on behalf of the NRA, walked all over that super twit from some anti-gun cabal at a college in England, just by reading the newspapers from countries SHE cited as models of restrictive gun laws reducing crime. She was LYING!!! SOME newspapers actually report the TRUTH!!! You just have to read them with a jaundiced eye.

Let's follow the history of a couple of firearm transactions. There have been a couple of lib/left anti-gun propaganda pieces, where they purported to do something similar.

Joe Smith is a felon (out on parole) who buys a gun from a thief who sells them out of the back of his car, on Thursday. On Friday nite he sticks up a convenience store and (after he gets the money) he shoots the clerk.

John Jones is a law-abiding citizen, who jumps thru all of the hoops his local government requires and, on Thursday (the previous week) he buys a gun from a legitimate dealer and (while waiting for his waiting period to expire) is the clerk who is shot by the felon, Joe Smith.

None of the draconian anti-gun laws, passed "for the children" has had the slightest positive effect on the crime rate and, certainly, didn't help John!

On top of all that, there are a lot of assaults that don't involve guns, at all, but could ONLY be STOPPED by the good guys having and using one.

The ONLY thing that works is arming the GOOD GUYS so the bad guys either get out of their life of crime or DIE THERE!!!

The cesspool sludge lawbreakers who have made it nearly impossible to be an armed citizen AND the lawbreakers who are so wimpy on crime and have made it possible for 2 and 3-time losers to murder honest citizens AND the super-lib parole board members who act like they have God-like knowledge of the hearts and minds of the monsters they loose on a largely un-armed populace have the BLOOD of ALL of these victims on THEIR HANDS!!!

Unfortunately, they won't lose any sleep over the victims, only the "poor misguided, dis-advantaged" criminals, so it is up to us (U.S.) we'uns to hold their feet to the fire, until they are charred and THEN FIRE THE CESSPOOL SLUDGE!!!

Recently, I saw a documentary program, where a lady called the police, after some miscreant kicked in her door. She took her phone into the bathroom and was talking to the police, when the miscreant kicked in THAT door and shot her, dead. 5 minutes later the police arrived, too late to do her any good.

A much better scenario would have occurred, had the slime-ball kicked in MY door. I am a combat-trained marksman (Expert qualified) and I have (likewise) trained and tested my wife.

She might have hidden in the bathroom but, when he kicked open THAT door he'd be buying a one-way ticket to judgement. During the intervening 5 (or so) minutes, she'd have been watching for any sign that we was still a threat, with a few 9mm slugs in strategic places.

Fortunately, the police caught the slime-ball but that didn't help his victim, at all. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound (OR SEVERAL POUNDS) of cure." (Parenthetical phrase my editorial comment.)

Keep in mind this truism: "The average response time of law enforcement is (fill in the average for your department, usually 20-60 minutes, if you are lucky) while the average response time for a bullet is a split second."

Another cesspool sludge was in attendance at a commemoration of the "I have a dream speech", where he was heard to say that a black kid still couldn't walk through a white neighborhood, wearing a "hoodie". The only problem with that race-baiting statement is the "inconvenient truth" that Trayvon was safe until he feloniously assaulted George,.

So many leftists. So many lies. So many cesspool sludge liars.

I mean, really Troops, how much Bravo Sierra do you have to swallow before your stomach rebels?

The only thing that is transparent, about the o(WHATTA)bummer regime is that they are a bunch of lying cesspool sludge crooks who are selling us down the river, as fast as they can peddle.

Their every action has been to either revoke our irrevocable God-given, inalienable rights or to drive our economy into the toilet and weaken us for a bloodless takeover. Think about it. They'd MUCH rather have an intact nation of slaves than a wrecked infrastructure that was made uninhabitable, by taking it by force.

Is the collective intelligence of the electorate so diminished that they can't see beyond o(WHATTA)bummer's black half ?

I can't believe I actually read (in several places) that a leftist cesspool sludge (jamie foxx, for whom I had previously held a lot of respect, as an actor) referred to him as our "...lord and savior."

Unfortunately, his heart (if he has one) is totally absorbed by what george lucas termed "the dark side".

He may be "...lord and savior." to the cesspool sludge, but mine died for me and I haven't seen o(WHATTA)bummer do that, lately.

He is so evil that he needs a new name for it. How about MEGEVIL??? (MEGA-EVIL) Let's have suggestions from the Troops.

It is LOONNNNNG past time that we "...put a boot in (their) a$$(es), it's the American Way..." (this should be the theme song of the Constitutionalists) and get them out, so that the Constitution can be returned to its supremacy as the Law of The Land, which places it 3rd in the hierarchy of authority: 1) God 2) "WE, THE PEOPLE..." 3) The Constitution 4) The elected employees who are supposed to conduct the business of "WE THE PEOPLE...", as our fiduciary representatives, not attempt to wrest the control of the government ("...BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE and OF the PEOPLE...) FROM the people, as they HAVE BEEN DOING since before I became eligible to VOTE!!!

As for the violent criminal cesspool sludge, who actually confront you, while they are ripping you off or trying to kill you, it is your patriotic duty, as a part of the "unorganized militia", to resist their efforts at predation, mayhem and other breaches of the peace, by extreme means, when warranted.

Let's adopt a paraphrase "We'll bust a CAP in your a$$!!! It's the American way!"

Let's see more bad guys on slabs than innocents!!!

Now UNDERSTAND!!! This is NOT incitement to riot or any other breach of the peace!!!

It is an encouragement for every citizen to utilize their God-given and Constitutionally protected (in spite of o(WHATTA)bummer and his regime of other cesspool sludge) to be prepared to PROTECT yourself and yours!!!

Again, I ask that (should the editor or I disappear) someone investigate our disappearances. I ain't paranoid, but stuff happens, especially it's caused by someone in power that you just happen to tick off.

More later on the decline and slime of America, but remember, the Conservatives aren't shutting down the regime. It's o(WHATTA)bummer and his cabal of anti-American anti-Constitutionalists who have threatened to hold their stinky breaths until the country turns blue, if they don't get their way

The Conservatives have passed a budget (several times) and the cesspool sludge refuse to negotiate.

Today, I just heard that barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer has exempted the cesspool sludge, in congress (his cesspool sludge brothers and sisters) from the (un)affordable o(WHATTA)bummer (doesn't) care act.

Tell your congresspersons, "If it's too good for you, it must be too good for me. Exempt us, too. Then, delay the whole thing, for a year and repeal it. It's an obamanation and a plague on 'WE, THE PEOPLE...' "

Also, we need to tell them, in the words of Don Rickles' character, CPO Sharkie, "I'm gonna keep an EYE on you!!!"

Hang IN there, conservatives!!! Just remember that ancient Latin motto, "Illegitimi Non Carborundum" which I have heard translated to "Don't let the bas###ds wear you down!!!"

I'm thinking of writing a song on that theme, featuring "prominent" politickians (many blood-sucking vermin) from the dimocrA$$ party, as well as some rino republicRATS.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, please forgive us for the stink of the world You have given us. I don't know if it's the cesspool sludge or the brimstone. If the former, we're shoveling as fast as we can, so we ask Your support. If the latter, we ask You to deal with it and we'll praise You. I'm sorry we let it get so bad. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in Whose Name I pray. Hooaahh!!!

God bless y'all & God bless America!!!

Sgt. Mack leaving the air and closing station.

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