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Muster Right Here© - Sep 23, 2018
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

But, in a larger sense, we need for these cesspool sludge to spew their pollution, so that we can identify them as the problem with our society.

Un-COVER!!! (Individual prayer or contemplation,) In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!


When the urinalysts (pseudo-journalists) of entities like the fresno fish wrap (AKA the bee) pollute the print media, they create a lot of fodder for those of us who defend and disseminate the truth. I wish the fresno fish wrap along run, as I would miss the material they provide me.

I remember one bit of body waste, in which the excreter was criticizing people who put up barbed wire or razor wire to repel criminals from their yards. Seems he (?) was esthetically offended.

My response was that the perspective had to be of one who had never been afraid. It is easy to criticize someone else when you have not walked the requisite mile in their shoes and such people (?) offend my sense of what is right and proper.

Actually, I would prefer that those who live in fear would ARM themselves, learn how to defend themselves and remove the cesspool sludge from our society. They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. It is also said that one bullet is worth a thousand years in prison.

Who said that? Oh, yeah, it was I.

It has been statistically proven that there is absolutely NO RECIDIVISM among criminals who are killed (legitimately) by their intended victims or by police. HOOAAAHHH!!!

AND, for every criminal who dies in the act of an attempted crime, if you research their past transgressions and project their life expectancy, you can (easily) arrive at a reasonable estimate of the money and and human misery that were saved. So, dont use deadly force, unless it is warranted, but if it is forced on you, do a good job of it.

"I have trained people in the use and philosophy of deadly force, just as I was trained: Aim center mass, of whatever target you have. It increases your chance of a solid hit, to stop the attack, and (co-incidentally) is the location of the vital organs."

I have trained people in the use and philosophy of deadly force, just as I was trained: Aim center mass, of whatever target you have. It increases your chance of a solid hit, to stop the attack, and (co-incidentally) is the location of the vital organs.

Bottom line, scum-bags: If you threaten one of my students, your chances of survival are (at best) slim.

And speaking of scum-bags, the lib/left cesspool sludges hypocrisy re: the Kavenaugh confirmation Borking is quite typical of their mind (?) set. nancy the pile of pelosi once (infamously) said, You have to pass the bill (re: o[WHATTA]bummer doesnt care) to find out whats in it. The comparable statement would be, You have to confirm Judge Kavenaugh, to find out whats in HIM. I said this to my wife and (then) heard it on one of my conservative talk shows. Just goes to show that great minds think alike.

On a final note, this coming election is one of the pivotal events in history. If the forces of the dark side, lib/lefties, win the House and Senate, it could derail the efforts of the Trump administration, to overcome the damage done by the cesspool sludge left, during the o(WHATTA)bummer regime years.

I have never said & dont expect to, that all democrats are bad and all Republicans are good. After all, there are rinos and conservative Democrats.

I keep telling people (and will continue) that the Republicans are more democratIC than the dim-o-cr-ass-ics, therefore it should be called the demoCRAT party, as democratIC is a description that the present dim-o-crat party does not exemplify.

The socialist republik of kalifornia is a prime example of this lack of Democratic Republicanism.

When the voters pass a law, protecting the historic definition of marriage and the vote is overturned, by some socialist, activist judges, for which I have nothing but contempt, (notice I do not accord them the human pronoun whom) or the state violates the 13th Amendment, essentially enslaving citizens or flirts with the idea of removing obvious descriptive characteristics, from the drivers license or makes it possible for people to be sued for addressing gender confused persons by other than their gender of choice or requires institutions to allow trans-gender citizens to use the gender-specific facilities of their current choice, contrary to public interest and safety it is a prime example of elitism and dictatorial power.

It is past time for a voters revolution to shovel out the cesspool sludge.

We have (for several years) been searching for a more liberty friendly state, as are the millions of people who have (already) fled the s.r.o.k. (socialist republik of kalifornia).

Gaggin noisome (AKA gavin newsome) is predicted to be moonbeam brownstain, on steroids and to drive the state FURTHER into ruin, by doubling down on brownstains socialist agenda and (much as we love California) it doesnt exist as it did in our childhood. It is going to HE77 in a bucket and we arent enjoying the ride.

If you are sitting out elections, because its too much trouble to get educated and vote or because it isnt convenient to vote or you believe that Christians shouldnt dirty their hands with the polytickians, you are a lousy steward of what God has given you and I believe he will call you (in spite of your faithful church attendance) a lukewarm Christian.

Hes a lot nicer than I am and I call you lazy, selfish and foolish, maybe stupid!!!

So, get off your dead gluteous maximi and on your dying bi-pedals and protect and support the Constitution or it CANT protect YOU!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, You see the mess we have made of Your Gifts. Please help us (U.S.) to fix it, or use some lightning bolts to change some people or get them out of our misery. In all things I thank You and praise You and (especially) for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in whose Name I pray. HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack clear, leaving the air and closing station. HOOAAHHH!!!

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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