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Print | Prostate Cancer? HIFU!!!
Muster Right Here© - Sep 27, 2019
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

All men are subject to the ravages of prostate cancer. There have been many advances in the treatment.

Un-COVER!!! ( Individual, silent prayer or contemplation). In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

Cover! SEATS!!!

6 years ago I was diagnosed and irradiated for prostate cancer. The people and the doctor, at the Roger S. Goode Cancer Treatment Center, in Porterville, Ca. were great. The cancer disappeared, unfortunately to return. Radiation is a one-shot treatment and we had to find something else.

I was exposed to the information on HIFU, High Intensity Focused Ultra-sound. It is less invasive than a prostatectomy and is repeatable. It isnt a picnic and has some (minor) side-effects but far fewer and less severe.

The USC (University of Southern California) hospital system is expanding into satellite offices, even into Porterville. While still going to the VA Hospital I had 2 general anesthetic prostate biopsies. They were more labor-intensive and more uncomfortable than the 2 locally anesthetized biopsies I had, first (for diagnosis) at the office of our local USC affiliate, Dr. Virinder Bhardwaj, then a more thorough one at USC, Keck Hospital, for treatment planning.

From the beginning of my association with USC, with Dr. Bhardwaj, the personnel have been professional, while being friendly and helpful.

This was all made possible by another VA program, for Vets who live over 40 miles from the nearest clinic, which I do.

I am, now, 19 days post-procedure and the pain medication they prescribed is un-touched. I have experienced NO internal pain, from the procedure.

I had 8 cancers on my left lobe and still have 1 on my right lobe that is classified as a grade 4, not Stage 4, which we are monitoring. Having just spoken with a gentleman who just lost 2 friends (much younger than I) to prostate cancer, I have to say FORGET ABOUT YOUR AVERSION TO DOCTORS and invasive examinations. Get to a urologist, have the exam & have a chance at a longer life. Cancer aint something to fool around with!!!

Just as you either fix your car or take it to someone who can, so do you need to maintain your body, or have your affairs in order, so your family wont be stuck with the problems.

On your FEET!!!


Heavenly Father, again, we seek Your blessings and protection and thank You for the blessings You have given us. We ask You to be with our guardians, wherever and however they serve and to guide us, throughout our days. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift an Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack Leaving the air and closing station, HOOAAAHHH!!!

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